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Zhao Kai reminded off to the side, "Sensei Song is also the newest Sensei in our school..."

"Sensei?" Xiao Zijian’s eyebrows raised, "Is it that anyone can be a sensei now?"

Chu Yu glanced at him and said flatly, "Then, what do you think is required for a person to become a sensei?"

"At least, he should be stronger than me?" Xiao Zijian looked at Chu Yu confidently.

"You? In which aspect?" Chu Yu was clear that he would be challenged once he arrived, and it would be natural that people did not accept his status.

But he was prepared for this and did not hesitate to accept Xiao Zijian’s challenge.

He was prepared to go straight for him!

If he did not have the confidence and courage, Chu Yu need not be here.

"Which respect? Haha, to be honest, if I were to fight you, I would be bullying you, your cultivation level..."

Xiao Zijian did not continue, but his condescension was clear.

"Please, please don’t say that, really." Chu Yu ignored Xiao Zijian’s condescension and said seriously, "If we were to fight, I would be the one bullying you. I could fight a bunch of people your level."

Wu Heng and Wang Rui were stunned and they looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

Is this Heavenly Doctor Song kidding?

A Xiantian cultivator is saying... that he can beat a bunch of King’s Realm cultivators?

Especially since he is a medical practitioner.

Specializations are important, and even though pill masters and doctors train to fight, they could not beat those who specialize purely in battle.

Even though Xiao Zijian did not specialize in battle, he was still a King’s Realm cultivator.

As for Heavenly Doctor Song... he was only a Xiantian cultivator who had just come into the school.

The King’s Realm was named as such because people who attained this cultivation realm were capable of becoming kings.

As such, they thought that Heavenly Doctor Song was bragging too much when he said he could beat a bunch of King’s Realm cultivators.

Could anything be more ridiculous?

Xiao Zijian was stunned, after a while, he looked at Chu Yu like Chu Yu was an idiot, "Are you for real?"

He couldn’t even be bothered to call him Heavenly Doctor Song. He thought that this guy was probably a scammer who got lucky in order to save Princess Liu Yuyan of the Purple Cloud Constabulary,

Then he was treated as a heavenly doctor and sent here.

Xiao Zijian did not want to antagonize such a man. Afterall, he could not afford to antagonize the Purple Cloud Constabulary, but he simply could not stand the thought of someone of lower cultivation level being his superior.

Now, Xiao Zijian felt that he needed to reveal the truth.

Even though the Purple Cloud Constabulary was powerful, they had a good reputation.

If he managed to prove that this Heavenly Doctor Song was a scammer, then even if he embarrasses the Purple Cloud Constabulary, they shouldn’t blame him too heavily.

They may even thank him for uncovering a scammer!

They may even reward him handsomely...

When he thought about this, Xiao Zijian felt that what he was going to do was extremely meaningful!

Chu Yu looked at the daydreaming Xiao Zijian and smiled faintly, "Of course it’s true, but, do you want to try?"

At this point, three young girls walked out from a building behind them.

One of them said, "Handsome brother Xiao, go confront him! Else, where are you going to put your face?"

This girl was no more than seventeen, and she tied her hair into two ponytails that extended to her waist. She was slight tanned and had huge eyes, a high nose, and a small mouth. She was relatively pretty by most standards.

But her eyes were filled with a weird aura as she looked at Xiao Zijian, fanning the flames by the side.

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Kai and Zhao Kai explained, slightly embarrassed, "Sensei Song, they... are all my... students."

This was indeed embarrassing. The culture of respecting one’s teachers was deeply ingrained in the teachings of the mirror world.

However, in any era, and regardless of school, there would be a few black sheep.

Ordinarily, these kids would be dealt with strictly or expelled from the school.

However, these students in the Purple Cloud Constabulary were relatively talented. Under normal circumstances, these students should be able to get into an even better section.

As such, even though they gave the leadership a headache, they were still kept in the school.

Other sections did not have any teachers willing to manage these lawless kids.

At last, they could only relegate them to the unwanted Pill Refining Section for them to reflect on their actions.

When they realised the error of their ways, they would be recalled.

At this point, the slightly tanned girl looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "You’re the Heavenly Doctor? Then do you think I am sick?"

Chu Yu glanced at her and said flatly, "Of course."

"Ah?" The girl stiffened slightly and looked at Chu Yu, visibly lost.

In actual fact, this was just a group of pampered kids. They were talented and from good families, so they were generally given more freedom. Even though they gave the school’s leadership a headache, the leadership still tried to accommodate them.

People like Chu Yu who would confront them right from the beginning were rare.

As such, the girl was stunned speechless.

After a while, her eyes filled with anger and she asked, "How am I sick?"

"You’re ill in the brain." Chu Yu chided savagely, "As a student, you do not respect your sensei. You are so contented despite speaking rubbish? Who taught you? Horrible upbringing!"

This girl was stunned, her eyes filling with tears and disbelief, "You, you’re scolding me?"

"I even want to hit you!" Chu Yu said coldly, "Scram to one side!"

At this point, Xiao Zijian said flatly, "Heavenly Doctor Song, don’t be in a hurry to use your status as Sensei. Didn’t you ask if I would like to fight you? Come, if you can beat me, I will listen to you. Else... not anyone can become a sensei in the Purple Cloud Constabulary."

"Bad teachers bring up their students horribly! It is precisely because there are teachers like you, that’s why the students are such jerks!" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Zijian icily.

Then, he walked towards the arena, "Hurry up."

Xiao Zijian was fuming, and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly, "Okay, I would like to see how good a Xiantian Heavenly Doctor is!"

The tanned girl looked at Chu Yu furiously as she mimicked a punch at Chu Yu’s back.

Chu Yu did not look back and said, "Once I am done with him, I will get to you!"

The girl blew a raspberry and made a funny face.

She did not believe that this man of the same cultivation level as her could defeat Teacher Xiao Zijian.

Even though Xiao Zijian was a teacher in the Pill Refining Section, he was great in battle. He was known as a battle maniac amongst all the pill refining teachers.

Being the new guy here, Heavenly Doctor Song was not privy to such information. Else, he would never dare to challenge Xiao Zijian.

Wang Rui and Wu Heng did not encourage either of them. To be honest, they didn’t really like Xiao Zijian either.

To Chu Yu... this Heavenly Doctor Song, they were rather neutral.

As such, they didn’t care even if Xiao Zijian and Chu Yu fought to the death or burned the bridge, they were just here to watch a good show.

Zhao Kai was slightly worried. He had seen how much the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s Second Prince, Liu Yutong, valued Heavenly Doctor Song. If Sensei Song ran into trouble here, the Purple Cloud Constabulary would never let Xiao Zijian off.

He was easy going and considered Xiao Zijian as an acquaintance. He did not want to see this blown out of proportion.

But, these men never expected it to end so quickly.

It ended before it even started.

In the arena, Xiao Zijian looked at Chu Yu condescendingly, "Come, I’ll let you go first, I’ll give you three turns!"

Then, it was over.

Xiao Zijian was sent flying by Chu Yu.

Zhao Kai, Wang Rui, Wu Heng, and the three girls did not even manage to see what happened.

They were all thinking about what Xiao Zijian had said and his condescending expression - I’ll give you three turns!

What was happening?

Didn’t he say he would let Heavenly Doctor Song have three turns? Why was he flying out of the arena before a single turn was up?

 Was he trying to perform some sacred art?

It didn’t seem like it.

Because Xiao Zijian lay at a corner of the arena and didn’t get up for a long time.


He didn’t vomit any blood, but his pained expression showed that his injuries were not light.

The three girls could not see it, but Zhao Kai, Wang Rui and Wu Heng were King’s Realm Cultivators.

Even though they could not see how Chu Yu attacked, they could feel that Chu Yu had held back!

My gosh!

Is Heavenly Doctor Song really just a doctor? Or a Pill Master? Not a battle cultivator?

The Mirror World was formed by the greatest powers from the various universes. As such, the rules here were different from Earth.

Even though they were all cultivators, they had clear specializations.

There were battle cultivators, and life cultivators.

Pill masters, medical practitioners, doctors, weapon refiners, blacksmiths... these were life cultivators.

Each profession had various branches. For example, amongst the pill refiners, there were cultivators who specialized in managing the spiritual farms.

Even though they were weak in battle, they were experts in their own fields.


This was quite similar to Earth, where each profession had a clear specialization.

As such, for Teacher Xiao Zijian, even though he was one of the best in battle amongst the Pill Masters, he was much weaker than a true battle cultivator.

When he met with someone as unreasonable as Chu Yu, he was sent flying with a single punch.

How miserable.

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