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Chapter 16

After staying for a week in the royal capital, we were on our way back to the Dolknes territory . My favorite means of transportation is Ryuu, I really hate riding the coach .

I wanted to stop the carriage, get my feet on the ground and take a look along the road . Some good views could be seen when one travels by road from the capital to Dolknes territory .

Unfortunately, there was no coach available which Ryuu could ride so I told him that he could return whenever he wanted .

「Aa—, my body feels cramped—」

Right now we’re stopping for a break, as I hopped down from the coach and stretched my body, I could hear the sounds of my bone cracking . Hearing how loud the sound was, the coachman looked at me in surprise . No, no, everyone does this all the time .  

Patrick followed me as he hopped down and stretched himself, but no bone-cracking sounds were heard . Eh?

The maid sisters, Rita and Sara, also stepped out of the coach .

If I didn’t bring the elder one back home with us, it was likely that she would commit suicide . Compared to Rita, Sara wasn’t so weird, plus I wanted her within earshot before her sister’s bad influence affected her .

Patrick helped them to step out of the coach .

Huh? Why didn’t I get the same wonderful event? I wondered for a moment but on second thought, wasn’t I the one who rushed out of the coach first?

Besides, I’m not that weak to ask for help like that . But next time, I’ll wait until Patrick gets out first . If he offers me his hand, I’m willing to take it .

As I repeat the bending and stretching motion, Patrick comes closer .

「You still hate riding the coach?」

「I really hate it, running is a faster way of travelling . 」

「That only works for you . 」

「No, no, Patrick, you can also run fast, right?」

The other day when we measured his level, it’s already past Level 80 . Even the Knight Commander, who was considered the strongest in the kingdom was Level 60, so you could understand how strong his current strength is . If you look at the past, people who reached Level 80 are like urban legends .

「Well, I think it’s faster to run, too . But…」

「You did realize that you’re not normal anymore, right?」

「…I can’t accept that Yumiela is admonishing me . 」

This is one of the reasons for our inspection . I don’t necessarily need to ride a coach, but a lot of people use it . It’s important to realize he’s no longer normal and have to see things from a normal people’s perspective .

The population of Dolknes territory consists of normal people, there are few strong people like Patrick and me .

Despite my insightful thoughts, Patrick is reluctant to admit the truth .

「I’m not like you, my magic power is normal, you know? We aren’t in the same league . 」

Patrick’s magic has wind and earth attributes, he uses them skillfully by using the wind to deliver his voice over a distance and using earth attributes to create an instant defense .

He doesn’t use his strength the same way I do but I’m sure he could if he wanted to .

「I’m trying to suppress my magic, okay? And it’s been ingrained in you to conserve your magic, if you want to go all out, go for it, you’ll do great . 」

「…Sure, recently I haven’t been able to use all my magic without restrain . 」

「Let’s do it together this time and give each other our all . 」

「No way . 」

My suggestion was immediately rejected . He’s no fun but…

Feeling dejected, I looked at the couch and I started to get bored . It leads me to think of modern knowledge I could use to improve the coach when the horse catches my attention .

The couch that we were using right now is a two-horse coach, both of the horses are very pretty with chestnut-colored hair . During our break, the two of them were gulping down water .

Aah, look how cute they’re . Moreover the horses are intelligent . They’re not like cats and dogs that bark at the sight of me and end up running away . The era of those pets is over, now it’s time for the horses to shine .

「Thank you for pulling the coach, can I touch them a little?」

I moved to the side and aimed to touch at one side . Their big, round black eyes looked gentle . Is this one a girl?

I reached out, before I could touch the horse’s neck it suddenly lashed out and neighs were heard .

Oh no, did I touch a forbidden place? Just like dogs that hate having their tails touched, maybe horses also have places that don’t want to be touched .

This is entirely my fault . The coachman oji-san rushed up to me and said,

「Excuse me . The horses are scared, could you please step away?」

He then calmed the horse down by petting it . By touching it in the same place I was going to touch . …Eh?

It seems like it’s not just dogs and cats have a tendency to be afraid of me but horses as well . Maybe it applies to animals in general . Oh, but humans tend to be afraid of me, too . It’s okay, I still have Ryuu anyway .

Inside the traveling coach, it seems that the road surface is poor or the swaying has increased . I wish they would at least maintain the streets properly .

「Hey, where are we going right now? Aren’t the road is too bad?」

「We just entered the Dolknes territory a while ago . 」

My question was answered plainly by Patrick . Is that the reason why Rita cast down her eyes the moment I asked that?

Then she lifted her downcast eyes .

「It’s better than before . It was worse before Yumielsama entered the academy . 」

Now that she mentions it, I remembered the coach heading to the academy was shakier . It felt less shaky during the journey but it wasn’t because I got used to it .

If I don’t, I’ll be in trouble . Since I became the Lord, I’ve been allocating money for road maintenance . What the hell happened to it?

「Hmm, maybe it was . 」

「And this is an awful place to meet bandits . As long as you pass safely, you’d arrive at peaceful Dolknes territory . 」

Ritsan, isn’t the bar too low? Nowadays, there is no such thing as bandits . If the bandits frequently appear in a territory, then the Lord must be ridiculously incompetent .

「I’ve never heard about bandits, but it’s actually… eh? Why did we stop?」

I was about to ask if the rumors about the bandits were real in this world when the coach suddenly stopped . The coachman’s panicked voice could be heard from outside .

「Bandits! We’ve been surrounded!」

I learned a few things . One, bandits are real . Two, nobles like the Dolknes are incompetent as a Lord .

Then, as a lord with zero aptitude I’ll make a difference as guard .

Patrick jumped out of the coach first . Bandits surrounded us as I leaned out of the coach and looked around . There were about thirty men of varying ages, a few of them were armed with proper weapons and the rest were armed with farming tools .

Patrick then guided the coachman oji-san in front of the door .

「Yumiela, come out quickly . Let him hide inside . 」

Eh? What kind of event will lend me a hand to step down?

If I say something like that, it’s obvious that I’m going to get angry . I jumped off from the coach lightly to warn Rita and the others .  

「You guys stay inside the coach . 」

「Good luck . 」

Saying good luck when surrounded by thirty or so people is an exaggeration . Judging from the bandits’ appearance they aren’t used to fighting, so there is no danger here .  

Patrick draws the sword on his waist . When I was about to do the same… I remembered that I left my sword at home . I stand in line next to him in a natural stance .

While keeping an eye on the bandits, he said .  

「Yumiela, protect the coach, I’ll take care of the bandits!」


Maybe it’s better to reverse the plan . But nothing can stop Patrick when he’s motivated . I stand in front of the coach and watch him fight against the bandits .  

As you can imagine, the odds for the bandits to win weren’t good .

Patrick struck with his sword, knocked them down with his feet then blew them away with wind magic and overwhelmed the bandits .  

While watching the one-sided fight, I sense something approaching me from behind . He had a sword in his hand and seemed to have his sights on me, unlike the bandits who had surrounded Patrick and tried to defeat him . He’s pretty reckless .

I pretend not to notice his movement in the background . But I still wanted to avoid being slashed from behind with minimal movement . If I do, I will look cool like a master . I can feel his stare at the back of my head .

He reached behind me without making any noises and swung his sword down… but it never came . Instead, his hand circled from behind and held his sword on my throat .  

「Don’t move! Drop your sword! Or she will get it!」

He said that loudly .

…What does that mean? I exchanged looks with Patrick but he hasn’t grasped the situation yet .

We both freeze and looking puzzled when he flaunted some even more and said, 

「Drop your weapon if you are worried about this girl! Give me your valuables or I will kill her! 」

I still don’t understand what he’s talking about . But Patrick seems to have figured it out and asks quizzically .

「…Is this a situation where you became a hostage?」

「No shit! Look, I’ll ruin your girlfriend’s beautiful face!」

He brought the blunt-looking blade close to my face . I’ve been involved in a lot of dangerous situations before but this is the first time being held as a hostage .

Since we’re already caught in this situation, let’s do something even more hostage-like . It’s a once-in-lifetime experience .  

Time to ask for help using all my acting skills .

「P-please save m—」

That sounds really dry .

Patrick looked weak and unmotivated . Hey, your fiancee is in danger . Can you take it more seriously?

I continued my acting as a hostage .

「Don’t mind me! Attack me! I’m going to drag this guy to hell!」


My intention was to make it like an unlucky girl battling someone like rival characters in the manga . The bandits trembled at my resolve .  

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However it’s unlikely for Patrick who had a troubled look on his face to move . It seems like I’m not the only one who feels heartless . The bandits that surrounded us unanimously said,

「Just drop your sword and I won’t take her life, okay? 」

「Your girlfriend is saying all these things but you have no heart!」

「Don’t listen to him, Patrick! I’m alright!」

He finally made up his mind and has a clue about what I’m doing . After letting out a deep sigh, he dropped the sword in his right hand to the ground .

As he raised both of his hands, Patrick gave the bandits a sharp look .

「Taking hostage is for cowards! Release her!」

Oh, Patrick is on board with my idea .  

He was so intense it frightened the bandits and made them back away . I was blown away by his impressive acting .

「Fufu, Patrick is so cool . How could you be so good at acting?」

「You are the one who started it . Look, the charade is over . 」

He looked away in embarrassment as he picked up the sword he dropped .

Being a hostage is no fun . Now would be the time to grab the sword that is being held at my throat .

The sword blade easily broke when I grabbed it, there’s no way such a poor quality sword could withstand my grip . Looking at the broken sword, the guy behind me froze .  

「I never thought a day where I would be a hostage would come . Thank you for the opportunity!」


「Well, can you all gather in one place?」

「Whoaa, what is this strength?!」

I grabbed his arm and tossed him towards  Patrick . He flew into the air and collided with another bandit .

Meanwhile, on Patrick’s side of things, it looks like he also seemed to have settled the matter . The thirty or so bandits were either down or no longer had the will to fight .

I slowly walked towards Patrick and said,

「Good job, it’s not that hard… isn’t it?」

「Yeah, they didn’t look like they were used to fighting . Their weapons are too shabby, they look like farmers…」

What if they’re coming from my territory? There must be a reason why they become bandits, maybe I’m the root of the problem .

「I’m the Lord of Dolknes territory, where are you guys come from?」

They began whispering to each other when I asked them in a less domineering manner .  

「…Lord of Dolknes? The one who said to defeated the Demon King?」

「This is bad, we hit the most dangerous target . 」

「Hey, stop talking as if you are being tortured . Remember your family’s faces!」

Seeing them panicked makes me feel bad . It feels like the standard that I’ve to expect .

Patrick stepped forward and motioned me to step back .  

「Tell me, do you have a place to stay or are you working away from home? And why are you targeting this place?」

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They remain silent under Patrick’s interrogation . See? The way you asked is too pushy . Interrogation requires a carrot and stick approach, a certain amount of mercy is needed .

When he tried to give them an alternate choice, he gave the choices in a well-timed manner .  

「If you keep silent, I’ll change place and let her do the rest . 」

「No, I’ll tell you everything!」

Can you stop using me as the stick?

Later he found out the bandits were coming from a village in our neighboring territory .  

When I asked him to elaborate, he said that their village suffered from poverty and if they didn’t do this, they would starve to death . That’s why the men were planning to rob a coach that was likely loaded with money as bandits .

It seems that the big mountains in the south were the cause of poverty . There are times when the sun would disappear, causing low crop yields, he added .  

As I listen to his story from a distance, I asked,

「But what’s changed? What made you start robbing people? You’ve been doing this for a while, right?」

「Um . 」

「…I don’t know!」

Yep, just like the usual . They get scared .

Patrick gestures to me to take a further step back and I listen .  

「What’s going on in your territory lately?」

「It’s the monsters . There aren’t any around our village but they raided our crops . 」

Monsters rarely appear near human settlements . Or rather, people settled in a place where there are no monsters around .

It’s concerning for them to show up in their village . I couldn’t help but ask .  

「 Was everyone okay?」

「Uwaaa . 」

「…Patrick . 」

It’s about time for them to start getting used to it . Just What kind of personal information about me is circulating in the villages around here?

The villagers in my territory did not react that way when they saw me . I mean… I kinda expected this already .

With a sigh, Patrick asked on my behalf .

「Was there any damage done?」

「No one is injured . But the fields are ruined, we might as well be dead . Our Lord won’t even help us . 」

The village was already in poor condition from the start, but it became even more devastating after the monsters appeared . And no help from the Lord as well . Hearing about their grievances, an idea suddenly came to my mind .

The territorial reform that I proposed the other day was rejected due to the lack of residents .  

「Hey . 」

「Uwaah . 」

「…Am I that scary? Oh! If the neighboring territory sucks, then why don’t you migrate to mine?」

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