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Chapter 86: Brother Han Sitting in Economy Class

Han Zhan stared at the computer and saw a skinny woman gently push open the door and enter the room. It was Mu Qiu, the heiress of the Mu Family. Mu Qiu stepped barefoot on the wooden floor, and silently walked to the bed of the master bedroom. She stared at Song Ci for a while, her expression conflicted and hesitant.

Suddenly, Mu Qiu drew out a small silver knife from her waist! Her hands were trembling badly, but she still raised the knife with both hands and stabbed the tip of the knife towards Song Ci’s chest!

Just as the tip of the knife was pressing against Song Ci’s chest, Mu Qiu suddenly snapped out of her trance, like she had just woken up from a dream. She nimbly retrieved the dagger, grabbed it, turned around, and ran out of the room. Less than two minutes after she left, the sound asleep Song Ci suddenly twisted her body, clearly having a dream.

After a while, Song Ci broke out of her dreamscape and sat up on the bed. She pressed her chest and touched her hair. She then sat down on the bed and panted heavily.

After watching this video, Han Zhan’s eyes were dark and stormy.

This Mu Qiu…

In the morning, Song Ci got out of bed and walked towards the cloakroom while taking off her pyjamas. She tossed her pyjamas into the laundry basket, and retrieved a loose white blouse and a pale pink skirt.

]She stood in front of the mirror to put on her clothes. As she was buttoning up her shirt, she caught a glimpse of the mark on her chest and her gaze froze.

Song Ci thought she had seen wrongly. She approached the mirror, leaned close to ut, and carefully observed her own chest. She didn’t see wrongly—there was indeed a small wound there, as if something sharp had cut through her skin and caused blood to ooze out.

What is this?

Song Ci frowned bitterly. When she realized when the bloodstain was left, a chill ran down her spine.

Mu Qiu did it!

That dream last night might not have been a dream at all. It might have been a warning from her body in danger!

Although she didn’t know why Mu Qiu had let her off at the last minute last night, from the moment Mu Qiu had the thought of killing Song Ci, there was only one ending between Song Ci and Mu Qiu —

Either you die, or I die!

Song Ci had two things to do now. First, she had to pay back the money Mu Mian used to bring her up and draw a clear line with the Mu Family. Second, she had to let Mu Mian and Mu Qiu to atone for their sins in her previous lifetime!

As for how to take down Mu Mian…

In her previous life, Song Ci had worked in Mu Mian’s company for a period of time, and knew some secrets that others didn’t. It wasn’t as if Chao Yang Company had never been indebted to anyone in its development…

Song Ci got dressed and walked into the master bedroom. Standing by the French window, she called Long Yu.

“Brother Long, can you help me check on someone?”

Long Yu was practicing boxing at home, when he received a call from Song Ci. He paused and replied, “Madam, who do you want me to help you check?”

Song Ci gazed out the window at the busy traffic downstairs. She said a name softly. “Su Buwang.”

Long Yu said, “There are too many people in our country with the same name and surname. Does Madam know any more details? The more, the better.”

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said, “Su Buwang, if he is still alive, he should be between 46 to 48 years old. He graduated in 95 from Wangdong University, majoring in computer science. I am not sure about the rest.”

Long Yu said, “That’s enough.”

Sorry to trouble you, Brother Long. Let me know as soon as you find out anything about this person.” After hanging up the phone, Song Ci’s body started to tremble uncontrollably. She had never been a ruthless person. Only when she really wanted to take revenge on Mu Mian and his daughter did Song Ci realize that she was actually so excited and scared that she was shivering all over.

Taking a deep breath, Song Ci turned to pour herself a glass of warm water. Only after drinking it did her shivering body calm down slightly.

Han Zhan’s flight arrived at the airport at 1pm. He dragged his luggage and followed the other passengers out of the passageway. Just like every other time, he headed straight for the exit.

Sitting in the car sent by Li Li to fetch him, Han Zhan was about to instruct the driver to drive when his cell phone suddenly rang. When Han Zhan took out the phone and saw that it was Song Ci, his lips subconsciously curved up.

“Baby Ci.” Han Zhan’s shout caused the driver to steal a peek behind.

Han Zhan noticed the driver’s gaze and glanced up at him. The driver hurriedly turned back, his eyes wide open.

It was very noisy on Song Ci’s end. Han Zhan heard Song Ci ask, “Brother Han, why haven’t you come out yet? I saw that they all came out, but I don’t see you.” Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was sitting in Zeus Airlines’ passenger plane today. She stood at the exit of the VIP lane and waited for the last person to come out, but Han Zhan didn’t come.

Hearing this, Han Zhan was truly stunned. “You’re at the airport?”

Song Ci said, “Yes, I came to fetch you. Where are you?”

Han Zhan supported his forehead with his hand and laughed. “I’ve already come out. Are you at the VIP exit? I’m sitting in the economy class and missed you when I came out. Come to the main entrance, I’ll come and fetch you.”

Song Ci was dumbstruck.

Brother Han is indeed Brother Han. He actually sat in economy class!

She hurriedly ran towards the exit and indeed saw Han Zhan there. Han Zhan was holding a black umbrella and wearing an azure shirt. The pattering raindrops fell around his body, making him look like a beautiful painting.

Standing in the rain, other than the falling raindrops in his ash-blue eyes, they were filled with Song Ci’s face.

Song Ci ran over with big strides and hugged Han Zhan’s waist. “I’ve missed you so much, Brother Han!”

Han Zhan smiled.

His wife was so passionate and unrestrained that Han Zhan felt embarrassed, even if he didn’t respond. “Mmm, I miss you too.”

Song Ci ducked under Han Zhan’s arm and bent over. The two of them got into the car. During the entire process, the umbrella covered Song Ci. Other than her high heels and ankles getting wet, her clothes were still clean, but Han Zhan’s right shoulder and pants were all drenched.

Seeing that Mr. and Mrs. Han had both boarded the car and were hugging each other lovingly, the driver very conscientiously brought up the dividers. He heard Mrs. Han say to Mr. Han with a smile, “Brother Han, this driver of yours is really something.”

The driver was speechless. He was glad that he had raised the divider and left a good impression on Mrs. Han.

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was just being frivolous. In reality, when it came to actual combat, she was timid and weak and would easily cry from being bullied. “Don’t bully him. It’s not easy for a driver to work for money either.” He guessed that the driver must be very tormented.

Song Ci chuckled, feeling that Brother Han was indeed kind. “Can you get the driver to stop the car by the road?”

Although he didn’t know what Song Ci wanted to do, Han Zhan still told the driver to find a shelter from the rain and park the car. Song Ci alighted, her high heels stepping in the rain as she went around to the trunk of the car. She opened the luggage and found a set of clean clothes for Han Zhan.

Carrying her clothes back to the car, Song Ci asked Han Zhan to take them off. “Change into dry clothes. Don’t catch a cold.”

Actually, Han Zhan was not so weak. When he was in the military, he had lurked in the swamp and baked in the desert. His physical fitness had always been very good. However, Han Zhan really enjoyed Song Ci’s concern.

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