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Chapter 388: Start Killing
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Qin Yu felt himself flying towards Sky Mountain. Vines wrapped tightly around his limbs and neck, dragging him to the mountain. He was truly afraid. His father had gone to the Cottage to stop Mr. Du and the College. If they killed the Sword Saint and the others, the Eastern Barren Territory would belong to the Qin Dynasty. But he never thought that not only could Ye Futian activate Sky Mountain's bell, he could also control its Spiritual Qi.

I won't die. Qin Yu had a strong will to live. Gold flashed brilliantly from his body, tearing through everything. At the same time, his ritual implement armor flashed, blocking the spell's attack. The gold vines were cut by the powerful metal intent. Qin Yu got some hope, but then he heard a clang… He spat out a mouthful of blood. His hope was extinguished.

Ye Futian was truly going to kill him.

Fear intensified inside Qin Yu. There was an explosion. He felt himself crash against the mountain as the vines transformed into blades that pierced him. However, Qin Yu was covered in the ritual implement armor, blocking that attack.

Ding, ding, ding… The bell flattened everything. The boundless sky trembled.



The Noble figures of the Barren State were all on the ground, vomiting blood. The majestic dragon was limp on the ground, blood flowing from its mouth. The Golden Raven was also weak on the ground, bleeding fiery blood.

It was tragic. All strong cultivators were forced down on Sky Mountain while the weaker ones still stood. They didn't know what to think about the Nobles on the ground. The bell kept echoing in their minds. Ye Futian controlled the bell on Sky Mountain, defeating them instantly. He was so cruel.

Qin Yu was tied up on the side of the mountain like Nan Yu. He was weak to the point that he was on his last breath. The ritual implement dimmed and his spiritual energy was down. He couldn't use Spiritual Qi to armor his body.

The sharp thorns touched Qin Yu's neck. They were frigid to the bone. Qin Yu looked up weakly and said quietly, "Let me go."

Let him go? Ye Futian laughed. Qin Yu hadn't thought about letting anyone go when he plotted to destroy the Liu Kingdom.

"The Qin Dynasty is cruel. A force like this is destined to drown in the river of time. Qin Yu, you won't be lonely." As soon as Ye Futian finished, an extremely sharp blade pierced Qin Yu's neck. Blood flowed out. His eyes were wide as saucers as if recovering his energy. He glared at Ye Futian.

"I refuse!" he roared with all his might. Finally, his eyes dimmed and his aura disappeared. He was nailed dead to the mountain. The snow and ice of Sky Mountain covered him. Instantly, he was turned into an ice statue, sealed to the side of the mountain.

"The Liu Kingdom refused too," Ye Futian muttered. Beside him, Nan Yu trembled in fear. The unimportant low-class figures he'd looked down on now had an aura that scared him. Ye Futian had used Sky Mountain's intent to defeat all strong cultivators here and crucified a top-level Noble.

Ye Futian turned slowly. Countless eyes at the foot of the mountain gazed at him in terror. He had received the Sky Mountain relic and controlled its intent. Qin Yu, crown prince of the Qin Dynasty, had died on the mountain. He probably wouldn't be the only one.

In the snow at the foot of Sky Mountain, the leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, and Donghua Clan were all pale. They were all breathing with difficulty now. They knew that since Ye Futian could kill Qin Yu, he could kill them too.

In the sky, the golden vines covered the sun. There was no snow anymore. Ye Futian gazed at the leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple. The vines went to them.

Boom. The Fuyun Sword Clan leader used his last bit of power to transform into sword light to escape. With a clang, the bell rang and he dropped down—powerless and hopeless. Vines swept over and curled around him. Then they snaked up his arm. His sword was raised into the sky and cut a beautiful arc. With a soft sound, the Fuyun Sword Clan leader, a top figure in the Eastern Barren Territory, had his neck sliced by his own sword. Like Qin Yu, he died on Sky Mountain.

"No, I'm willing to submit to the Cottage." The Royal Xuan Temple leader gazed up at Sky Mountain, at the handsome figure hovering there. He was willing to submit to them. Right now, he just wanted to live.

"Don't insult the Cottage." Ye Futian looked at him in scorn. The sword flashed and blood spilled onto the snow. Everyone's hearts were numb. This was the third top figure that Ye Futian had slain.

He had started killing.

Who would have thought that these top figures would die like this? The Alkaid sword flew towards the leaders of Donghua Clan as fast as lightning. The leader's face was white. He stood with his wife and sighed inwardly.

The Donghua Clan had always wanted to be the number one clan. Thus, they joined with the Qin Dynasty. Who would have thought that the disciples of the Cottage were all this talented? Instead of dying in the hands of the Sword Saint, they would be killed by the youngest disciple. They really had been dreaming.

The Alkaid transformed into icy lightning filled with murderous intent. Then a beautiful figure stood before them.

"Qingqing," the leader yelled. It was Hua Qingqing before them. She looked up at Sky Mountain. The Alkaid was coming down like lightning with extreme sharpness.

Boom! Sword aura burst forth. Cold light reflected on Hua Qingqing's face. Her eyes stayed open without even blinking. Rather than looking at the sword, she looked at Ye Futian.

"Qingqing, move aside," her father said, but she seemed not to hear. She remained there.

"I'll die for them," Hua Qingqing said to Ye Futian.

"You didn't attack me on Sky Mountain and helped me keep the secret," Ye Futian said. That's why I saved you earlier. However, your parents must pay." Hua Qingqing was different from the people of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan. That was why Ye Futian saved her. However, the Donghua Clan leader had tried killing his seniors.

"I know. That's why I will die for them," Hua Qingqing said softly.

"You can't."

"They didn't participate in the matter with the Liu Kingdom and didn't know. It was the Qin Dynasty. If you've already decided, kill us all." Hua Qingqing's eyes closed slowly. A teardrop fell from the corner of her eye. She wasn't afraid of death. She'd just thought of the snow on Sky Mountain and that beautiful melody. If she knew this day would come, would she have attacked Ye Futian? Would she have kept the secret for him?

"Junior, forgive them," the Sword Saint murmured with his eyes closed.

Ye Futian heard his words and looked in Hua Qingqing's direction. "What will the clan leader do in the future?"

"I will retreat and never be involved in the Eastern Barren Territory again," he said.

"What if you can't?" Ye Futian continued.

"If they can't do it, I'll die." Hua Qingqing opened her eyes and looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at those determined eyes. The next moment, the vines with the Alkaid sword whooshed away to another direction. He didn't kill the Donghua Clan leader and Lady Yuxiao.

The other direction was where the Sacred Fire Sect was.

The Arhat's expression changed drastically. "Help me." He flashed and hid behind Du Ao of the Sacred Fire Sect.

The frigidly shining Alkaid came over. Du Ao looked up at Ye Futian and said coldly, "Do you dare kill him?"

Whoosh. The vines curled around the Arhat, tying him up and taking him into the air.

"Let go of me." The Arhat looked up at Ye Futian in fear. The golden vines took him straight into the air, right across from Ye Futian who looked at him. "You wish to enter the Barren State?" The Arhat wanted to use Ye Futian's life as a spring to cultivate in the Barren State.

"I don't agree," Ye Futian whispered.

Behind the Arhat, the Alkaid came with the vines. With a squelch, the blade cut into the Arhat's head. Slain! His eyes were still open, but blood kept flowing. The vines disappeared and he dropped down the sky. His heart was utterly cold.

Wasn't this his chance? Strong cultivators from the Barren State had come. He could leave the Qianqiu Temple in the Eastern Barren Territory and enter the Barren State to cultivate. Everything was so perfect. He even knew Ye Futian's secret.

Why was this the ending? Why did he die?

The Buddha spoke of reincarnations. Where was it? A person died just as a candle would be extinguished. They would disappear from the world. His life was still so short. He had so much talent but hadn't shone yet before dying at Sky Mountain.

He wasn't willing.

But even so, he had died. His corpse fell onto the snow like the clan leaders of the Fuyun Sword Clan. None of them were willing; none of them had expected this ending.

"I'm sorry. These personal rivalries have nothing to do with you," Ye Futian said to Du Ao. His voice was calm, but Du Ao's expression was extremely ugly. These were personal rivalries that had nothing to do with him? That was a slap to his face. And yet, Ye Futian's voice was monotone. He didn't consider Du Ao at all.

Of course, he didn't. If not for the force behind Du Ao, Ye Futian would have started killing directly. He'd already offended him. Did he have to care about Du Ao while killing the Arhat? If he did, wouldn't he just submit to him?!

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