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Chapter 66: Call Her Sister-in-Law

Han Zhan logged out of the chat with his grandfather. Coincidentally, Song Ci sent him another message. It was a voice message that lasted for three seconds.

Han Zhan turned down the volume slightly, before tapping on the voice message.

Song Ci: Brother Han, are you in the office? I am downstairs.

Han Zhan hurriedly replied: Where?

Song Ci replied: Basement.

Han Zhan: Take the lift to the seventh floor. I will wait for you at the lift.

After replying to her message, Han Zhan got up and walked out of the canteen. Only when Li Li returned with two plates of food, did he realize that Han Zhan was missing. He asked his colleagues, “Where is Mr. Han?”

“I’m not sure. He suddenly left just now.”

Li Li thought that Han Zhan might have gone to the washroom. He put the plates down and started eating.

When Han Zhan led Song Ci into the staff dining hall, the originally noisy restaurant instantly became quiet. Everyone’s curious eyes were fixed on Song Ci’s face.

It was really Song Ci?

Song Ci and Han Zhan had appeared together! This meant that the news on the forum was most likely true!

Song Ci was wearing a neck brace, which was a little detrimental to her charm, but she was still beautiful. Someone whispered to a colleague. “It’s Song Ci, right? Is it really Song Ci?”

“She’s fair, tall, and beautiful. Who else could it be but Song Ci? I heard she got into a car accident a few days ago. One look and I can tell she hasn’t recovered from her injuries.”

“It looks like everything on the forum is true. Song Ci and Han Zhan are really married.”

There was only one woman who was very intrigued. She poked at the steak in her bowl with her chopsticks, and said in a puzzled manner, “This really doesn’t make sense. How can there be a woman who still looks so beautiful in a neck brace in this world?”

Song Ci could hear everyone’s discussion.

Song Ci saw from the corner of her eye that many people were looking at Han Zhan with curiosity and disdain. She suddenly felt uneasy.

What is wrong with Han Zhan?

What is so bad about him?

Song Ci suddenly grabbed his left hand. Han Zhan paused, looked down, and asked her, “What’s the matter?” Han Zhan thought Song Ci had something to tell him.

Song Ci gave him a gentle and charming smile. “I want to hold your hand and show off our love.” Han Zhan seemed to have guessed the underlying meaning behind Song Ci’s action and a hint of warmth surfaced in his eyes. “Okay.”

Li Li saw Song Ci and Han Zhan walking in hand in hand, and was so shocked that he nearly choked. He swallowed the rice in his mouth with difficulty, raised his right hand, and waved to Song Ci. “Hi… Ms. Song.”

Song Ci was about to nod, when she suddenly heard Han Zhan say to Li Li in a very soft but domineering voice, “What Ms. Song? You must call her sister-in-law.”

Song Ci blushed slightly. Who wouldn’t be moved by her shy look?

Li Li’s tongue felt slightly numb but he still corrected himself awkwardly. “Sister-in-law.”

Song Ci acknowledged sheepishly and sat down beside Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was very satisfied upon seeing this.

“This is mine. You have it first. I will go get some rice for you.” Han Zhan pushed the plate that Li Li prepared for himself in front of Song Ci. There were four dishes, two meat and two vegetable, soup, and a huge plate of… white rice. It was indeed Han Zhan’s appetite.

Song Ci stared at the pile of rice and thought of Han Zhan’s standard of conduct. She shook her head. “I can’t finish it. It’s a waste.”

“Wait a minute then.”

Han Zhan turned and walked towards the counter to get food. Shortly after, he returned with a plate of food. The dishes were all light and there were only two spoonfuls of rice. “Eat this.”

Han Zhan placed the plate in front of Song Ci. Seeing that Song Ci was staring at those two spoonfuls of rice in a daze, Han Zhan knew what she was thinking. His face darkened as he warned Song Ci. “You must finish it. You’re not allowed to waste a single grain of rice.” She was over 1.7 meters tall and couldn’t even finish two spoonfuls of rice. What kind of nonsense was this?

Song Ci quietly picked up her chopsticks and started eating.

Li Li observed the way the two of them interacted, and felt that it was very rare. Mr. Han’s manner of taking care of Ms. Song was just like how his mother took care of him when he was young…

After a few mouthfuls of rice, Song Ci lifted her head to catch her breath. She met the gazes of several employees sitting diagonally opposite her at the dining table. Realizing that those people were sizing her and Han Zhan up, Song Ci could guess what they were thinking.

Han Zhan was burying his face in his food when a piece of fragrant, crispy roasted duck meat suddenly appeared on his plate. It was the kind with lots of lean meat. Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci in confusion. Song Ci gave him a sweet smile and said in a soft, sweet voice, “Brother Han, I gave you the biggest piece of duck meat. Brother Han, I’m nice to you, right?”

Under Li Li’s gaze that looked as if he had seen a ghost, Han Zhan nodded slightly and replied, “Yes.”

After pondering for a moment, Han Zhan picked up the piece of meat and ate it.

After eating it, Han Zhan noticed that Song Ci was still smiling at him. Puzzled, he thought for a moment, took a piece of cold beef from his plate, and handed it to Song Ci.

Song Ci shook her head. “No.” She grabbed Han Zhan’s left hand and said, “Do you know how to feed your wife? If not, I will teach you.”

Han Zhan watched as Song Ci grabbed his hand and placed the piece of meat into her mouth. Song Ci bit into the beef, but Han Zhan felt like Song Ci had bitten his heart. It didn’t hurt, just slightly itchy.

Han Zhan retrieved his chopsticks and heard Song Ci say, “The meat Brother Han fed me is so fragrant. I like it.”

Han Zhan looked down slightly, not knowing how to respond to her teasing.

Li Li was blinded by these two people who were openly flaunting their love. He could have eaten a few more bites, but he chose to put down his chopsticks. “I am full. Enjoy.”

Li Li carried his plate and slipped away.

Once Li Li left, Han Zhan secretly shot Song Ci a warning look. Afraid that Song Ci would do something naughty again, Han Zhan said in a low voice, “Eat. Otherwise, your rice will turn cold.”

“Brother Han you really love me.” Song Ci smiled in satisfaction, before lowering her head to continue eating.

The two of them interacted very openly. All the colleagues saw the scene just now and felt very complicated about it. From the looks of it, Song Ci and Han Zhan indeed had a real relationship and it was not a scheme.

Han Zhan finished his meal without leaving a single grain of rice.

At the side, Song Ci was also full. Han Zhan saw that her plate was very clean and was rather pleased.

Song Ci was also feeling rather smug, as if she had been publicly praised by a kindergarten teacher. At this moment, her cell phone screen lit up. Song Ci took it out and saw that it was a message from Mu Qiu.

She frowned and opened her WeChat.

Mu Qiu: Sister, I saw that many people on the forum are talking about you and Brother-in-law. Do you need to delete the post? I can contact my friends and think of a way to delete it.

So kind-hearted?

However, Song Ci didn’t follow the script.

Song Ci: No, I am getting married and not secretly dating anyone. There is nothing shady about it.

Mu Qiu: …

Mu Qiu had been typing for some time, before she finally sent her message.

Mu Qiu: I want to be discharged. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in the hospital in vain. I still have many things that I want to do. I made a bucket list. I want to do everything I can before I die, so I won’t leave with any regrets.

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