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This man appeared in front of Chu Yu in the blink of an eye. Chu Yu could not feel any aura or life or death from his body.

He gave Chu Yu the feeling that he was a robot.

This figure was enveloped by mist, and one could barely make out his golden armor and helmet.

A pair of icy, apathetic eyes could be seen through the mist.

Chu Yu hung there, unable to move.

This kind of energy was foreign to Chu Yu. It made him extremely exasperated and he felt helpless and weak.

Fatty probably felt the same way.

"How should I address you, senior?" Chu Yu attempted to communicate with this man.

"I am insignificant."

This figure clad in mist actually spoke.

"Senior is able to be beside Master Yi, how can you be insignificant?" Chu Yu did not dare to mention Houyi.

There were vast differences when it came to the culture and ideals of the ancient and modern times. The ancient times stuck to hierarchy and titles very seriously.

"Who are you? Why do you enter the Mysterious Yin World?" This man glared icily at Chu Yu.

It seemed as though he would strike as long as he sensed deceit.

"Does senior know what day it is today?" Chu Yu asked.

"No... I don’t."

This man contemplated for a long while before saying measuredly and deliberately, "The Mysterious Yin World is without day or time, I do not know what day it is today."

"Then, senior must have been born in the ancient times?" Chu Yu asked.

"Ancient times? I can’t remember." This man raised his hand and rubbed his temples.

Chu Yu was getting a headache when Fatty suddenly asked, "Which emperor did senior live under?"

"Emperor... Yao?"

This man finally reacted and said slowly, "I remember now, Yao was my emperor! Master Yi was my owner!"

"We are also Han descendants." Chu Yu replied, "Senior has been here and may not know that the world today... has already gone through vast changes."

This man was interested, "Tell me about it."

After which, Chu Yu and Fatty began to describe the current world in great detail.

They weren’t particularly excited by it, but in order to protect their own lives, they had to give it their all.

This Mysterious Yin World was too strange. Fatty had seen snippets of information about it, but even the Thief Sect didn’t have too many details, as such, Fatty had not thought about it initially.

Even now, Fatty was still extremely confused about this Mysterious Yin World.

He could guess that this was the isolation of Yin and Yang, but he did not know how it could be done.

All he could do was cooperate with Chu Yu and try to move this terrifying man.

In the end, this man also had a preliminary understanding about the current world.

After contemplating in the air for a long while, he sighed, "With so many aeons passed immortality seems to be just an idea,"

Chu Yu was silent, even though he didn’t fully understand what this man was saying, he found that this man’s description of the aeons was quite different from what he understood in the legends.

In the legends, Emperor Yao was someone who lived 5000 years ago, he was one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

However, this man had said aeons...

Aeons and 5000 years were vastly different.

Chu Yu’s suspicion began to rise.

However this man said, "Even though there is no day or time here, according to my records, aeons have passed."

Chu Yu’s head throbbed, he felt that the legends he heard were too factually different from the truth.

The initial legends and their records had many editions, but no one edition could earn the approval of everyone.

Even century old history was masked by time and unable to be fully unearthed, not to mention history from aeons ago.

"Could senior please tell us some of the history from back then?" Chu Yu asked sincerely.

He could feel that although this figure did not have any aura of life or death, he was who killed others easily.

Else, he would not have stood here and communicated with them for so long.

The intense fear in his heart also abated.

"Every period in history has various breaks..." As he spoke, he released Chu Yu and Fatty from their restrains with a wave of his hand.

The limitless light radiating from their bodies also died down slowly.

Fatty screamed for his life as he fell from the sky.

He was merely an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist. Since he was not a Xiantian cultivator, he could not hover in the air.

"Weak." This man said calmly, then stopped Fatty’s fall with a wave of his hand.

Then he slowly lowered Fatty to the ground.

Chu Yu, on the other hand, slowly dropped to the ground.

Fatty looked at Chu Yu with envy and sighed, "Xiantian cultivators are indeed powerful..."

"Xiantian?" The mist around this man immediately dissipated and he landed next to these two men, revealing his towering figure.

The glow from his golden armor was stunning. It didn’t seem to be made from metal, rather, it looked like an animal’s pelt!

The helmet glimmered like gold.

This man looked extremely young, not even in his thirties.

His face was expressionless as he looked at Fatty, "Xiantian is merely a novice realm of cultivation."

"May I know what cultivation realm senior is at?" Fatty immediately asked.

"Realm? Before entering the Mysterious Yin World, I was in the True Lord Realm." Then, this man sighed, "Cultivation realm is meaningless, it all turns to nothing."


Chu Yu and Fatty were both exasperated, they had to give this guy high marks for his acting.

According to him, he had been in the Mysterious Yin World for aeons. If he was already a True Lord Realm cultivator when he entered... what realm was he in now?

It was no wonder that the ripples generated by his arrow were nearly lethal. Chu Yu could only thank his lucky stars that he had his vertical eye to protect him.

Else, that arrow would have killed him.

It was also lucky that the arrow was not shot at Fatty, else, he would have been a dead Fatty.

Fatty looked at this man with admiration, "Senior, what is your armor made of? It looks magnificent!"

"Dragon skin." This man said flatly.

F*ck me...

Chu Yu and Fatty looked at each other, clearly shocked.

They wondered to themselves, Who was this god?

Was he really only an ordinary subordinate of Houyi?

This was impossible!

However, if they had thought about it another way, it would be easily understandable. Anyone who would be brought into the tomb with Houyi to retain their consciousness could not possibly just be an ordinary subordinate.

At this point, this man looked to Chu Yu and Fatty, "What are you two commoners doing here?"

This question could not be avoided.

Fatty and Chu Yu looked at each other, then Chu Yu replied, "I wanted to retrieve Master Yi’s red bow!"


This man was not at all furious. His expressionless face finally revealed traces of condescension.

It was faint, if one was not observant, it would have been missed.

Chu Yu felt slightly awkward, but he stilled said solemnly, "Now that the world is recovering and the spiritual energy is filling up, beings from other planets and universes are looking to invade us. However, right now... we are too weak. We are looking to make ourselves stronger so we can face these enemies."

"Yes exactly, that’s right, we want to protect our home!" Fatty added on passionately.

"The red bow is Master Yi’s precious treasure, how could he possibly give it to commoners like yourself?" This man shook his head and said, "However..."

At this point, almost as if he sensed something, his eyes became sharper.

He said icily, "Lifeform from the outside, how dare you enter this place?"

Then, even without much action on his part, two sounds appeared in the space above his head...

"Let me down!"

Xu Xiaoxian’s voice echoed out.

"Stop shouting, this is an Immortal Yang Immortal Yin tomb!"

The black robed youth’s voice rung out, at the same time, it was trembling, "How could there be a tomb of such regulation in this world?"


Chu Yu and Fatty both heard this clearly.

That black robed youth had used the word regulation, and it didn’t... sit quite right.

According to Fatty’s understanding, this tomb was set up as an Immortality Magical Formation by the tomb owner before he passed. After his death, he could continue living without Yin or Yang, or the five elements. This world would be completely isolated from the rest of the world."

Over here, the tomb owner’s will was gospel!

It was the only thing that mattered!

However, according to the black robed youth, this tomb... if it was described as regular, wouldn’t that mean that someone else had set up the tomb for the tomb owner?

Xu Xiaoxian’s body exploded with light in mid air.

However, she had magical equipment on her desperately trying to suppress the light.

"Damn it, does he want to take us as suns and shoot us down? How lame, we already remember his greatest achievement, does he have to repeat it over and over again?" Xu Xiaoxian kept struggling, activating various magical equipment to resist it.

However, in this world, all her magical equipment were helpless.

"Stop struggling, it is meaningless." The black robed youth sighed.

He had never expected that Yi’s tomb would be an Immortal Yang Immortal Yin Tomb.

If he had known this earlier, he would not even have entered.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian’s gaze fell to the ground and she saw Chu Yu and Fatty.

However, she could not see the golden armored figure.

"You two jerks, come and save us quickly!" Xu Xiaoxian screamed.

Chu Yu raised his head and his lips twitched, but he did not say anything.

He directed his gaze at the golden armored youth.

The golden armored youth was expressionless as he pulled back on his golden bow and prepared to shoot at Xu Xiaoxian.

At this moment, he suddenly halted and his expressionless face revealed a look of surprise, "Master Yi would like to meet you!"

Then, with a wave of his hand, he released Xu Xiaoxian and the black robed youth.

After Xu Xiaoxian landed, she saw this golden armored youth which immediately piqued her interest,

Then she looked at Chu Yu and Fatty, frowned, but did not say anything.

The black robed youth stared icily at Chu Yu and Fatty, but did not say anything either.

They were both keenly aware that they could not afford to antagonize this golden armored youth!

"Master Yi would like to see you, follow me."

The golden armored youth said.

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