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With such a huge commotion, many people were woken from their sleep. However, when they arrived, they saw the two men fighting, the fight getting further and further away from the Bi Clan.

"Not good, one of them is Heavenly Doctor Song!’

"Someone is trying to assassinate Heavenly Doctor Song!’

"Quick, get reinforcements to help Heavenly Doctor Song!"

Bi Pengcheng rushed out, his expression furious.

He grit his teeth, "Lu Jian... you really deserve to die!!’

It was obvious that this was the Lu Clan’s doing!

Bi Pengcheng had killed everyone related to that concubine, but had spared her life.

Afterall, they were husband and wife, and she had bore him two kids.

As such, he didn’t kill her, but had chased her out of the house.

Now that the Lu Clan’s plot had failed, Lu Jian, the mastermind, was even more furious and anxious.

He did not dare to target the Bi Clan people so audaciously anymore. As such, he could only direct his hate towards Chu Yu.

If not for this Song fella, this would not have happened.

The Lu Clan also had many powers and did not like to procrastinate. They wanted to kill Heavenly Doctor Song immediately.

The Lu Clan and the Bi Clan were in the same city, so it was really easy to take revenge.

Even though Bi Pengcheng had killed off all those related to and close to that concubine, there were a few people who sided with her over the years. These people could not be weeded out in a short time and thus, Chu Yu’s residence was quickly leaked out.

Bi Pengcheng realized these in the blink of an eye and his expression became sullen.

He said icily, "Summon all the experts in our clan, no matter what, we must save Sensei Song!’

"Master, what about the other matters?" Someone asked.

"Those other matters... can wait till after we save Sensei Song! Remember, we must save him!" Bi Pengcheng was incredibly stern, "This is of utmost priority!"

"Yes, master!’ His subordinates responded and rushed off.

Bi Pengcheng’s expression was awful. He knew that nothing could happen to Sensei Song, else... the Bi Clan would be dead!

He wanted to save Sensei Song not only because Sensei Song had saved his wife. More importantly, the Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess Liu Yuyan... was saved by him too!

The Purple Cloud Constabulary must be extremely grateful towards Sensei Song.

If anything was to happen to Sensei Song, the Purple Cloud Constabulary would be furious.

Then, the Lu Clan would be completely annihilated, but the Bi Clan would not be any better off.

Nothing could happen to him!

The group of girls rushed out, still unclear about what was going on.

All of them looked lost.

They only heard from Zhao Kai that Sensei Song was attacked. They panicked when they heard that Sensei Song was currently fighting with that man.

"How can Sensei Song have enemies here?"

"Could it be because Sensei Song saved Yueyue’s mother?"

"Ah? What’s the link?"

"I think there’s a link, Yueyue’s mother is also a cultivator, which cultivator is poisoned so easily?"

"Could Sensei be in danger?"

"I hope that he will be fine, he is the only acceptable person in the entire Purple Cloud School..."

The girls were muttering amongst themselves, visibly worried.

Zhao Kai was even more worried, he had virtually pinned his entire future on Sensei Song.

However, from the remnant energy fluctuations in the air, the opponent was extremely powerful. Even if they went over, they would not be of help.

They may even drag Sensei Song down.

As such, even though they were worried, they could only await good news.

Chu Yu battled with this man whilst using the Racing Sacred Art, giving him incredible speed.

His opponent chuckled icily, "Where are you running to?"

This man exuded the aura of a Supreme Realm cultivator as he chased Chu Yu.

The two men quickly ran away from the Bi Clan and the small city, throwing off their pursuers.

This Lu Clan Supreme Realm cultivator smiled inside, What an idiot, if you didn’t run away, you probably had a chance to survive, after all, the Bi Clan has some experts.

But now that you’re running away, you’re bound to die!

Chu Yu kept running, then turned around suddenly, launching a punch right at this Supreme Realm cultivator.

The Lu Clan Supreme Realm cultivator chuckled icily, "You overestimate yourself!’


An explosion echoed out.

Chu Yu retreated, a stream of blood trickling from the edge of his lips.

However, his eyes revealed no trace of fear.


Chu Yu shouted, harnessing all of the energy in his body as he attacked.



Another explosion rang out.

It was like thunder.

This time, Chu Yu’s body swayed even more, blood spurting from his mouth.

But his eyes were still filled with battle intent.

This Supreme Realm cultivator was stunned, What is wrong with this young man?

His initial excitement gradually turned into an inexplicable fear.

Didn’t they say that this fella was a Heavenly Doctor?

What could a Heavenly Doctor do, other than cure people and refine pills?

Their battle power should not be able to withstand even a single blows.

He continued to think this way, even when he was at the Bi Clan residence.

No matter how powerful this man may be, he would be nothing to me.

If I used all the power of a Supreme Realm cultivator, I can kill him with a single slap.

He continued to think this way, until the two attacks.

At that point, he was not using all his power.

But now, he was stunned.

He had used all his power, but his opponent... only spat out a mouthful of blood.

His opponent’s eyes were still filled with battle intent, like a maniac!

Is this man a Heavenly Doctor or a Battle Cultivator?

How scary?







Chu Yu attacked relentlessly, each punch filled with raw power.

This Supreme Realm individual was almost going to go crazy, this man’s techniques were crude.

He didn’t even learnt the most basic fighting techniques. He was fighting like a wild animal!

But he was so strong!

There was no reason or planning behind those attacks!

Then more Chu Yu fought, the more he felt the energy in his Dantian flow as they energized all his meridians and acupoints/

Such a feeling made him feel like he was flying.

At the same time, it felt like there was a mysterious force forming in his Dantian.

"Come, let me kill you!"

Chu Yu kept up his flurry of attacks. Using the Racing Sacred Art, he was equipped with unimaginable speed, so much so that the Supreme Realm cultivator began questioning himself!

Such energy was only possible if the person attacking was a Supreme Realm cultivator!



Finally, Chu Yu’s attack impacted this Supreme Realm cultivator’s shoulder.

The Supreme Realm cultivator and wobbled. His arm went numb and he could no longer move it.

The pain building up in his shoulder caused him to scream in pain.

He retreated, trying to avoid Chu Yu’s relentless attacks.

But shortly after... he took a blow to his face.


His bones shattered with a crisp snap!

Even though he had immensely powerful features, he could not withstand Chu Yu’s relentless attacks.



This Supreme Realm cultivator suddenly radiated with radiant light.

He had no other choice but use his magical equipment!

Before this, he did not think that he needed magical equipment and sacred art to defeat a small cultivator...

He felt that he could kill off his opponent with his Supreme Realm powers!

But now, if he didn’t use these, he will be killed by this maniac.

He flew into the air and looked down on Chu Yu. His voice was incredibly icy, almost as if it came straight from hell.

"Little b*stard, I will tear your body to shreds!"

Then, he attacked, this time with a sacred art!

A ray of light, with an exterminating aura, flew straight at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to dodge this attack.


A huge crater formed in the mountain. The entire mountain began to crumble, trees crashing to the ground, sending huge clouds of dust skywards.

What an astonishing attack!

This was the true power of a Supreme Realm cultivator!

This Supreme Realm cultivator also used the sacred art to try to speed up his recovery.

He looked at Chu Yu from above and said flatly, "Little ant, do you see? This is the power of a god!’

Then, he used the sacred art, rays of light firing at Chu Yu like lightning.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to dodge the attacks with incredible speed.

The entire mountain was ravaged by the attacks, huge plumes of smoke being sent skyward.

However, no matter how fast Chu Yu was, he was still hit twice.

The first one penetrated his arm, and blood streamed out.

The second attack penetrated his right chest, revealing the bone underneath.

A large amount of blood gushed out, this wound was severe.

He looked ghastly!

Chu Yu was bleeding, but his eyes were still filled with resolve.



It hurt so deep!

Yet, he grit his teeth, unwilling to cry out.

There would be many battles like this to come. If he wanted to protect his home and come out stronger than everyone else, then he needed to start grinding through each battle now.

Each battle was like a simulation!

Pain... was just a message from the nerves.

He could ignore it!

The energy in Chu Yu’s body flowed constantly, radiating a scary aura, almost as if he was going to burn up.

Plants burnt around him, and the air that surrounded him also heated up!

In his dantian, a mysterious force binded two energies together!

A bright and shiny golden pill formed instantly!

King’s Realm.

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