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Countless people watched from a distance, no one wanting to disturb them.

"Shishi, don’t look at me like that, it makes me scared." Chu Yu giggled, not in the least bit sad.

"See, with you like this, how can I be assured to leave?" Lin Shi rolled her eyes.

"Then don’t leave..."

Chu Yu said on impulse, then quickly smiled, "I’m kidding."

"I know." Lin Shi’s tone was gentle as she looked at Chu Yu, "If I had a choice, I wouldn’t want to leave either."

"Mm, I understand, go and find out more about our enemy, just don’t turn..." Chu Yu said, smiling.

"Definitely not!"

Even though Lin Shi knew that Chu Yu was kidding, she was still completely serious, "No matter what, I will never betray my race!"

"I know." Chu Yu glanced at her. He felt uncomfortable, almost as if Shishi was slightly different this time.

They had grown up together. The meanings of each action and gaze was clear as day to the other. Even their parents did not know them as well as they knew each other.

Chu Yu was sure that the person was still the same, and no one was controlling her soul.

"What’s up?"

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "Why, do you think I’ve changed? Or are you suspecting something?"

This was the thing about knowing each other so well, there was no way to hide.

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, not denying.

He looked at Lin Shi, "I know that you’ve changed a little, for example, you’re alot more stable and cultured. Mm, you do have a more majestic air about you."

Lin Shi rolled her eyes and kicked a small rock. She whispered, "No matter what, I will chance slightly. This is unavoidable. When I enter the Mirror World, I have to conceal myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve been concealed for so long, I can’t change back so easily."

As she spoke, she looked at Chu Yu, "You don’t like it?"


Chu Yu shook his head.

"Actually, I remember that you used to love the name Shimeng when you were young. You always said you were like poems and dreams. Everytime I called you Shishi, you would correct me and ask me to call you Shimeng."

Chu Yu glanced at Lin Shi, "That’s why I am a little stunned that you would accept the change in your name."

Lin Shi brushed her hair over her ear and looked at Chu Yu, her eyes bright, "About this, there are many insider details that are difficult to tell you over the phone. Actually, my master has already accepted me as her stepdaughter..."

Chu Yu frowned, but did not speak.

Lin Shi said, "My master is also one who stumbled into the Mirror World from a parallel universe. She is different from the others in the Mirror World, she is not biased against the Solar System.

Chu Yu nodded.

"Time in the Mirror World is different from us. Even though I’ve only been in isolation for a few months, three years have passed in the Mirror World!"

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu, "Else, how could I possibly attain the King’s Realm in such a short time? How else could I change so much? So much so that you can see right through it..."

"There is such a thing?"

Chu Yu was impressed, how did it feel to be travelling between two worlds with different frames of time?

"When I first entered the Mirror World, life was tough." Lin Shi said rather flatly.

However, Chu Yu could feel that more than half of those experiences for her were bad.

For such a low level martial artist, maneuvering the area would have been tough.

Chu Yu’s heart ached, but he was helpless.

"Then I met my master, she... she didn’t despise me for being a low level martial artist. Instead, she comforted me and assured me that everyone able to enter the Mirror Dimension was extremely lucky."

Lin Shi whispered, "She told me, which saint didn’t start off as a small martial artist? She treats me extremely well. She even prepared a large amount of resources for my visit back here, even for Mirror World standards."

She raised her head to look at Chu Yu, "Even though I had begged her for it, she may not be so nice to someone else even if they begged,"

When Lin Shi said this, her tone was light and she looked very natural.

However, Chu Yu could feel that she still had something that she wasn’t saying, but he didn’t ask further.

"Sometimes, I am also conflicted and scared."

Lin Shi sighed, "I am afraid that one day, when the talents of the Mirror World cross over and attack our world, I can’t betray my race, but I also can’t... betray my master."

Chu Yu was silent and did not reply.

He really wanted to ask, "Is it really necessary for you to go back?"

But he did not say this out loud.

"Chu Yu, why do you think... that people can’t coexist in peace?"

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu and asked a really naive question.

Lin Shi may not have realized this, but the Lin Shi of before would never have asked such a question.

It was clear that three years in the Mirror World had a big impact on her.

Even though this question was naive, Chu Yu still answered it seriously.

He knew that she wasn’t really looking for an answer, she just wanted to know what someone else thought.

"You’re hungry, on the verge of death, and there is a biscuit there that can keep you alive. However, you must eat the entire biscuit to survive."

Chu Yu looked at Lin Shi, "Tell me, if someone else appeared at that moment, would you share the biscuit with him?"

"It would depend who it was." Lin Shi looked at him with glowing eyes, "If it were you, I would leave the entire biscuit for you."

"No, not me. Let’s say, a stranger? Or rather... someone who is going to fight you for it, what would you do?" Chu Yu asked.

"Anyone who tries to rob me of my biscuit will have to go through me first. In the face of death, I don’t have much choice."

Lin Shi sighed and smiled bitterly, "I understand the concept, but I really don’t like it to be this way."

"Many things in life are this way."

Chu Yu looked at her, "However, remember that I will always be at your side."

"Mm, no matter what, I will never harm you!"

Lin Shi added, "I will also be beside you!"

Chu Yu nodded, not speaking again.

The water in the Heaven Lake was crystal clear and it radiated an icy aura. The surface was calm, almost like a mirror, reflecting their silhouettes on the water.

The two of them sauntered along the river bank for quite some distance.

They said their goodbyes.

As Chu Yu watched Lin Shi’s silhouette disappear into the distance, he felt an emptiness and pain in his heart.

He could feel that Lin Shi had a lot of things to tell him during her return.

He could also see her deep longing for him in her eyes.

This meant that her feelings for Chu Yu had never changed. In fact, the three years in the Mirror World had added many restrictions that she did not want.

Things that restricted her freedom!

Was it just because she had a master?

Chu Yu did not know, and did not ask.

If she wanted to say, she would.

The night that Lin Shi and Chu Yu parted, Lin Shi returned to the Mirror World.

The Han Xiao leadership, who wanted to pay her a visit, came up empty. They all left disappointed.

However, they did bring with them a letter that Lin Shi wrote. This was addressed to the Han Xiao Leader. It told him that she had came across an opportunity to cultivate and needed to isolate herself for a long period of time.

In the letter, she promised the Han Xiao leader that she would never betray Han Xiao.

For the Lin Family, she left some resources and manuals.

They were her family, and she cared for many of them.

Lin Shi left the most amount of resources for Chu Yu. There were magical equipment, medicines, weapons, amongst others.

Even though they weren’t of extremely high level, they were the most superior of the Supreme Realm items.

There were also quite a number of pills, and they were all clearly sorted and marked.

Apart from this, there were a few hundred spiritual rocks.

This was an extremely rare item in today’s world.

In the ancient days, there were many spiritual rock mines. However, with the sealing of the world, these mines have been hidden.

When they were found occasionally, the strongest sects would control them.

For someone like Chu Yu, this was a rare sight.

These spiritual rocks ranged from the size of a fingernail to the size of a cow’s eyeball, their shape irregular.

According to Lin Shi, each spiritual rock contained a large amount of pure and superior spiritual energy.

Even the smallest fingernail sized spiritual rock could last a Xiantian cultivator more than 10 days.

Chu Yu tried to absorb the energy from one of the fingernail sized spiritual rocks. The spiritual energy contained within it was indeed pure and powerful.

However, it only took him a day to absorb all the energy in this spiritual rock.

He was slightly troubled, wasn’t it supposed to last a Xiantian cultivator more than 10 days?

Could it be that once the rock was in his hands, they did not become as effective?

If Lin Shi knew that the rate that Chu Yu was absorbing energy was this terrifying, she would be shocked.

She had heard her master mention that the most talented in the Mirror World advanced at an astonishing rate. The rate at which they absorb energy from spiritual rocks was also vastly different.

Whilst others take more than 10 days to absorb all the energy in a spiritual rock, they only use about a day and a half.

Lin Shi knew that Chu Yu was relatively talented, but after seeing the youthful talents of the Mirror World, she had thought that Chu Yu paled in comparison.

Never did she expect that Chu Yu’s talent was so terrifying that it was on par with the Mirror World’s top talents.

Lin Shi’s departure was quite a big blow to Chu Yu.

His heart ached constantly.

In the short span of time they spent together, Lin Shi had seemed too insincere.

Chu Yu had the feeling that the next time they met, it would be unclear if they were friends or enemies.

This wasn’t that he was jealous, instead, this was the result of over 20 years of experience interacting with her.

"Is this some form of lovelorn?"

Chu Yu smiled bitterly.

The two of them didn’t bring this up and acted normally, but it was almost as if that confession... had never happened.

Damn it!

Wasn’t this lovelorn?

How big a deal was it?

After all, this is lovelorn, at most it’s a long distance relationship.

But... the distance between two universes is really rather large.




In the days following, Chu Yu put all his attention into cultivating.

Everyday, he only did two things, cultivate and learn the Crane Saint Pill Scripture!

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