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Chapter 90: You Can’t Find a Girlfriend, No Matter How Sweet Your Mouth is

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Song Ci scrutinized those two words. After a moment, she said, “It’s a little ugly.”

Han Zhan’s eyes dimmed. He looked down and said, “I usually have no problem writing with my left hand, but it’s not as detailed as using a carving knife to carve with my right hand. If my handwriting is slightly ugly, you have to bear with it.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned. “You carved it yourself?” She instinctively looked at Han Zhan’s hands.

Han Zhan nodded and said, “I had nothing to do on the plane, so I carved it.”

Knowing that Han Zhan had carved those two words, Song Ci felt that they were extremely beautiful. She hurriedly put the necklace around her neck, went to the mirror, and sized the necklace up. The more she looked at it, the more satisfied she was. She couldn’t resist taking a photo and posting it on Weibo to publicly torture people who were single.

Seeing that she liked it, Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that Song Ci was boasting about that small stone to Yan Jiang on her phone, Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless. “Alright, go to bed. Stop being smug.”

Song Ci was still unable to fall asleep and decided to watch a movie. She got up and headed upstairs. Realizing that Han Zhan didn’t follow her, she turned back and asked him, “Brother Han isn’t going upstairs?”

Han Zhan said, “You go up first. I want to exercise and will come up to look for you later.”

“Work out? Don’t you always work out in the morning?”

Han Zhan glanced at the takeaway box in the dustbin and said helplessly “I’ve been eating too much recently. I need to exercise more.”

Song Ci, who had caused Han Zhan to eat too much, didn’t have the slightest bit of self-awareness. She stood up, patted her thigh, and said, “Then I’ll go upstairs first. Oh yes, I’m meeting with Liang Bo tomorrow. I have to arrange a time with him.”


Song Ci went upstairs, swaying her hips. Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s slender arms and legs, then glanced down at his own abdomen and legs. He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen after he gained weight. An old, fat, handicapped man was not worthy of standing beside Song Ci.


Thinking of this, Han Zhan hurriedly entered the gym.

By the time Han Zhan finished his workout and returned to his room sweating profusely, Song Ci had already fallen asleep hugging her cell phone. Han Zhan took out her cell phone and placed it on the dresser to charge it, before going to take a shower.

After a good night’s sleep, Song Ci and Han Zhan left together the next morning.

Han Zhan went to the office and Song Ci went to see Liang Bo. The two of them sat in the same car. At the entrance of the company, Han Zhan got out of the car and Song Ci alighted as well. Hearing movement behind him, Han Zhan turned and saw that Song Ci had also alighted. He asked, “Why did you get out of the car? Aren’t you going to look for Liang Bo?”

Song Ci didn’t answer but just hugged Han Zhan. It was rush hour now and there were many people around. Song Ci and Han Zhan’s hug successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Song Ci’s red lips were by Han Zhan’s ear as she said, “Hubby, focus on work and ignore the other little vixens.” With that, Song Ci got into the car and let Long Yu drive away.

Han Zhan stood there silently and waited for Long Yu to drive away, before turning to enter the company building. Along the way, many people gave Han Zhan ambiguous, kind smiles.

Arriving at the office, Han Zhan saw Li Li standing at the door of his office with a cup of coffee. Li Li whistled at Han Zhan and said frivolously, “Mr. Han, you’re quite fortunate to have a beauty by your side when you come to work.”

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks to size Li Li up.

The area below Li Li’s eyes was dark. He was obviously busy taking care of his sick mother and didn’t have a good rest. Han Zhan asked him, “How is Auntie? I see that your eyebags are very heavy. Go back and rest today.”

Li Li shook his head. “No, I must attend an important meeting today.”

Nodding, Han Zhan asked again, “Is Auntie feeling better?”

“Much better.” Thinking of something, Li Li suddenly said, “My mother quite likes your wife. She said that sister-in-law is a kind-hearted person.”

Glancing at Han Zhan coldly, Li Li said in a strange tone, “Mr. Han, you’re so fortunate. After my mother saw Sister-in-law, she has been urging me to find a girlfriend as soon as possible to get married…” As he was being forced to marry for a few days, Li Li felt bitter whenever he saw the culprit, Han Zhan.

Han Zhan gave an enigmatic smile. “It’s easy to find a girlfriend, but not necessarily someone as good as Song Ci.”

Li Li grinned and cursed.

“What are you muttering about?” Han Zhan narrowed his eyes and asked.

Li Li gritted his teeth and smiled. “I said, I wish you and Sister-in-law a blissful, happy marriage. I hope you two grow old together, and have children soon!”

Han Zhan smiled amicably. “You have such a sweet tongue today.” Changing the topic, Han Zhan added, “No matter how sweet you are, you won’t be able to find a girlfriend!”

Li Li was enraged. “Who said I don’t have a girlfriend? I also have a girlfriend, alright? My girlfriend is very talented and is also an author.” With that, Li Li’s phone suddenly rang. He looked at the caller ID, stuffed a hand into his pocket, and left.

Han Zhan laughed and shook his head, thinking that Li Li was just spouting nonsense.

Liang Bo and Song Ci arranged to meet at a teahouse.

It was time to meet my goddess. Liang Bo was dressed very handsomely in a three-piece suit that felt hot and uncomfortable, but Liang Bo still sat there obediently, looking forward to Song Ci’s arrival.

Song Ci arrived as scheduled.

Entering the teahouse, Song Ci laughed out loud when she saw the handsome Liang Bo sitting at the table. In her previous life, Song Ci was way too familiar with Liang Bo. She knew that he was someone who would never wear a shirt or pants in private.

It was really hard on him to be dressed like this today.

Hearing the laughter, Liang Bo suddenly looked up. His face reddened at the sight of Song Ci.

[fuzzy]Song Ci was wearing a black denim shirt and a pair of cream-colored high-waisted pants that was compatible with her aura. Liang Bo was too embarrassed to look at Song Ci. He lowered his head slightly and said in a low voice, “Ms. Song, you are here.”

Song Ci acknowledged and sat down opposite Liang Bo. She was feeling slightly warm, as she wound up her short hair and fanned herself with her hands. “It’s so hot wearing a neck brace.” Song Ci was so annoyed by this neck brace that she just wanted to remove it as soon as possible.

]Hearing this, Liang Bo lifted his head and sized Song Ci up boldly. It was the first time he saw someone look so good even with a neck brace. “Have you recovered from your car accident a while ago? When can you remove this thing from your neck?”

Song Ci’s car accident caused a tsunami in Wangdong City. At that time, many people speculated whether someone had taken revenge on Song Ci.

After all, she was too beautiful. A woman’s beauty was an advantage, but it could also be a deadly weapon that harmed them.

Song Ci replied, “It’s nothing major. I can remove the neck brace in another week.”

In her previous life, when Song Ci got to know Liang Bo, he was already in his thirties. After all the ups and downs in life, he had already become a steady and determined man. At this point, Liang Bo’s body was already beginning to glow, but he also looked slightly immature.

This Liang Bo is like a newly sprouted bamboo shoot.

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