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Chu Clan.

In the large meeting hall, all of the highest leadership were gathered here.

The huge round table was filled with people. There were rows of seats around the table and those were filled too.

The entire Chu Clan rarely had meetings with so many members.

In the face of Life and Death, everyone’s expression was solemn.

Tomorrow was the deadline given by the Three Leaves Sect.

Everybody knew that the three days deadline was just for the outsiders to see, just to prevent an open declaration of war.

They would have loved it if the Chu Clan had escaped in fear.

Then, they wouldn’t have to lift a finger, wouldn’t that be better?

However, in the past three days, with the exception of Chu Yu, no one had left the Chu Clan.

He had left and returned.

The Three Leaves Sect was one of the ancient Sects.

Regardless of ancient times or the current era, the name would be enough to suffocate a small clan like the Chus.

Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang were also allowed to join in this meeting, but were not given speaking rights.

The two of them bowed their heads and sat in the back.

They blamed themselves. If they did not set up the poison defences, this would not have happened.

They even offered giving themselves up in exchange for peace.

The two kids naturally did not know that peace was not negotiated.

Instead, they got the scolding of their lives. Since then, they did not speak.

The Three Leaves Sect had their eyes on the Chu Clan’s land. Even if the two disciples had not died, they would have found some other reason.

Many things could be excuses to hit someone, needless to say a full out territorial war.

The excuses were merely a cover up.

Chu Yu sat quietly at the back. Chu Tianbei, who had the right to sit at the round table, chose to take up a seat next to him.

"How is it?" Chu Tianbei used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask his son.

Chu Yu smiled, "There should be no problem. Dad, relax, even if our set-up fails, they would not be able to reach us!"

Chu Tianbei knew this. Over the past two days, Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang had been working manically.

They had basically covered every spot of land within a hundred mile radius of the Chu Clan with poisonous gas.

When Chu Yu returned, he got a shock of his life, Was this a dragnet?

Chu Tianbei nodded confidently, yet he was emotional, his son had finally grown up.

He was no longer that playful, willful kid.

Even without considering the fact that he had the legacies of two saints, he had matured in his thoughts too.

Chu Yu looked at his father, "Dad, are you scared?"

"What is there to be scared of?"

Chu Tianbei smiled and said flatly, "Regardless of ancient sects, ancient clans, even the underworld clans... we have had too much stability in our pocket dimensions."

Chu Yu nodded. Indeed, they had been caged lions. They seemed ferocious, but they were no match for the wild lions.

"Speaking of which, we may not be as strong as them, but... we are definitely much braver!"

The Chu Clan had never been intimidated.

Even though Chu Tianbei had aged significantly, his courage never wavered.

Leader Chu Tianyu and Second Elder Chu Tiannan sat at the head of the table and let the caucus ensue.

Only when Chu Tiannan cough lightly did the hall return to quiet.

Chu Tiannan looked to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded.

Then, Chu Tiannan and Chu Tianyu glanced at each other.

They felt a lot more confident!

Chu Tianyu said, "Today, we have gathered all of you here to inform you of something. I believe you all know that the Three Leaves Sect..."

Everyone listened intently.

Even though their expressions were not good, they were not fearful either.

That wolvish character still burned bright in them. They would not admit defeat and they would face any challenge head on.

Now, they had even more to rely on.

The poison pills that Chu Yu brought back were extremely strong... coupled with how they were placed, no life form could cross the border!

"That is basically it, everyone, get ready."

Chu Tianyu looked at the crowd, "Behind us are our relatives, the old, weak, pregnant and children! In the face of a stronger enemy, we must fight to the death in order to ensure their safety!

Chu Tiannan nodded, "We will flourish or fall together!"

Everyone seated, including Chu Xuanzhong and Chu Xuanliang, had a flash of resolve in their eyes.

Chu Tianyu smiled, "However, don’t lose hope. These few days, Chu Yu has done many things, if they work, this crisis may be averted."

Everyone looked to Chu Yu, visibly confused and conflicted.

He was once a genius and the pride of the Chu Clan.

Then he was ruined. Now, he is rising again.

They had felt that Chu Yu was enveloped by layers of mist, preventing people from seeing through him.

However, the changes to Chu Yu’s body were a good thing for the Chu Clan.

A real cause for celebration!

At this point, someone from the outside reported that the Three Leaves Sect had begun its attack, and they were advancing as they spoke.

"Their advance is slow and they are using small animals to test the way..."

Chu Tianyu smiled coldly, "They are smart, but... what can they do?"

"Master, the livestream is over here!"

One of the technologically savvy talents was in the corner. He was surrounded with screens feeding him with waves of information.

With a few taps on the screen, a feed was projected in the conference hall.

The video was in high definition. If it wasn’t expanded, one could even see an ant.

A group of men, about 300-400 of them, were advancing towards the Chu Clan.

Their silhouettes would occasionally be caught by the cameras in the air above the forest.

The ones in front kept using various small animals to test the road ahead.

Clearly, the death of two of the Invigorated Meridian martial artists had caused the Three Leaves Sect to be more cautious.

At the same time, there were a few groups of cameras watching the Chu Clan side.

"Should we raise the defensive magical formation?" One of the men frowned, unwilling to be watched.

Chu Tianyu thought about it before waving him away, "Let them watch, we are no afraid!"

Chu Yu was a little astonished.

There were people streaming the battle?

The entire internet exploded into discussion.

Everyone was tuning in. Within 10 minutes, there were over a hundred million people watching the stream!

The people weren’t all from China. There were viewers from all over the world.

The Chu Clan was not affected by it, but the Three Leaves Sect was furious about this.

They felt that it was an invasion of privacy.

They sent people to interrupt the signal and prevent the livestream that would reveal their flaws.

The entire China knew what they were doing, but everyone chose to be quiet. That didn’t mean that people didn’t judge.

This was an evil war!

An invasion!

If something like this was broadcast live, even for a sect as shameless as the Three Leaves Sect, they would be hard pressed not to be embarrassed.

Initially, they had thought that the livestream was by the authorities. As such, the Three Leaves Sect sent people to find the authorities.

They wanted to use their influence to stop the broadcast.

However, they did not expect the reply from the authorities to be even harsher.

"The authorities have no business in this. Furthermore, watch your words and behavior, don’t think that you rule this world!"

It was a powerful reply!

The people on the Three Leaves Sect became furious, all of them expressing that they would not let this go.

However, after their Sect Leader received a phone call, they all became silent.

She told them all that this really had nothing to do with the authorities, and it was the work of many extremely large clans.

Furthermore, these sects were a lot more influential that the Three Leaves Sect in the ancient sect alliance.

Before she could say anything, the person on the other line told her that Xiao Zhen was the protector of the authorities.

This name had not been heard in many years.

However, he had not been forgotten. Both the world and the cultivation world owed him a favour!

Without him, the world would not have recovered!

Even though he was just an ordinary martial artist today and a scientist with no strength, yet, no one dared to antagonize him!

Furthermore, people had to respect him!

Else, they would be disrespecting the very person who helped them!

No one dared to cross that line.

Furthermore, he may not be an ordinary martial artist!

As someone who unsealed the world, coupled with the fact that he hasn’t revealed himself in over three decades, who knows what was his cultivation level?

What was he doing?

Back in the day, Confucius had taught the world and become a saint immediately.

Today, breaking the seal on the world and allowing the world to recover was a huge contribution...

Some things got scarier the more one thought about it.

As such, even the Sect Leader of the Three Leaves Sect did not dare to dig further.

At some level, Xiao Zhen was no longer a mere mortal.

He was like a god!

"They are too much, broadcasting us live?" Someone lamented as he looked up in the sky with an icy glare.

The internet was filled with mockery.

"Who is the one stepping over the line here? You want to forcefully invade someone else’s land and you have brought so many people. Are you trying to exterminate their entire clan? If we are talking about stepping over the line, who can match the Three Leaves Clan?"

"Exactly, how shameless!"

"Even when the Chus and Xies fought, they didn’t exterminate everyone... furthermore, if not for the fact that the Xie Clan had made multiple attempts on Chu Yu’s life and forced the Chu Clan into a corner, that fight in Yan Jing would not have happened. The Three Leaves Sect is clearly just out to bully people, how evil!"

"The people of the Three Leaves Sect, your evil deeds are now out for all to see, aren’t you going to stop?"

The internet was filled with discussion, and many sided with the Chu Clan and this angered the people of the Three Leaves Sect.

At last, the sect leader ordered everyone to switch off their messengers!

Including herself!

She definitely wanted the Chu Clan’s land!

This place didn’t just have good scenery.

A few hundred miles was easily covered by this group of people.

Finally, when they reached a point about a hundred miles from the Chu Clan border, the animals they threw out began to die.

They seemed to die instantly!


"Poison cloud!"

"What a strong poison!"

"F*ck me, there really is poison!"

"We had thought that the Chu Clan would die for sure, but it would seem that they have a chance now? Good poison, hahaha, I give them six points!"

Many of those watching the livestream were in awe and the ambience became more cheerful.

They had initially mocked the Three Leaves Sect for throwing small animals out in front of them.

However, seeing the small animals die in the blink of an eye had shocked them.

Before this, no one had known that the Northern Chu Clan was proficient in the use of poison.

However, no one had linked this poison to the Crane Saint’s legacy.

In the knowledge of the people, pill refining and poison were two different things.

Some of the people actually thought that the use of poison by the Chu Clan was underhand.

"Fight it out face to face. The use of poison makes the Chu Clan such a underhand clan!"

"Yup, the use of poison in a battle is so dishonorable."

Very soon, they were scolded by a huge group of people, so much so that they became completely silent.

"Underhand your ass! Dishonorable your mum! If someone was about to invade your home and kill your family, would you stay there and wait for death?"

"Anyone who suspects the Chu Clan is a huge idiot, else they have an ulterior motive. The Chu Clan is so adept at the use of poison, but have they used it before? Did they use it against the Xie Clan in their battle? If they did could the Xie Clan have escaped Yan Jing?"

"Exactly, the Chu Clan were forced into a corner and are acting in self defence. A weak clan has to to face up against the Three Leaves Sect, what else can they use other than poison? Rush up with spears and charge to their deaths? Idiots!"

"I support the Chu Clan’s use of poison, this is a battle for their lives! Kids should not participate in this discussion, you all have no idea."

The expressions of the people of the Three Leaves Sect were solemn, many of their eyes glowed with fury.

They needed to control their urge to curse and swear at the Chu Clan.

If it wasn’t for the live broadcast, they would have screamed it out.

One of the Three Leaves Sect elders laughed coldly, "Do you think that some poison mist could stop us?"

As he spoke, he retrieved a magical equipment, it was a palm sized yellow gourd.

It was orangey yellow and it glowed golden.

He laughed coldly and offered up the gourd. With a hum, the gourd began to suspend in midair. A yellow glow began to project downwards and covered him in a golden screen.

Afterwhich, this Three Leaves Sect Leader started to stride onward.

The golden yellow screen shook and moved along with him, almost like a god!

How mighty!

Countless people watching the broadcast couldn’t help but gasp. Many of them were seeing a magical equipment for the first time.

All of them were nervous.

The small animals were bound to die, but... how would an elder with a defensive magical equipment fare?

The elder was extremely arrogant. He was a Supreme Realm cultivator with a magical equipment.

He already had a Nascent Soul and he had powerful techniques.

Even without the protective magical equipment, he would not be afraid of poison, but one could not be too cautious.

Chu Yu stood in the poisonous mist and used his Breath Suspending Technique, his aura sealed internally.

He used the Pill Bending Technique to control the poisonous gas and stared coldly at the elder.

He purposely used the Pill Bending Technique to lure the elder inside for a few meters.

After the elder entered and realized that nothing happened to him, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

He looked condescendingly, "Do you really think that such weak poison can stop a real expert like me? How naive!"

Chu Yu soundlessly used the Pill Bending Technique to direct the poisonous mist towards the elder.

The elder had the yellow gourd above his head. That was a Supreme Realm magical equipment and it radiated with strong energy.

However he did not know that the poison pill that Chu Yu had refined were in the recipe book of a saint for a reason. If it could be blocked by an energy body, would it still be valued by a saint?

A little bit of poison silently adhered itself onto the elder’s body. The manic laughter of the elder stopped suddenly and his smile froze.

With a clang, his body fell to ground.

That orangey yellow gourd was still suspended in the air. After a long time, because it had lost the support of mental energy, it felt to the ground.

Everyone present was silent!

Even those watching the live broadcast were speechless!

The entire world seemed to come to a standstill.

After which, the entire internet exploded with chatter!

"Good job!"

"Powerful! F*ck me, that’s so strong!"

"This poison of the Chu Clan... incredibly powerful!"

"It is said that the Miao Jiang’s were very adept with poisons. But I think they are nothing compared to the Chu Clan."

"The Chu Clan is really very mighty, hahaha, this will be a good show!"

On the ground, all of the people of the Three Leaves Sect were stunned.

One of their Supreme Realm elders, with a powerful defensive magical equipment, had been poisoned to death even before he could say anything!

All of them felt chills down their spine.

The Three Leaves Sect Leader squinted her eyes, her expression pained.

They had lost a Supreme Realm elder just like that, and it angered and unsettled them.

The Supreme Realm Elder Ye stood out and suggested, "The poison is too strong, why don’t we just use our magical powers to destroy the entire area!"

"No..." One of the elders said solemnly, "If we destroy it like that, it may cause the poison to leak."

"What kind of poison is this? Is there really such a powerful poison on earth?" Someone asked fearfully.

This elder replied, "I once read in the annals that in the ancient days, there existed the highest levels of each technique, this poison... could very possibly be one of those."

The Sect Leader frowned. She had initially thought that today’s battle would be extremely smooth sailing. An underworld clan like them should have posed no problem to an ancient sect.

Even though two of their disciples had been poisoned, no alarms were raised, they just decided to be a little more cautious.

Once someone attained the Xiantian realm and became a cultivator, ordinary poisons would not harm them.

For a Supreme Realm cultivator with a defensive magical equipment, the poison should not even have been able to come close!

Who would have expected that there wasn’t even time for his Nascent Soul to escape!

He was poisoned to death instantly!

Chu Yu hid there, the receiver in his ear allowing him to get the latest news from his family.

"The Wu Clan of Qing Hai has already arrived on scene! They are hiding outside the view of the live stream cameras. However, our surveillance footage has already picked up their signature!"

Chu Yu was relieved as he thought to himself, Finally!

Now, he had to find a way to lure the Three Leaves Sect to use the magical equipment from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

After he thought about it, he walked out from his hiding spot.

The poisonous mist was invisible. Chu Yu revealed himself for all to see by walking out.

He bent over to pick up the gourd dropped by the Supreme Realm cultivator and snickered, "This gourd is not bad, I wonder if there’s a genie inside?"

Then, he removed a ring from that Supreme Realm cultivator’s finger.

"A storage ring is nice, I hope he isn’t poor."

The people from the Three Leaves Sect looked on, furious, but no one dared to advance.

The invisible poison... was most scary!

Those watching the live broadcast immediately spotted this handsome and masculine youth.

"Who is that?"

"Chu Yu... that is Chu Yu from the Chu Clan! Previously, he was involved in that scandal with Goddess Lin. I have seen his picture before, wow, he looks even better in person! I like!"

"He is that trash from the Chu Clan? What is he doing out here? Is he tired of living?"

"Could it be that this poisonous mist was his doing? Could he really have gotten the Crane Saint’s teachings?"

"Don’t be stupid, why would a saint teach others how to make poison?"

"It has been said that Chu Yu has regained his ability to cultivate, but no one knows what level he is at now..."

At this moment, countless eyes were fixated on Chu Yu.

With the HD cameras, Chu Yu’s every expression could be seen clearly.

Without considering his current cultivation level, his calm expression had already gained the respect of countless people.

Were the people of the Chu Clan... all so fearless?

Chu Yu smiled at the Sect Leader of the Three Leaves Sect. He clasped his fist and asked, "Are you the Three Leaves Sect Leader?"

The sect leader did not reply. One of the youths next to her bellowed, "Who are you? Ask one of your elders to come out and speak!"

Chu Yu glanced at him and hooked his finger, "You little bunny, you can come on in if you dare!"

"..." That youth’s face contorted and he nearly fainted from anger.

If a Supreme Realm cultivator died after entering, who else would dare to enter?

"If you don’t dare to enter, then don’t just scream outside. Kids should not interrupt when adults are speaking. Scram to the side!" Chu Yu said calmly.

Countless people on the internet were laughing.

"Hahaha, this is hilarious. I don’t hate Chu Yu anymore, even though he stole my Goddess Lin away, but he is hilarious!"

"He is arrogant, but cute, how interesting!"

"The guy from the Three Leaves Sect is completely green from anger!"

"It’s green? I feel that his head is also a little green..."

There was no lack of keyboard warriors and jesters on the internet. Even a full out war could be made out into a party.

It was lucky that the people of the Three Leaves Sect had switched off their messengers, else, they would be even more furious.

The Sect Leader was calmer and she looked at Chu Yu, "I am the leader of the Three Leaves Sect. Is there no one left in the Chu Clan? They sent someone as small as you?"

Chu Yu shrugged his shoulders and said flatly, "There is no need for our elders to defeat scum like you, I am sufficient!"

"Crazy talk!"

"You’re courting death!"

"You deserve to die!"

The people of the Three Leaves Sect were all agitated and began berating him.

The Sect Leader looked coldly at Chu Yu. She was also fuming, This little b*stard was antagonizing them from within the poisonous mist, so they cannot do anything.

So what if they killed him?

The Three Leaves Sect still cannot breach the defences!

This was what caused her the greatest headache. She did not expect that a small and weak clan like the Chu Clan would be like a porcupine, difficult to swallow.

If it wasn’t for the live broadcast, they could retreat and rethink their strategy.

However, if they retreated now, they would be the butt of everybody’s jokes.

Damned technology!

The female Sect Leader cursed internally. However, she did not know that the dark technology from the ancient days was way more powerful.

The most powerful mirror technique could see images from hundreds of miles away in other galaxies!

The youth next to the Sect Leader began to recover and said coldly to Chu Yu, "Little b*stard, do you dare to come out? I can beat you with a single hand!"

The internet was silent. Someone had already pointed out that this man was a Xiantian Realm cultivator!

What about Chu Yu? After so many years of being ruined, coupled with his recent recovery, he may not even be in the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

For a Xiantian cultivator to challenge an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist, even with one hand was ridiculous.

What surprised everyone was that Chu Yu actually agreed!

"Okay, but you don’t need to use only one hand, you can use both! For someone like you, I can kill you with a single slap!"

The internet and the people on the scene were completely silent.

Everyone looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

Was this guy crazy?

Even if he was tired of living, this wasn’t the way to go was it?

"However, with so many people around you, when I fight you, will someone attack me?" Chu Yu looked at the Three Leaves Sect crowd with distrust.

The people from the Three Leaves Sect were furious beyond belief. Do we need to sneak attack someone who had not cultivated in over a decade?

Anyone on the scene could easily kill you with a single slap!

Chu Yu did not care about it and pointed straight at the head, "Leader of the Three Leaves Sect. There are countless eyes watching this right now. If you agree to a battle between me and that piece of trash next to you, with no interference from the outside, I will come out and teach him a lesson, do you dare?"

Chu Yu glared at the Sect Leader, his expression arrogant.

The internet was about to explode!

Many girls were screaming, even scaring their family members.

"How handsome!"

"Incredibly handsome!"

"I like guys like that!"

The guys watching the broadcast were unimpressed.

"He’s going to get schooled!"

"Is he scared that he won’t die fast enough?"

"I hate people like him..."

The reactions were on the two ends of the spectrum.

The Three Leaves Sect Leader laughed in anger and nodded, "Ok, I promise you!"

The way she saw it, if they could capture Chu Yu alive, they could handcuff the entire Chu Clan!

Weren’t the Chu Clan the Northern Wolves?

When Chu Yu was targeted, the Chu Clan had gathered all their men to attack the Xie Clan.

If your man was captured, what would you do?

As she thought about it, the Sect Leader used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell the youth, "Capture him alive!"

"Ok!" The youth replied.

Chu Yu had already used his vertical eye and spotted that the Purplish Golden Abacus was with this youth.

When he saw it, Chu Yu knew what to do.

He thought to himself, Heaven is on my side!

In actual fact, Chu Yu recognized this youth, and he was one of the disciples of the Sect Leader herself!

He was extremely talented and loved by the Sect Leader. Even Yang Xiaofeng couldn’t match him.

Else, that Purplish Golden Abacus would not be with him.

Now, the people from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai were here, but they had yet to reveal themselves.

Even though a Xiantian cultivator had a few more tricks than an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist, Chu Yu was not scared.

He had wanted to test his battle power after attaining the small circle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

Seeing that the Sect Leader had agreed, Chu Yu was not afraid that they would pull another trick. If the Three Leaves Sect went back on their word and attacked him, they would be despised by the world.

Chu Yu spread the poison mist and walked out from inside. Then he looked at the youth, "Come on, I won’t use poison, but I wil kill you with a slap!"

"You can go and die!"

That youth was furious, he leapt into the air and kicked at Chu Yu’s face.

Since the Sect Leader had explicit orders not to kill him, the youth planned to kick Chu Yu into the ground.

He wanted to humiliate Chu Yu and let this arrogant b*stard understand the true meaning of an expert.

A Xiantian cultivator moved like lightning, extremely quick!

Those watching the broadcast could not even make out his actions. When they finally made sense of what was happening, the youth was already flying out of the arena, screaming in pain.

Chu Yu had punched the foot of the youth.

His fist did not even contact the youth’s shoes. A strong wave of energy had shattered the sole of that youth!

At the same time, Chu Yu’s other hand chopped straight at the youth’s waist...


A Purplish Golden Abacus fell out from his body.

The youth’s sole was shattered and he landed far away, screaming in pain.

Chu Yu bent over and picked up the Purplish Golden Abacus and smiled, "Aiyo, is this a magical equipment? It looks good!"

"Return that to me!"

"Kid, leave that!"

"You’re courting death!"

Many of the people in the Three Leaves Sect were furious and wanted to attack Chu Yu.

A few Xiantian cultivators already lunged at him.

They had believed that this place was free of poison and rushed up fearlessly.

"You shameless bunch of people!"

Chu Yu retreated quickly like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, when he sent that youth flying, he had directed the poisonous mist over.

As such, the Xiantian cultivators from the Three Leaves Sect were still some distance from Chu Yu when they fell from the sky.

Like dumplings, they smashed viciously into the ground.

They died on the spot!

Chu Yu raised his head and said coldly, "You kids, kneel down and acknowledge your father!"

"You’re shameless!"


"How cunning!"

The crowd of Three Leaves Sect cultivators were enraged.

Those watching the broadcast could not hold back their laughter.

Usually, when watching such scenes, one’s heart would feel heavy, but this scene was way too funny.

Many even got the feeling that they were watching a movie...

This was because Chu Yu had remained too calm in the face of a strong enemy.

No, it should be, he managed to hide his powers and fool a strong enemy!

The key point was, he succeeded...

Chu Yu retreated whilst laughing, "Despicable? Shameless? Cunning? Are you all talking about yourselves? I can see you all have some self-awareness..."

Before the Three Leaves Sect could respond, a raging bellow could be heard from a distance.

"B*stards from the Three Leaves Sect, you will pay with your lives!"

A huge hand, about a hundred meters squared in area, covering the entire land, made entirely of energy and radiating with boundless energy... smashed straight at the crowd of people from the Three Leaves Sect!


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