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The club’s walls were once again the victim as Niu Pengfei smashed a hole in them.

Niu Pengfei’s body flew over the huge courtyard of the club and landed next to the road outside.

Chu Yu himself was very happy with the accuracy and control he had over that punch!

When the boss of the Flying Dragon Club, Long Fei, heard that Chu Yu was here, he tried to rush down and began to pray that nothing bad was going to happen.

Just as he thought about it, a call came through from the club to tell him that a hole had been smashed in the wall and someone had been thrown on the streets.

Long Fei, who had been extremely worried, sighed when he heard the news.

This confused the people beside him.

"Don’t have to be surprised, it is very nice of him not to destroy our entire clubhouse!"

Long Fei laughed bitterly.

Times were different, the Chu Clan youth whom he had looked down on previously had grown up.

Even though many would still not fear and respect Chu Yu, Long Fei believed that this man would awe the world in the near future!

Long Fei’s car arrived at the entrance to the clubhouse, but he did not enter.

Instead, he looked at the youth on the pavement, his face completely swollen.

Many people surrounded that man, pointing at him.

Long Fei looked at the youth and stiffened. Then he whispered to his driver, "Let’s go."

"Ah? Go? Boss, where to?" The driver was stunned.

"Anywhere will do, we can’t stay here. This water is too deep for us."

Long Fei sighed, his expression bitter.

Even though he was one of the more influential people in Yan Jing, he was a nobody in the face of the true cultivators.

They would be able to kill him many times over.

When Long Fei saw Niu Pengfei, the youthful talent who had been making waves in the capital, beaten up, he knew that he could not say anything even if his entire clubhouse was smashed.

At this point, Niu Pengfei finally regained consciousness.

He felt the group of people surrounding him and immediately released the strong aura in his body.


Almost like a storm, it threw all the spectators off their feet.

Many of them flew into the air and fell to the ground, moaning.

"Remember next time that there are dangers to spectating!"

Niu Pengfei’s eyes were ice cold as he walked back towards the Flying Dragon Club.

However, before a minute was up, he was sent flying out and he crashed into the pavement with a huge bang.

This time, even though the people didn’t approach, they all looked at him with hatred from afar.

This time, Niu Pengfei did not faint. He could not help but scream and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Inside the clubhouse, Caixue looked at Chu Yu and complimented, "Good job Chu Yu, I never imagined that your battle prowess would be so legendary."

Caixue’s eyes revealed her subtle excitement.

Chu Yu was speechless, he thought to himself, Yet another violent girl.

Qiao Na could not help but murmur, "We were all classmates, yet the attacks are so vicious..."

Caixue’s gaze was penetrating as she glared at Qiao Na. After unsettling her, she said, "Enough is enough."

Qiao Na’s face paled and didn’t say anymore.

Even though she had tried to cultivate, she couldn’t even break through a single acupoint.

She could not take the bitterness and could not take the grinding and loneliness.

She had always fancied herself as a talent because she was great academically.

Even though the world had changed for more than 30 years, there were many who were still apathetic towards it, like Qiao Na.

This attitude had been similar to people’s attitudes towards nuclear weapons before the world had recovered. Even though they knew about it, no one truly cared about it. So what if they existed? They can’t throw it on my head!

However, if they ever witnessed the destructive power of a nuclear bomb, they would be frightened beyond belief.

People like Qiao Na spoke without thinking.

After being rebuffed by Caixue did she realize that some things were not as she imagined!

Caixue also glanced at Chu Yu and said, "Sorry, I never expected things to end up like this."

Chu Yu was calm and nodded, then he smiled apologetically at his schoolmates, "I am sorry, I didn’t want things to turn out like this, we will meet again if fate allows."

Then he looked at the shocked Meng Fei and said, "Find me if you need help, you have my contact."

Then he left.

Everyone was stupefied, their expressions complicated.

Anyone who could enter Yan Jing university was relatively smart. After hearing what Chu Yu said they finally understood why gods and mortals should not mix. .

They were vastly different!

Many of them only heaved a sigh of relief when Chu Yu and Caixue left.

Then, many people looked at Meng Fei with envy!

Everyone understood how lucky he was to be treated as a friend by Chu Yu.

Meng Fei himself smiled bitterly, shook his head and left, ignoring everyone.

In a quiet tea house.

Caixue and Chu Yu were seated in a small room.

"How should I say this, I began cultivating from a young age. At that time, I hated it. On the other hand, I enjoyed the activities that ordinary people could do.

Caixue smiled, then said, "They all told me I was a talent and my family found me a great amount of superior cultivation resources. Then, amidst my dislike of cultivation, I continued to train. I only began to embrace my identity as a cultivator after I entered the Invigorated Meridian Stage in high school."

Chu Yu gasped internally, there were indeed many talents in the world today. He had never expected Caixue to be such a talented cultivator.

Even though she never told him her legacy, Chu Yu opined that anyone who could enter Xiantian at this age without using any pills must have unimaginable backing.

"When I met you in university, I had a feeling that you were not ordinary." Caixue smiled. She was beautiful when she smiled. Then she whispered, "The truth confirmed my assessment."

Chu Yu shook his head and smiled bitterly. Her love had given him quite a bit of pressure.

Caixue looked at Chu Yu seriously, "You must be careful, there have been many people investigating you recently. Those who wanted to check up on you via the government have been rebuffed by me."

"Investigate me?" Chu Yu frowned.

Caixue nodded, "Mm, they want to find out what kind of secrets you are holding on to. Even though the government doesn’t have much information on you, I do not want you to be investigated, so I classified all information regarding you as Top Secret."

Chu Yu looked at Caixue, slightly astonished. She was effectively telling Chu Yu that she was from the government.

"Thank you..."

"It’ll be meaningless if you have to thank me." Caixue’s eyes swept over Chu Yu, "Actually, after finding out about you and Lin Shimeng, I have been hesitating. I do not want to come between the two of you. But at the same time, I do not give up on things I like. Especially men."

Chu Yu looked at her speechlessly.

Caixue smiled, "You don’t have to look like this, and you don’t have to feel any pressure. In this life, I have never loved another man other than you and my dad."

"How is this not giving me pressure?" Chu Yu exclaimed, "This is a mountain of pressure!"

"Then you’ll have to live with it, you’re a guy anyways." Caixue smiled then asked, "What are your plans now?"

Chu Yu thought about it, "I’ll probably go explore some ancient monuments? Then I’ll improve myself. I aim to become powerful before the world breaks out in chaos."

Caixue stared deeply into Chu Yu, "This time, I had called you over because I wanted to tell you some things face to face. I didn’t expect that... you already know. Then I shan’t beat around the bush. We all think so too. This world will become extremely crowded in the near future."

Chu Yu replied, "To be honest, it’s already a little crowded now."

Caixue nodded, "Mm, for example, people like Niu Pengfei."

Chu Yu also nodded, "Do you know who is backing him...."

Caixue shook her head, "I don’t, but I think it might not be from this world."

Same guess!

Then Caixue continued, "But it doesn’t have to come from outside our solar system." She looked at Chu Yu, "It could be something from another planet within the solar system."

"Aliens?" Chu Yu could not help but laugh.

Caixue laughed too, "I don’t think the fact that aliens exist is shocking anymore?"

However, both of them did not expect that an alien would be knocking on their doors very soon.

A young man, calling himself the servant of a god, flung open the doors to the teahouse and stared at Chu Yu and Caixue. "Do you both know your crime?"

Chu Yu frowned, "Who are you?"

"I am the servant of a god..." The youth said arrogantly.

"Servant of a god?" Chu Yu murmured, "Slave?"

"Commoner! How dare you call me a slave? Even your ancestors have to kneel before me! Have their descendants all become so reckless and rude?"

The youth was extremely arrogant and looked down on Chu Yu and Caixue.

He was slightly nicer towards Caixue, "You’re not bad, you may have a chance to be a servant to the god too, then you can be like me!"

Caixue was dismissive, "Be a slave? No thanks."

"Go to hell!"

This youth immediately attacked and directed a terrifying aura right at Caixue.

Chu Yu block Caixue with his body then glared at this youth exuding King’s Realm aura and said solemnly, "Scram!"

Then, he punched.

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