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What the hell was that?

A transparent... palm shaped cloud?

How scary!

This not only awed those watching the live broadcast, it also stunned the people from the Three Leaves Sect.

Many of them were not even able to react to what happened!

They looked up at the sky, stupefied!

Those who were more agile and quick to respond wanted to escape, but they were suppressed by the suppressive aura emitted from the energy hand.

They were immobilized!

A few of the Supreme Realm Elders and the Sect Leader were quick to respond. They offered their magical equipment and attacked the hand.

They wanted to smash it!

As the hand pressed down at high speed, all the mountains and forests in the vicinity were smashed.

This scene was almost like the apocalypse.

Everyone watching was completely silent!

It was almost like the world had come to a standstill.

This was the power of a true powerful cultivator!

The poisoned Supreme Realm cultivator had died even before he could showcase anything he had learnt his whole life.

The skyscraping trees were all shattered and turned to ash!

The mountains crumbled, forming large craters in the ground!

The power of the palm was unimaginably terrifying!

It was almost that a divine mountain was crashing into the earth!

The few Supreme Realm cultivators who tried to match it had blood spewing out from their mouths as they ran for cover.

They couldn’t resist it!

The group that the Three Leaves Sect sent had no weak people. Anyone of them would be considered a powerhouse in society!

However, in the face of this hand, they seemed extremely weak.

Other than the few Supreme Realm elders and the Sect Leader, the hundreds of others were all killed by the palm!

Regardless of King’s Realm or Xiantian, they were all ants in the face of this palm.

After this palm, there were only about 15-16 people surviving on the side of the Three Leaves Sect.

They were all seriously injured, moaning on the ground.

The ones with the least injuries were the few Supreme Realm cultivators and the female Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader was about to go crazy. She shrieked, "Who are you? Why do you attack my Three Leaves Sect? I will fight it out with you!"

As she spoke, she took out seven to eight Supreme Realm magical equipment, activated them, and attacked the point where the hand originated from.

After killing hundreds of people, this palm slapped viciously at these magical equipment.

Almost like it was chasing flies.

Bang bang bang...

A whole string of explosions echoed through the air like thunder.

The seven to eight Supreme Realm magical equipment that the Sect Leader had used exploded to smithereens!

This was too terrifying!

Those magical equipment were all Supreme Realm magical equipment!

Yet, they were shattered by a single palm!

After which, that huge hand flew towards the Sect Leader.

At this point, a thunderous voice bellowed from a far distance, "My friend... isn’t this too much?"

A ray of light flew over from afar.

It was almost like a rainbow travelling through space, firing straight for the huge hand.

The hand gave up its quest to grab the Sect Leader, instead, it went to meet this ray of light.


A huge sound echoed through the air.

All the mountains in the distance crumbled!

Sand and dust flew skyward!

Originally, this place was an ancient forest. However, everything within a large radius was completely flattened!

After which, the huge hand disappeared and so did that ray of light.

A cold voice could be heard from a distance

"All of you from the Three Leaves Sect... deserve to die!"

All of these happened in the blink of an eye. Even Chu Yu did not manage to see every frame of what just happened, not to mention those watching the live broadcast.

As soon as he saw the huge hand appear, he turned and ran.

He ran faster than anyone else!

During this process, he didn’t forget to keep the poison mist.

He did not want to antagonize the Wu Clan of Qing Hai because of the poison mist.

It was clear that his plan worked!

It worked splendidly!

The reaction from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai was more intense than anything he could have imagined!

He had initially thought that the Wu Clan of Qing Hai would just send a few powerful cultivators to fight it out with the Three Leaves Sect, but he never expected that they would react so drastically and activate their ancestor!

Anyone with this sort of power must be an ancient cultivator training for thousands of years.

The Supreme Realm cultivators who entered the realm after the world recovered were mere infants when compared to these ancient cultivators!

A figure rose from the distance. He flew into the sky, a ball of mist enveloping him.

It was impossible to see his appearance, but that hand made of energy came from him!

It had come from the oldest ancestor of the Wu Clan of Qing Hai!

Another figure flew up from the side of the Three Leaves Sect. He too was enveloped by a layer of mist hiding his appearance.

A terrifying aura of power radiated from their bodies. In the blink of an eye, they met.

One could sense their anger, radiating in all directions, from afar.

At this point, Chu Yu had already retreated a great distance, he also shrunk the poison defences to a thirty mile radius.

He looked on coldly.

"Friend Wu Jianghai, are you crazy?" The Three Leaves Sect ancestor, Yu Tong, was fuming. Despite his thousands of years of cultivation, he was still fuming.

The palm from Wu Jianghai had killed almost one third of the Three Leaves Sect elite!

This kind of losses would drive anybody crazy!

"Crazy? I still have more in store!" As Wu Jianghai spoke, he launched an attack on Yu Tong.

The battle between two powerful cultivators was filled with danger, every attack out for the kill.

Wu Jianghai was fuming too. One of the Supreme Elders who died was his bloodline!

His own grandson had died at the hands of the Three Leaves Sect. This wrong could not go unpunished!


Explosions constantly echoed in the air.

Everyone watching the live broadcast were completely stupefied. They could barely figure out what was happening previously, but this battle was a complete blur.

They could only see two balls of light clashing in the air.

But, it was awesome!

It was a feast for the eyes!

Even fireworks paled in comparison to this!


Another explosion of light.

Yu Tong bellowed, "Wu Jianghai... what are you trying to do?"

Having fought, he didn’t even bother calling him a friend.

He was on the verge of crumbling. He did not understand why his opponent was going after the disciples of the Three Leaves Sect with such vengeance. Even after seeing him, it still confused him.

These two men had known each other over 2000 years ago. They had met when they came down to the earth to cultivate. Even though they did not know each other well, they considered each other friends.

Who would have thought that the next time the two of them met would be in a fight to the death after the world had recovered.

"Stop acting!" Wu Jianghai stopped. He and Yu Tong were of similar cultivation levels. Both were at the peak of the Supreme Realm. In a fight to the death, it would be difficult to determine a winner.

Having killed over a hundred Three Leaves Sect elite, his fury had abated slightly and he was not as agitated.

"How am I acting?" Yu Tong’s fury reached a maximum, he really did not know what had happened.

He turned to the injured Sect Leader, she was his grandchild.

"Yu Rui, what is going on?"

Only now did Chu Yu know that the Sect Leader’s name was Yu Rui. He thought to himself, what a beautiful name, wasted on such a person.

Yu Rui looked depressed, "Ancestor, I don’t know!"

Even though she said this, her heart throbbed, Could it be the result of the two storage rings and that huge crocodile?

But did that justify such a reaction?

They had just picked up two ownerless storage rings, was that such a huge crime?

The rings did contain quite a lot of items, but the issue was, there weren’t any ridiculously superior items.

Yu Rui never expected that they had been set up by Chu Yu.

"Do you really not know" Yu Tong looked coldly at her, "Tell me the truth!"

"I... I really don’t know!" Yu Rui said hard headedly, not daring to look into the icy glare of her ancestor. She murmured, "It’s... it’s..."

"What is it?" Yu Tong began to feel a tinge of regret for making her the Sect Leader, she couldn’t even keep her head straight at key moments.

If she could not explain things clearly today, even his presence would not help matters.

They had waited aeons for the world to recover.

They were not aiming to kill, all they wanted to do was to attain higher cultivation levels!

Countless ancestors waited hopelessly for over 6000 years!

In the tides of time, this was not a negligible number.

The aeons of waiting had already destroyed many things.

They were the lucky few.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Chu Clan were small and insignificant, coupled with the fact that they had something the Three Leaves Sect wanted, Yu Tong would have stopped them from attacking the Chu Clan.

Advancement was the first order of business!

The Sect Leader said softly, "Previously... we found a few bodies on a river bank. One of them was a 30m long crocodile, it was clear that both sides died from the fight..."

"Get to the point!" Yu Tong said solemnly.

He could feel that a crisis was about to befall them, and he did see the gargantuan crocodile carcass.

Yu Rui continued, "We found two storage rings on the three bodies, at that time... we did not find any identification documents on the bodies, so we..."

At this point, Yu Tong understood.

He waved his hand to interrupt Yu Rui. He turned to Wu Jianghai, "Those people were from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai?"

Wu Jianghai stared at them icily and said sarcastically, "What do you think?"

"Wu Jianghai, this is a small matter, do you need to do something so extreme? We didn’t kill them! We just picked up two of your storage rings and you kill over a hundred of our people?"

Yu Tong’s tone was filled with fury, he believed his grandchild would not lie.

As such, he was really enraged and radiated an oppressive aura.

Wu Jianghai laughed coldly, "That’s all? Yu Tong ah Yu Tong, this is the last time I will call you a friend! We have known each other for over 2000 years, today, our friendship comes to an end!"

As he spoke, he tore of a corner of his robe and threw it away.

That piece of robe floated in the air, blown away by the wind.

Everyone watching the broadcast was stunned.

"Damn, ripping off one’s sleeves to signify the end of a relationship, how ancient!"

"This demeanour... so oppressive!"

"My gosh... what is their cultivation level? They are all flying in the air!"

"It is said that after Acupoint Charging comes Invigorated Meridian, after that comes Xiantian, but what comes after Xiantian? Could they be higher than Xiantian?"

"They could even be in the True Lord Realm!"

"The realm of Deity Erlang? Don’t be stupid! Deity Erlang knows the 72 transformations!"

"Damn it, those are legends!"

"Aren’t we living in a world ruled by legends? Is there a problem?"

In the air, Yu Tong almost went berserk when he saw Wu Jianghai rip his sleeves.

"Do you really not believe me?"

"Of course not!"

"Then let’s fight!"

Boom boom boom!

The two ancient powerful cultivators clashed with full force up in the air.

They exchanged blows once again!

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