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The dawn of the next day.

The battle had ended, and the dust had settled.

The mighty Xie Clan, who had been stationed at Yan Jing for 33 years retreated from the capital with all its members.

Such an illustrious clan was defeated in just one night.

The Chu Clan, on the other hand, had climbed high up the power rankings in Yan Jing in just one night. The final nail in the coffin for the Xie Family came from an article by the authorities.

"In the many years that the Xie Clan has been in the city, they have not fulfilled their obligations to the public as an influential clan. They were overindulgent, arrogant and domineering. They were career criminals, and committed many crimes, leading to many complaints from the general public. We are extremely fortunate to have the Chu Family dish out justice to them. They have expelled the Xie Clan, and brought peace to the land."

Having left the city with much hate and unwillingness, the members of the Xie Clan saw red when they saw the article.

"F*ck that, peace to the land!"

"Since when were we arrogant, domineering career criminals?"

"They are adding more sins by the day..."

"This is slander!"

Xie Xiaotian coughed up blood and hollered, "I hate this!"

Xie Xiaotian’s anger built, to a point where his body could no longer handle it and he fainted from the anger.

The Xie Clan had set up for many years in the city of Yan Jing and their businesses spread all across the city. In their rush to leave, they only managed to take a small amount of cash with them. As for the rest of their assets, they were left in the city for others to claim.

The net value of the assets was astronomical, enough to tempt anybody.

Yet, no one went to claim them!

This was what the Chu Clan had fought for and won!

If the Chu Clan had failed, then all their assets in the area would have naturally belonged to the Xie Clan.

The result was a forgone conclusion the moment the nucleus of the Xie Clan left Yan Jing.

It was then that Lin Shimeng said her goodbyes and left with her four elders.

She still had many things to settle and communicate. Now that Chu Yu was safe, she could set aside her worries.

After sending Lin Shimeng off, he asked Xiao Yue and Lord Thief to stay downstairs. He then called Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng up to his room.

After the wounds on their wrists were treated, it seemed like there wasn't going to be any major problems.

However, even at Acupoint Charging Stage 6, it would take a long time to heal a torn wrist ligament.

It was also fortunate that the elder that Lin Shimeng brought with her knew how to treat the wound.

If not for the timely treatment, the battle power of these two men would have been severely affected permanently.

"Young master, how did you..." Chu Tianqiang looked earnestly at Chu Yu.

He wasn't concerned about the injury to his wrist. What he was truly concerned about was how this "ruined" young master of his could use the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to him.

Even though it was 16 years ago, no one in the Chu Clan could forget how amazing Chu Yu was.

Even though Chu Tiansheng did not speak, he awaited Chu Yu’s reply eagerly.

Chu Yu did not answer the question. Instead, he posed one of his own. "If I recall correctly, both of you are at Acupoint Charging Stage 6, am I right?" They nodded in agreement simultaneously.

Chu Yu pondered for a moment and looked at the two men. "If... the clan is in agreement, would both uncles be willing to follow me to the Dragon City?"

Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng looked at each other, then back at Chu Yu, and said in unison, "Of course!"

Disregarding the fact that Chu Yu may not actually be uncultivable, even if he was ruined, he was still a high ranking individual in the Chu Clan.

Despite their talent, Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng had limited resources to cultivate themselves as they were of ordinary origin. In order to access the materials, they had to contribute to the clan.

They had looked after Chu Yu since young, and were well aware of his character. If they stood by Chu Yu’s side, they would receive much more cultivation materials than they were currently receiving!

"Okay then. Now, swear that you will not breathe a word to anyone about what you’re about to witness." Chu Yu once again used the Targeted Voice Transmission Technique to speak to them. This time, they did not hesitate.

"I, Chu Tianqiang (Chu Tiansheng) swear that, I will not breathe a word of what I see today to anyone. Should I not keep to my word, I shall burn in hell!" Both of them looked at Chu Yu after completing their vows.

Chu Yu smiled and nodded. "Uncle Qiang, please extend your hand."

Chu Tianqiang extended his good arm in front of Chu Yu.

Chu Yu shook his head, "The other one."

Chu Tianqiang extended his injured arm.

Chu Yu unwrapped the bandage around his wrist and threw it to the ground.

A faint red line on Chu Tianqiang’s wrist was all that was left of the wound. The blood had clotted.

Yet, looking at it was still rather unsettling.

Chu Tianqiang had no idea what Chu Yu was doing, but he had deep faith in Chu Yu, so he did not question him.

Chu Tiansheng was equally confused, yet he too, did not ask any questions.

After which, Chu Yu grabbed the wound with his hand.

A sharp wave of pain caused Chu Tianqiang to wince and squirm, yet he did not make a sound.

"How brave!" Chu Yu chuckled.

Before Chu Tianqiang could speak, he felt a burning sensation on the wound. An astonishing wave of heat radiated from it... and it spread quickly throughout his body.

"This..." Chu Tianqiang was aghast.

Chu Yu’s body was unaffected by the tiny fluctuations that radiated outwards.

Yet, Chu Tiansheng was shocked stiff by what he saw.

What... What... What is happening?

Chu Tiansheng rubbed his eyes thoroughly, suspecting that he was dreaming!

He could clearly feel wave after wave of fluctuating energies radiating from Chu Tianqiang.

He... was breaking through?!

The breakthrough process for an Acupoint Charging martial artist required the opening up of the acupoints.

During this process, every acupoint opened up would add a point of strength to the body.

At the same time, in the instant that the acupoint is opened, there would be a strong wave of energy radiating outwards.

What Chu Tiansheng found unbelievable was that he had never witnessed breakthrough at such a fast rate!

Chu Tianqiang, who was on par with him at Acupoint Charging Stage 6, had only opened up 183 of his acupoints.

Yet, in that short span of time, he felt four waves of power radiating from Chu Tianqiang.

He had opened up... four acupoints in the blink of an eye?

Was this even possible?

Every martial artist had a different amount of talent.

Based on their talent, under normal circumstances, they had already reached their maximum potential.

In order to progress further, they required an astronomical amount of resources.

Yet, what was he witnessing now?

Chu Tianqiang, who was being held by his wound, was radiating pulses of energy continuously.

This meant that the acupoints in his body were being forced open one after another!

This miracle that he witnessed would be forever etched in his mind.

He would never forget this day, not for the rest of his life!

He had witnessed a miracle with his own eyes!

His young master, who had been wasted for 16 years, had managed to change their lives and their fates in a single stroke.

Chu Tiansheng stood stunned as he witnessed the scene unfolding before him.

Chu Tianqiang, who was experiencing this first hand, must be feeling the same thing many times stronger.

Shock had completely taken over him!

The shackles on the acupoints were like the cork on a wine bottle. Without external help, it was almost impossible to unplug it.

A corkscrew was like a powerful cultivation technique.

The higher the level of the technique, the easier it was to open up the acupoint, and the less damage it will cause.

The best corkscrews could remove the cork without doing much damage to it.

Similarly, the best cultivation techniques would do little to no damage to the body when they opened up the acupoints.

In the moment that the acupoint is opened up, all the trash accumulated there would be flushed away, causing damage to the acupoints.

This was why every martial artist required large amounts of medicine in order to consolidate after breaking through.

Consolidation was simply, a recovery process.

Under normal circumstances, a martial artist would need to use various techniques to break open the shackles around the acupoint slowly.

Only when the shackles were weakened did he use all his power to flush it open.

Yet now... it was as if the acupoints in Chu Tianqiang’s body were met with a rapid, unstoppable wave of force.

Everything in its way... was crushed like dry weeds and rotten wood.

Furthermore, Chu Tianqiang could feel that in the moment his acupoints were being opened, there was no damage to his acupoints! This was an ability so strong it would send shivers down anyone’s spine.

After 15 minutes, Chu Yu finally let go of Chu Tianqiang’s hand.

He let out a long breath before looking at Chu Tianqiang, "Uncle Qiang, how do you feel?"

Chu Tianqiang’s face was a mixture of surprise, entertainment, unparalleled joy and disbelief

He looked down at his wrist and noted that the faint red line was still present.


All the acupoints that were previously injured were as good as new!

He tested his internal powers cautiously.


A strong gust of energy exploded outwards in an instant.

Acupoint Charging Stage 7!

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