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Chapter 93: A fragile friendship

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Hearing Bei Zhan mention about eight years ago, Han Zhan remembered the reason why he registered for Yu Hua then. Han Zhan’s ex-girlfriend was a singer, he founded Yu Hua with the intention of creating a clean musical empire for his ex-girlfriend.

However, before Yu Hua could even serve its purpose, Han Zhan was kicked aside by his ex-girlfriend, so the company was left in the lurch.

Bei Zhan asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, what instructions do you have?”

]Song Ci was secretly flirting with Han Zhan, causing him to feel a slight itch in his chest. He told Bei Zhan, “Find a capable person to take over Yu Hua. This company can’t continue to be idle. Oh yes, the M.A.I. Group is about to disband. Get someone to poach Liang Bo from their team. This person has good musical talent and is a promising talent. He must be heavily supported.”

Although Bei Zhan was shocked, he had always been supportive of Han Zhan’s decision. “Alright, I will do as you say.” Who would have thought that just because of a few words from Han Zhan, a musical empire would rise up?

Han Zhan hung up and received a sweet kiss from Song Ci. “Brother Han, you’re so handsome!” Song Ci gave Han Zhan a big thumbs-up.

Han Zhan felt very guilty, as he didn’t dare to tell Song Ci that he started this company because of his ex-girlfriend.

Song Ci was accompanying Song Fei at Yan Jiang’s house, when she received a message from Liang Bo. In the message, Liang Bo informed Song Ci that he had terminated his contract with his original management company, and had successfully signed a contract with Yu Hua.

After reading the message, Song Ci made a call and asked Liang Bo, “Who is your manager?”

Liang Bo said excitedly, “It’s the company’s director. She’s called Zhu Wen. Do you know her, goddess?”

How can I not know her? 

Zhu Wen was known as Demon King Zhu. She had a vicious tongue and a sharp eye.

At the age of 22, Zhu Wen had stepped into this circle. She had climbed up step by step and eventually became the CEO of Yu Hua Company. But what impressed people the most was not her status as CEO of Yu Hua, but something else.

After 14 years of hiding in the entertainment circles, she had secretly collected a “list of 136 big bosses in the entertainment circles with criminal records and evidence”. At the age of 36, she had reported everyone involved.

During that time, the entertainment circle experienced an earthquake and tsunami. Countless big shots and famous people were jailed, and Zhu Wen became a name every household knew.

On the day the big bosses were sentenced to prison, Zhu Wen stood in front of the camera and said one sentence: Mother, I have avenged you.

Later on, someone dug deeper and found out that Zhu Wen’s mother was actually the famous and beautiful actress, queen of the late nineties, Tang Sa.

Before Tang Sa debuted, she was married and had a daughter with her husband. Unfortunately, her good luck didn’t last. Three years after their marriage, her husband fell ill and passed away early. As a result, Tang Sa had to borrow some money from loan sharks to treat his husband and raise her daughter. Tang Sa was even introduced to acting.

With her stunning beauty, Tang Sa quickly made a name for herself. But her fame also came with dirty deals. Beauty was a double-edged sword. When you were domineering enough, your beauty was an added bonus. If you had no power or influence, your beauty would bring you fatal danger.

She was the most beautiful actress in her generation, but her body was nowhere to be found. Many people felt pity for her back then.

But even after her death, the murderer was still at large. In order to find out the truth behind her mother’s death and to completely change this sick entertainment industry, Zhu Wen had done many things that people wanted to do but failed to do so.

However, because she was too ruthless back then, she was ostracized. In order not to implicate the company, she resigned from her position as Yu Hua’s CEO.

After leaving the entertainment industry, Zhu Ji chose to live incognito. Even after Song Ci died, she never came out again.

Knowing that Zhu Wen was going to personally take care of Liang Bo, Song Ci warned him. “Zhu Wen is very capable. You will be famous if you follow her.” Zhu Wen would definitely treat Liang Bo well. After all, they were a loving couple in their previous life.

The two of them chatted for a while more before hanging up. Song Ci bathed Song Fei and changed her clothes. She felt that it was not convenient to take care of her hair, so she cut it for her.

When Yan Jiang returned and saw Song Fei’s cut hair, he was enraged.

Yan Jiang grabbed Song Fei’s short hair and ran down to the first level in a rage. He pulled Song Ci, who was about to go home, back and questioned her angrily. “Song Ci, are you jealous that Song Fei is prettier than you, so you purposely cut her hair to vent your anger?”

Song Ci was dumbstruck.

A buzzing sound echoed in her head before she snapped out of her trance. “What did you say?” Song Ci pushed Yan Jiang aside and scolded. “Are you saying that Song Fei is prettier than me?” Song Ci’s voice was filled with disbelief.

Yan Jiang said, “Isn’t it a fact that she is prettier than you?”

Song Ci was so angry that she laughed. “How is Song Fei better looking than me? All year round, she only likes to wear denim jeans and a hoodie. She doesn’t even buy many dresses and doesn’t know how to dress herself up at all. How is she better looking than me? Love is truly blind!”

Although he knew that Song Ci was speaking the truth, Yan Jiang just couldn’t stand anyone insulting Song Fei. He opened the door, pointed outside, and said to Song Ci expressionlessly, “Please get lost. I don’t wish to argue with you.”

Song Ci kicked the wall and said, “I’ll go away then! You’re just a coward who doesn’t even dare to confess to Song Fei!”

Song Ci left. Their fragile friendship was finally broken.

Yan Jiang was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. He took the hair and returned to his room. Crouching by the bed, Yan Jiang looked at Song Fei’s pale face and short hair that looked like it had been bitten by a dog. He couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke Song Fei’s brows.

“Don’t be angry. That little fool Song Ci is just jealous of your beauty. She cut her own hair short, so she can’t stand seeing your beautiful hair.”

Song Fei had no reaction.

Yan Jiang’s finger gradually moved to Song Fei’s lips.

Under his fingers, Song Fei’s lips were so soft, but Yan Jiang didn’t have any romantic thoughts. Instead, he was filled with pain. “Just now, I quarreled with your beloved sister and you didn’t even wake up when she was bullied. Song Fei, even if you don’t want me, don’t you want Song Ci too?”

Only silence replied to him.

After quarreling with Yan Jiang, Song Ci returned home in a huff. She walked into the living room and realized that something was amiss.

She turned to look at the French window. There was originally nothing by the window. Occasionally, Song Ci would bring a cup of coffee to sit cross-legged on a cushion under the window. She would drink her coffee while looking at the bustling city scenery outside.

But today, there were many things in that spacious corner. A sapphire blue grand piano, a brand-new violin, a brand-new computer, and a voice recorder.

Song Ci looked up at the loft in shock. The lights were on in the master bedroom upstairs and Song Ci could hear the sound of water.

Han Zhan was showering.

Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened slightly. She walked step by step towards those instruments and found two words on the sapphire blue piano cover:

Baby Ci.

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