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"You’re courting death!"

The youth’s eyebrows twitched, and he shot an icy glare, his lips curled in a mocking sneer.

A Xiantian cultivator attacking a King’s Realm cultivator?

Does he know how limited his strength is?

Is this some kind of a joke?

The self-proclaimed servant of a god laughed coldly, and a golden light began radiating from his body.

That light rapidly receded inwards, cloaking his body like a golden armour.

Then, he pointed with a finger towards Chu Yu’s incoming fist.

He was confident that a finger was more than sufficient to block the attack.

A deluded Xiantian Qi cultivator battling a King’s Realm cultivator — does Chu Yu not realise that the difference in power was simply too great?

This finger, a reflection of terrifying power, suppressed Chu Yu like an insurmountable mountain.

It was even more terrifying because there were no ripples of power throughout the tiny dining room.

This required a precise mastery over the level of one’s power.

The power of the attack was concentrated on the target, resulting in greater damage.

Caixue’s eyes widened in worry.

The situation unfolded too quickly for her to have the time to respond.

Now, she could only hope that Chu Yu could block against the youth’s assault.

Everything happened too suddenly for them to react.

Consequently, Chu Yu’s fist made contact with the youth’s finger.

At that moment, time seemed to freeze!

The two cultivators’ expressions were crystal clear.

Chu Yu exuded a calm, nonchalant composure that was void of any emotion.

On the contrary, the youth’s face was contorted with pride, eyes filled with a ruthlessly condescending look.

The youth’s finger flashed brilliant gold, and seemed to exert its superiority over everything else!

Heavenly Guardian’s Finger!

Among the known sacred arts, the highly advanced Heavenly Guardian’s Finger is enough to cause death to the victim.

The youth seemed to have seen the death of deluded Chu Yu by his finger, causing him to reveal a grin.

And then.


Ka cha!

The youth’s golden finger seemed to be...crumbling into pieces!


The youth’s face stiffened, and he let out a savage scream.

Even with acupuncture, the pain is nearly intolerable. What more can be said about the extreme pain from his finger crumbling apart!

The youth was considerably powerful, and he could be arrogant of the fact that no one of his age stood on the same level with him.

Nevermind his peers; he could even dominate the more experienced cultivators who stood in his way.

It had not crossed his mind that a weakling like Chu Yu would cause his body to crumble.

This was unacceptable and intolerable to the youth. His pain intensified the feeling of frenzy within him.

But this wasn’t over!

When Chu Yu punched his fist towards the youth’s finger, he raised his leg towards the youth for a kick.

His punch and his kick were timed to be simultaneously executed.

However, the strong King’s Realm cultivator had only noticed Chu Yu’s incomparably swift fist.

Hence, when the youth wailed over the crumbling of his finger, Chu Yu landed a kick in between the legs of the youth.


A muffled sound was heard.

A wave of cracking sounds...



The young King’s Realm cultivator had tragically let loose a series of howls.

Then, he fell on the floor and lost his consciousness.

Chu Yu calmly retracted his leg, and looked towards the dumbfounded Caixue, chuckling "Excuse my poor skills..."

"Are you really Chu Yu?"

Caixue stared at Chu Yu, her eyes filled with bewilderment.

She recognised that the Chu Yu of today is vastly different from his past self, knowing from the news abound.

However, she had not imagined that Chu Yu’s prowess had improved to such a formidable extent.

That was a King’s Realm cultivator!

Not one of those puny cultivators!

And what did she see?

An immensely powerful and young King’s Realm cultivator, beaten to a pulp by a punch and kick....

The key was Chu Yu’s ruthless kick.

Although Caixue did not have testicles, she could imagine the horrendous pain inflicted upon them.

"Hey, if it isn’t the real me, you’re guaranteed a replacement," Chu Yu joked. He walked over to the youth and carried him over.

" I am..." The youth stuttered. "The Butterfly dare you do this to me! The Butterfly Lord...he will not forgive you!"

The youth woke from his state of unconsciousness when Chu Yu lifted him up, painfully stuttering those words.

Chu Yu raised his hand, exclaiming "Shut up!".

"How dare you!" cried the youth.




The youth finally fell silent, but the malevolent glint in his eyes remained.

Chu Yu dragged him by his collar, glancing sideways at him as they moved.

"Chu Yu, what are you going to do about him?" questioned Caixue,

Chu Yu snickered. "Interrogation with torture!"

Thereafter, he disappeared through the door of the room with the youth.

When Caixue gave chase, Chu Yu’s body was nowhere to be seen.

She stomped her feet, rolled her eyes and grunted. "He’s still the same as ever — cold on the outside and yet caring, never wanting to implicate me in these complicated affairs."

"He’s a nice chap, but a pity that he’s taken…" Caixue sighed deeply.

Chu Yu utilised the sacred art of haste, bolstering his speed and disappearing from Yan Jing City in a flash.

The bystanders were left dumbfounded, as they witnessed Chu Yu disappearing in a flash with a body that he dragged out from the teahouse.

"He brazenly dragged the man and disappeared?"

"Yes, that’s how he left…"

"Well then, chase after him!"

"Why aren’t you chasing yet?"

"How can I ever catch up to him?"

Many bystanders emerged from the shadows, and looked disappointedly towards the direction that Chu Yu had vanished.

The news of Chu Yu’s return would spread like wildfire across Yan Jing City.

"It’s unthinkable how an unknown youth from the underworld clan could possess such monstrous strength!"

"If not for the Three Leaves Sect and the people who want to harm his girlfriend, I reckon that people would still be unaware of Chu Yu’s fighting prowess..."

"Wasn’t it such that Song Hong gave a pill to him for the recovery of his skills? How did he become so strong, so quickly?"

"Brother, you should not be afraid. You aren’t a cultivator. The real top-notch pills can bestow god-like powers!"

"My goodness! A pill could actually be so effective? God-like powers...that’s unbelievable."

"There’s an ancient legend that a single pill could make a man become a that I’ve thought about it, I had just witnessed the evidence."

A swift and decisive battle from Chu Yu shook the capital once again.

Only this time, do the people truly begin to respect him.

Even to the point where people viewed him as among China’s Heaven’s Pride Board…...

In the last time that China’s Heaven’s Pride Board was reshuffled, the 7 powerful individuals lost to a person named Lin Shi. Thereafter, Lin Shi was beaten by Chu Yu.

From that moment on, China’s Heaven’s Pride Board ceased to exist.

There are many youths who aspire to be famous, but those who have the bravado to name themselves among China’s Heaven’s Pride Board were few.

Even if some of them had the courage to do, they lack the ability. Self-declaring themselves to among the China’s Heaven’s Pride Board would only result in them becoming a laughing stock.

This is the Age of Information, and information spreads like a wildfire.

When Chu Yu dragged the youth to leave the capital, various accounts of the incident have already been spread.

The youth kept his mouth tightly shut during the trip, as he was cowed into silence by Chu Yu’s fearsome power.

When the youth was with the Butterfly Lord, many elders of various clans treated him courteously. How could someone treat him in this manner?

Chu Yu deserves to die for the way that he treated him!

When the Butterfly Lord comes to Earth, he will avenge me. It’s futile to attempt getting any information out of me!

Bai Guang fumed with rage while trying to think.

But soon, his train of thought was broken.

He was dragged by Chu Yu throughout the entire journey towards a place that was completely surrounded by cliffs!

The highest mountain peak here was easily 4 to 5 km above sea level, and the area was ringed with steep cliffs.

Chu Yu adopted an ape-like posture, and climbed to the highest mountain peak in the blink of an eye.

The violent winds raged on, blowing Chu Yu’s hair and causing his clothes to rustle.

Bai Guang gave Chu Yu a puzzled look, and chuckled "Don’t expect to get any information from me..."

Chu Yu, who has been dragging Bai Guang so far, took out a handphone and pressed the button to record.

Suddenly, he let go of Bai Guang!


Bai Guang was scared out of his wits!

Although Bai Guang was a King’s Realm cultivator, he was now held in a remote location by Chu Yu, being unable to cast any spells even if his strength was sufficient. Should he fall from this height, his bones and tendons would be crushed.

What an unorthodox tactic!

Shouldn’t Chu Yu first attempt to interrogate me, and then throw me to my doom if I do not cooperate?

Why did he let me fall immediately!

This brat will definitely fly down to grab me, and then threaten me to obey!

During the fall, Bai Guang’s mind was racing with these thoughts.

However, even as he was rapidly approaching the deep pit at the bottom, Chu Yu’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

At the moment before Bai Guang fainted, only one thought remained in his mind: Damn…...that bastard!

Chu Yu pressed the button to stop recording, and then descended from the mountain’s peak. He pulled Bai Guang out of the pit.

This young and pitiful King’s Realm cultivator’s body seemed to be well but missing of bones.


When Chu Yu pulled him out, his original form had materialised.

Chu Yu was disgusted by the white worm that laid bare before him.

None would have imagined that a King’s Realm cultivator had the form of a worm…...

"This is so disgusting!"

Chu Yu frowned, raised his leg and kicked Bai Guang twice.

When Bai Guang slowly regained his consciousness and realised that he had assumed his original form, he let out a piercing scream.

But that scream was immediately followed by a wail of pain.

"The Butterfly Lord will not let you off! Earthling, he will rip the bones out of your body!" Bai Guang shrieked.

"Explain your motives and your origin. In return, I’ll make it painless for you," Chu Yu demanded.

"Don’t be so arrogant Earthling; in the eyes of the Butterfly Lord, you’re not even as worthy as trash!" Bai Guang retorted, his eyes filled with rage. "We are from Mars!"

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