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Chapter 57: Brother Han Isn’t Scary, Brother Han is Very Steady

Uncle Han Zhan was so innocent—he had done nothing!

The little girl’s mother carried her child and worked up an embarrassed smile at Song Ci. “My apologies, this child is too mischievous.” After saying that, she hurriedly carried her embarrassing daughter and ran away.

The little girl laid on her mother’s shoulder with tears in her eyes, silently accusing Song Ci of being unscrupulous.

Song Ci smirked proudly.

Han Zhan stood aside and asked, “Do I look very scary?”

Song Ci leaned on Han Zhan tenderly and said, “Brother Han isn’t scary. Brother Han is very steady.” It even rhymed.

“I don’t think I look so old that I look a generation more than you?” Han Zhan asked in a depressed tone. The salesperson who sold nourishing teas to him said that drinking tea frequently would make one look ten years younger.

Two years of drinking tea daily were a waste, if so.

Salespeople always lied!

Song Ci hurriedly said, “Nonsense, Brother Han is always 18 years old.”

Han Zhan didn’t trust Song Ci’s words anymore. Her words were even more hypocritical than that of salespeople.

He looked down and stared at Song Ci’s little dress, his gaze landing on her snow-like fair skin. His family rules clearly stated that she wasn’t allowed to wear clothes that were too revealing. This dress even showed Song Ci’s shoulder and was indecent. Han Zhan said in a slightly low voice, “Why are you wearing this?”

Song Ci could tell the displeasure in Han Zhan’s tone. She released him, stood before him, and hid her hands behind her back. She said, “I’m going on a date tonight and I look good wearing this.”

Han Zhan frowned slightly. “Oh, with who? You can’t possibly fish for men on the first day of our marriage.”

Song Ci stretched out her right hand towards Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, is the date on?”

Looking at that clean and slender arm of the young lady, Han Zhan’s frown visibly relaxed. He reluctantly sent his left hand into Song Ci’s hand and said, “I don’t like you to dress up like this outside.”

“It’s okay if we’re at home?” Song Ci understood what he had meant and pulled a naughty smile to tease Han Zhan. “They said that men like women who were demure, understanding, and gentle with clothes on, but were good in all sorts of positions after taking off their clothes. Does Brother Han agree with this?”

This statement was full of traps—it would really be dumb of Han Zhan to answer. He changed the topic. “It’s sunny outside, let’s get into the car.”

“Alright, let’s get into the car.” Song Ci raised her brow. It was a vehicle, but Song Ci could make it sound like something else—she was indeed talented.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci into his car, drove out of the Crouching Dragon Building, and drove towards the Three Bridges District of Wangdong City. Only after joining the traffic did Han Zhan ask Song Ci, “How did you know I’m at the Crouching Dragon Building?”

Song Ci acted mysteriously. “I’m not an ignorant fairy. I know all the secrets of your mortal world.”

Han Zhan said, “Oh really?” He doubted it.

Song Ci said proudly, “But of course.”

“Then I’ll have to test you.”

“Go ahead.”

Han Zhan asked, “How many strands of hair do I have?”

Song Ci widened her eyes. What kind of question was that?

Seeing that Song Ci was speechless, Han Zhan laughed joyfully. “Look, even a fairy has her ignorant moments.”

It bummed Song Ci out. She pouted and felt slightly down.

Han Zhan thought Song Ci was sleepy and said, “There’s a thin blanket on the backseat. Be sure to cover yourself if you’re going to sleep.”

“I’m not sleepy.” Song Ci shook her head and sat up straight. She said, “Not only do I know that Huiteng Car Corporation is your asset, but I also know that Sheng Hui Technology Company, Jetta Hotel Chain, and Oriental Real Estate Group will all eventually be in your hands.”

Han Zhan raised his brow and had a surprised look in his eyes but didn’t deny her words.

Song Ci pretended to sigh dramatically. “Oh, I’ve married a rich husband. What should I do to capture his heart?”

Han Zhan heartlessly said, “To capture one’s heart, you must first capture his appetite. Based on your culinary skills… fat hope.”

Song Ci was laughing from anger. “Look for someone with good culinary skills then.” She crossed her slender legs and boasted, “If someone has good culinary skills, she won’t be better looking than me. If someone’s better looking than me, she won’t be more flirty than me.”

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci’s long legs and actually couldn’t retort.

Song Ci realized that Han Zhan was secretly looking at her legs. She pretended to casually straighten her spine. Her seductive figure from the side made it hard for one to resist the temptation.

Song Ci was flaunting happily when Han Zhan suddenly retrieved the thin blanket from the back and threw it over her, covering her legs. Han Zhan was expressionless as he said, “Stop being slutty. You can sleep or shut up.”

Song Ci clenched the thin blanket and bared her teeth at him.

The Three Bridges District was very packed. Han Zhan drove the car to an underground carpark of a shopping center where he parked his car. He then took the lift with Song Ci. Standing at the lobby of the shopping center’s ground floor, Han Zhan stared at the myriad of branded skincare counters and looked down. He asked Song Ci, “What do you want to have for dinner?”

Personally, Han Zhan rarely ate out and didn’t know much about the restaurants near the Three Bridges District.

However, Song Ci was a regular in the past. She knew of a popular French restaurant that was once one of the top 10 restaurants in Asia. However, it was slightly expensive.

“Can you accept spending 3,200 yuan on a dinner for two?” Song Ci asked Han Zhan. She had reserved a dinner for two at 3,200 yuan, and thinking about Han Zhan’s thrifty lifestyle, she wasn’t sure if he will spend there.

Hearing this, Han Zhan was left stunned at first. When he knew about Song Ci’s reason behind asking this, his expression turned solemn as he told her, “Song Ci, you don’t have to give in to me. Remember, you’re you first before being my wife. It’s the most important that you be yourself.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. “Then we’ll go for dinner at Deep Alley tonight.”

Han Zhan didn’t disagree. He had also been to that restaurant before with a friend and remembered that the ambiance, service, and food were of the best quality over there.

Song Ci looked at her wristwatch. It was not 5 P.M. yet. Since it had been a long time since Song Ci came over and her money seemed screaming to be spent, she said, “My reservation is at 6 P.M. and it isn’t 5 P.M. yet. Let’s shop around Broadwalk Street first?”


At this point, the huge screen on the tallest building on Broadwalk Street was playing a certain female singer’s promotional video for her concert. Song Ci and many others stopped in their tracks and looked up at the woman in the video.

In the video, a woman in an impressive figure was wearing a silver long dress and standing on the deck of a cruise. The sea breeze made her gorgeous curly hair dance as sunlight shone on her face. It was a beautiful scene with a gorgeous woman.

The woman was holding a microphone framed with diamonds, and she was humming a tune. Along with the wind, her singing voice danced its way into everyone’s ears. That voice was extremely penetrative—like a siren sitting alone on a rock in the dark of the night, giving one goosebump upon hearing it.

2nd of November, Du Xueyan will see you at the Wangdong City concert—be there or be square!

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