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Many people had seen her picture on social media before; she was incredibly beautiful.

However, upon seeing her in person, they realized that she was even prettier in person!

There were various levels of beauty. In the ancient days, the most beautiful ladies were said to cause the flowers to be ashamed to bloom in their presence, and cause fish to plunge underwater to hide their unworthiness. However, people believed that such girls did not exist on this earth.

However, upon seeing Lin Shimeng, they came to understand that such girls did indeed roam the Earth.

She was too beautiful!

She was indescribably beautiful.

Having seen her in person, and thinking of the situation she was about to face, many couldn’t help but give her advice.

"Goddess Lin, do not fight with them, just quietly be the incredible beauty that you are?"

"Please don’t be brash, those people are vicious, and they don’t associate themselves with the Chinese anymore!"

"Exactly, not to mention the four bananas, the other three are no angels either. They think that they are from a superior bloodline and they don’t even bother about us."

Lin Shimeng smiled, but did not speak.

From afar, she saw Chu Yu with the Chu Clan.

In that moment, Lin Shimeng’s smile became wider.

She smiled extremely brightly.

Then, she raised her arm, revealing her snow white skin and waved at Chu Yu!

"Aiya, my goddess is smiling at me!"

"She is waving at me!"

"She is so pretty when she smiles!"

"My heart aches, why is such a pretty goddess going to do something so irrational?"

"Where are all the disciples of China’s ancient sects? I think you are all in on this, defeating your own by joining forces with the bananas."

The crowd was unruly, many of them thinking that Lin Shimeng was waving at them.

However, many people quickly saw that Chu Yu also raised his hand and smiled at Lin Shimeng, revealing his snow white teeth.

All those dreamers instantly pained.

"F*ck me, am I hallucinating? Is that Chu Yu?"

"My heart is broken... I want to hang myself, who will kick the chair for me?"

"Damn it, he looks so ugly when he smiles! F*ck, are they trying to compete to see whose teeth are whiter?"

"My god... it really is Chu Yu, he actually dares to show himself? Isn’t he scared of being beaten to death?"

"Wasn’t it said that he is her boyfriend? He can smile so widely despite knowing that his girlfriend is going to fight it out with others, f*ck me... does he have a heart?"

Chu Yu ignored all those discussions and walked towards Lin Shi.

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu gently. It was almost as if they were the only two people on the Earth.

Childhood friends who became lovers.

This relationship was the envy of many!

When she walked to Chu Yu, Lin Shi blinked her lively and clear eyes, a wide smile on her face.

However, there was a faint sense of sadness deep in her eyes.

Chu Yu stretched out his arms.

Lin Shi walked forward a few steps and leaned into Chu Yu’s hug.

At this moment, the unruly crowd quietened down.

All eyes were looking silently at this couple.

The ones who were envious also could not help but admit that this was a match made in heaven.

What a perfect match!

Countless people could not help but feel that way.

Even those watching the broadcast quietened down.

Many emotional girls even began tearing.

"This world is so cruel, why must such a perfect couple be forced to part like that?"

"It seems that Chu Yu really likes Lin Shimeng, why would he let her go and fight?"

"I can’t take this anymore, I don’t want to watch this any longer, I am afraid I can’t take it..."

Lin Shi leaned into Chu Yu and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Why can’t I see your current cultivation level?"

"It’s good that you can’t see." Chu Yu smiled, "I am pretty strong now, do you believe me?"

"Believe, of course I do, my Hero Song!" Lin Shi rolled her eyes and slowly stood up, a sense of nostalgia flashing across her eyes.

"I should get going, when it is all over, I will come and find you, wait for me!" After Lin Shi finished, she turned and walked to the Heaven Lake.

The seven men had arrived long ago, but they chose not to reveal themselves.

When Lin Shi stood on the banks, Chai Yue flew over contentedly.

To be exact, he glided.

He ran down from the hill then leapt off!

His figure flew right over the crowd and landed on the banks of the Heaven Lake.


A gigantic rock was shattered immediately by Chai Yue.

The shattered pieces of the rock flew in all directions. Those closest to the landing point were all injured.

They were bleeding!

Those people screamed, but did not dare to speak.

Chai Yue laughed, then looked at Lin Shi.

His eyes revealed his awe.

How is she so beautiful?

She is a true beauty!

The servants and wives of Chai Yue were all some of the most beautiful ladies.

However, none of them could match up to Lin Shi.

Chai Yue was not tall, about 1.7m in height and slightly plump. His skin was dark and his eyes glowed.

He was not ugly, but he was definitely not handsome.

Furthermore, his accent was off.

He was a descendant of an immigrant. He had been born overseas and grew up there.

The only reason why they could communicate with China was because their seniors and teachers all conversed in Mandarin.

However, Chai Yue felt no sense of belonging to China.

"Forget it, let’s not fight, come with me." Chai Yue looked at Lin Shi flatly, "You’re too beautiful, I do not want to harm you."

"Why is it just you? Where are the other six? Come together, I am in a rush." Lin Shi said flatly, almost like she was recounting a normal story.

She spoke softly so that not many could hear what she was saying.

However, on the internet, they could hear her statement clearly. The internet exploded into discussion.

"My god... is she crazy?"

"Goddess Lin, what has happened to you? You’re courting death aren’t you?"

"My heart is beating so fast, this is too scary..."

"Why does it feel that Goddess Lin is very confident?"

"Damn it, stop talking rubbish, how can you see her confidence?"

When Chai Yue heard this, he could not help but laugh.

His mouth twitched as he looked at Lin Shi, "Do you know? The thing that irritates me the most is bragging, especially when a woman brags. However, I am not adverse to you bragging in front of me. After all, which lady doesn’t want to impress the guy that she likes? Thus, I can understand."

"F*ck your understanding! You small black idiotic fatty."

A mocking voice came over from the side.

Those watching the broadcast were stunned!

Who was this?

So fierce?

The guy in front of him was Chai Yue!

A foreign talent in the Xiantian Realm.

It was enough that Lin Shimeng was courting death, who was this guy to be so brave?

However, they quickly found out the source of the voice.

Chu Yu!

Everyone on the scene was speechless.

Didn’t you just recover, who are you to make a fool of yourself here?

Young people are really brash, not thinking before they speak. Not only did he not advise his own girlfriend properly, he is adding fuel to the fire.

Isn’t this just courting death?

"You’re asking for death!"

Chai Yue’s expression turned icy. He attacked, in that moment, his eyes flashed with a murderous glow!

A ray of light shot towards Chu Yu!

Magical technique!

Chai Yue was evidently a vicious man, using a magical technique to attack.

To a martial artist, this kind of attack was the most lethal!

It was sharper than a blade!

Lin Shi waved her hands. An invisible wave of force hit that ray of light and scattered it. She said flatly, "I am your opponent."

Chai Yue’s eyes flashed with awe. He did not expect that his sudden attack would be interrupted by Lin Shimeng so easily.

He suddenly realized that this lady was not as weak as he imagined, and was quite different from the others on the Heaven’s Pride Board.

However, he didn’t think too much about it.

Strong... but how strong could she be? Probably an advanced stage Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist at best.

The way she scattered his attack was with energy and not a magical technique.

As he thought about it, Chai Yue chuckled icily. He looked at Lin Shi and smiled hypocritically, "I guess that means that you’re going to carry on doing the wrong thing?"

"Are you stupid? Why do you have so much nonsense to say? If you want to fight, fight, after this I still have to bring my girlfriend home!" Chu Yu added at the side.

"I will kill you!" Chai Yue was enraged.

Especially the word girlfriend, that had agitated him to the core.

Even though this was his first time meeting Lin Shi, he had made up his mind to bring her back to become one of his wives.

Chu Yu was a fly blocking his way, and it disgusted him!

Chai Yue attacked Chu Yu, his palm aimed viciously at Chu Yu’s face.

This time, he was using the powers of a Xiantian cultivator!

He had made up his mind to kill this fly and show this woman what a true expert was.

Lin Shi wanted to stop the attack, but Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell her, "Don’t move!"

Chai Yue was indeed strong. He had entered the Xiantian Realm at a young age. His talent was definitely undeniable.

This time, his return to China was to be the advance party to raise publicity for his sect.

He would not have bothered with someone like Chu Yu, but since he had presented himself, and he was pretty popular on the internet, killing him would shock many people.

As he thought about it, he channeled all of his power into this attack.

He wanted to shatter Chu Yu’s brain with this slap!

Lin Shi’s eyes flashed with worry, she had already prepared!

Based on her powers now, she could still turn it around at the critical moment!

However, Chu Yu did not give her that chance!

As he watched Chai Yue’s palm approach him, Chu Yu was calm and he stood there, a smile breaking over his face.

In the eyes of many, this was the expression of shock.


Countless people sighed in that moment.

Chu Yu was dead!


A chilling, clear sound echoed out.

Many of the people watching, both live and on the internet, closed their eyes, unwilling to watch what had happened.

However, there were some who were brave enough to stare at the scene.

In the next moment, those who had saw what happened let out a cheer.

This created a buzz!

Those who had closed their eyes re opened them and were greeted by an unbelievable sight.

Chu Yu was still standing there, unharmed. Chai Yue had disappeared.


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