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Chapter 67: He Belittled Himself

Song Ci was slightly surprised.

Song Ci: Discharged? What did the doctor say?

Mu Qiu: What can the doctor do? Without a suitable heart, it’s useless to stay in the hospital. After staying in the hospital for more than a month, I am about to become moldy, so I want to go out to take a look.

Song Ci: Did father and mother agree?

Mu Qiu: At this point, what’s the point of them disagreeing?

Song Ci didn’t know how to persuade Mu Qiu.

From Mu Qiu’s point of view, Song Ci actually approved of Mu Qiu’s way of doing things. Knowing that she was going to die, instead of staying in the hospital and waiting for death, why not get discharged and do whatever she wanted? Every matter done counted.

Mu Qiu added: Sister, when are you getting married?

Mu Qiu stood at the window of the ward, looking down at the youngsters chatting and laughing on the field below. She looked slightly despondent. Mu Qiu pushed open the window and let the hot wind in. The heat spread across the ground, and she felt the power of life.

Her cell phone vibrated. Mu Qiu looked down and saw Song Ci’s reply.

Song Ci: Not confirmed yet, why?

Mu Qiu rubbed her eyes and fought the urge to cry. She typed a message and sent it.

Mu Qiu: I want to be your bridesmaid and accompany you into the wedding hall.

Song Ci looked at the message and hesitated, but in the end, she still replied with a ‘yes’.

After the meal, Han Zhan brought Song Ci back to his office.

Han Zhan had a small bed in his office. It was 1.35m wide and Song Ci was resting on it alone, with a thin blanket covering her legs. Han Zhan didn’t sleep, and sat on the sofa reading some documents.

Song Ci heard the sound of paper flipping. She suddenly asked, “Are we holding a wedding?”

Han Zhan smirked. “Of course. Which couple doesn’t hold a wedding?”

Song Ci instinctively said, “But we are going to get a divorce a year later. It won’t be easy to clean up the mess then.”

The smile on Han Zhan’s face suddenly disappeared. He shifted his gaze away from the document and looked at Song Ci. Song Ci’s eyes were still closed. She didn’t know that Han Zhan had already lifted his head and was staring at her with a profound gaze.

Song Ci didn’t hear anything. She thought Han Zhan was engrossed in reading documents, so he didn’t speak.

Han Zhan placed the document on the coffee table. He got up, walked to the side of the bed, and looked down at Song Ci. Song Ci finally felt that something was off. She opened her eyes and met Han Zhan’s deep eyes.

Shocked, Song Ci felt slightly fearful. “Han Zhan…”

Han Zhan suddenly asked her, “When will your menstruation period end?”

Song Ci was stunned.

Her expression changed slightly as she answered, “It ended the night before yesterday.” She was due on the 15th and usually ended after five days. After answering, Song Ci felt slightly uneasy. She had a feeling that what Han Zhan was going to say next wouldn’t be a good thing.

Han Zhan nodded and said calmly, “Make yourself free tomorrow night.”

They were both adults. How could Song Ci not understand what Han Zhan wanted to do, by telling her to make herself free? The smile on her face disappeared and she couldn’t smile anymore. If Han Zhan really wanted to do something, he would do it even if she was wearing a ventilator, let alone a neck brace.

Such a Han Zhan was rather heartless.

“…Okay.” Song Ci had no right to refuse.

Han Zhan suddenly added. “We need to change the content of the transaction.”

Song Ci asked in confusion, “Change what?”

Han Zhan said, “Remove the one year deadline.”

Song Ci looked up abruptly, only to hear Han Zhan say, “It will take 10 months to get pregnant, but the chances of getting pregnant within two months are not high. This way, the contract should only end when the baby is born.”

This suggestion was reasonable, but Song Ci felt slightly depressed.

She could only agree. “Okay.”

After she said that, Han Zhan’s expression turned even uglier.

Song Ci didn’t know why Han Zhan was unhappy, but she also didn’t feel good and couldn’t explain why. Song Ci couldn’t fall asleep anymore. She sat up in the bed and said to Han Zhan, “You still have work in the afternoon, I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll go back first.”

Han Zhan watched as she stood up, put on her high heels, and walked out of the room calmly like a proud princess.

Han Zhan tugged at his tie and suddenly called her. “Song Ci.”

Song Ci stopped in her tracks but didn’t turn back.

Han Zhan looked at her skinny and stubborn back view. He said, “I will invite someone to pick an auspicious day for our wedding. You can arrange the wedding according to your preferences. You can invite anyone you want.”

With her back facing Han Zhan, Song Ci gave a self-deprecating smile, turned back, and said to Han Zhan with her usual expression, “I don’t have many friends to invite. What about you?”

Top socialite Song Ci had a wide range of friends. She could meet several familiar faces at any high-class restaurant, yet she said she didn’t have many friends to invite…

Did she not have any friends to invite, or did she not want them to come? If it was the latter, why didn’t she want them to come?

Han Zhan instinctively glanced at his right hand. Song Ci was so young, beautiful, and popular. If not for the fact that she had no choice, why would she marry a handicap like me?

Han Zhan felt very upset, but he hid his emotions well. He told Song Ci, “I will invite my family over. You don’t have to worry about that.”


After Song Ci left, Han Zhan stared at the bedsheets that Song Ci had slept on and revealed a puzzled and hurt expression. Am I not good enough? Why is she always thinking about the divorce a year later? Yesterday, she clearly said that I was very good and she couldn’t bear to leave me.

As he laid down on the bed where Song Ci had laid, Han Zhan raised his right hand and placed it in front of him. He recalled some old memories from many years ago.

“Ah Zhan, I am preparing to jump ship to a better entertainment company. They promised to tailor an album for me every year and will definitely hold a concert for me within the next three years.”

He laid in bed, looked at the beautiful woman, and listened to her talk about her work. He was sincerely happy for her and hoped that she could go further. After hearing that, he said happily to her, “Congratulations.”

However, the woman couldn’t smile. She looked at the man on the bed, her eyes turning red.

Her eyes were filled with reluctance, pity, pain and ruthlessness.

That gaze made Han Zhan uneasy.

“The new company’s contract is rather stringent. They want me to not date for the next five years, and not to get married for the next eight years…” The woman broke into tears.

Under his incredulous gaze, she cried bitterly. “Ah Zhan, let’s break up.”

After his fingers were broken and his wounds were still badly mangled, his lover, whom he had known for seven years and dated for five years, broke up with him without warning.

Just because he lost two fingers, his future was ruined!

Han Zhan took off his gloves, removed his fake fingers, and looked at the scars left behind by his amputation surgery. His expression was slightly defeated.

He suddenly woke up..

He was 32 years old and handicapped. Song Ci had already said clearly that she married him, only because he could provide her with a strong backing. There was no love between them.

If not for my identity, how could Song Ci have fallen for me?

I am a toad that doesn’t have self-awareness.

Han Zhan shook his head and smiled.

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