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Everyone was wide eyed, their expressions confused.

Where was Chai Yue?

How did he disappear?

Why was Chu Yu still standing there?

At this point, they heard someone moaning in the mountains.

This was not science!

All those watching the stream could see it clearly. Chai Yue had rushed to Chu Yu and aimed a slap at Chu Yu’s face.

However, somehow, Chu Yu managed to retaliate and send him flying!

His body was like a broken kite and plummeted to the ground.

Chai Yue’s body landed on the other side of the Heaven Lake with a bang and smashed a huge rock.

It tumbled all the way to the edge of the water before a few slightly larger rocks blocked his body.

Those watching the broadcast murmured to themselves, imagining the pain Chai Yue must be feeling.

This was too creepy!

Chai Yue landed there, unmoving.

Lin Shi glanced at Chu Yu, her eyes filled with awe, flashing with moments of joy.

After knowing that Chu Yu was Song Hong, she knew that her childhood friend had not only recovered, but had also been progressing all these years!

His powers could awe everybody and be revered by the masses!

Chu Yu walked towards the bottom.

His gait was steady, covering vast distances with each stride.

He quickly reached the side of Chai Yue and looked down at him.

Chai Yue had been slapped on the face by Chu Yu. All of his facial bones had been shattered and half of his face was caved in, unbelievably disgusting.

He lay there moaning softly.

"It is no wonder you’re a Xiantian cultivator. Your body is strong enough not to die from that fall."

Chu Yu was serious, and it almost seemed like he was praising Chai Yue.

Those watching the broadcast were suddenly enlightened!

"I now understand why Chu Yu didn’t stop Goddess Lin from coming to fight. Chu Yu is actually this strong?"

"Didn’t they say that he was ruined for many years and he recently recovered?"

"I think, this is the work of Song Hong. The last time when the Three Leaves Sect attacked the Chu Clan, Chu Yu had also revealed his battle prowess."

"Exactly, even though we only sawa glimpse of his ability, it is enough to awe us. This is probably the work of Hero Song. What a pity that Hero Song died at such a young age, oh boy do I miss him."

"How can Chu Yu be this powerful? Isn’t Chai Yue... in the Xiantian realm? Could it be that a Xiantian cultivator cannot even defeat a martial artist like Chu Yu?"

After the crowd recovered. They found it difficult to believe and accept the news that had just hit them - Chu Yu was that powerful.

"I want to kill you..." Chai Yue could not even think straight as a result of his injuries.

He opened his remaining eye and looked at Chu Yu with hatred.

It was too painful!

He was supremely confident that Chu Yu was merely a piece of scum that he could kill with a single blow.

He did not think that Lin Shimeng would be vastly different from the others on the Heaven’s Pride Board. He even thought that she was worse than the best on that list.

But the truth had hit him hard on the head!

This attack from Chu Yu was vicious.

Lin Shimeng didn’t even get to move before Chai Yue had half his life beaten out of him by Chu Yu, a person who he didn’t even consider a worthy opponent!

The disbelief and hatred towards Chu Yu built up in his heart, gnawing away at him.

It caused him to feel so much pain he didn’t want to live!

This feeling was horrendous.

However, slowly, a wave of icyness rose in his heart.

He had realized that Chu Yu looked at him like he was looking at a dead man!

"Do you know why I didn’t hit you into the Heaven Lake?" Chu Yu asked Chai Yue mockingly. He replied flatly, "Too dirty! You will pollute the clean water of the Heaven Lake."

"You..." Chai Yue spat out a mouthful of blood in anger and he felt weak.

"You can kill a cultivator but you cannot humiliate one..." Chai Yue used a foreign accent as he glared at Chu Yu with one eye.

"Even you... can be considered a cultivator?" Chu Yu looked at him, raised his leg and stamped down on Chai Yue’s thigh.


Chai Yue screamed in pain.

His body shivered manically, his leg completely bent out of shape.

Chai Yue began howling manically.


Chu Yu took a deep breath, then stamped on Chai Yue’s body with both feet, bellowing, "Why is your leg so tough? How frustrating!"

Chai Yue wanted to die, tears flowing down his face!

If it’s too tough then don’t stamp on it!

At this point, the other six people couldn’t take it any longer. They stood out, bellowed, and launched attacks at Chu Yu.

Any one of them were easily in the Xiantian Realm!

After 30 years of silence, these talents of the ancient sects had finally bared their fangs.

"Your opponent is me!"

On the banks of the Heaven Lake, Lin Shi went forward to meet her six enemies like a goddess coming down to Earth!

She began an intense battle with the six men!

A unbelievably majestic wave of power exploded from Lin Shi’s body in an instant.

It was like an invisible ray of light!


A heaven shaking echo resonated!

Many people covered their ears, looking on in aghast as they saw the six figures fly back the way they came from.

Some of them began to spit out mouthfuls of blood in mid air.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

All six of them fell from the sky.

They spat out mouthfuls of blood and struggled to get up.

One hit!

All six of the Xiantian cultivators suffered serious injuries.

Tens of thousands of people on the Baekdu mountains went silent!

Those watching the live broadcast played back the video in slow motion and were all stunned!

When did Goddess Lin... become so scary?

Is she really still our Goddess Lin?

They were astonished by her abilities, and suddenly felt that they did not recognize her anymore...

Wasn’t she in the Acupoint Charging Realm just a few months ago?

Could it be that this world really has pills that allow one to advance at unbelievable rates?

Even Lin Shi’s sect mates, the Han Xiao disciples, were shocked at what they were seeing.

"When did she become so strong?" Wang Nan stared at her, completely stunned.

Those were a bunch of Xiantians!

Not six Acupoint Charging martial artists!

Sun Wei shook his head and murmured, "Could it be that... she really came across unbelievable luck at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars?"

"Now that I think about it, that is the only plausible explanation." Wang Nan sighed.

Sun Wei surveyed his surroundings and used the Voice Transmission Technique carefully, "After this time, I fear that the sect will reconsider her marriage with Qi Heng."

"What is there to consider?"

Wang Nan laughed coldly, "Relax, the sect will never give up a cultivator who can kill a Xiantian... no, a talented female cultivator who can kill multiple Xiantians to someone as ruined as Qi Heng.

Sun Wei frowned, then nodded, "That’s true."

"Furthermore..." Wang Nan smiled, "The sect will definitely give Lin Shi a position at the first possible opportunity, I’m guessing... at least an elder."

Sun Wei smiled bitterly, "Then when we meet, we’ll have to call her Elder Lin."

Wang Nan glanced at him, "The luckiest thing that can happen to us will be if Elder Lin doesn’t bear a grudge.

Sun Wei fell silent when he thought about the incidents at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars.

He finally understood the unpredictability of life. Who would have thought that Junior Lin would achieve so much?

When the six men leapt into the air, Chai Yue’s eyes glowed in anticipation and he looked at Chu Yu in anger. He growled, "You two b*stards are dead meat..."

Before he could finish, those six men were sent flying by Lin Shi.

From their angle, the six men disappeared from their sights in the blink of an eye.

Chu Yu smiled and looked at Chai Yue, "Let me send yo on your way!"

"No..." Before Chai Yue could finish, Chu Yu stamped on his chest.

This stamp was too terrifying, and it made a huge cavity in Chai Yue’s chest.

Chai Yue spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes glared at Chu Yu. Up till the moment of death, he could not believe that a youthful talent like him would die at the hands of a martial artist.

What a wronged death!

He could not rest in peace!

The entire broadcast channel exploded in chatter!

"Damn! From now on, I am Chu Yu’s loyal fan. Whoever dares to slander him will taste my wrath!"

"That was so ferocious! He did not show any mercy! Good kill! Many of the martial artists on the Heaven’s Pride Board were killed by him."

"Evil doers will get their retribution!"

"Isn’t Chu Yu afraid of their revenge? What if they go after his family..."

"But, aren’t they afraid that Chu Yu will take revenge too? Chu Yu isn’t the only one with family."

"Exactly, Chu Yu is the one responsible, if they want to, they should just find trouble with him! But i believe in Chu Yu, he will slaughter them!"

"A true warrior, unafraid of any challenge!"

"How brave!"

The entire broadcast channel exploded with compliments about Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng.

The so called Seven Heroes had been completely smashed in the blink of an eye!

One dead and six seriously injured!

However, this was merely their just desserts for what they did in China.

Lin Shi used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu, "You shouldn’t have killed him. If anyone should kill him, it should have been me!"

Chu Yu stood at the bottom of the hill and looked at Lin Shimeng at the peak. He shook his head.

How could he let his girlfriend take on such a huge responsibility?

He wasn’t even willing to see Lin Shi leave after this!

Lin Shi understood Chu Yu’s intention. After she finished speaking, she shook her head in exasperation.

She knew that Chu Yu was protecting her on one hand, and training himself on the other!

If one did not dare to face stronger opponents, challenge others and fight, then one is useless, even if one cultivated to extremely high realms.

There would be no future!

No one had expected the battle to end so quickly.

Some of the people on the mountain did not even manage to catch a glimpse of the action before the battle ended.

They sighed to themselves, If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have stayed home to watch the broadcast...

Even though the battle had ended, the crowd was unwilling to disperse.

Together with the previous broadcast, these two live streams had given countless people a deeper understanding into the cultivation world.

They now understood the cruelties of this world.

Many of those who were determined to cultivate before now silently started to give up.

The world now was vastly different from before.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be a problem to live to a hundred years old. Why bother putting oneself through such a tedious and dangerous process?

Lin Shi and Chu Yu strolled along the banks of the Heaven Lake.

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