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Chapter 89: Song Ci’s Mother

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Han Zhan suddenly reached out, and wanted to touch her face to confirm if this person was real. After Song Ci finished humming, she opened her eyes and was shocked by the five fingers in front of her.

“Brother Han, what are you doing?” Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s slender, muscular left hand. She pushed his hand away and asked him in confusion, “Are you trying to touch me secretly?”

Han Zhan instinctively retracted his left hand. He shook his head mildly and said, “Your face is so small. I think it’s only the size of my palm.”

Song Ci said, “It doesn’t matter if my face is small, as long as my other parts are not small.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

He was despicable and couldn’t control his fluttering eyes.

Song Ci said considerately, “34C.” She snorted delightfully and said proudly, “My IQ is not as good as Song Fei’s, but in terms of figure, it’s definitely better than Song Ci’s cardboard figure.”


Han Zhan didn’t know much about Song Ci’s elder sister, Song Fei. From Song Ci’s tone, it seemed like Song Fei was very smart. Han Zhan asked, “Is your elder sister very smart?” He felt that Song Ci was already a very smart and adorable girl, so he couldn’t imagine what kind of wonderful person Song Fei was.

In private, Song Ci and Song Fei were like frenemies and slandered each other. But deep down, Song Ci was very proud of Song Fei. Hearing Han Zhan ask about her elder sister, Song Ci said proudly, “My elder sister is a genius with an IQ of 182. She has been a smart kid to the teachers since she was young. Do you know Fu Hanshen?”

Han Zhan said, “Is it someone who can be found on Baidu?”


In front of Song Ci, Han Zhan checked on Fu Hanshen.

Fu Hanshen, born in 1966. The director of the Military Medical Academy, a non-virus specialist.

He was a big boss in the field of virology.

Han Zhan logged out of the webpage and remained silent for a moment, before asking, “What’s his relationship with your elder sister?”

“Fu Hanshen is my elder sister’s teacher. My elder sister has been learning from Teacher Fu since she was very young.” Song Ci was both proud and ashamed. “I’m not that good.” She spread out her hands and said despondently, “Apart from my beauty, I have no other good points.”

Han Zhan’s eyes twinkled as he smiled at Song Ci. “No, you also have other strengths.”

Song Ci’s eyes lit up, and she asked Han Zhan, “What?”

Han Zhan said, “Thick-skinned and narcissistic.”


Song Ci was so angry that she directly threw the score at Han Zhan’s face. Han Zhan grabbed the score with one hand. Seeing that Song Ci was angry, he changed the topic. “Grandpa got someone to check our birth characters and fixed our wedding date on 26 October.”

“26th October?” Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. “I am just worried that I’ll have to wear a neck brace at the wedding, if our wedding date is too near. 26 is fine.”

“Where do you want to hold the wedding? Is there anywhere you like?” There was only one wedding in one’s lifetime, and Han Zhan wanted to respect Song Ci’s wishes.

Song Ci nodded. “Yes.”


Song Ci said a place that Han Zhan had never heard of. “Cai Family Village.”

Han Zhan frowned. “Where is that?”

Song Ci moved over to Han Zhan’s side and sat down. She turned on her cell phone, found a photo, and showed it to Han Zhan. Han Zhan took the photo and saw a huge, ancient maple tree. That maple tree grew by the side of a green lake. Its branches hung down, and its leaves were lush.

In October, when the maple leaves turn red, this place will be beautiful.

It was a beautiful place suitable for marriage.


“You marrying me has already become the laughing stock of the entire city. Why did you choose such a remote place for your wedding? Aren’t you afraid of being looked down upon?” Han Zhan thought that Song Ci would choose an expensive hotel to hold an extremely lavish wedding.

She was, after all, the top socialite. Only a lavish and luxurious wedding banquet was worthy of her status.

Hearing this, Song Ci smiled nonchalantly. “I don’t care what others say about my life.” It’s my decision to choose the person I want to marry and to choose where I want to hold my wedding. Song Ci looked at Han Zhan with a deep meaning, and purposely teased him. “The important thing is not the wedding itself, but the person who married me.”

Han Zhan chuckled.

She’s beautiful and good with words. How can Song Ci be so adorable?

Song Ci clicked on that photo and told Han Zhan, “This lake is called Xiaoqing Lake, in the Cai Family Village from the suburbs. This is where my parents got married.”

“I see. So you want to hold a wedding at the place where your parents got married.”

“Yes, I still have a photo taken when they got married. Let me show you.” Song Ci retrieved her cell phone and opened Baidu cloud’s photo album. She scrolled down for a few seconds before finally finding that photo.

“It’s this one. Look, aren’t my parents very compatible?” Song Ci said proudly, “I’m not boasting, but my parents are so good-looking that even now, they are a force to be reckoned with.”

Han Zhan looked down at the photo.

It was an old photo taken more than 20 years ago. It was very clear, but one could also tell that it was dated.

In the photo, a man and a woman were standing hand in hand under a maple tree. The man was wearing a black suit and a pair of glasses. His lips were slightly curled up as he looked down at the woman beside him with a loving gaze.

That woman was wearing a red halter-neck dress with a white pearl accessory at the collar. Her black hair was done up in a mid-length bun, with a simple hairpin.

She only wore a pair of pearl earrings on her body Even without the dazzling jewelry, the woman was breathtakingly beautiful.

Song Ci and her mother looked like they were carved out of the same mold, even their aura was very similar. Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s mother’s photo, his thoughts drifting away as his expression gradually calmed down.

He suddenly said, “She does look a little like…”

Hearing Han Zhan’s comment, Song Ci felt slightly proud. “How is it slightly similar? It’s obviously very similar, alright? How is it? I didn’t lie, right? Is my father very handsome? My mother is also very beautiful, right? My looks are just like my mother’s.”

Han Zhan glanced at the woman in the photo again, before returning the phone to Song Ci. “She is indeed very beautiful.”

Song Ci put down her cell phone and pinched her nose so hard that it looked like a pig’s nose.

Upon seeing this, Han Zhan looked slightly confused. “What are you doing?”

Song Ci let go of her nose and said, “They all said that my nose was slightly corrected and didn’t dare to believe that I was not born a natural beauty. Brother Han, let me tell you—if you marry me, your future children and grandchildren will all be two whole levels prettier.”


She boasted shamelessly. “You’ve earned big time.”

“Then I will have to trouble you to help me with the Han Family’s genes.” Han Zhan played along with Song Ci’s act.

Song Ci blushed slightly.

]”Oh yes.” Han Zhan said, “I brought you a present. It’s upstairs. I’ll go get it. Wait a moment.” Han Zhan went upstairs for a moment. When he came down, he was holding a cotton bag.

He walked up to Song Ci and sat down cross-legged. He opened the bag and took out the present inside.

As Song Ci had expected, Han Zhan brought back a stone. It was a natural blue agate stone that had been polished into a necklace. Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I got someone to polish it and made it into a necklace. Your name is carved on the back of the stone.”

Song Ci took the necklace and flipped it over, seeing the words “Baby Ci” on the back of the stone.


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