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Chapter 59: A Year’s Worth of Sleeping Funds

Leaning onto Han Zhan’s shoulder, a blissful smile appeared on Song Ci’s face. She lovingly said, “I also didn’t expect myself to get married so soon, but since I met the right one, I couldn’t bear to give it a miss.”

Han Zhan looked down at the acting queen beside her. No one knew what she was thinking.

Miss Jin tried her best to tidy up her expression and said rather awkwardly, “Miss Song is right. It’s tough to meet a good person, and it is a great fortune to meet one.” As she spoke, she glanced lovingly at the Dongfang Second Young Master.

However, the Dongfang Second Young Master didn’t notice Miss Jin’s glance. Instead, he smiled and asked Han Zhan, “Where is Mr. Han from? I’ve never seen you before—you must not be from Wangdong City.”

Han Zhan finally spoke. His voice was deep, casual yet dependable, and gave one goosebump. “I’m from Shunchen City, but work at Wangdong City.”

“I see.” The Dongfang Second Young Master asked again, “I wonder where Mr. Han is working at?” His gaze towards Han Zhan deepened. Could this Han Zhan be a big boss over at Shunchen City?

Han Zhan said in neither arrogant nor inferior manner, “I’m a staff of Zeus Airlines and work alongside Li Li.”

Zeus Airlines was the new enterprise with the most potential in Wangdong City. Li Li frequently appeared in public places, and everyone knew him. Han Zhan often appeared alongside Li Li and people also saw him, but they didn’t know his identity.

When Han Zhan said that he worked alongside Li Li, the Dongfang Second Young Master instinctively understood as him working for Li Li and was his subordinate.

“Oh, Li Li…” Once the Dongfang Second Young Master heard that he was a nobody working under Li Li, he looked at Han Zhan with less passion in his eyes and his tone also became slightly colder. However, he had concealed these changes well and ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell.

However, Han Zhan had been through a lot and had eyes as sharp as an eagle. He saw how the Dongfang Second Young Master’s attitude changed.

As the second young master of the Dongfang Family, he was so short-sighted. It was no wonder that after developing in Wangdong City for a few decades, the Dongfang Family remained as a second-grade family and couldn’t be compared to the Cheng Family.

Han Zhan had also met the first young master of the Cheng Family, Cheng Yanmo. In comparison with the Dongfang’s Second Young Master, in terms of both his words and actions and his horizon, Cheng Yanmo was far superior.

Miss Jin thought along the same lines as the Dongfang Second Young Master and thought that Han Zhan was Li Li’s subordinate. She looked at Song Ci with a strange glint.

Song Ci was the top debutante, a well-known social butterfly of Wangdong City, and was an expert at social interactions. She seemed friendly but was arrogant. The few men close to Song Ci were all outstanding personalities, so how could such a woman who loved power marry a nobody?

Since she couldn’t make sense of it, Miss Jin assumed love blinded Song Ci.

At this point, the waiter walked up to the table that Song Ci reserved. Seeing this, Song Ci said to Miss Jin, “Miss Jin, excuse me.”

Miss Jin had yet to recover from the news of Song Ci’s marriage and merely nodded upon hearing this. “Okay, see you again.”

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan over to their seats and sat down.

The waiter poured red wine for them. Han Zhan held the wineglass, took a whiff, and suddenly said, “There’s a huge plot of land in my hometown. My grandfather planted grapes all over it. This year, they’ve produced quite a lot of red wine and Grandpa got Uncle Zhong to send me a bottle.”

Saying that, Han Zhan took a sip of red wine, and with a disappointed look, he said, “This isn’t as nice as our homemade.”

“Are there many people who want to drink your grandfather’s wine?” Song Ci asked, even though she knew that Han Zhan wasn’t exaggerating. Just how valuable was it to drink wine that Old Mr. Han produced?

Han Zhan nodded in acknowledgment of Song Ci’s words. He told her, “If you wish to drink it, go ahead.”

“It will be my honor.”

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was a carnivore. In consideration that Han Zhan had a huge appetite, Song Ci ordered a Tomahawk steak set meal. The starter and French bread were delicious—although Han Zhan only liked meat, he also ate a few pieces of bread.

When they served the meat, Han Zhan cut a piece of the most tender part of the meat for Song Ci.

“It’s too much, I can’t finish it,” Song Ci said. Her image as an idol burdened her, and she was always afraid of putting on weight.

Han Zhan gave her an overbearing gaze that didn’t tolerate any rejection. Han Zhan looked at those slender arms and waist of Song Ci. He was afraid that he would easily crush her. “Didn’t you want to have my baby?”

“Eat more and prepare to nourish my baby in advance. My baby will be like me and will have a big appetite.” Han Zhan had a huge appetite—for the same bowl of rice, Song Ci would be 70% full with half a bowl, but Han Zhan could eat 3 bowls.

There was a reason for his tall height.

From time to time, the other diners in the restaurant would glance over at Han Zhan and Song Ci. Seeing that Han Zhan had wolfed everything down and didn’t even leave a crumb of bread on his plate, everyone frowned.

What was someone with such a big appetite doing in a western restaurant? Shouldn’t he just directly go for street food?

Many Chinese people, especially those in the upper class, held the western culture in high regard. Somehow, they felt that western food was meant to be eaten slowly, that if one finished it to the last bit was embarrassing.

However, they didn’t understand the concept that each grain of rice resulted from hard labor and didn’t agree with being proud of finishing all the food on one’s plate.

After finishing everything, Han Zhan was finally good. “You bought the ring. I’ll treat this meal.”

“Maybe next time—I’ve already paid during reservation.”

“… alright then.”

As a man, the woman bought the wedding rings and also treated the meal on their first date. After leaving the restaurant, Han Zhan kept thinking about this and felt even more like a freeloader.

He suddenly whipped out his wallet, took out a bank card, and passed it to Song Ci. “This is my supplementary card, you can use it.”

Song Ci didn’t take it. She squinted at that card and asked curiously, “What’s the credit limit?”

Han Zhan said, “A billion yuan.”

Song Ci was stunned.

She finally understood the joy of those young ladies looking for rich old men.

However, she wasn’t happy.

“I’ll take the card.” Song Ci pretended to be calm while accepting Han Zhan’s card and said, “After all, after I get pregnant, everything from prenatal checkups, giving birth, and buying stuff all needs money.”

Han Zhan corrected Song Ci’s statement. “The money isn’t for you to do prenatal checkups and for the baby.”

Song Ci asked, “Then what is it for?” She worked up a smile and laughed mockingly, “A year’s worth of sleeping funds?”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was first stunned, and then his face darkened. Song Ci saw that Han Zhan was unhappy and knew that her statement triggered him. She hurriedly shut up and didn’t dare to be full of it anymore.

The atmosphere between both suddenly turned awkward.

Song Ci didn’t dare to look at Han Zhan, so she looked up at those dreamy lights on the buildings.

Han Zhan was the first to apologize. “Song Ci, I’m not using money to humiliate you. If my action of giving you my bank card caused such a misunderstanding from you, I apologize for my action.”

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