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Yu Rui wept and told her ancestor Yu Tong how much she trusted Yang Xiaofeng. The Three Leaves Sect trained and nurtured Yang Xiaofeng since he was young. Who knew that he had become such an ungrateful b*stard!

Not only did he betrayed Yu Rui's trust, he also invoked tension between the Three Leaves Sect and the Wu Clan of Qing Hai. He even ruined the Spiritual Concentration Formation!

If this b*stard was captured, only when his soul is extracted and hacked into millions of pieces, will the deep hatred be quelled.

Today, things have finally come to light.

Even though there were not enough evidence to determine that Yang Xiaofeng was the culprit, the facts have already clearly lead to that notion.

Yang Xiaofeng is deemed to be the culprit whether or not it is the truth!

To be frank, at the end of this matter, Yu Rui of Three Leaves Sect have to find someone to blame.

Although she was deceived by Yang Xiaofeng, this situation made her looked dumb.

However, from another point of view, it could also be seen as how much Yu Rui trusted her disciples, with the exception of Yang Xiaofeng. He is an anomaly and is worse than a beast! He betrayed her trust!

No matter what, blaming Yang Xiaofeng is surely much better than taking the blame herself.

The ancestor of the Three Leaves Sect, Yu Tong, has been listening attentively in silence. In the end, he sighed and said, "Forget it, let's momentarily put aside the disputes with the Chu Clan..."

"Why? Ancestor, if it weren’t for the Chu Clan, we wouldn’t be in this predicament today. Also, the Chu Clan has…"

Yu Rui became anxious and her face was filled with grief as she did not want to go against the ancestor’s wishes.

"If the Chu Clan was easy to handle, would we have lost so much? If he was someone you raised since young, why would he betray you? What benefits did the Chu Clan promised him?"

Yu Tong gave Yu Rui a cold look and boomed, "It is a matter of time that the Chu Clan will be exterminated, but the time is not now! Right now, our most important thing is to train and progress! Let's choose this place here to rebuild our sect since the Feng Shui here is not bad. It will also make the Chu Clan restless."

Yu Rui wanted to continue but Yu Tong had flung his sleeves and walked off.

He suffered heavy injuries and required a place to recover.

The Spiritual Concentration Formation is no longer reliable. If it remains here, it was reckoned that their injuries would worsen.

The crisis have been averted.

The Chu Clan celebrated!

The result was hugely unexpected

Even Master Chu Tianyu and second Master Chu Tiannan did not expect things to end up like this.

They trusted Chu Yu without a doubt, but in their eyes, he is still a child.

"The new waves of Yangtze River pushes those in front!" Chu Tianyu let out an uncontrollable sigh.

"The new generation replaces the old!" Chu Tiannan said emotionally.

Chu Yu felt awkward as the seniors of the Chu Clan praised him. His face flushed red from embarrassment.

Those that did not know Chu Yu personally would misjudged him as a shy person.

Fortunately, the large majority of the Chu Clan were not clear on the specifics of the process.

Otherwise, they will despise Chu Yu.

Someone almost died because of you and yet you are still able to act shy and embarrassed?

Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan were tight-lipped on this matter.

If not this will lead to greater problems for Chu Yu and the Chu Clan.

Saying is easy. However, in reality, it is a double edged sword. A slight mistake could result in the situation to be beyond redemption.

Chu Yu had the entire situation under control. His understanding on how the major characters think has reached to a whole new level.

Saying is easy, but to let it become a reality is much tougher.

One wrong step could lead to a different outcome.

To be gifted, smart and humble... of course, being humble was just their own point of view.

No matter what, there would always be biasness towards children from their own clan.

They had already received the news that the Three Leaves Sect had chosen a place to build their Sect school.

How can you stand having someone hostile sleeping so close to you?]

The problem now is that the Chu Clan is definitely no match for the Three Leaves Sect.

Although the Three Leaves Sect had suffered heavy losses, they are still a threat.

They are of no comparison with the ancient legacy that had the same rank as them, but compared to the Chu Clan, they are still a huge monster.

It is impossible for the Chu Clan to move.

Chu Yu was puzzled about the current situation. Under such circumstances, after being badly beaten in the battle, the Three Leaves Sect should have retreated.

Instead they chose to stay.

If the Three Leaves Sect were to do this just to threaten the Chu Clan and make them uneasy… it seems too childish.

Perhaps, there is something in the Chu Clan that is attracting them!

Chu Yu asked the two clan masters in private if there is anything special about the Chu Clan.

Chu Tian Yu pondered and replied, "There is really nothing special other than the higher spiritual energy."

"Of course, we chose this place because of its Feng Shui which suggests that the land is very valuable," Chu Tiannan added.

Chu Yu frowned and thought deeply.

"Why? Do you think that the Three Leaves Sect has ulterior motives for our land?" Chu Tiannan asked Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded, "I believe that the spiritual energy alone is not enough to impress them."

Thinking about the Spiritual Concentration Formation of the Three Leaves Sect only strived to further validate Chu Yu’s point.

How is it possible for the Spiritual Concentration Formation from an ancient sect to stay put just for the land’s spiritual energy?

Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan also thought about this. They looked at each other, puzzled.

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "In the olden days, the Chu Clan was just an average clan. They have a pathetic amount of skills to pass on to their future generations. I don’t see a problem here."

Chu Tiannan laughed bitterly, "If we knew that there was any treasure here in our land, we would have taken it already!"

Chu Yu agreed.

Soon after, Chu Yu bid the clan masters farewell and strolled off.

He could not think of any reason why such a place would attract the Three Leaves Sect.

He had a tinge of regret. He should not have let Yang Xiaofeng exposed him so early. However, the situation was not for him to dictate.

Who knew that the vertical eye would explode so suddenly and took back the aura at an instance. Even Spiritual Concentration Formation was not sparred.

Chu Yu sighed and felt slightly despondent.

When Chu Yu returned to his residence, he quickly resumed his training.

Training past his limitations has enabled him to better appreciate the wealthy knowledge the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture has to offer.

For the past few days, the tension with the Three Leaves Sect has prevented him from gaining any enlightenment.

Now that the crisis have been averted, Chu Yu resumed his studies and rigorous training at the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

The rate of recovery of the world started increasing and a large number of warriors emerges. Chu Yu has to quickly improve his strength in order to deal with any possible complications.

"Pill Analysing Technique?"

Chu Yu gave a light frown and his eyes glimmered.

He could not help but blurted out, "F*ck, there is such a technique?"

Chu Yu was surprised and began studying the Pill Analysing Technique."

As he delved deeper, he felt the great prowess of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, which was far beyond his imagination.

It consist of all sorts of complex knowledge!

It gets harder to comprehend as well!

It helps greatly with the consumption of spiritual power.

Chu Yu finally understood the need to become stronger. The stronger one becomes, the more knowledge one can acquire from the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

For example, Chu Yu can only see the words ‘Pill Analysing Technique’. The following sentences requires a lot of pondering.

And there are days where he could not comprehend anything at all.

As his comprehension deepens, Chu Yu was filled with joy!

He finally understood why so many people were crazy over attaining the Saint’s Legacies.

It was really powerful!

The Pill Analysing Technique is a profound complex knowledge system!

It does not consist of just the study of medicine.

For example, there were toxic pills. When Chu Yu was in the Three Leaves Sect, he heard that the big crocodile was merely a puppet, but he questioned on why the toxic pills would be able to poison and kill the puppet.

According to puppetry, no matter how lively the puppet looks, it is still a deceased animal.

How could a deceased be poisoned to death again?

This was very abnormal!

All this while, Chu Yu had been able to decipher these thoughts; until he learnt a portion of the profound meanings behind the Pill Analysing Technique.

Thereafter, when he used this understanding to analyse the toxic pill, he finally understood the reason.

The strength of the toxic pill is not solely based on its medicinal properties but the strength of the toxicity it contained as well.

Inside, it contains information about the herbs extracted from the various elements, refined to the molecular, atomic level.

In the process of the pill concoction, where modern science was unable to explain, every pill is able to be cultivated to become something similar to a nuclear bomb.

In other words, when the toxic pill begins to take effect, every atom is similar to a miniature nuclear bomb.

It is highly toxic!

Once attached it will explode!

Even if we reached to the level of the true lord realm and attained an indestructible body, a moment of carelessness could allow the intrusion of this miniature nuclear bombs into our system.

Explosions would then occur in our body!

Such a display of destructive force is rarely seen but it is definitely frightening!

The poison will flow into our veins, arteries and bones. When the explosion occurs, it would result in a fatal blow.

This is the real prowess of the toxic pills.

It is low in cost and there is a high abundance in raw material. It is definitely the ultimate weapon.

It is recorded that in the year the Crane Saint attained this technique, it was used very cautiously.

The technique was recorded in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and the knowledge was not leaked out.

Of course, at the true lord realm, there are a myriad of superpowers and the people are not easily deceived by an attack.

Although that big crocodile from before is from the true lord realm, it is still a dead being.

The toxic pill would be a nightmare for those below the true lord realm!

The Pill Analysing Technique is indeed a powerful and explosive source of knowledge.

In the past, Chu Yu didn't know the theories behind concocting pills, he could only concoct pills according to the pill formula.

Now, he understood the nature of pill cultivation.

The composition of each pill, the percentage of what herbs should be used and their purpose...

This knowledge was not only limited to toxic pills, but all pills as well. Once Chu Yu internalises the technique, he will be able to discover all of its secrets.

Only after studying the Pill Analysing Technique, one can understand the theories of pill cultivation and therefore enter the highest level of alchemy.

Otherwise, one is just another pill processor!

This is similar to the workers that manages the assembly line in a modern factory. They handle the production but never understood the principles behind the pill production.

If they were to leave the assembly line, they will never be able to replicate the process.

23 October 2056, autumn.

Seven disciples of the ancient heritage challenged the Chinese Heaven's Pride Board, besides Lin Shimeng who was cultivating behind closed doors and did not respond to the challenge. The others from the top 20 lost desperately.

In that moment, China was in a state of uproar!

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