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Chapter 62: The Top Socialite’s Man

During dinner, Song Ci really posted something on Weibo.

Song Ci: Han Corporation’s signature fried rice, exclusive brand, attached photo.jpg.

After posting on Weibo, she put down her cell phone and ate with Han Zhan. After breakfast, Han Zhan went to work. Song Ci walked into the kitchen with a glass in hand and instinctively opened the refrigerator to pour herself a glass of ice water. She thought of something, closed the refrigerator door, turned around, walked to the water dispenser, and took a glass of warm water.

Holding the glass of warm water, she walked up to the French window and sat down cross-legged,, before opening the local forum.

All this while, Song Ci had been the hottest topic on the forum. The moment she entered the forum, she saw three to four posts related to her. The headlines were all more sensational than the other.

Shocking! Top socialite, Song Ci, is married and her husband is a handicapped man!

Shocking news: Song Ci was married to neither the Chuan Dong Second Young Master nor the gossip target Yan Jiang, but…

Logically speaking, why would the top socialite marry a nobody? Was it because of love or because of her looks?

Song Ci stared at those posts and smiled.

Every single one of them could be made up.

Song Ci clicked on # Shocking! Top socialite Song Ci is married and her husband is a tenth-grade handicapped person! She started to read the # threads with interest.

The person who posted it was called “World’s Edge Record”. He had been in the discussion forums all year round. He was a very picky person and loved to dig up all sorts of absurd and ridiculous things that happened between the wealthy and famous ladies of Wangdong City. He was especially devoted to Song Ci and would release a post about her every now and then.

Thanks to him, Song Ci was now the top debutante on the forum. It could be said that the reason why Song Ci could become Wangdong City’s top socialite was because of ‘World’s Edge Record’.

The first time Song Ci saw ‘World’s Edge Record’ expose her dirt, she was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. As ‘World’s Edge Record’ had dirtied her too many times, Song Ci actually felt a sense of relief that said, “Old friend, you really won’t disappoint me.”, now that she saw his post.

This time, ‘World’s Edge Record’ didn’t disappoint her yet again. He was the first to jump out and dig up the details behind Song Ci’s marriage.

Although Song Ci was not in the entertainment circles, she was much more famous in Wangdong City than those celebrities. This post had already been pushed to the top of the forum by netizens, and there were thousands of comments below. Song Ci’s popularity on the forum made the crowd green with envy and jealousy.

On the first page of the post, there was a caption:


Top socialite Song Ci is actually married.

Just last night, several people had seen Song Ci appear at Deep Alley restaurant holding the hand of a mysterious man. What was surprising was that she was wearing a wedding ring on her ring finger, and it matched with the ring on the ring finger of the man that was with her!

Who did you think she married?

Chuan Dong Big Boss? Chuan Dong Second Boss? Male celebrity YJ? Chao Yang’s top management?

Wrong, wrong! All wrong!

Unexpectedly, Song Ci, with very high expectations, actually married a tenth-grade disabled person with the last name Han!

Come, come, let me give everyone some information on this uncle. The reason why we call him uncle is that he is already 32 years old and 10 years older than our socialite!

Uncle Han is 32 years old and one of the subordinates of the general manager of Zeus Airlines, Li Li. The young man in the middle was Li Li and the tall man standing behind him was Uncle Han.

Although Uncle Han is a little old, he is really handsome. His blue-grey eyes are rather good looking. In my opinion, just based on looks alone, he can crush Chuan Dong the Second.

Though this Uncle Han has a promising future working alongside Li Li, there is still a huge gap between him and Chuan Dong Second, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Here comes the main point! Knock on the blackboard!

After my personal investigation, I found out that this Uncle Han is actually handicapped!

Everyone, look at the next few photos. Did you realize that in each photo, Uncle Han is wearing a glove on his right hand? Regardless of whether it was spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the glove would never leave his hand.

Only after asking around, I found out the truth from an insider in their company. It turned out that this Uncle Han is handicapped and had two of his fingers amputated. He probably wore those gloves to cover up his ugliness.

My humble self is puzzled. How did our socialite get married to a man who was 10 years older than her, had no power or influence, and was handicapped? What did she want from him? Was it really just because of his face?

Can anyone clarify my doubts?

Below the post, the comments online were very consistent:

First page: Damn!

Second page: Damn!

Third page: Damn, Song Ci is marrying someone?

After reaching the 30th page, the comments gradually returned to normal —

39th page: I have to say, Brother World’s Edge’s revelations are very shocking. Song Ci is actually married, but not to the wealthy and powerful young masters from Chuan Dong, not the most handsome young man in the entertainment circle named YJ, but a nobody! What is she thinking?

40th page: This Uncle Han, does he have another identity? A mysterious big boss pretending to be weak? I feel that a woman like Song Ci wouldn’t marry an ordinary man.

41st page: I know Zeus Airlines’ Li Li. I have seen him a few times due to work-related issues. I have also seen this Uncle Han before. He is a very low-profile person and doesn’t waste food at all. He brings his thermo flask wherever he goes and is very well-nourished, but he doesn’t look like a big boss.

42nd pages: Uncle Han is indeed handsome, but I don’t think he is compatible with Song Ci.

43rd page: Song Ci is a quiet person who does great things. She didn’t disappoint me. Uncle Han is very lucky with women!

44th page: Uncle Han used up his luck from several lifetimes. Damn!

Song Ci scrolled through over 200 replies but didn’t see any particularly interesting ones. She was about to exit the forum when she saw a long comment at the bottom. The content caught her attention.

268th page: I roughly know this Uncle Han. If I’m not mistaken, he should be from Shunchen City. He attended the same high school as me and was two grades above me. At that time, he was the school beau and his girlfriend was also the school belle. The school belle is now part of the entertainment industry, but I won’t say who it is because she’s too famous.Uncle Han’s family background should be average. I didn’t see him use any branded goods when he was still in school. His shoes and clothes are all from ordinary brands. I heard that he joined the army after graduating from high school and should be discharged from the military now. However, it is indeed shocking that Song Ci will fancy him.

After reading the news, Song Ci couldn’t help but feel curious about the identity of Han Zhan’s high school girlfriend, who was currently in the entertainment industry.

Who was it?

Song Ci was prepared to find an opportunity to ask Han Zhan about it.

Song Ci logged out of the forum and opened Weibo. Only 40 minutes had passed since she posted that post, but there were over 10,000 comments. Song Ci would post on Weibo every two days. She had over 2,000,000 fans, but only a few tens of thousands were really active.

Each post had an average of 3,000 to 4,000 comments. It was very rare to see comments like the ones on today’s post that had exceeded 10,000 in just 40 minutes.

Song Ci didn’t read the comments but she could guess what they said.

Great, now the entire city knows that I’m married.

Mu Mian should know by now too.

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