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Chapter 92: You Can have a Child, Once You are 55kg

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With anticipation in his heart, Han Zhan opened the box. Seeing the tie, Han Zhan smiled. “It’s very nice. I have a dark brown striped suit and was worried about not having a suitable tie to match it.”

Hearing this, Song Ci said, “I noticed it the last time I packed your luggage. I specially chose this color because it suits your suit very well.”

Han Zhan turned to look at Song Ci and sighed. “What more can I ask for from such a good wife?”

Song Ci felt very comfortable. “Let’s go and eat crayfish.”


After a spicy crayfish meal, Song Ci’s mouth was numb from the spiciness. Then, the two of them went to the Li Family together. Mother Li had recovered quite well. As they chatted, she couldn’t help giving her single son a vicious glare, upon seeing Han Zhan and his wife behaving so lovingly without stopping.

“Song Ci is beautiful and kind-hearted. Mr. Han, you are so lucky. Unlike our Li Li, who is already 29 years old and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. A few years ago, I can still see him occasionally taking calls from girls. But these two years, he hasn’t even had a single call. After work, he only knows how to play with his cell phone. What’s the point of playing with his cell phone? Can he even have a girlfriend on his cell phone?”

Mother Li’s face was full of sorrow. The mention of Li Li’s marriage distressed her. She looked at her big-sized son and asked worriedly, “Do you think he will be single forever…”

Mother Li couldn’t bear to think about it and her eyes turned red. She looked at Song Ci pleadingly and asked, “Song Ci, do you know any suitable ladies for our Li Li?”

Song Ci looked embarrassed and didn’t know how to reply.

Seeing that something was off, Han Zhan hurriedly found an excuse to drag Song Ci away. Li Li also made an excuse to send Han Zhan off and slipped out of the house with the husband and wife.

After entering the lift, Li Li rubbed his face in frustration before apologizing to Song Ci. “Sister-in-law, I apologize on behalf of my mother. She is too concerned about my relationship status.”

Song Ci naturally understood Mother Li’s intentions. She looked at Li Li’s plight sympathetically and said hesitantly, “I do know many suitable girls. If you are interested, I can introduce you to…”

“No thanks.” Li Li hurriedly rejected. “I don’t have that kind of intention for the time being.” Li Li had his own capabilities, and there was no lack of outstanding women around him. It was just that he didn’t want to get married for the time being, so he remained single.

After sending them off downstairs, Li Li went back upstairs. Just as he was about to enter the lift, his cell phone suddenly lit up. Li Li took it out and saw that it was his online friend, Beibei. His gaze softened.

Beibei: I sold my novel’s rights today and made a killing. Here’s your bonus!

Beibei sent him a big red packet. Li Li smiled as he accepted the red packet. He asked [Last time, I said that I wanted to meet you. Have you considered that?]

This time, the other party didn’t reply.

Li Li knew that Beibei must have read the message, but he was still feeling conflicted. He stopped, leaned against the wall of the lift lobby, and sent another message: [We live in the same city. Perhaps we have brushed shoulders before but don’t know each other. You really don’t want to know me?]

Finally, a reply came.

Beibei: [Ah Li, are you really an adult? I don’t want to have an affair with an underage child.]

Li Li chuckled. [How many times must I say this? I am already an adult and am approaching my thirties.]

Su Beibei: [We can meet. I’ll choose the time and location.]

Li Li heaved a sigh of relief. [Okay.]

Su Beibei was a famous author of mystery novels. One of her novels had been adapted into a movie and had achieved high box office sales. The other novel had also been sold for television rights. The viewership ratings would definitely not be bad.

Li Li was originally a fan of Su Beibei’s novel. But after spending so much money, he became Su Beibei’s top fan. After that, the two of them added each other on WeChat. In two years, they went from friends on WeChat to online lovers.

The fate between the two of them could be summarized in one sentence.

We were not meant to be, but it’s all thanks to my money.

Li Li admired Su Beibei’s literary and moral values, and deeply loved her profound and interesting soul. He wanted to meet Su Beibei. He didn’t mind whether she was beautiful or ugly. As long as she matched his values, Li Li would consider furthering their relationship.

He wanted to marry Su Beibei. Su Beibei was the real reason why Li Li was single and unwilling to give in.

It was still early when they left the Li Family. Seeing that the newly-constructed Taihu Park was rather scenic, Han Zhan suggested taking a walk before going back. Song Ci agreed.

The night sky was slightly chilly. Song Ci’s dress was cooling and her arms were slightly cold.

Han Zhan took off his suit and draped it over Song Ci’s shoulder. He was nearly 1.9 meters tall and his suit was very wide. The suit made Song Ci look even thinner, when it was put on her slim figure..

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci’s skinny arms and waist under her suit jacket and frowned. “You’re so skinny.”

Song Ci said, “How am I skinny? I weigh 51.5kg.”

Han Zhan smirked. “A 1.7 meters tall lady only weighs 51.5 kg. How can that be?” After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan said, “According to your height and size, you should weigh at least 55 kg.”

“Those female celebrities that are 1.7 meters tall only weigh around 45 kg.” Song Ci complained. “Don’t all men feel that a woman is fat when they hear that she weighs more than 50kg? Are you still a man?”

Han Zhan sneered. “Don’t you know if I’m a man?”

Song Ci choked. She opened her mouth slightly to retort when she heard Han Zhan say, “We will consider giving birth again when you are 55kg.”

Song Ci was stunned.

Who wants to have children with you?

The two of them strolled side by side. After a while, Song Ci suddenly shook Han Zhan’s arm. “Brother Han, let me tell you something.”


“Help me make someone famous.”

Han Zhan looked down at her. Without waiting for Song Ci to elaborate, Han Zhan asked, “Liang Bo?”


Han Zhan remained silent. His deep, limpid eyes stared at Song Ci for a long while, before he asked in a strange tone, “You like him a lot?”

Is he jealous again? 

Song Ci answered very honestly. “I like his talent. He can help me earn money.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan felt much better.

He loved such a practical woman!

“How do you want me to help you?”

Song Ci said, “I intend to let him sign with Yu Hua. Isn’t Yu Hua under your name?”

Han Zhan was slightly confused. “Yu Hua?” He didn’t seem to have any impression of it.

Seeing this, Song Ci was slightly stunned. Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Isn’t Yu Hu your company?” Could it be that Han Zhan acquired Yu Hu later on? 

Han Zhan said, “Wait a minute, let me make a call.”

In front of Song Ci, Han Zhan called Bei Zhan. “Bei Zhan, do I have an entertainment company called Yu Hua?” Bei Zhan was a few years older than Li Li and was about the same age as Han Zhan. Before Han Zhan retired from the military, he had let Bei Zhan invest in entrepreneurship on his behalf.

Bei Zhan thought for a moment before saying, “There is such a company. Eight years ago, you asked me to register for it. But after that, you placed all your focus on Zeus Airlines, so Yu Hua has been in a state of idleness.”

Up till now, Yu Hua was only an empty shell. There weren’t even many employees.

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