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Chu Yu and Zhao Kai took a rented a large vehicle with the group of girls and left the city.

This was not the first time Chu Yu was on a car like this. It looked like an enormous carriage, but it was not drawn by spiritual beasts.

It flew through the air silently and rapidly.

The moment they left, the Purple Cloud School exploded in chatter!

Someone saw the 12 demonic girls dress up properly and obediently sit in the flying vehicle. However, they did not know what they were up to.

"What’s going on? Does anybody know? Can anyone explain it to me?"

"I heard that a new sensei arrived at the Pill Refining Section and kicked out three of the teachers instantly..."

"He didn’t kick them out, I think they left on their own accord."

"I heard that the sensei is the heavenly doctor who cured the Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess!"

"Could it be that the heavenly doctor has taken the 12 of them under his wing? Thank god, aren’t we safe now?"

"God knows, but, now that they’re gone, is our Pill Refining Section dead?"

"Did it ever exist?"


News of this incident spread rapidly through the entire Purple Cloud School. Not only the students, even the teachers and even senseis... were all curious about what was happening. They really wanted to know.

However, the leadership of the Purple Cloud School did not react.

However, some people in the know said that Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan was not very happy with what the new sensei did. Even though they didn’t elaborate, they said that he looked extremely unhappy when he heard of the news.

The entire group was silent as they flew through the air.

Chu Yu looked at the sky through the window. Seeing the vast expanse of land below him gave him a queer feeling.

It was almost as if he should have been born and raised here. He felt like a fish to water.

After flying for over two hours, the vehicle stopped by the side of a small city.

Yueyue whispered, "We’re here."

Chu Yu looked at the small city below him, it was the size of a province in China.

Of course, here it was just a small city.

The descent of the flying vehicle did not cause any commotion in the city.

Many of such vehicles ferried people between the various cities of the Song Country.

The car landed in one of the wealthier districts.

The 12 girls all came from above average families and had extremely powerful cultivators in their own families.

Yueyue’s house was a small villa a few hectares in area.

There was a tall canopy which housed a variety of flora and fauna.

An ancient looking building was in the middle. Despite its age, it was rather well maintained.

After they disembarked, there was a man coming out to receive them. He probably received news from Yueyue and he bounded towards Chu Yu.

This was a middle aged man in his forties. He was handsome and carried himself well. He wore a long sleeve shirt and was nimble on his feet.

When he saw Chu Yu, he bowed deeply, his attitude humble and sincere.

"Welcome, Sensei Song, to our humble home. I am Bi Pengcheng, the leader of the Bi Clan and Yueyue’s father. Please forgive my delayed welcome."

Chu Yu smiled and cupped his fist, "The Leader of the Bi Clan is too courteous."

"Sensei Song, please come in!" Bi Pengcheng said respectfully.

As for Zhao Kai, he was rather left out.

But he did not mind. He was even slightly excited. Previously, no matter where he went, he had never received such treatment.

Chu Yu was slightly conflicted, this man looked like someone who could raise his kids well, why is his daughter so different from him?

Very quickly, Bi Pengcheng led Chu Yu and the others into the living room.

The 12 young girls instantly injected life into this ancient hall.

Bi Pengcheng called for tea and snacks as he wanted to discuss things with Chu Yu.

He was keenly aware of how his daughter was like in the Purple Cloud School!

However, he had no choice, he bore this girl when he was extremely old. He looked to be in his forties, but he was actually more than 300 years old.

As such, he had always pampered Bi Yueyue a lot. Finally, things got a little out of hand... but it was too late to control her.

At the same time, he knew the other 11 girls relatively well.

But today, he saw 12 very different girls!

To be honest, he had to take them as guests, else he even felt like crying.

Did my precious daughter... finally realize the error of her ways?

As such, he was incredibly respectful towards Chu Yu. Not only was he impressed by the fact that this man had cured the Purple Cloud Constabulary princess, but more importantly, this man could change his daughter, as well as her 11 companions in such a short time, albeit superficially.

What a great man!

However, Chu Yu did not want to chat too much, his purpose in coming was to treat Yueyue’s mother.

Chu yu rejected Bi Pengcheng’s offer to have a meal before going to see Yueyue’s mother.

"Leader Bi, I understand you have good intentions, but I am only here to see if I can help with Yueyue’s mother’s illness."

"Sensei Song, you have come a long way, allow me to treat you to a meal first. Else, it would really be rude of me." Bi Pengcheng was sincere.

"It’s okay, let me go take a look first, I have my own plans." Chu Yu insisted.

Afterwhich, Bi Pengcheng let Zhao Kai and the 11 others settle down before bringing Yueyue and Chu Yu into the backyard.

Along the way, many of the people in the Bi Clan tried to sneak in a few peeks at Chu Yu.

They had all heard that Yueyue brought a great doctor from the school. This heavenly doctor had cured Princess Liu Yuyan!

Chu Yu’s reputation preceded him. If it was an unknown doctor, they would not feel the same way, and may perhaps wonder why Yueyue was always so unorthodox.

But this man was different!

He had managed to cure the Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess. It would seem that the matriarch can be saved!

Yueyue’s mother was in a room filled with an intoxicating scent which greeted them the moment they stepped in.

Chu Yu frowned, "There are flowers in the room"

Yueyue nodded, "Mm, my mother loves flowers."

Then, she retrieved a pot of flowers which looked like orchids from the windowsill. The flowers were light blue, and that intoxicating scent originated from these flowers.

Chu Yu took one look at it, then turned around, seeing a beautiful lady lying in bed.

Her eyes were closed, her body emitting a faint aura of death.

Any sensitive cultivator could clearly feel this aura of death.

Bi Pengcheng was clearly affected. As a centurion cultivator, he could face any issue calmly. But when it came to his wife, his emotions simply could not be controlled.

Yueyue was extremely depressed as she looked at Chu Yu, "Sensei, I am sorry, I was naive before and just played a fool all the time. If sensei cures my mother, I will listen to you no matter what, my life... will also be yours!"

Bi Pengcheng’s eyes turned red instantly. He turned away, took a deep breath, then turned back and bowed deeply to Chu Yu, "Sensei, please!"

Chu Yu nodded, "When did that pot of flowers appear?"

Bi Pengcheng and Yueyue stiffened. Bi Pengcheng asked, "Why? Is there a problem with the flowers?"

Yueyue said, "It was probably... about a month before mum fell ill. It was Uncle Lu Jian who gave it to her. Mother liked it very much, so she put it in her room, why? Sensei Song... is there something wrong with these flowers?"

At this point, Bi Pengcheng frowned deeply in contemplation.

Chu Yu looked at Yueyue and asked, "Then, what is the relationship between Uncle Lu Jian and your family like?"

Yueyue answered naturally, "Relatively good! His sister is my dad’s concubine, and my aunt. In fact, I should call him my maternal uncle, but I’ve been calling him uncle for so long, I’m lazy to change..."

Yueyue was a teenager who hasn’t even been in a relationship before, how would she know the intricacies and horrors of life.

Bi Pengcheng’s expression became stern and looked at Chu Yu solemnly, "Sensei Song... is there really a problem with these flowers?"

Chu Yu nodded, "If I recall correctly, these flowers are known as Moon Shadow Lagoon. Under moonlight, they would glow with a beautiful light!"

"Yes yes yes, I don’t know the name, but it is just like sensei described!" Yueyue was slightly agitated and she looked at Chu Yu, "Sensei... is there really a problem with the flowers?"

Chu Yu nodded, "This flower... is not problematic in itself. In fact for some special people, it could even help them progress and strengthen their core. However, for people with the opposite makeup, then... these flowers are a lethal poison."

Yueyue’s legs wobbled and she nearly fell to the ground.

Chu Yu reacted quickly and grabbed her, helping her to a seat.

Yueyue began to tear, "How did this happen? Will my mother be okay?"

Bi Pengcheng’s expression darkened as he tried to suppress his fury.

He recalled that he had once told him that his wife’s body was of a particular makeup during one of their drinking sessions...

He evidently remembered that!

In fact, it was not uncommon to see people contract such symptoms in the cultivation world.

But incidents like these were rare.

For example, Liu Yuyan was an example of someone being set up.

Now, Yueyue’s mother was faced with the same situation.

Someone had set her up.

At this point, a beautiful girl walked in from outside. She was about 25 years old and looked rather flirtatious.

She seemed to want to will herself to be a little sterner and sadder. However, the joy in her eyes still gave her away.

"I heard that there’s a heavenly doctor here. That’s great, now sister will definitely..."


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