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Chapter 58: He is Han Zhan, My Husband

Du Xueyan, 31 years old, was the first Chinese female singer nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Even being nominated alone was already very outstanding.

“It’s Du Xueyan!” Song Ci couldn’t conceal her surprised tone.

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan’s arm and spoke with excitement. “Brother Han, it’s Du Xueyan—she’s coming to Wangdong City for her concert! I wonder if I could lay my hands on a ticket.”

Only after hearing Song Ci making a big fuss, did Han Zhan raise his head to look at the publicity video that was playing on the screen. He reacted mildly and looked at the siren-like Du Xueyan’s eyes like she was a normal person.

He pulled Song Ci to somewhere with fewer crowds. When the surrounding sounds became gradually softer, Han Zhan suddenly asked Song Ci, “You like Du Xueyan?”

Song Ci was staring at a bubble tea shop ahead. Upon hearing Han Zhan’s question, she nodded and said, “I’ve been a fan of her work since 6 to 7 years ago and have bought every one of her albums.”

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan towards the bubble tea shop. As they walked, she asked, “Brother Han, have you heard any of Du Xueyan’s songs?”

Han Zhan’s tone was slightly cold. “I haven’t listened to them before on purpose, but somehow I always hear it everywhere.” Du Xueyan was too famous, and many cafes and entertainment venues along the streets preferred to play her songs.

“Then how do you feel about her songs?”

Han Zhan commented earnestly, “Rather good.”

Song Ci pointed to above and said, “I, Song Ci, only admit that Du Xueyan is prettier than me.”

Han Zhan looked at the woman on the enormous screen, looked at Song Ci again, and then shook his head. “Not really.”

Song Ci was slightly pleased. “Oh, does Brother Han think I’m prettier than Du Xueyan?”

Han Zhan suddenly stared at Song Ci’s facial features, which made Song Ci feel slightly uneasy. But she didn’t avoid it and generously let Han Zhan size her up.

Song Ci’s looks were lovely and charming. With her slightly deep-set eyes, she looked slightly like a mixed-blood upon closer look. Her eyes were thin and long with hidden double eyelids—any eye makeup could make her be the center of attention.

She was born with superior looks with her prominent nose and red lips.

“You’re more good-looking than her.”

Song Ci was overjoyed hearing such praise from Han Zhan. “Brother Han has great taste. Let’s give your Stepford wife a bubble tea treat!”

The bubble tea shop was very busy, and both only managed to buy bubble tea after queuing up for a rather long time. Han Zhan bought a room-temperature milk tea and passed it to Song Ci. “You can’t take cold drinks now. I got you a room-temperature one.”

Song Ci didn’t mind either. She received the milk tea and asked Han Zhan, “You’re not drinking?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “I’m not used to drinking it.”

Song Ci muttered something along the lines of being old-fashioned before opening the milk tea and drinking it. She had drunk two mouthfuls before she excitedly took out her phone, took a photo, and uploaded it to her social media. After that, Song Ci passed the milk tea to Han Zhan. “I’m done.”

Han Zhan grabbed the cup that she passed over and was left slightly puzzled. He asked, “Haven’t you been grumbling that you wanted to drink milk tea? That’s all you’re having?”

Song Ci rubbed her stomach and said, “Too much of it makes me fat. I only need to pretend to drink it on social media.”

Han Zhan really couldn’t understand young ladies’ thoughts these days. Based on his non-wastage principle, Han Zhan finished the more than half cup of milk tea Song Ci left. Only after that did they go to the restaurant—the timing was just right.

Deep Alley restaurant had an excellent reputation and steep prices. Those who went there had no lack of cash to spare.

The top debutante was a social butterfly with friends everywhere. Song Ci knew most of the notable personalities and wealthy people in Wangdong City. Once Song Ci and Han Zhan entered the restaurant, someone recognized them.

“Miss Song!” A long-haired lady in a light blue tube dress called out to Song Ci, and she even waved.

Han Zhan looked down and asked Song Ci, “You know her?”

Song Ci replied, “Yup. I already know three people in this restaurant alone.”

Holding Han Zhan’s hand, Song Ci walked up to that girl and hugged her hypocritically. “Miss Jin, what a coincidence—are you guys also here for a meal today?” Miss Jin was the eldest daughter of the Jin family. Her name was Jin Feng, and her background was comparable to that of the Mu Family.

Miss Jin was above average-looking but paled compared to Song Ci.

Women most of the time were jealous of others. On the surface, they were all friendly with Song Ci but spoke ill of her behind her back. However, since they had bumped into each other, they could only put up an act as they smiled and hugged each other in a laughable manner.

“Yup. Dongfang said that this restaurant is not bad and brought me here to try it.” Upon saying this, she exchanged flirty glances with a handsome man beside them.

Song Ci saw everything.

The rumors appeared to be true—Miss Jin was involved with the Second Young Master Dongfang.

Miss Jin touched Song Ci’s neck brace and asked about her health. “I heard that you were involved in an accident some time back. Hope it isn’t serious. How much longer do you have to wear this neck brace for?”

“Still gotta wear it for 2 to 3 weeks.” Saying that Song Ci glanced over at Jin Feng’s date once again.

There was a saying that everyone was equal, but there were various grades. This was exceptionally true in Wangdong City.

There was naturally no lack of rich people in the bustling Wangdong City, but even the rich had different levels. For example, it could be considered that the Mu and Jin families are third-grade families, while the Dongfang Family was a level higher, a second-grade family.

The truly top-grade families were like the Cheng Family of the Chuan Dong Group, as well as the Zhong Family of Ming Tai International.

The Second Young Master of the Dongfang Family was dressed smartly, and the watch on his wrist was worth as much as Han Zhan’s Volvo. Seeing that Song Ci had glanced at him, the Dongfang Second Young Master nodded and said to Song Ci, “Miss Song and Xiao-Feng are good friends, so why don’t we join tables?”

Jin Feng turned sideways and looked at Song Ci. Her face was smiling, but her eyes said otherwise. This lady wasn’t willing to join tables with Song Ci. She was fishing for a man, and Song Ci had no business to do here.

Song Ci was a social expert and rejected the Dongfang Second Young Master gently. “Maybe next time, I have a date with someone today.”

Hearing this, Jin Feng heaved a sigh of relief. However, the Dongfang Second Young Master shifted his glance to Han Zhan. He really couldn’t match Han Zhan’s face to any of those in the wealthy families that he knew. “This gentleman is?”

However, a man who could appear in a high-class restaurant with Song Ci couldn’t be an ordinary man. Although the Dongfang Second Young Master didn’t know Han Zhan, he wouldn’t belittle him for the fear of offending some mysterious big boss.

“Miss Song, aren’t you going to introduce to us this handsome man beside you?” Miss Jin smiled radiantly at Song Ci.

They were curious about Han Zhan’s identity.

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and introduced him proudly to Miss Jin. “He is Han Zhan, my husband.”

Song Ci’s last statement caused a stir. The smile on Miss Jin’s face disappeared, and the Dongfang Second Young Master’s gaze was also stunned.

“Husband…” Miss Jin said, stunned, “Song Ci, you’re married!” She even stopped addressing her as ‘Miss Song,’ which showed just how shocked Miss Jin was.

Miss Jin’s shriek attracted all the customers’ glances.

This was exactly what Song Ci wanted.

She raised her left hand, smiled slightly, and said, “Yup, I’m married.”

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