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Chapter 168: Easy-peasy

The group of girls looked at Chu Yu with fury. The few of them who dressed up in hipster clothing raised their already full chests, their eyes filled with fury. They wanted to tell this blind dude that they were not beansprouts!

The tanned girl, Yueyue, lowered her head as tears flowed down her eyes, "What is your request, please tell us."

Chu Yu said, "Now! Right now! Immediately! Change out from all these weird clothings! Dye your hair back to the original color like a normal girl. Then, come back and ask me again!"

"What kind of request is this?"

"How we dress and put our makeup is our freedom..."

"I like this dress up, I think it’s pretty good."

The few of them forgot Chu Yu’s scariness in their fury and they began chattering.

Chu Yu remained silent, looking at this group of girls.

Zhao Kai wanted to say something, but found that this was probably the wrong time to speak.

All he could do was stand at the side, keenly aware of the rebellious nature of the girls.

Yueyue, as well as Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the other more ordinary looking girls were extremely rebellious, and this was ingrained in them.

The more hipster looking girls all dressed that way in order to rebel. But in actual fact, the thing they couldn’t stand for was people criticizing their dressup.

They had gotten into many fights with students in the Purple Cloud School over this.

This even alerted the school’s leadership. In the end, their expulsion to the Pill Refining Section was also closely linked to this.

As such, Zhao Kai didn’t think that this group of girls would accede to Sensei Song’s request for Yueyue’s mother.

"Old Song, can you have a different request?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu.

"No." Chu Yu did not even look at her, "There will be no discussion on this matter."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao went silent, then looked at the group and said solemnly, "Do you all see? The issue now is, is our flair and identity more important, or is Yueyue’s mother more important."

"Is that even a question? Of course Yueyue’s mother is more important!"

"Exactly Xiaoxiao, no matter what, we can’t just stand by and see Yueyue’s mother continue in peril right?"

"Even though our freedom is important, Yueyue’s mother is more important!"

Even though some of the girls were reluctant to follow the instructions, they did not want to see Yueyue’s mother die.

One girl in weird clothing and bright red hair stood out and said, "If you want us to dress normally, you must assure us that you can cure Yueyue’s mother!"

"Yes, that’s right!"

"We do not like to dress abnormally, but we will do it for Yueyue!"

Chu Yu felt his heart race... from anger.

This group of girls actually think that their weird and wild dressing is normal... what kind of ideology is this?

How did their parents bring them up?

To Chu Yu, such thinking clearly showed a lack of upbringing and education.

Caused by a lack of love!

To someone from Earth, the thoughts of these children were no secret. People had analysed this many years ago.

With the appropriate coaching as they matured, they will return to normal.

However, in the Mirror World, people rarely cared about this group.

This was a problem with society in this world. Even though this world had much better technology and cultivation than Earth, they were much weaker in their understanding of psychology.

It could be that the powers in this world feel that cultivation level is all that mattered...

In the dynasties of the ancient times, the will of the emperor was law.
Each dynasty had its own law and it was difficult to judge which was necessarily better.

However, Chu Yu felt that based on humanity, China today was better than Ancient China.

After the group of girls made their decision, they ran off chattering.

Before they left, only Yueyue and Yuwen Xiaoxiao nodded at Chu Yu, almost like a greeting.

After they left to pack their things, Zhao Kai looked at Chu Yu, amazed, so much so that it began to unsettle Chu Yu.

"What are you looking at?" Chu Yu asked.

"Sensei Song is awesome! You really are great! Really, I have to give it to you!" Zhao Kai bowed deeply.

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Kai curiously, "Just because I can teach these girls?"

"You really don’t know..."

Zhao Kai seemed to be slightly triggered as he began to recount to Chu Yu what the girls had been up to.

In Zhao Kai’s words, their records were too many to recount and each one worse than the previous.

Mischief towards teachers and fellow students were a daily occurrence and not worth a mention.

They did other things as well, for example, they would seduce a few of the high profile students in the school then shame them in public. Zhao Kai found it difficult to describe these to Chu Yu.

All in all these lawless girls were such a handful they gave everyone a headache.

However, within hours of meeting Chu Yu, they all became more obedient!

Even though they were still a far cry from being truly obedient, Zhao Kai could not believe that they would accede to Chu Yu’s request for Yueyue’s mother.

He was incredulous because he knew these girls quite well.

Ordinarily, even if Yueyue’s mother was critically ill, they would not be so obedient! At the very least they wouldn't consent so readily.

"As such, Sensei Song, do you think there's something fishy?" Zhao Kai clearly did not trust these girls and did not feel that these girls would be so obedient so quickly.

Chu Yu glanced at him and wanted to tell him that their obedience stemmed from the fact that his attitude towards them was fundamentally different from the teachers’ attitude towards them previously.

You all may not feel it, but they can feel it clearly, especially in their rebellious phase!

"Don't act rashly." Chu Yu replied Zhao Kai with three words.

Zhao Kai sighed inside and told himself to stay calm.

Still, he wondered to himself if such a change was good or bad.

Initially, he had thought that the Pill Refining Section could not get any worse.

But now, he felt that... there was a possibility that they could turn it around.

Now that Wang Rui, Wu Heng and Xiao Zijian ha left, only Sensei Song Hong and himself were left.

Could they... do it?

Which young man didn't have dreams and aspirations?

Who wanted to retire here? Live out the rest of their days meaninglessly?

The reason why Zhao Kai didn't leave was because he still had dreams of his own.

Even though he wasn't extremely powerful, he really wanted to make the Pill Refining Section more powerful!

He wanted everybody to see that the Purple Cloud School... has a Pill Refining Section!

The anticipation and fear of the unknown in his heart caused Zhao Kai to be unable to keep still.

Chu Yu saw him twitch and felt increasingly unsettled.

At this point, chatter could be heard from the side. Zhao Kai jerked his head up and was stunned by what he saw.

He could not believe his eyes, were these 12 beautiful girls filled with feminity really the 12 jerks from before?

First, Yuwen Xiaoxiao. She did not change much, because her dressing was pretty ordinary, she just added a little bit of makeup.

The tanned girl and her two companions were also dressed decently.

The other eight went through massive changes!

It was almost like night and day!

Zhao Kai could not even recognize a few of them.

In that moment, he felt a little flustered, almost as if he wasn't in the Pill Refining Section but some other section.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was probably the leader of them all. She walked to Chu Yu and looked him in the eye, "How is it?"

Chu Yu nodded, "Not bad!"

"Then..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao seemed to want to say something.

Chu Yu waved her off, "Come on, bring me to her mother!"

"..." the group of girls were stunned as they stared at Chu Yu, wide eyed.

Zhao Kai was stunned too. His expression was filled with disbelief.

Chu Yu frowned, "What's wrong? Isn't it extremely urgent? Is this not an emergency?"

"It is! It's critical... but..." Yueyue looked at Chu Yu and said faintly, "But we are still in school and haven't applied for leave..."

"..." Chu Yu looked at her, exasperated. Then he said, "Don’t you all leave school on normal days? Do you all apply for leave every time you all leave the school?"

All of the girls, now dressed in normal clothing, were slightly embarrassed.

This stunned Zhao Kai, his mouth agape.

Yet, Chu Yu knew for a fact that these girls wore multi colored clothing and put on audacious make up in order to hide their fears.

Once you broke down that barrier, their emotions... were not much different from any normal child.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao said, "But this is different from truancy..."

Before she could finish, Chu Yu cut her off, "You make it sound like you attend lessons faithfully when you are not playing truant."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was speechless. She was ordinarily very quick on her feet and always had a sharp rebuttal. However, in front of Chu Yu, she seemed to be one step behind. This made her quite depressed as she looked at Chu Yu, "Old Song, you'll not be able to find friends if you're like that."

"Who wants to be friends with a bunch of bean sprouts?" Chu Yu looked at them arrogantly then asked, "Are we going?"

"Yes!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao was quick to reply.

She was afraid that if they didn't go, this damned guy will say worse things about them.

How humiliating!

Even though we are not the best students, you don't have to look down on us like that right?

We are geniuses!

Ordinarily, no matter how much people didn't like us, they just ignore us.

But this Song fellow... he mocks us.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the other 11 girls did not realize that they had been subtly influenced by Chu Yu already.

Naturally, Zhao Kai could see this. After all, he is a teacher and much older than these girls!

In the end, he could not take it any longer and secretly used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask Chu Yu, "Sensei Song, how did you do it?"


Chu Yu replied him calmly.

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