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Xu Xiaoxian was furious, she had known that Chu Yu was not a good guy - he had tried to harm her before.

But she did not expect that Chu Yu was not only bad - he was also a lowly thief!

How did he enter?

Was there an entrance there?

I thought Houyi’s grave... didn’t have an entrance?

Damn it, she had actually believed Fatty’s word. Fatty and Chu Yu had already discussed this beforehand!

But Xu Xiaoxian had really wronged Fatty this time.

Fatty wasn’t lying, Houyi’s grave really didn’t have a so-called entrance.

However, like all the tombs since the ancient times, each one would have a path that was closed last.

This path was not at the Manor, but on the barren hill!

There was only one such path here, and it too was sealed tight!

There was no way of entering or escaping.

However, due to time or the spiritual energy of the Earth, there was a slight change here.

The pathway which was sealed last had a crack.

This crack was thin, and could change at any time.

After Chu Yu barged through, his body had entered another space, ensuring that the black robed youth could not reach him. However, he could still see Fatty and the others.

As such, he used the Voice Transmission Technique and told Fatty how to move.

Any other person may not have coordinated it with Chu Yu so seamlessly, but what did Fatty do for a living?

He dug graves and found weaknesses... this was what he was best at!

As such, under Chu Yu’s direction, Fatty caught up with Chu Yu in an instant, disappearing from the view of those outside.

Xu Xiaoxian was troubled, and she grit her teeth in angst.

She looked at the black robed youth and spat, "so what even if I am your grandmother?"

The black robed youth frowned and looked at Xu Xiaoxian solemnly, "Xu Xiaoxian, are you done causing trouble? Don’t think that you can be so reckless and willful just because you are on good terms with my backer!’

"Hehe, I just love being reckless and willful, what can you do?"

Xu Xiaoxian smiled Emily, still in her disguise as a blonde haired, white skinned lady, "Also, Little Blackie, don’t try to act like some absolute talent here. Let me tell you, I really could not be less bothered with someone like you, if you don’t scram, I will smash you to death with my magical equipment!"

"You..." The black robed youth was furious, unable to form a coherent sentence.

His backer and Xu Xiaoxian’s backer were allies, and he had known this little demonic girl since young.

When they were younger, he was always bullied by her. This little demonic girl n ever cared about that fact that they were on the same side and always harmed him.

However, Xu Xiaoxian’s standing and status was high, so much so that even his backer did not want to antagonize her.

This took a toll on him. Everytime he was bullied, he didn’t report it to his elders for fear of being beaten and scolded for being useless.

Any man who wanted to make something of himself needed to solve his own problems.

As such, he had put in a lot of effort into cultivating and slowly began to catch up.

However, every time they met, he was still getting the short end of the stick.

This little demonic girl was too pampered, the magical equipment she had on her would make anyone jealous.

At the same time, the two of them knew each other very well, else it would have been impossible to recognize her from a single sentence.

"You what? You idiot, don’t you see that they are already inside? Why aren't you finding a way to get in?"

Xu Xiaoxian did not feel any guilt as she raged tat the youth.

The black robed youth took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. He looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "My team has been killed by you, how do you expect to get in?"

"Think of a way yourself!’ Xu Xiaoxian raged.

"This is clearly your fault!" The black robed youth was so furious, his veins were bulging.

"See, you are still so immature, what kind of situation is this? You’re still trying to assign blame?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at him exasperatedly and sighed, "When will you grow up?"

"F*ck, I am..." The black robed youth wanted to vomit blood.

"Stop procrastinating, hurry! Any later and the things would be taken by others!’ Xu Xiaoxian raged.


Chu Yu brought Fatty along the energy crack, each step calculated and careful.

Just like what Fatty had surmised, this tomb had no entrance.

If not for the fact that the Earth had changed, this crack in the energy would have never appeared,

However, the crack was also filled with danger, and not every gap could allow two people to pass by.

"Damn, why is this freaking place so terrifying?" Fatty said, terrified as he walked behind Chu Yu.

Even though he was not weak, he was not in the Xiantian Realm. As long as one had not entered Xiantian, one would still be a foundation realm martial artist. It was extremely difficult for someone like him to walk in this place.

All of his techniques and knowledge could not be put to use here.

"Boss, be careful, else we will both be dead." Fatty murmured.

Chu Yu ignored him and continued advancing, bit by bit.

"Boss, who's that girl? She is so scary, and I think we've possibly antagonized her quite abit? Lilitha is still with her, do you think she will..."

"Shut up." Chu Yu finally replied solemnly, "She will definitely follow us in!"

"And then?" Fatty asked, "Do we find an opportunity to take her out?"

"We will find the right opportunity to get out of here first, and then run with Lilitha!" Chu Yu said flatly.

"F*ck me... what kind of plan is this?" Fatty kept rolling his eyes, feeling that this plan was rubbish.

"What else? Do you really think that she is a good person?" As Chu Yu spoke, his arm was suddenly penetrated by a ray of energy.

His arm was already considerably tough, but a small cavity appeared and blood flowed out, staining his shirt.


Chu Yu hissed and pulled Fatty back!

In that instant, a large amount of energy instantly filled up the space where Chu Yu and Fatty were just standing.

That vicious wave of energy could even be felt by Fatty.

Fatty’s expression paled and his eyes filled with fear. He looked at that location, astonished.

Then, he realized that Chu Yu was injured and asked, "Are you injured?"

Chu Yu shook his head and retrieved healing medicine to apply on his arm.

Afterwhich, he opened his vertical eye and continued to look for cracks to accommodate their bodies.

This was a path of no return. They could not turn back the moment they stepped on it.

This was because most of the spaces behind them were already filled to the brim with the terrifying, shredding energy.

But they were lucky, as long as they were patient, they could always find a narrow crack.

Chu Yu was extremely patient and he looked for those cracks meticulously.

Finally, after about five to six hours, he and Fatty entered into another space.

"Who are you and where are you from? How dare you barge into the Mysterious Yin World? Surrender now!"

The moment Chu Yu and Fatty entered the space, they heard a thunderous voice. At the same time, an unparalleled force crashed down on the two of them.

"Damn it..."

Chu Yu pulled Fatty and immediately activated the defenses of his vertical eye. He used the Racing Sacred Art to try to escape.

Yet, it was of no use, the two men were immediately thrown into the air by this terrifying force.

The two of them were separated by the force, and they were suspended in the sky, some distance from each other.

What was more incredulous was that, after they were suspended in the air, their bodies began to radiate with a bright light!

The light got brighter and brighter until finally, they became two bright suns in the air.

Chu Yu and Fatty were both aghast, they did not know what was going on.

Fatty was suspended in mid air, his brows furrowed as if he was deep in thought. Then, he remembered something from his sect’s annals and shouted, "This is bad... this is an... Immortal Yin Grave!"

"What is an Immortal Yin Grave?" Chu Yu asked.

"An Immortal Yin Grave... is when the tomb owner makes his tomb an Immortality Magical Formation using heavenly techniques. This ensures that his consciousness remains inside the tomb."

"Life and death are separated by Yin and Yang, but such a formation can ensure that Yin and Yang are isolated, in fact, it should be known as an Immortal Yang Immortal Yin Tomb! This encapsulates the fact that it is a grey area."

"It is outside of the three realms and five elements..."

"What is it used for?" Chu Yu frowned, he had never heard of this before.

"That’s simple, it is for immortality. This is another way to live forever." Fatty was sullen as he felt the light from his body become brighter. He said, "Here, the tomb owner’s consciousness will never fade and it will live forever in this sealed world. Here, he will reenact... the best scenes from his life."

"The best scenes from his life?" Chu Yu frowned, then his expression changed and he murmured, "Damn it, Houyi is the owner of this tomb, and isn’t his proudest moment the time when he shot down the nine suns? Is that actually true?"

Fatty cried, "Who the f*ck would know? I also thought that it was just a legend! F*ck me, is he really going to shoot us down like suns?"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, this could be a very possible ending.

Just at this moment, an icy voice echoed throughout the space.

"Demon, You dare to harm the world! Do you know your sins?"

Chu Yu was extremely exasperated and replied, "Are you senior Houyi?"

"Master’s name is not for a slave like you to call!’

A ray of light shot straight at Chu Yu.

This was like a rocket powered arrow, it flew quickly and viciously at Chu Yu’s heart!


Chu Yu’s body exploded with a ray of defensive energy.

When this arrow impacted the defensive energy, a large, crushing force nearly suffocated Chu Yu!


Chu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, his body clearly injured.

"Ay?" That icy voice revealed traces of surprise as it laughed coldly, "This demon has some skills, take another one!"

Chu Yu nearly crumbled and he shouted, "Stop... stop!"

The defence from his vertical eye could not even block the arrow from his opponent and he was seriously injured. If his opponent fired another arrow, won’t he be half dead?

"I am a friendly, don’t shoot first!’

Chu Yu screamed.

The opponent did not fire again.

Clearly, his opponent was someone with a consciousness.

It could probably be barely considered as a life form.

Shortly after, a figure, enveloped in mist, and holding a golden bow in one hand flew up from the ground and straight at Chu Yu.

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