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New Years Day, 2057.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow had finally come to the Northern Chu Clan. They received a hearty welcome from the younger generation of the Chu Clan.

Ever since the time Chu Yu had shown his prowess and killed Chai Yue at the Heaven Lake, he had kept a low profile, not revealing himself in public.

However, this did not mitigate the explosion of his reputation in the Chu Clan.

In an instant, he became the top youth in the clan!

In the two times he had unleashed his powers, he had shown a terrifying battle prowess. Any clan would respect such a talent.

Even when the elders saw Chu Yu, they were extremely polite and caring.

When Lord Thief and Old Yellow came over, they immediately could sense Chu Yu’s standing in the Chu Clan.

When Chu Yu came out of isolation to meet the two of them, the two beasts were still boasting.

"That is... I, the bird lord, was quite powerful then too!"

"The key is Xiao Yu... has good character! Yup, he has fantastic character!"

"He was so good that I want to thank his ancestors... ahem, for giving him such great upbringing... mm, these are my heartfelt words, if you don’t believe me, look at my expression? This sincere expression of mine!

A group of Chu Clan youths surrounding them were speechless. They thought to themselves, You’re just a sparrow, what kind of expression do you have?

Sincere your *ss!

In comparison to the rather unruly and childish Lord Thief, Old Yellow seemed much more measures.

It stood up on its hind legs, blinking its green eyes. It even found itself a pair of spectacles.

It looked like it was very learned, and gave of the vibes of a teacher.

"I like learning, mm, learning allows one to improve! Yes, Chu Yu’s knowledge is vast, I will often study and discuss the origins of legends and ancient history with him. What? Chu Yu doesn’t really know about these? That’s true that’s true, I know, but I do know about these and I can teach him, he is very humble."

Afterwhich, the pair of beasts saw Chu Yu.

Lord Thief sat atop Old Yellow’s shoulder, completely stunned as it looked at the long haired youth in front of it.

"Is this dude really Chu Yu?"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "Is your skin itchy?"


"Go look in the mirror! You’re so filthy I almost couldn’t recognize you."

Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu righteously, then it giggled, "Xiao Yu, do you know what realm I am in now?"

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and glanced at it. He said flatly, "So what if you are in the Xiantian Realm? Do you believe that I can still trash you?"

At this point, a group of Chu Clan disciples all came up to greet Chu Yu with much respect.

Powerful cultivators would be respected wherever they go, this was the law of the universe.

Chu Yu nodded and sent them on their way. Then he brought Lord Thief and Old Yellow to his backyard.

Even though he mocked Lord Thief’s entry into the Xiantian Realm as no big deal, he was quite shocked. He did know what kind of luck this damned bird had gotten at the Crane Saint’s residence. It’s advancement was extremely rapid.

The snake broth that he had refined could not have sustained it to breakthrough to such a realm.

Old Yellow also astonished Chu Yu.

Old Yellow had also entered the Xiantian Realm and became a cultivator.

From the two of them, he could clearly feel that the Earth’s recovery was gaining traction.

Almost all life forms were cultivating at a rate many times faster than before.

All the life forms were fighting to be the best, fighting to be at the top of the pyramid. No one wanted to be relegated to the sand below the pyramid.

Old Yellow and Lord Thief could really be considered demons now!

Before these, they could only be considered as a being.

All non human life forms with spiritual powers were known as spirits.

Beings had to make the transition to spirits before becoming demons.

Only those who made it to the Xiantian Realm and became cultivators, equipped with the sacred art, could be considered demons.

However, they were just small demons.

There were still, large demons, elder demons, demon lords, demon saints, demon ancestors...

For ordinary life forms, being able to become a demon was an admirable achievement.

"However, in the face of someone as extraordinary as you, my achievement is nothing. You just smashed some Xiantians a few days ago at the Heaven Lake, there’s no way I am going to compete with you!"

Lord Thief looked arrogant, then quickly changed the topic, "Do you know that a huge demon appeared at the Dragon City?"

"Huge Demon?" Chu Yu frowned and looked at Lord Thief.

Lord Thief scratched at Old Yellows shoulder, "Brother Yellow will tell you."

"Ahem..." Old Yellow cleared its throat then said with a serious expression, "It was said that about 10pm on a night 30 years ago..."

Chu Yu looked at Old Yellow in exasperation.

Old Yellow coughed again, then said, "That was before the Earth had recovered. Then, I was still rather weak, but considerably powerful for that era."

Old Yellow sighed, "All of a sudden, one day, there was a voice in my head. It told me that there was a demon king about 2000 miles to the north, and he wanted all the spiritual beings to go pay it a visit."

"It called itself the Green Lion Lord. I believe that it was initially a green lion. Back then, the aura that it radiated was enough to make all the life forms tremble and not get up."

Old Yellow looked at Chu Yu, "It is hard to believe that there were life forms of such cultivation levels then. However, back then, it had only appeared for a moment before leaving. After 30 years, it has reappeared again..."

"And then?" Chu Yu looked at Old Yellow.

"It has once again called upon us, both Lord Thief and I have gone..."

Old Yellow looked on bitterly and said, "Back then, it would have never noticed my presence. However, in recent times, Lord Thief and my advancement have been quite rapid. Now that we are in the Xiantian Realm, the Green Lion Lord wants us to follow it. It even made us officials..."

"..." Chu Yu looked on, visibly exasperated.

"Lord Thief is Feathered Small Lord and Old Yellow is Furry Small Lord..." Lord Thief said, visibly embarrassed.

"HAHAHAHA!" Chu Yu could not help but guffaw.

The more he looked at the two of them, the more he wanted to laugh.

Feathered Small Lord... Furry Small Lord... what peerless names!

"Is your Green Lion Lord uneducated?" Chu Yu was on the verge of tears.

Old Yellow looked depressed and it said impatiently, "No one wants to be its subordinate, but now it is even more terrifying. Lord Thief and I surmise that it is probably in the Supreme Realm..."

"So what?" Chu Yu glanced at them and said, "If there are benefits for you, stay, if not, leave."

"What makes you think it’s so easy? It is extremely ambitious." Old Yellow looked at Chu Yu with seriousness, "Don’t underestimate it just because it is uncultured. It has a lot of intel, and it has already set its sights on you."

"Hmm?" Chu Yu frowned.

"This is also the reason why Old Yellow and I have come to find you."

Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu, "The Green Lion Lord is ambitious. Not only does it want to be the King of animals, its true intent is to be the King of the Northern Territories!"

Chu Yu squinted his eyes and looked at Lord Thief.

Then, Lord Thief added, "It said that the Earth of the past was extremely blessed. Every inch of it was covered with resources. The Northern Territories were the choice land of many powerful cultivators, thus, its resources are endless."

Old Yellow looked at Chu Yu, "As such, it wants to take over the Northern Territories and make it its own backyard."

This ambition was really not small. Where did a Supreme Realm demon get its confidence from to want to take the entire Northern Territories for itself?

Even the heavily injured Three Leaves Sect should have enough power to defeat it many times over, no?

Just the thought of killing demons should have been sufficient to scare the Green Lion Lord away.

Chu Yu brought up this point of view.

Old Yellow shook its head and sighed, "Do you really think it’s that easy? The Green Lion Lord has a superior manual in its hands, and that is a treasured magical formation manual! It has already built itself a city in the ancient land of BoHai, and even set up a magical formation..."

Lord Thief said, "A few days ago, a few disciples of ancient sects who did not know any better wanted to attack the city. They took on the slogan of beating away demons. In the end, seven of them were killed by the magical formation, three of them retreated with serious injuries."

Afterwhich, there were three to four Supreme Realm cultivators who wanted to attack the place.

However, they were trapped deep in the magical formation... and they haven’t come out since.

"So strong?" Chu Yu’s eyes brightened, his thoughts unclear to the rest.

Old Yellow looked at Chu Yu and whispered, "The reason why we came was because of this, can’t you see through fakery?"

Chu Yu nodded.

Old Yellow said, "We know where the treasured manual is hidden..."

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu contemplated the implications.

"Steal away that treasured manual." Lord Thief was excited, "The best way is to lure the few Supreme Realm cultivators in, let them fight it out, and we can use that opportunity to..."

"What if they don’t fight?" Chu Yu glanced at them.

The Feathered Small Lord and Furry Small Lord probably did not get much benefits under the Green Lion King.

As a result, these shameless beasts set their eyes on its treasure.

"About this, we should consider this further..." Chu Yu shook his head. He did not want to make more enemies at this stage, he just wanted to focus on his cultivation.

Especially for cultivators of that realm. He could not match up to them.

Even if he entered the Xiantian Realm, at best, he could match up to cultivators in the King’s Realm, as for the Supreme Realm... they were too scary!

Chu Yu still vividly recalled the slap from Wu Jianghai which killed over a hundred Three Leaves Sect disciples.

At that very moment, Chu Yu’s handphone rang.

Chu Yu glanced at it and realized that the caller was Chu Tianyu. He found it strange, why didn’t he send someone to get me, choosing instead to call?

The moment he picked up, Chu Tianyu’s anxious voice came over the line, "Xiao Yu, come over quickly."

The usually calm and solemn Chu Clan leader rarely communicated this way with others.

Chu Yu frowned and put down the phone. He let Lord Thief and Old Yellow rest at his home whilst he rushed over to Chu Tianyu’s residence.


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