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Chapter 88: She was His Home

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Song Ci was stunned.

Give all to him?

Then what do I eat? 

Song Ci still pushed all the food to Han Zhan. Seeing that Han Zhan really picked up his chopsticks and started eating heartily without any intention of giving her any, Song Ci felt slightly aggrieved, upset, and even felt like crying.

She didn’t know why she felt so aggrieved.

She sat down on her stool and lowered her head. “Actually, I haven’t eaten either. Can you give me some?”

Han Zhan’s reaction was very cold when he heard her. “No way, I can’t even eat my fill.”

Song Ci looked up with reddened eyes. “Han Zhan, previously in bed, you said I was your darling and you made me cry. So what if I want to have a piece of your sweet potato? Are you even human?”

Song Ci really cried as she watched Han Zhan reach for the remaining half of the sweet potato.

She felt like she had been bullied. She had no parents, her elder sister was in a coma, her adoptive parents wanted her heart all the time, she even found a man who snatched her food! Song Ci felt that her life was truly miserable, even more miserable than the female lead in television dramas.

In the end, Han Zhan still tossed the half-eaten sweet potato to Song Ci. Gritting her teeth, Song Ci wiped her tears and roared at Han Zhan. “I don’t want it”

Han Zhan knew that she was angry. Instead of comforting her, his face darkened.

Seeing this, Song Ci was so angry that she laughed. “You’ve already eaten everything, so why can’t I criticize you? You still dare to pull a black face at me?” At this point, Song Ci only wanted to get a divorce.

]Han Zhan suddenly spoke up and said in a low voice, “When I left, the ingredients in the fridge were only enough for you to eat for four days. In these seven days, you only ate three days worth of ingredients. Song Ci, is this how you take care of yourself?”

Song Ci was stunned.

She didn’t expect Han Zhan to be angry at this.

These few days, Song Ci frequently locked herself in her room to compose music. She was so focused on her work that she easily forgot the time, and only cooked something to eat when she was extremely hungry. As a result, she ate three days’ worth of food in seven days.

Yesterday, before she went to bed, she was still thinking of going to the supermarket to shop this morning. In the end, she woke up slightly late this morning, so she went straight to the airport to fetch Han Zhan. On the way back, it was pouring heavily and she forgot to shop for groceries.

Realizing that Han Zhan was angry at her for not taking good care of herself, Song Ci lowered her head in silence. Her guilty look was pitiful.

Han Zhan’s heart hardened as he watched Song Ci admit her mistake. He said, “When I opened the fridge to prepare dinner and saw that it was empty, I guessed that you must not have eaten well these few days. I was really angry then.”

“Song Ci, you are 22 years old, not 2 years old. You are already an adult, not a baby, you don’t have to…” He wanted to say that she shouldn’t be so useless, but felt that he was being too harsh and couldn’t bring himself to say it.

Song Ci rubbed her eyes, snatched the half-eaten sweet potato, and chewed on it. She said, “I have been composing a tune these few days and forgot to go to the supermarket to buy some food. But I promise I will never make such a mistake again.”

“Do I want your promise?” Han Zhan felt slightly helpless. He stared at Song Ci’s obviously thinner body and sighed. “I want a healthy Song Ci.”

“You will get sick after you starve yourself for one meal and eat too full for another.” Han Zhan took a deep look at Song Ci and said, “Song Ci, you are no longer alone. You are my wife and will be the mother of a child in the future. If you can’t even take care of your own life, how are you going to take care of our child in the future?”

Han Zhan’s tone turned domineering. “If you really want to spend the rest of your life with me, please take good care of yourself. Only by being healthy can we grow old together.”

Song Ci heard his words and was silent, feeling extremely touched.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Song Ci rubbed her eyes and was about to open the door, when Han Zhan said, “You’re wearing a nightdress. I’ll go.” Song Ci looked down at her own nightdress. It was indeed very short and not suitable for anyone to see.

After a while, Han Zhan came in carrying takeout. Song Ci’s expression was especially complicated when she saw the takeout. “Brother Han, you ordered takeout?”

Han Zhan placed the food in front of her and asked, “Otherwise, who’s going to compensate me if my wife starved herself to death?”

Song Ci smiled through her tears again. “Brother Han, you are the best.” Although he was slightly old, he was handsome and kind-hearted.

Song Ci was really hungry. She opened the takeaway and started eating.

Han Zhan looked at her eating and said, “Let’s find a reliable helper to cook for us.” Glancing at Song Ci’s thin arm, Han Zhan said in disdain, “You’re too skinny. I don’t even dare to pinch you.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Don’t pinch me.” She thought for a moment and said, “Let’s not look for her first. Actually, I don’t like strangers at home. When I’m really pregnant and have a baby in the future, we will look for someone who knows how to properly take care of the baby.”

Han Zhan thought about it seriously and agreed.

Song Ci gave the food that she couldn’t finish to Han Zhan. After the meal, knowing that Han Zhan had no more work to do, Song Ci took out the two tunes that she had written these few days and showed them to Han Zhan.

She narrated her inspiration when composing music scores, and wanted Han Zhan to praise her for being a genius. However, Han Zhan was disinterested. This was not because Song Ci’s works were bad, but because Han Zhan totally didn’t know anything about music. Han Zhan couldn’t understand the two music scores in Song Ci’s hands at all and naturally couldn’t be interested.

As she spoke, she noticed that Han Zhan’s eyes were fixed on a certain area, clearly wavering. Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was distracted and probed. “Brother Han, do you not understand the score?”

It was rare for Han Zhan to feel awkward. He nodded honestly. “I didn’t learn it before.” Not only did Han Zhan not learn music, he didn’t even know many songs. In the past, when he was in the military, he did learn a few. For example, “The Song of the Volunteer Army”, “The Green Flower of the Army”, “My Old Monitor”…

In popular music, the only song that Han Zhan could sing in its entirety was Li Yuchun’s “Same As You.”

Hearing Han Zhan say this, Song Ci felt that it was rather rare. However, thinking of how Old Master Han had led a military life and was a tough man, it was understandable that Han Zhan, who was raised by him, didn’t understand music.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan curiously, “What did you learn outside of class when you were young?”

Han Zhan said, “Calligraphy, Go chess, Shooting.”

Song Ci gave Han Zhan a big thumbs-up. “As expected of a man who has been using guns since young. Brother Han is awesome.”

Han Zhan was amused by her exaggerated praise.

Song Ci added. “Shall I hum it for you then?”


Sitting by the French window, Song Ci closed her eyes and hummed her own tune softly. Behind her were skyscrapers and myriad lights. Han Zhan stared at Song Ci, taking in her appearance and the light shining behind her.

Because of her, there was finally a light in this city that stayed for him.

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