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Chapter 91: She is Truly a Good Wife

Song Ci felt rather unfamiliar with such a tender Liang Bo.

After asking some questions about Liang Bo’s male band, Liang Bo gradually relaxed and Song Ci also found some familiarity with him.

After chatting for a while, Song Ci took out a voice recorder and placed it in front of Liang Bo. “This is a tune that I’ve changed over the past few days. It doesn’t have lyrics yet. Listen to it. Some people say that those who truly understand music and understand each other can tell the content and soul of the other party’s work.”

Liang Bo opened the voice recorder and heard a pure piano demo. It was very similar to the song he heard previously, but Song Ci had edited it and it sounded even more perfect.

The first time he heard it, Liang Bo was stunned.

After hearing it for the second time, Liang Bo’s expression gradually turned solemn.

After listening for more than 20 minutes, Liang Bo heavily exhaled. He gripped the recorder tightly and said to Song Ci, “These two songs of yours were specially designed for me.” Song Ci seemed to know him very well, as the two songs that she produced matched Liang Bo’s style perfectly.

Song Ci said, “Of course. I am counting on them to make you famous.”

Hearing this, Liang Bo asked curiously, “Goddess, do you… know me?” He felt that Song Ci was very familiar with him, but he didn’t remember seeing her before.

Song Ci said, “I am your hardcore fan.”

Liang Bo was stunned. “Really?” I actually have hardcore fans?

Song Ci said, “Mmm, I am your little fan. I even know that there is a mole behind your waist.”

Liang Bo covered his mouth.

“How did you know…” He looked at Song Ci in shock, as if he was looking at a pervert.

Upon seeing this, Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “In the past, you posted a short video which accidentally revealed your lower back and was exposed by other fans. Many people know about this.”

Song Ci knew this not because of his fans, but because Liang Bo once said that the fortune-teller had said that the mole on his waist was a birthmark of blessing. He treated that mole as a treasure and frequently touched it.

]Liang Bo somewhat believed Song Ci’s words. If she wasn’t a hardcore fan, she wouldn’t even remember that he had a mole on the back of his waist. “Ms. Song, I will accept the song. I will send it to you after I finish writing the lyrics.”

“Alright.” Song Ci put down her teacup and Liang Bo took the initiative to pour her a cup of tea. Song Ci looked at Liang Bo’s face and suddenly said, “Have you considered changing management companies?”

His action of pouring tea was paused.

Liang Bo glanced at Song Ci.

Song Ci said to him, “The dissolution of the M.A.I. Group is already set in stone. Liang Bo, if you continue to stay in your old employer’s house, you will be completely forgotten. Why don’t you take the initiative to terminate the contract and find a new entertainment company, while you are still young and have unlimited possibilities in the future?”

Liang Bo’s gaze deepened. “What does Ms. Song have in mind?”

Song Ci dipped her fingers into the water and wrote two words on the table:

Yu Hua.

Liang Bo stared at those two words and said upsettingly, “I’ve never heard of this company.”

“That’s not strange, because this is an idle company. But I know that this company has a huge backer. Sign with them and let them see your capabilities. They definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Liang Bo asked, “Whose their backer?”

Song Ci smiled slightly and said enigmatically, “You probably don’t know that the person registered for the management company is Bei Zhan. You might not know Bei Zhan, but you must know Zeus Airlines. Bei Zhan is a high-level executive of Zeus Airlines.”

Liang Bo asked skeptically, “You’re saying that this management company is the same as Zeus Airlines?”

“Let’s put it this way. Bei Zhan is only working for Zeus Airlines, and Yu Hua Corporation is registered under Bei Zhan’s name. Its true backer is the person behind Bei Zhan. I can’t tell you who that person is, but we are partners now. I won’t go against money or fame no matter what.”

“Do consider my words carefully.” Song Ci couldn’t reveal more. She was such a virtuous wife to pull the most talented singer to join her husband’s entertainment company!

Song Ci’s words to Liang Bo were all true. The registered boss of Yu Hua Company was indeed Bei Zhan, but the boss behind him was actually Han Zhan.

]A few years later, Yu Hua would become the emperor of the music empire. It was also one of the businesses under the richest man, Han Zhan. Since Song Ci wanted to earn big money, she had to find a reliable company. No company was more reliable than her husband’s company.

Song Ci was Han Zhan’s pilot and could no longer sign with the management company. But since Yu Hua had signed his business partner, Liang Bo, Brother Han naturally would not treat Liang Bo badly on her account.

Moreover, Liang Bo had potential and was worth investing in.

In the afternoon, Han Zhan got the driver to buy some fruits and vitamins. After work, he planned to visit Mother Li, who was recuperating at home. He had a good relationship with her and since he couldn’t accompany her during her surgery, he had to visit her after his work trip.

Thinking that Mother Li liked Song Ci, Han Zhan called Song Ci again. “Where are you?” Han Zhan heard a stranger’s voice on Song Ci’s side, as well as the music.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “I’m shopping at the mall.”

“I am going to visit Auntie Li tonight. Do you want to come with me?”

“Okay.” Song Ci looked at her watch. It was 3pm. “What time are you going?”

“I will pick you up for dinner at 5.30pm. We will go after that.”

“I will wait for you at the mall. There is a spicy crayfish restaurant nearby that is super delicious.” Song Ci was drooling at the mention of spicy crayfish.

Han Zhan chuckled and hung up.

Song Ci put down the dark purple rose tie and said to the salesperson, “Please help me wrap this tie up.”

Han Zhan arrived at the mall at 5.40pm and saw Song Ci sitting on a soft chair in the main hall on the first level. She was wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a neck brace. Her style was slightly odd and could be recognized at a glance.

Han Zhan walked over and knocked on her head. Song Ci hurriedly looked up and saw Han Zhan. She stuffed the cell phone back into her pocket, stood up, and held Han Zhan’s arm. “I’ve already reserved a table. It’s just nice if we go over now.”

“You only bought this much in one afternoon?” Noticing that Song Ci only had a small shopping bag in her other hand, many emotions flashed across Han Zhan’s eyes. “Song Ci, tell me honestly, are you short of money?”

Not long ago, he had caused Song Ci to cry because of money. At the mention of money again, Han Zhan sounded slightly hesitant and careful. “If you lack money, tell me. We are husband and wife. It is only right that you spend my money.”

Song Ci was stunned.

After she understood why Han Zhan had such thoughts, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m not short of money. I just didn’t see anything that I especially wanted to buy for myself.” As she talked, she handed the shopping bag to Han Zhan. “This is for you. See if you like it.”

It was his first time receiving a gift from Song Ci. Even if the box was filled with mud, Han Zhan had to find a container to put it away. How could he not like it?

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