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When Chu Yu returned home, he turned and faced the Xiao Yue who tagged along with him, and said drily, "From today onward, you can be my maid."

Xiao Yue’s pair of sharp eyes stared intently into Chu Yu’s eyes, "If you dare to cheat me, I will kill you. Even if you’re from the Northern Chu Clan, it’s useless."

"Sure thing. I’m tired, so if there’s anything, we can talk about it tomorrow. Oh right, you’re not allowed up the second floor, so go find yourself a room on the first floor then."

Chu Yu curled his lips, turned and went up, completely ignoring Xiao Yue’s threat.

In his mind, he was still swallowing his saliva: So big! Sorry, I really didn’t mean to look…

Lord Thief perched itself on a teacup, then it twisted its head towards Chu Yu and asked weakly, "Then what about me?"

"Shall I buy you a bird cage?" Chu Yu answered the question with another question.

"..." Lord Thief was angered half to death as it rolled its eyes.

After Chu Yu went upstairs, it finally couldn’t hold it in and cursed, "B*stard!"

Xiao Yue, who was blanking by the side, nodded in consensus, "He’s indeed quite a b*stard!"

Lord Thief lamented in his heart: Little brat, how is it simply ‘quite’? If you know that fella’s true power, you will definitely think that he is a human-shaped, plus-sized b*stard!

When Chu Yu just returned to his room, his phone started ringing. Chu Yu glanced at the caller ID, frowned, and didn’t answer.

Soon, the phone stopped ringing, and a message was sent over: Stinky brat, if you have such strong helpers, why didn’t you find some secluded and remote corner to do your evil deeds? Do you’re in so much trouble! Do you know exactly how many people you’ve offended?

Chu Yu looked at it, smiled, and ignored it.

A second message followed.

"Hurry and answer my call!"

The phone rang once again.

Chu Yu helplessly answered the phone. Unexpectedly, he did not experience a temper from the other side.

Lin Shimeng’s voice was very gentle, "I know that you feel very aggrieved, but your actions today are a little reckless. The boss of that Flying Dragon Club, Long Fei, has powerful backers, and all those that ate with Xie Tianyu aren’t simple people either. Castellan Dong is a descendant of the Southern Dong Clan, Lu Feng is a disciple of Wudang. Even though you didn’t do anything to them, you beat Xie Tianyu up right in front of their eyes, and almost to death at that. That’s simply slapping them fiercely in the face."

"So what? Are their faces worth money?" Chu Yu asked gently. "Xie Tianyu has already tried to kill me twice. I’ve already been very merciful by not killing him. Do you want me to kneel down to him and ask for his forgiveness?"

"You know I don’t mean that." Lin Shimeng sighed, "What you did isn’t wrong, but you chose the wrong place and the wrong time.

"He targeted me, and I’ve already been plenty merciful. If he targeted you, even if it was in front of the Jade Emperor, you would have butchered him."

Chu Yu said calmly.

"..." On the receiver of the phone, Lin Shimeng was silent.

Time passed.

Lin Shimeng finally said, "I will handle that Flying Dragon Club’s Long Fei, Castellan Dong, Lu Feng and the rest. As for that Xie Tianyu, the matter of him trying to kill you has already been disseminated out by me. So this unfairness, he has to eat it even if he doesn’t want to."

"Shi Shi, I’ve troubled you." Chu Yu said.

"You need to be so polite to me?" On the receiver, Lin Shimeng’s voice seemed very distant. "Beating Xie Tianyu is just one thing. What about that Xiao Yue?"

"She’s an energetic young lady, she can be a good maid…"

"Talk properly!

"Orh… assistant." Chu Yu lazed around on his bed. When he heard Lin Shimeng’s unsatisfied voice, he could not help but laugh, "Why? Are you jealous? You want me to send her to be your assistant?"

"Jealous, your head! I don’t want her, keep you for yourself!" Lin Shimeng raged. "Don’t you know what is the identity of that brat? You dared to just take her away… I can’t handle this situation."

After a short pause, Lin Shimeng sighed again, "Luckily she followed you voluntarily. But still, you need to be careful. Don’t ever… touch her. Her origins… are not normal."

"I know," Chu Yu responded.

"If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up." With that, Lin Shimeng hung up the phone.

Leaning against the head of her bed, Lin Shimeng’s beautiful, peach face was at loss.

She was wearing silk pyjamas, her perfectly round buns were partly visible, revealing her snow-white skin glistening in the light. Her two long legs were unbridledly exposed to the outside.

She muttered to herself, "Why does it seem like he has become a different person? I don’t seem to understand him anymore. And that disgusting bird, where he get it from? I’ve never heard of the Chu Clan having a beast taming expert?"

In an incomparably fortified private hospital, many martial artists were stationed. Everyone of them was exuding an intense and fierce aura.

This was Xie Clan’s property in Yan Jing, and it was only open for use by their clan members.

In the biggest room on the top floor, Xie Tianyu was lying on a bed, sleeping.

His appearance was indescribably wretched. Even though his wounds were already cleaned, his entire face was still swelled up like a pig. He didn’t even look like a human.

An elder, that looked around 70 years old, was currently treating him.

The comatose Xie Tianyu’s body would even occasionally twitch.

Large amounts of heat came out of the hair on top of the elder’s head. It looked like a cloud of smoke had shrouded his head, curling upwards.

The elder had a solemn expression on his face. Not only was did he have unfathomable power, he also had a high degree of medical skill.

He was constantly piercing needles into Xie Tianyu’s body. With every needle pierced, a humming sound could be heard.

This was the sound was the needle vibrated at high speeds!

At the same time, heat waves diffused from the needles.

The entire room was filled with these bursts of heat waves; the temperature was already over 50 degrees!

If it was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be able to endure long in this room.

However, this elder was already here for more than two hours!

He did not seem to feel anything from the searing temperatures; only fatigue was seen on his face.

Finally, the last needed was pierced into Xie Tianyu’s body. The elder finally heaved a sigh of relief. Stretching his body, he opened the door and walked out.

A crowd of people instantly surrounded him.

"Third Elder, how is Tian Yu?"

"Third Elder, will he be all right?"

"Will there be any chronic problems, Third Elder?"

This group of people were spouting off by themselves, completely oblivious of the elder’s pale white face.

To save Xie Tianyu, the elder just spent large amounts of his internal energy so that he could expel the weird energy in Xie Tianyu’s body.

If people thought that Xie Tianyu mere had some flesh wounds, then they would be hell wrong. Lord Thief’s methods were not only cruel, they were also incredibly sinister.

When attacking Xie Tianyu, it injected some of its energy into Xie Tianyu’s body. If Xie Tianyu wasn’t treated in time, then even if Xie Tianyu didn’t die, his entire body might be paralysed.

The elder called Third Elder glanced at the crowd and sighed, "I saved him in time."

The crowd’s suspended hearts were lowered by a bit, but their heads were filled with doubts… If you saved him in time, then what are you sighing for ah?

The Third Elder continued solemnly, "But… I’m afraid that in the future, it will be hard for Tianyu to continue on his cultivation."



"My son… My poor son, why must your life be so difficult? Chu Yu, Chu Clan… I’m not done with you!" A middle-aged woman heard these words and started bawling.

Everyone else hung an expression of shock on their faces.

"Third Elder, Tianyu is really injured that heavily?" A middle-aged man with a very intense aura stood there. He did not rage, but his face was extremely serious.

This man was the Grand Elder of the Xie Clan, and at the same time, Xie Tianyu’s father - Xie Xiaotian!

"It’s already a fortune that Tianyu could retain his life. If I was even a bit later, I’m afraid…" The Third Elder sighed, "The other person’s methods were too cruel."

The middle-aged woman started bawling and cussing, swearing that she would destroy the Northern Chu Clan and that she would rip Chu Yu into a million pieces.

On the other hand, Xie Xiaotian maintained his calm. He turned towards an ordinary looking young girl in the crowd, and asked solemnly, "Xie Lu, recount what that happened. Tell me everything."

"What’s there left to say? That Chu Clan kid was absolutely lawless. Do they think that the Xie Clan is afraid of them? Let’s kill our way over, grab that little animal and rip him into a million pieces…" The middle-aged woman yelled as she cried by the side.

"Calm down." Xie Xiaotian raised his head and looked at her.

"I can’t calm down!" The middle-aged woman seemed to have gone hysteric.


Xia Xiaotian pulled his hand back from that middle-aged woman’s face and asked in an icy cold tone, "Can you calm down now?"

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