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Chapter 61: A Serious Question

Song Ci’s eyes were slightly swollen by the time she got home. She was embarrassed to even look at Han Zhan. After all, she was an angelic bitch.

Song Ci took a shower, changed her clothes, and put on a facial mask to reduce swelling.

It was 9.30pm and Han Zhan was about to take a shower and sleep. He saw Song Ci lying in bed with her face covered with a facial mask and her eyes closed. Thinking that she couldn’t see, he didn’t hide away and directly took off his clothes to take a shower.

Hearing the sound of water, Song Ci’s face felt slightly warm under the mask.

Was he going to shower just like that?

As long as she opened her eyes, Song Ci would be able to see Han Zhan naked. Should I take a look? Song Ci wanted to look but felt that it was impolite. On second thought, she and Han Zhan would sleep together sooner or later. It would be the same, no matter if she looked at him earlier or later, but it would be a waste not to look!

After thinking it through, Song Ci immediately opened her eyes and leaned against the bedside to admire Han Zhan.

The steam rose from the bathroom and a thin layer of mist covered the transparent tecolored glass. Han Zhan’s legs were covered by the mist and she couldn’t see clearly, but Song Ci knew that there were many big and small wounds on Han Zhan, and there was no chance to count them all.

What did he do as a soldier in the past? With so many injuries, he was obviously no ordinary soldier.

Song Ci fell into deep thought. By the time she snapped out of her trance, she saw that Han Zhan had already turned around. He was standing behind the glass, wiping away a part of the water mist in front of him. A pair of gray-blue eyes was staring straight at Song Ci through the transparent glass.

Han Zhan didn’t expect Song Ci to be so lecherous as to peek at him bathing. Han Zhan was slightly surprised, upon catching her cheap shot.

Having been discovered, Song Ci hurriedly got out of bed and ran into the toilet to wash off her facial mask.

By the time she came out after completing her skincare routine, Han Zhan was already lying down on the bed in his pyjamas. “9: 58 P.M.” Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci and said, “Get into bed, I’m going to turn off the light.” He didn’t pursue the fact that she had peeked at him, allowing Song Ci to heave a sigh of relief.

Song Ci hurriedly climbed into bed and laid down beside Han Zhan.


The lights were off.

The electric curtains covering the French windows started to close, making a sliding sound. The room was instantly plunged into complete darkness.

Song Ci admired Han Zhan’s good sleeping habits, as she couldn’t fall asleep at all. Song Ci suddenly turned over and poked Han Zhan’s shoulder with her index finger. “Brother Han, are you asleep?”

Han Zhan opened his eyes and looked into the darkness.

“Not yet.” There was a young lady lying beside him, and Han Zhan was no gentleman, so how could he fall asleep? This was especially so since this young lady was drooling over his body.

Song Ci’s fingers moved restlessly to Han Zhan’s face and finally stopped at his rather high nose. Like making a glutinous rice ball, she rubbed Han Zhan’s nose with her fingers. “I have a question that I would like to seek guidance from you.”

Since she had already used the words ‘to seek guidance’, it must be something major.

Han Zhan said, “Speak.” His nose felt slightly itchy and he wanted to scratch it.

Song Ci pointed out very seriously. “You said we have to go to bed at 10pm, right? Then, when are we going to have sex in the future? We can’t always have sex before 10pm, right? What if it happens to be 10pm and we’re still not done? What should we do? Turn off the lights and sleep? Or continue fighting after 6.30am the next morning?”

This was an especially serious question.

Han Zhan was speechless.

Song Ci pouted again. “This is a big deal. It concerns the survival of your child.”

Han Zhan took Song Ci’s index finger and clenched it tightly with his left hand. He then said, “It depends on the situation. We can delay our bedtime if you wish.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. “…Oh, that’s good.”

Song Ci had cried today and was slightly fatigued, so she fell asleep not long after laying beside Han Zhan. After she fell asleep, her index finger was not as stiff as before and it rested gently on Han Zhan’s palm.

Still holding that finger, Han Zhan thought in a daze, What’s in this Song Ci’s head?

Song Ci was asleep and her soft snores were regular, but Han Zhan couldn’t fall asleep.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up the moment her alarm rang. She turned it off, got out of bed barefooted, went straight to the toilet, washed her face, and brought different bottles to Han Zhan’s meeting room. She occupied his table and chair, and started putting on makeup.

Downstairs, Han Zhan was leaning against the wall when his cell phone suddenly lit up.

He supported himself with his right hand and picked up his cell phone with his left. Song Ci: Should we add a dressing table to our house?

Han Zhan replied: Okay.

After Song Ci finished putting on her makeup, she chose a red off shoulder dress from the clothes she brought over, and placed a black and white camellia brooch at her slender waist.

Han Zhan was stir-frying rice in the kitchen. Hearing the sound of high heels, he turned off the stove and looked back at the stairs.

Han Zhan was stunned when he saw Song Ci.

Song Ci was dressed very flashily and beautifully today. Her 7cm high heels accentuated her tall and slender figure. Her short, burgundy hair was done in a simple style with a curler bar, and a pair of black gemstone earrings adorned her lovely earlobes.

Why did she dress so nicely?

Han Zhan looked away and placed the fried rice on two plates.

He placed the fried rice on the dining table and turned around to see Song Ci holding her cell phone, as if she was taking a photo. Han Zhan was amused. “Taking selfies again?” Beautiful girls all seemed to love taking photos.

Song Ci said, “No, I’m taking a photo of you.”

Han Zhan, “Mmm?”

He walked over and snatched Song Ci’s cell phone away. He looked down and saw that she had really taken a photo of him.

Any photo taken of a good-looking person would be very eye-catching. Moreover, Han Zhan was tall and his figure was comparable to that of a supermodel. Song Ci’s photo-taking skills were good to begin with, and in the photo she took, Han Zhan was handsome and charming.

It had been a long time since Han Zhan had taken such a lively photo, causing him to be momentarily dazed. So I’m like this in Song Ci’s eyes?

“Why are you taking photos of me?”

Song Ci snatched her phone back and asked Han Zhan politely, “Can I post it on my Weibo?”

Han Zhan said, “Aren’t you afraid that your male fans will be upset?” Due to Li Li’s constant chatter, Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was a major influencer with over 2,000,000 fans,male fans as many as female fans.

Song Ci said nonchalantly, “What’s there to be afraid of? I’ve already hooked up with Wangdong City’s future richest man. Who cares about what others think?”

Hearing this straightforward statement, Han Zhan was momentarily surprised. Song Ci knew what Han Zhan was thinking and said, “I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. I am just that realistic. Last night, you said that I can stop saying such hypocritical things.”

“Yes.” Han Zhan was not angry. Instead, he patted Song Ci’s head and said, “Very good, be yourself.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm. She looked up and met Han Zhan’s accommodating eyes. Her heart suddenly thumped. “Han Zhan, you’re so good to me. If I really fall in love with you and refuse to leave you after a year, what should I do?”

Han Zhan thought for a moment and said, “I’m a luxury good. It depends on whether you have the capability to have me.”

Song Ci pursed her lips. “Look at how smug you are. I am a frequent customer of luxury goods.” Feeling that something was off about that statement, Song Ci was silent for a moment, before complaining softly. “Why does it sound like I am visiting a brothel?”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched. He felt like hitting someone.

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