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Chapter 99: Your Neck Is Very Pretty

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This was a Chinese restaurant. The two sisters were sitting in a small private room, chatting and waiting for Han Zhan.

When Han Zhan pushed open the door and entered, a 1.9m tall man stood in the small private room. His presence was too strong and the room instantly felt slightly narrow.

Mu Qiu was too embarrassed to openly size Han Zhan up, and only dared to glance at him from time to time. She thought regretfully in her heart: What a pity, such a handsome and tall man is a handicap. 

Since this was the first time Han Zhan met Mu Qiu, he had prepared a pearl brooch for her. It was not an expensive gift, but it was a very likable gift.

Mu Qiu grinned as she placed the brooch on her chest. She looked up at Han Zhan and gave him a shy smile, thanking him for his gift. “Thank you Brother-in-law for spending so much money on me. The brooch is very nice. I like it a lot.”

Han Zhan placed a dumpling in Song Ci’s bowl, before looking up at Mu Qiu. He replied in a cold and polite manner, “It’s just a small gift. It’s not expensive. Moreover, you’re Song Ci’s younger sister. I have to please you, right?”

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand but stared straight at Mu Qiu. He said half-jokingly, “I will remember and treat everyone who treats Song Ci well. Of course, to all the people who bully Song Ci, I’ll pay back double of what they did.”

“Whoever makes Song Ci bleed, I will make her pay with her life.”

]This was supposed to be a funny sentence, but paired with Han Zhan’s imposing manner and overly serious expression, it actually made one shudder in fear.

Mu Qiu’s expression remained unchanged, but her grip on her chopsticks tightened.

What is Han Zhan hinting at? 

Did he discover something? 

Could it be… 

Mu Qiu felt a chill down her spine, as she thought of how she had nearly assassinated Song Ci that night at Han Zhan’s house.

Mu Qiu instinctively looked down, not daring to look at Han Zhan.

At this point, Song Ci suddenly giggled. Mu Qiu looked up in surprise and saw Song Ci pinching Han Zhan’s cheek.

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, as she asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, are you watching dramas again? I asked you to learn romance from television, not to learn how to act cool from them.”

Han Zhan also smiled. He tilted his head and asked Song Ci, “Aren’t my words just now romantic?”

Song Ci said, “No.”

Han Zhan took a sip of water and said humbly, “Looks like I have to learn again.”

The confused Mu Qiu asked humbly, “What… are you talking about?”

Song Ci smiled for a long time before finally stopping. She couldn’t conceal the happiness and pride in her eyes. Song Ci told Mu Qiu, “Your brother-in-law is already in his thirties and can’t keep up with our young lives anymore. He doesn’t even know how to sweet-talk.”

“I detested the fact that he doesn’t know how to speak sweet nothings, so I told him to learn from television shows. Just now, he intentionally said sweet nothings to me in front of you to cheer me up and to flaunt our love, but this fool…”

“Too silly! Whoever makes Song Ci bleed, I will make her pay with her life…” Song Ci couldn’t help laughing again until her stomach hurt.

Song Ci placed her palm on the back of Han Zhan’s hand, and looked up into his deep blue eyes. She started to act coquettishly again. “Brother Han, you must protect me well. Don’t let me get hurt.”

Han Zhan said, “Mmm, I’ll protect you.”

]Mu Qiu suddenly felt very dull. The dishes on the table in front of her all tasted like dog food.


After the meal, Song Ci and Han Zhan bid farewell to Mu Qiu before leaving together.

Han Zhan drove and Song Ci sat obediently in the passenger seat.

After fastening her seatbelt, Song Ci gave Han Zhan a thumbs-up. “Good job, Brother Han. You performed exceptionally well today. You deserve a reward.”

Thinking of Mu Qiu’s terrified expression as she held her chopsticks tightly, Song Ci felt very good.

Han Zhan asked her, “What’s my reward?”

Song Ci asked, “What do you want?”

Han Zhan suddenly stretched out his left hand and placed his palm on Song Ci’s smooth, fair skin. Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s nearly transparent blood vessels and praised her. “Your neck is very beautiful.”


Song Ci didn’t dare to look straight into Han Zhan’s fiery eyes.

She acknowledged softly. “Of course. Which part of my body doesn’t look good?”

Han Zhan really wanted to lean over and kiss that enticing neck—he had indeed done so. However, before he could get close to Song Ci’s skin, he heard her say in a cold voice, “My neck is so beautiful. When you strangle it, isn’t it equally vicious?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He recalled how he had nearly broken Song Ci’s neck on the day of her car accident. Han Zhan looked embarrassed, as he drew back and gently stroked Song Ci’s neck through the leather glove on his right hand.

Half a second later, Han Zhan suddenly sighed. “You can only blame your neck for being too thin.”

Song Ci was enraged. She took off her seatbelt on the spot, leaned over the handle of the car, and sat down directly on Han Zhan. Gritting her teeth, Song Ci reached out her hands and grabbed Han Zhan by the neck.

She threatened him sternly. “Do you believe that I’ll strangle you to death?”

However, Han Zhan held her waist with both hands and said, “Don’t move.” Han Zhan’s voice instantly turned hoarse, sounding very seductive.

If anything were to happen again, there was no guarantee that there would be an exposé on Wangdong City’s forum tomorrow: “Song Ci and her husband are newlyweds, and they openly XX.”

Song Ci noticed the change in Han Zhan. She cursed under her breath and hurried back to her seat. Song Ci fastened her seatbelt and lowered the window to let the wind in, letting her red cheeks cool down slightly.

Mu Qiu stood at the entrance of the restaurant from afar. Through the windshield of the car, she witnessed Song Ci flirting with her brother-in-law. Her eyes were filled with envy and yearning.

What is love like?

Mu Qiu also had a crush on guys in the past, but she didn’t have any serious dating experience. She took out her bucket list and stared at the last three items in a daze.

Number six: Choose a suitable grave for yourself.

Number seven: Wear a wedding gown once to take a solo wedding photo.

Number 8: Sleeping with a handsome single man.

A man’s image flashed across Mu Qiu’s mind. She shook her head, folded the list, and stuffed it into her bag.

A dying person had no right to fall in love.

There was not much time left in her life. Mu Qiu didn’t want to go home and sleep early, as she felt it was a waste of time. Standing on the hot and noisy streets, Mu Qiu suddenly felt an urge to find someone to accompany her.

At 9.30pm, Mu Qiu stood at the entrance of the bar street and gazed at it.

On both sides of the street were bars that opened one after another. Some of the bars were very famous and visitors from other places to Wangdong City would frequent there. They would specially visit those bars to get some drinks.

After hesitating for a moment, Mu Qiu finally moved towards a bar called One-Station.

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