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Chapter 170: You will refine the pills

A crisp slap rang out!

Even though Yueyue had a premonition about what was about to happen, she was stilled stunned.

She looked at her furious father in a daze. He had just slapped her aunt viciously. In that instant, he heart sprang into her throat and her mind went blank.

She was completely dazed!

At the same time, a wave of fury caused her to stand up uncontrollably and slap that lady on the face!


Yet another crisp slap!

That lady was completely dazed, her expression lost.

She was so scared she even forgot to cry.

She was rooted in her spot, dazed, almost as if he soul had fled her body.

However, Bi Pengcheng had no intention of letting her off. His voice was icy, "B*tch, you still dare to show up here? Huh? You dare to show up here?"


This girl began to bawl.

"What have I done wrong? What happened? Why are you hitting me? Why are you hitting me? Why?"


Bi Pengcheng slapped her viciously once again causing her to be dazed for a moment.

Her white exquisite face began to swell, so much so it looked like a pig’s head.

This girl was completely stunned. Her legs turned to jelly and she crumpled to the ground, not even daring to cry.

She knew that she had been made!

They must have found out what her brother had done, else, master would not be this angry.

She had even felt a killing intent from Bi Pengcheng!

And that intent, was directed at her!

"Master, I... I know my mistake. Sob sob sob... I really know my mistake, I do, please spare me this time!"

The girl pleaded for her life, but the more she pleaded, the more furious Bi Pengcheng got.

He had been with his wife for centuries, and she was always very accepting of him, and had never gotten angry with him for marrying concubines.

She always treated these girls well, almost like her own sisters.

Yet, this b*tch had resorted to such lethal techniques to kill of his wife in a bid to raise her status.

She deserves to be killed!

She deserves to die!

Bi Pengcheng’s killing intent got stronger and stronger.

At this time, Chu Yu said flatly, "Master Bi, why don't... you settle these personal matters outside?"

Bi Pengcheng suddenly came to his senses and bowed to Chu Yu, "Sensei Song, my apologies, I was too barbaric. Sensei Song, please save my wife!"

As Bi Pengcheng spoke, his eyes turned red, then he dragged the lady on the floor and strode out.

Even though Yueyue was a child, she was very smart, how could she not know what was happening?

The moment she found out the truth, all her feelings about her aunt dissipated in an instant.

She bowed to Chu Yu, "Sensei, please save my mother. Even if... even if..."

Yueyue’s tears streamed down and she choked, "Even if you don't succeed, I will not blame you, I will listen to you, Sensei Song. I will improve myself and be somebody useful."

Experience aids growth, this is an unchanging fact.

Chu Yu nodded, "Rest assured, I will do my best, for now, take this pot of flowers outside."

Chu Yu glanced at the pot of Moon Shadow Lagoon. He knew that these flowers were expensive and they could have great medicinal effects when refining certain pills, increasing their potency by over 300%!

However, he would not ask them for it. Even though Moon Shadow Lagoon was not cheap, it was still purchasable.

Yueyue nodded then brought the pot of Moon Shadow Lagoon out.

Chu Yu sat in the room and tried to search for the antidote recipe for Yueyue’s mom in his mind.
There were various recipes for antidotes in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture. There were also many recipes for an antidote to treat the venom in Yueyue’s mother’s body.

Chu Yu planned to use a pill which would do the least harm to Yueyue’s mother.

In the end, he decided on refining this pill

Afterwhich, Chu Yu called over the few men that Bi Pengcheng had left to assist him and asked them to get him the medicines.

"Five stalks of Ephedra Sinica, three stalks of Limnophila aromatica, 30 grams of superior cow bezoar, a 500 year old snake gallbladder..."

Chu Yu was afraid that the medicines in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture would go by different names here and he got a pen and drew out the various medicines.

A few of them did indeed go by different names, but they were relatively similar.

For a cultivation family, these medicine were not particularly rare and the people who assisted Chu Yu rushed off to prepare it.

The happenings in the Bi Clan were not leaked.

No matter how angry Bi Pengcheng was, he would not want his dirty laundry to be aired in public.

News that Sensei Song was about to refine pills quickly spread.

The people inside the Bi Clan did not have much feeling regarding Sensei Song refining pills despite knowing his reputation.

Medicine is universal, and isn't it expected of an Heavenly Doctor to be able to refine pills?

However, to the 12 girls from the Purple Cloud School, this was a big deal.

As such, the 12 girls, including Yueyue, gathered in the small courtyard to observe their sensei refining pills.

The medicine arrived quickly, but Chu Yu was conflicted.

It wasn't that he forgot how to refine pills, but the pills that he refined... were too ugly!

They were incredibly ugly!

He saw the 12 of them staring at him, wide eyed.

Yueyue had just told them about Sensei Song’s incredible diagnosis, causing everyone to be in awe.

No matter what the thought about him, they had to admit that he was incredibly good when it came to practicing medicine.

Even though the Bi Clan was no huge clan, and could not compare with the Purple Cloud Constabulary, they could still find many reputable doctors and pill masters.

However, none of them could figure out what was wrong with Yueyue’s mother, and could not even figure out the cause of her illness.

Yet, Sensei Song had quickly and efficiently identified the cause, made a diagnosis and found a cure.

The medicine was already prepared. Shouldn't pill refining be easy for a heavenly doctor?

Chu Yu’s expression was solemn, then he looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "You there, come here!"

"Sensei, call me Yuwen Xiaoxiao!" The little girl looked at Chu Yu, wide eyed, then asked, "What am I going over for?"

"Come here and refine pills!" Chu Yu said flatly, "My first lesson will begin here!"

"Ah?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu in shock, "Me? But I don't know how!"

"Didn't you refine a good Spiritual Concentration Pill?" Chu Yu said, aloof. "Pill refining is just a process, what you're refining is secondary. Even the most superior pills are refined step by step."

Then, as he spoke, he looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Why, do you not want to stay in the Pill Refining Section? Do you not want to learn to refine pills?"

"I do!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s expression tightened and she looked at Chu Yu sternly, "Of course I do, we might be a little unorthodox and mischievous, but we are not dumb. Who wants to be looked at with colored lenses and treated like a demon? It's not a compliment at all..."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao stood in front, her back facing the group. After she finished, she blinked at Chu Yu contentedly.

This little girl!

Chu Yu praised Yuwen Xiaoxiao in his heart.

Then he said, "Since you want to, then come over and refine this pill, the others will watch. I will give you instructions!"

Bi Yueyue looked at Chu Yu, her expression conflicted.

This pill concerns her mother’s life, yet Sensei is asking Xiaoxiao to refine the pill... will this work?

It wasn't that she didn't believe in Xiaoxiao, but this concerns life and death.

Chu Yu looked at Yueyue, "Rest assured, I believe that Xiaoxiao can do it. Furthermore, even though these medicines are expensive, I believe you all have some stores?"

As Chu Yu spoke, he looked at the assistants given to him by Bi Pengcheng.

They nodded vigorously, "Yes, yes!"

Even though the Heavenly Doctor was young, they treated him with a lot of respect.

Chu Yu nodded to Xiaoxiao, "Retrieve your pill furnace and light the fire!"

Even though Yuwen Xiaoxiao did not have much confidence, all she could do was follow the instructions.

Chu Yu said solemnly, "Put in two stalks of Limnophila aromatica!"

Even though Xiaoxiao was nervous, she calmly placed the two stalks of Limnophila aromatica into the pill furnace.

"Raise the temperature by three times!" Chu Yu commanded.

Xiaoxiao adeptly controlled the fire and raised the temperature by three times.

"Very good, then put in four stalks of Ephedra Sinica and lower the temperature by half..."

"Put in all of the superior cow bezoar and raise the temperature by five times!"

"Put in the snake gallbladder and raise the temperature by 10 times!"

Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu in shock, wanting to say something.


Chu Yu commanded.

Xiaoxiao immediately put the snake gallbladder in.

She had wanted to say that this would cause the gallbladder to dry up, but she trusted her sensei. Upon his command, she obediently put the snake gallbladder into the furnace.

"Bring down the temperature by six times!"

Xiaoxiao’s actions got smoother and smoother with Chu Yu’s instructions.

This affirmed Chu Yu’s judgement that this girl had a background in pill refining!

And she definitely had good training.

Her family definitely has people skilled in pill refining.

Chu Yu glanced at the other 11 and saw that they were looking on intently.

Chu Yu’s face broke out in a faint smile.

In fact, they were just a bunch of kids, it was not difficult to have them return to normal, it was all in how they are taught.

They were simply just rebellious teens.

After about 10 minutes, Chu Yu told Xiaoxiao, "Okay, keep the flame."

Xiaoxiao had already gotten used to Chu Yu’s commands and immediately kept the fire.

Only then did she recover and look at Chu Yu, "That's all?"

"Else, how long more do you want to refine it for?" Chu Yu joked.

He had already seen what was inside the furnace with his vertical eye. He thought to himself in amazement, Even though her pills are not as good as mine, they are much more beautiful!

Each one was shiny and full of engravings.

It would seem that... he had to quickly find a pill shaping technique.

Chu Yu thought to himself worriedly.

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