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Fortunately, this live broadcast is transmitted through satellite. If it was not, both sides of the battle would not have been properly captured.

Yet, almost no one can distinguish the two sides of the battle – they were only able to catch glimpses of light and shadow.

Chu Yu stood far away and raised his head to the sky.

Deep in his heart, there was a powerful sense of admiration when he looked at the two terrifying cultivators fight.

This should be how the Earth Gods are, right?

He could not resist opening the vertical eye in his forehead to look beyond the skies and analyse the battle between the two ancestors.

By scrutinizing with his vertical eye, Chu Yu finally understood their fighting techniques.

Instead of utilising any weapons, the ancestors depended purely on their pure energy to conjure a variety of magical equipments to attack and kill the opponent.

Sword, spear, dagger, halberd, battle-axe, hook, fork … These are amongst the numerous other assortments of weapons the ancestors could conjure any time they wanted.

Sadly, these weapons could not be seen with the naked eye!

Only huge rays of light could be observed.

This was the true powers of sacred art!

Only old monsters that have lived for thousands of years could have used such remarkable methods!

Chu Yu stared intently and thought, If pure energy is used in the same realm, it can directly determine the outcome!

Of course, if those who used it to attack the cultivators are not proper warriors, they might lose their senses if they are lucky, but if they are not, they might even die.

So, that’s how pure energy is utilised in the realm of the cultivators…

Chu Yu focused and watched raptly, absorbing as much information as he can.

He stood there and watched happily whereas the Three Leaves Sect Elders, Yu Rui, and the people wept.

Who would have thought that attacking such an insignificant clan did not result in their defeat but instead led to such a big loss.

In this situation, with an entire army overwhelmed… there is no more hope.

"Dammit… where did the problem come from?"

"We were getting along fine, why did the Wu Clan of Qing Hai rush here?"

"Even if the two storage rings that we got came from Wu Clan of Qing Hai, how would they know if nobody told them?"

"How… how did we land up in this stage?"

"No… it is definitely not a coincidence!"

"No one provoked them, so how could we allow this unreasonable monster, who have no regard for his status, attack us?"

Yu Rui frowned and pondered deeply. She thought about it and had a sudden realization that the person who found out about this issue the earliest was Yang Xiaofeng from Wu Clan.

That intelligent child…

Yes, really intelligent. Thinking about it, she couldn’t help but smile.

She even personally sent him for Spiritual Concentration Formation… with all intention to shape him into a good role model for Three Leaves Sect!

However, the more she thought about it, the more it felt like something was off.

Was each and everyone of Yang Xiaofeng’s actions normal? Did he act like other normal human beings?

Upon discovering the corpse in the Supreme Realm, a normal person’s reaction would either be to flee far away, or… to find valuable treasure on the corpse.

However, Yang Xiaofeng was not even the slightest bit perturbed. He still ran back to report.

Is there really anyone in this world who, when faced with such a huge temptation would not even feel the slightest bit tempted?

Well, even if there is such a person with such extreme kindness and honesty, but before he entered the Spiritual Concentration Formation, he posted the card which still posed a big problem!

At that time, the child looked very simple and innocent, but in actual fact, he was loyal and devoted to the other sect.

But now that they thought about it, was it because he wanted to disclose something on purpose?

Right now, if someone informed the Wu Clan of Qing Hai on Yang Xiaofeng’s suspicious actions and on the card he posted, and if they probed deeper…

A sudden cold shiver ran through Yu Rui’s spine.

She could become the head of Three Leaves Sect, without relying on the fact that she is the direct descendent of Yu Tong.

Other than that, she is also quite intelligent.

Now, she could almost conclude that this Yang Xiaofeng… is a very problematic person!

Yu Rui, faced with the gloomy prospect of taking out the communication device, and not caring if her words could be picked up by the audience watching the live broadcast, commanded, "Hold on to the big door of the Spiritual Concentration Formation and come out, Yang Xiaofeng!"

A timid voice squeaked, "Sect Leader, I was about to inform you that… there is no more spiritual activity in Spiritual Concentration Formation already. It’s as if… it has disappeared!"


The communications device on Yu Rui’s hands fell to the floor. She was in complete disbelief!

The building of Spiritual Concentration Formation has almost exhausted the resources that the Three Leaves Sect took thousands of years to set up.

That was the blood and sweat of countless of people!

They… they have now disappeared!

"AHHHH! Yang Xiaofeng… you are a traitor! I will shred you into thousands of pieces!"

Yu Rui was almost going crazy from anger. She headed towards the direction of Three Leaves Sect at lightning speed.

There were a few of the Supreme Realm Elders left, who gazed at each other in speechless despair. Their mournful faces were etched with loss and they were unaware of what was happening.

Seeing the Sect Leader storming away, the Elders could only hurriedly remove the remaining few survivors of the Three Leaves Sect who were seriously wounded and left with her.

At this moment, beyond the clouds, there finally was a clear winner in the battle between the two cultivators.

Wu Jianghai from Wu Clan of Qing Hai prepared to use his most vicious skill which seriously injured Yu Tong, who fled in panic.

Wu Jianghai was also slightly injured, but it was nothing serious.

At this moment, everyone from Wu Clan of Qing Hai walked out from afar.

They headed towards the ancestor and bowed. In unison they shouted, "Thank you cultivator for protecting us!"

Wu Jianghai shook his head and let out a big sigh.

This fight was not what he wanted.

After this battle, Three Leaves Sect and Wu Clan of Qing Hai had become enemies.

From today onwards, there would be endless conflict between both parties.

This would bring honour and glory to the whole world!

Who is willing to lay down before dawn?

"From today onwards, we must be more careful and warn our disciples not to provoke the enemy," Wu Jianghai gazed at the horizon and then looked to the skies.

"Alright, it’s about time we packed up, there’s nothing much to see anymore."

With this sentence, the live broadcast had stopped.

However, this only meant that the internet craze had just begun.

Countless of people had witnessed a great battle between the cultivators.

Even though they could not see anything clearly – they could only see flashes of light colliding – this did not stop them from gushing about the battle.

"Wow, such great power actually exists in this world, I always thought that the martial artists of Invigorated Meridian Stage have the actual power."

"According to the Gods of the ancient mythology, do they actually exist? They fly around the earth freely and have the power to move mountains and seas. They are almost akin to the Gods!"

"Today is really an insightful day. After having lived for so many years, I found out that this world contains such powerful humans."

"Comparing today’s battle with the major sci-fi productions filmed by the western countries, I feel that those actors with superpowers are so unrealistic. Today is when I realised how naive I was. In the eyes of the ancestors from China, those ‘superheroes’ are so pathetic!"

Far away at Xiao Zhen, a few decades have passed, but majority of people in this world still have not changed much.

Humans only realised that their sky is blue and that their water is clear. They have become stronger and healthier and were able to live longer.

The sight of people queuing up in hospitals have long since disappeared. Patients in today’s hospitals are sparse and infrequent.

From a layman’s point of view, there is actually no profound change and impact.

Compared to a few decades ago, there is no fundamental change to society at all.

To the whole world, the live broadcast today was considered to be the one that is the most insightful and impactful broadcast ever.

It may even become a legacy in history!

The mysterious mythical world, ancient mythology and legends… has finally, for the first time, unravelled a part of its mysterious veil to the whole world.

Truth Sect and Rainfall ancient school opened a fantasy institution on Earth, which made everything livelier!

The Wu Clan of Qing Hai could not care less about the people of Chu Clan. They did not even bother acknowledging the Chu Clan. A small family like the Chu Clan could be destroyed with very little effort.

This would happen without attracting any attention!

Under the leadership of the cultivator, Wu Jianghai, they headed towards the north.

They also intended to visit the historical site.

It was a place that had caused them great losses and suffering, with a heavy price to pay. If there was nothing beneficial that can be obtained from it, then it would be of no use.

Back to Three Leaves Sect.

Yu Rui, the Sect Leader, was so livid because she had flown back a few hundred miles without stopping!

The house of Spiritual Concentration Formation was barren, just like how Yang Xiaofeng had disappeared into nothingness.

Yu Rui spurted a mouthful of blood and roared towards the sky.

"Yang Xiaofeng…. How dare you deceive me! I will definitely hunt you down and shred you into thousands of pieces! AAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Yu Rui collapsed and burst into tears.

She speculated that Yang Xiaofeng had been bribed by the Chu Clan.

If not, why would he dare to betray his own clan?

"Capture all those people involved with Yang Xiaofeng instantaneously… I will kill them all! With my own hands!"

Yu Rui hollered resentfully, "Chu Clan… an eye for an eye! I will make you pay sooner or later! I will destroy your whole clan!"

The whole of Three Leaves Sect was shrouded in a veil of anguish and rage.

The people left in the Sect had long since watched the entire exchange through the live broadcast.

All the people were sullen, their hearts filled with dissatisfaction and animosity.

They do not understand, why will it become like this?

At this moment, someone can to report again, "Sect Leader, bad news, bad news! A few of our disciples ate that crocodile meat… and died from food poisoning!"


Yu Rui, the Sect Leader, swayed a few times, before she spurted out blood again.

A Supreme Realm even lifted his eyes to the sky.

She was so infuriated that she felt her lungs were going to explode.

"Idiot! Are they pigs? That crocodile… is a puppet. Is that edible?" Another Supreme Realm of Three Leaves Sect bellowed, almost spewing out blood as well.

The discipline who reported the news to Three Leaves Sect smiled bitterly and uttered, "The crocodile meat was very fresh and it smelled delicious. The disciplines had also checked with the ancient books and have found out that this crocodile is a beast that is the best out of the best. Everything was similar compared to the normal creatures. They were also curious too…"

Grief and indignation was written all over Yu Rui’s face, "Curious my ass! We are risking our lives outside while this bunch of assholes dared to stay at home to drink beer and celebrate! Serve them right! Serve them right for dying from food poisoning!"

The disciple who reported the news to Three Leaves Sect bowed his head. His heart was filled with indignation, Weren’t you the one that asked us to prepare a feast for you so that we could have a party when you come back?

Those Three Leaves Sect’s disciplines were the ones in charge of the logistics. They wanted to take advantage of the opportunity before the crowd came, to try out the meat of the spiritual beast that is of top quality. They believed that their skills would be enhanced once they eat the meat.

In the end, tragedy befell upon them. Not all did their skills remain the same, but their lives had been lost.

The cultivator of Three Leaves Sect, Yu Tong, appeared at this very instant. He was seriously injured, badly battered and dispirited.

Once a bunch of people saw him, they immediately rushed over to pay their respects to him.

Yu Tong waved his hand and solemnly announced, "That huge crocodile is an ancient poisonous crocodile, only people who are ignorant and foolish would eat it. They got more than what they bargained for. Serve them right!"

One of the deacon of the King’s Realm meekly voiced out, "Cultivator, Chu Clan is good at handling poison. Do you think that this issue… could be a scheme crafted out by them?"

"You imbecile!" Yu Tong stared coldly at the deacon. "Are you doubting my judgement?"

"No no, I am of a younger generation than you. I would not dare to do that…" The deacon hurriedly lowered his head.

Yu Tong cruelly remarked, "This poisonous ancient crocodile has been trained into a skilful puppet with military capabilities of the True Lord. Nothing can defeat it. Anyhow, it is a puppet beast, can a poison really poison it to death? Please use your brain when you talk next time!"

With that, Yu Tong flicked his sleeves and prepared to leave before remarking, "I want to go to Spiritual Concentration Formation to heal!"

An agonised look passed over Yu Rui’s face, "Ancestor… our Spiritual Concentration Formation is gone!"


Yu Tong jerked to a stop and turned back. His pair of eyes shot out two icy cold rays of light. He looked coolly at Yu Rui, "You said… the Spiritual Concentration Formation is gone?"

Yu Rui collapsed to the floor with a loud thump. On her knees, she wailed, "Cultivator, it is all because I was an incompetent junior. Just kill me as you please. I am too desolated and beyond console!"

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