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Chapter 56: Brother Han, She Bullied Me

At this point, Song Ci already said whatever she needed to say. It was up to Du Tingting to make the final decision, and there was nothing Song Ci could do more.

“Today is my wedding day with Han Zhan. I’m going to go out for dinner with him tonight and have to get going.” Song Ci stood up and asked Du Tingting, “Mother, why don’t I send you back first?”

Du Tingting shook her head in a daze. “You go ahead first. I’ll sit here for a while more.” Knowing that Du Tingting was in a foul mood, Song Ci didn’t dare to leave her alone for the fear of any accidents. Thus, she called the Mu Family chauffeur and told him to come to the cafe to pick Du Tingting up at once.

After she had hung up, Song Ci told Du Tingting, “I called the chauffeur. He’ll come and pick you up within half an hour. Mother, you just wait here. I’ll get going first.”

Du Tingting solemnly nodded her head.

Song Ci left the cafe. Long Yu, who was standing at the door watching a live-stream video, hurriedly switched off his phone. Song Ci had a good hearing and heard the content of his live-stream video. After boarding the car, she asked, “You’re watching Aoyu Number 1’s live press conference?”

“Yup.” Most men loved cars and Long Yu was no exception. Since he couldn’t afford it, he could at least admire it.

Song Ci asked, “The press conference hasn’t ended?”

Long Yu replied, “It’s almost ending already.”

“How’s the online audience reaction?”

Long Yu said, “Four words is enough to describe it.” He intentionally paused for effect, waited for Song Ci to look up curiously at him, and said, “Whole screen of damns.”

Song Ci couldn’t help but smile. “Seems like it’s rather well-received.”

“But of course.” Long Yu started the car and asked Song Ci, “Miss Song, are we going home now or going elsewhere?”

Wanting to see Han Zhan, Song Ci said, “Go to Crouching Dragon Building.”


The Crouching Dragon Building was crowded that there were no parking lots available in the carpark. Song Ci thought after the press conference for the new car ended, there would be free spaces, but after going a few rounds around the carpark, Long Yu still couldn’t find a lot to park.

“Miss Song, why don’t you alight first and I’ll drive the car to the basement carpark at the business square?” Long Yu was getting impatient from driving in circles and had no choice but to trouble Song Ci to alight first.

“Sure.” Song Ci alighted and found a shady position to stand. She whipped out her phone and sent Han Zhan a message to inform him to come down and meet her.

In the building, Li Li and Han Zhan walked side by side through an arc-shaped corridor. The press conference had just ended not too long ago. The staff had merged the comments and messages from the online audience watching the live-stream video and sent them over to Li Li.

Li Li spent about ten minutes to finish reading the comments and messages. He shut down the iPad and said to Han Zhan beside him, “The press conference this time received much attention from the online audience. The total viewership of the press conference from various platforms had exceeded 5 million.”

“Everyone’s comments towards Aoyu Number 1 were all positive—they all looked forward to its launch. I think the sales for Aoyu Number 1 when it launches will definitely be astonishing.”

Han Zhan nodded. This was already within his expectations.

After talking about work, Li Li said, “Oh yes, Huiteng’s general manager contacted me at the backstage just now to try to set up a meal with us.” Not many people knew that Han Zhan was the boss behind Huiteng, only some. The top-management of Huiteng set up a dinner for them.

Han Zhan only went back to the office to patrol once every season and handed the daily operations to the general manager of Huiteng. After meeting Han Zhan, everyone wanted to get into his good books.

Han Zhan was about to agree when the phone against his thigh suddenly vibrated. “Give me a moment.” Han Zhan whipped out his phone and saw Song Ci’s message. [ Brother Han, are you done with work yet? I’m waiting for you at the square in front of the Crouching Dragon Building. ]

Han Zhan’s brows raised slightly.

Song Ci was around?

Han Zhan lifted his foot, changed his direction, and approached the window. He looked out and at the ground—there were many people at the square below, but he found Song Ci easily.

Song Ci was standing by the water fountain at the square, wearing an exaggerating hat to block off the sun. She was wearing a white lacy dress that exposed half of her nice shoulder. Although she was wearing a neck brace, she was still the most fashionable icon.

Noticing Han Zhan’s movement, Li Li also walked over and looked below the building. “What are you looking at?”

Wherever Song Ci was, she was always the focus. Li Li also had good eyesight and immediately saw Song Ci, who was beside the water fountain.

“Isn’t that Miss Song…” Li Li wanted to comment on this but didn’t know what to say. He made a face at Han Zhan, smiled, and teased him, “Miss Song is so aggressive in her pursuit. Mr. Han, will we be able to attend your and Miss Song’s wedding at the end of the year?”

Han Zhan suddenly stretched out his left hand and lifted it before Li Li.

Li Li casually glanced and immediately saw the gold ring on Han Zhan’s left ring finger.

He widened his eyes, and a word slipped out of his mouth—


Han Zhan stuffed his left hand back into his pocket calmly. “Don’t make a fuss.”

Glancing at the stunned Li Li, Han Zhan was in a good mood. He said, “As you can see, I got married this morning.” Saying that, he patted Li Li’s shoulder in a friendly manner, and pretended to be solemn as he said, “Manager Li, you’re also approaching your thirties soon—you should take charge of your love life.”

Just because Han Zhan was a few years older than him, Li Li always made fun of the fact that Han Zhan was single. But now that Han Zhan had turned the tables around and finally got rid of his single status by marrying someone, he finally turned the joke back on Li Li.

Li Li’s lips twitched as he glanced at Han Zhan turning around and walking away in light steps, emitting an aura that seemed to say, ‘I’m already married, singles please do not disturb.’ Li Li snapped out of his daze and shouted, “Are you still going to the dinner tonight?”

“Nope, gonna accompany my wife.” Han Zhan lifted his left hand and waved it at Li Li while back-facing him. Under the sunlight, that gold ring’s glow was blinding.

The public display of affection made Li Li slightly depressed.

The water fountain was in the shape of a crown. A little girl wearing a princess dress ignored her mother’s screams, ducked under the fountain, and stood in the middle of the crown. She struck a princess pose, and said confidently, “How dare you not kneel upon seeing the princess!”

With a little girl staring at her, Song Ci was speechless.

She simmered with laughter as she bowed slightly towards the little girl. “Your mighty highness, pleasant afternoon.”

The little girl stared at Song Ci’s face and considered for a moment. She then seriously said, “You’re pretty, so you don’t have to greet me in the future.”

Song Ci couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

When Han Zhan came over, he saw Song Ci laughing and shaking her head. “What’s so funny?”

Hearing Han Zhan’s voice, Song Ci turned around. She walked over, grabbed Han Zhan’s hand to pull him to the water fountain. She pointed at that little girl, and complained pitifully, “Brother Han, she bullied Cici.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

That little girl looked at Han Zhan and then looked back at Song Ci. She suddenly pouted, and ran to her mother crying and shouting, “Ah! Mother, that bad sister asked uncle to hit me!”

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