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He pressed the receiver and a crisp voice came over the line.

"Why, now that you’re a big shot, you don’t even want to pick up a call from an old friend?"

"What big shot, those are rubbish rumors from outside." Chu Yu said impatiently.

"Okay fine, those are all rumors. So are you coming for the gathering on the 10th?" Cai Xue asked directly.

"I guess I won't go." Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "You should know that they would be happier if I don't go."

"That's a little..." Cai Xue laughed, "For a busy man like yourself, you've never really interacted much with the rest. It's okay even if you don't say anything, but haven't you been watching what the rest are saying? Now that everyone is revering you, we are all very proud to have someone as famous as you beside us!"

"Ya right." Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

Cai Xue’s pursuit of him had made him a public enemy of the guys. His rejection of her also made him an enemy of the ladies.

"Really, Chu Yu, I am not lying to you. All that I am telling you are truths!"

Cai Xue whispered, "They couldn't see how great you were then, and so they thought that you couldn't match up to me. They felt that you rejecting me was something unacceptable. However, now they realize your value and greatness."

Chu Yu chatted with Cai Xue for quite a bit. Cai Xue insisted that Chu Yu should come for this gathering. Chu Yu finally agreed in exasperation.

After all, they were classmates and he couldn't be so cold hearted.

On the ninth, Chu Yu took a car into Yan Jing and returned to his room in the city.

After a good night's rest, he hailed a taxi next morning and headed to the gathering place alone - the Flying Dragon Club.

It was a long time since he last came here.

When the Lord Thief had beaten up Xie Tianyu so viciously, there was quite a commotion.

However, even though the Flying Dragon Club was not particularly happy about it, they did not find any trouble with Chu Yu after the matter.

Chu Yu took the taxi and stopped right outside the Flying Dragon Club. A luxury sedan pulled up right next to him.

The window wound down and a handsome face was revealed. He smiled at Chu Yu, "Chu Yu, long time no see!"

"Niu Pengfei, it had been a long time." Chu Yu nodded, smiling.

"Someone of your stature is taking a taxi?" Niu Pengfei;s eyes flashed with mockery, it was not obvious, but he did not try to conceal it.

"I could have flew here, but I was afraid it would scare everyone." Chu Yu smiled.

"..." fear flashed past Niu Pengfei’s eyes.

He was not from a simple family, having been born into one of the superior families in Yan Jing.

He used to look down on Chu Yu, but he tried to maintained the culturedness and demeanor expected of a scion of a superior family. Thus, he never really bothered with ‘ordinary people’ like Chu Yu.

Yet, once they graduated, news of Chu Yu virtually never stopped.

Even though Chu Yu kept a low profile and never revealed himself online, the coverage of news about him was difficult to miss.

However, Niu Pengfei still looked down on Chu Yu.

According to his analysis, Chu Yu was only famous because of Song Hong.

Without Song Hong, who would know who was Chu Yu?

This was until the two live broadcast did people start to see Chu Yu in a different light.

This group of classmates were in complete disbelief.

They could not imagine that their classmate for four years actually had such scary power.

"Ah..." Niu Pengfei laughed wryly, then raised the window and asked his chauffeur to drive.

Chu Yu didn’t care about that too much. He was about to enter the club when he was stopped by the doorman.

"Good day sir, this is a private clubhouse..."

Before he could finish, he stared at Chu Yu, visibly stunned. Then almost as if he thought of something, he began to apologize profusely, "I am sorry young master Chu... I didn’t recognize you, please enter!"

Chu Yu nodded and entered.

The doorman wiped away the sweat on his forehead and murmured, "My gosh, it was that huge star... luckily I am just a doorman and he did not take offence."

After Chu Yu entered, he realized that many people were gathered in the banquet hall.

They were all familiar faces, after all, they had been together for four years.

When Chu Yu walked in, they were all happily engaged in conversation. However, all chatter stopped when they realized Chu Yu was inside.

Almost like a virus, the entire banquet hall became silent.

Everybody’s gaze was focused on Chu Yu.

Their looked at Chu Yu with puzzled looks.

At this point, from within the crowd, a beautiful lady emerged and greeted Chu Yu from afar, "Chu Yu, long time no see!"

Chu Yu also smiled, "Caixue, it has been a long time."

At this point, Caixue looked at the rest and said, "Weren’t you all just talking about Chu Yu? Why is it that now that he’s here, no one is saying anything? Everyone has graduated, and we are all pursuing our own careers, but you all can’t possibly think that just because Chu Yu is famous now, he won’t bother about the people he spent 4 years with?"

"Ha, how can it be, Chu Yu is our classmate, how would he ignore us?" One of the slightly skinny but bright eyed boys said.

Chu Yu nodded.

Meng Fei was one of the few people that Chu Yu got along well with in university.

"Now that Chu Yu is now famous. He was so cold and aloof in school, how will he still bother about us?"

This person was a slightly plump, freckled lady. Her mouth twitched as her despise of Chu Yu was revealed.

"Qiao Na, what are you saying? Chu Yu is still our classmate." Meng Fei frowned.

Even though he had heard much about Chu Yu, like how Chu Yu is the scion of the Northern Chu Family and that he was extremely powerful, he still treated Chu Yu like his classmate and friend.

He didn’t care too much about Chu Yu’s standing and ability.

Was it that just because Chu Yu was good he should not be happy for Chu Yu?

Qiao Na’s mouth twitched and laughed coldly, "Meng Fei, now that Chu Yu is powerful, it is no wonder you want to butter up to him, it’s okay... who doesn’t want to have a backer? But we couldn’t care less!"

She turned to look at the crowd, "Isn’t that right?"

"Qiao Na, that’s enough!"

Caixue’s expression was icy, her eyebrows scrunched as her chest heaved, clearly angry at Qiao Na.

Qiao Na shrunk, seemingly afraid of Caixue. She said weakly, "It’s not that I don’t like him..."

"Do you have to be like this even if you don’t like him? I invited Chu Yu, so do you plan to chase me out too?" Caixue’s tone was icy.

"No way..." Qiao Na looked on mockingly.

There were few who knew Caixue’s true identity in the class.

But Qiao Na was one of them.

It was rather coincidental that she found out about Caixue.

Qiao Na’s father is a low levell leader in the government.

When Qiao Na matriculated, she had seen Caixue and had a lasting impression of this beautiful girl.

Sometime later, when her father accompanied his boss to see an even higher ranking leader, he saw a group picture on that leader’s desk.

After subtly looking at it for a long time, he finally confirmed that the beautiful girl in the picture was Cai Xue!

However, the leader’s surname was not Cai. Only afterwards did her father realize that the leader’s wife... was a Cai.

After which, Qiao Na’s father called her home to tell her about this.

Ever since then, Qiao Na has been buttering up to Cai Xue. She had initially thought she was a princess simply because she was the daughter of a low level leader. However, in the face of Caixue, she was willing to put aside her ego.

Qiao Na did not expect that Caixue would still protect Chu Yu now, and shame her in front of others.

Furthermore, Chu Yu did not come on his own accord, he was invited by Caixue.

Caixue glanced at Qiao Na and said flatly, "I won’t hide the fact that I like Chu Yu from my classmates, but it is not Chu Yu’s fault for not liking me and rejecting me. Do you all have to target him like this?"

Then, Caixue took a deep breath, "Initially, I wanted to use this opportunity for us to gather happily. Regardless of what had happened before, those were back in our university days. But now I understand, regardless of whether Chu Yu is an ordinary man or an exemplary man, you will never change your opinion of him."

Many of the people looked embarrassed, their heads lowered, silent.

Caixue continued, "Since that’s the case, there is no point continuing with this gathering."

She walked to Chu Yu, "I’m sorry Chu Yu, I didn’t think it would be like this, let me make it up to you by treating you to a meal!"

Chu Yu looked at the fuming Caixue and smiled warmly, "You don’t have to be so angry, we are all classmates, and I can understand why they don’t really like me..."

Before he could finish, Caixue said, "Don’t say anymore, I know I am a large part of the reason. But I never thought that as students of Yanjing University and as schoolmates for four years... they would be so petty!"

"Caixue, don’t you think that this is a little too much? What do you mean by petty?" Niu Pengfei stood out and said flatly, "Don’t you think that is is normal that people would be unhappy that Chu Yu hid the fact that he was from an Underworld Clan from us?"

"I hid my own origins from you too!" Caixue said coldly, "So what? That is my own matter, what has it got to do with others?"

Niu Pengfei glanced at Caixue and smiled condescendingly, "That little bit of backing? You are merely... a descendant!"

Then as he spoke, his forehead became icy as he bellowed at Chu Yu, "Chu Yu, do you know the error of your ways?"

A strong aura exploded from Niu Pengfei’s body.

Everyone around paled and looked at Niu Pengfei in horror.

Everyone was completely stunned!

Caixue looked coldly at Niu Pengfei, "So what if you have some cultivation?"

Chu Yu looked at Niu Pengfei, thinking hard, yet he was slightly surprised.


There was actually a Xiantian amongst his schoolmates?

Yanjing university... was really a place where powers hid!

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