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Chapter 49: Pregnant

Song Ci cut into Du Tingting’s rant. She explained, “I have saved some money in the past few years, and it is enough to pay a house deposit.” Even if Song Ci was an adopted daughter of the Mu Family and even if Mu Mian was generous toward her, the money he gave wasn’t enough.

As the top debutante, Song Ci had expensive clothes and accessories, and she had high daily expenses. However, she didn’t have much cash in her bank account.

Her savings were only enough to pay for a deposit.

Song Ci said, “I wish to buy an apartment for myself before getting married. Han Zhan bought his house using a housing loan, and he will need to continue paying for it after we get married. We decided we will each have our mortgages and not have any future financial entanglements. It will be best for everyone.”

Song Ci was talking complete nonsense. But since Du Tingting didn’t know of Han Zhan’s financial status, she believed her. Du Tingting was not old-fashioned and didn’t believe that women had to rely on men.

Moreover, Song Ci would have more standing if she had her own house. “So why did you come back? Are your funds insufficient?” Du Tingting immediately took her cell phone and asked, “How much do you lack? I can transfer you some now.”

Song Ci’s heart became warm. “I came back to get our household register.”

Du Tingting paused and put down her cell phone. “I will go get it for you.”

“Alright, thanks, mother.”

Song Ci felt a bit guilty as she watched Du Tingting head upstairs. Taking the household register to buy a house was a fake story. The true reason was so she could register her marriage to Han Zhan.

The household register was in Mu Mian’s study and inside a safe.

Mu Mian was not at all guarded toward Du Tingting, so she knew his safe password. Retrieving the register, Du Tingting hurried downstairs with it. “Here Song Song, just take out your page.”

Song Ci took out her page and tucked it into her bag. She then chatted with Du Tingting for a while. But since Du Tingting looked tired, Song Ci got up to leave early.

After Song Ci had left, Du Tingting carried the register back upstairs.

She opened the safe and put back the register. Just as she was about to close the door, she noticed a light brown leather folder. Curious, Du Tingting looked at it.

She opened the folder and retrieved the A4 paper inside. She saw the “Newbridge Hospital” stamp right on top.

A hospital report?

Could it be Qiu-er’s?

Holding the document, Du Tingting went to sit at Mu Mian’s study table so she could study it carefully. Her hands shook uncontrollably as she finished reading the report.

Still trembling, Du Tingting stuffed the report back into the leather folder. She felt fearful and panicky.

Du Tingting stumbled back to her bedroom. She sat down and leaned against her pillow, chewing at her fingernails in a daze. She kept shaking her head and muttering. “How can it be? Impossible… It’s not what I think it is…”

At night, Mu Mian came home with a box of exquisite cakes. He heard from Auntie Zhang that Du Tingting didn’t eat much dinner and had returned to her bedroom straight after. Worried that she might be ill, he hurried home with the box of cakes.

Pushing open the door, he saw Du Tingting curled up under the blankets like a helpless little kid. Mu Mian frowned. “Tingting, Auntie Zhang said you didn’t eat much today. Are you feeling ill?”

Du Tingting’s head was still buried under the blankets. She didn’t make a single sound.

Mu Mian walked over and drew out her head from under the sheets. He studied Du Tingting’s face and saw that she looked very pale and pallid, even her hair was in disarray. Such a sight gave him a shock.

“Tingting, are you feeling ill? Are you sick?”

Mu Qiu was ill and hospitalized, while Du Tingting was in such a state. Mu Mian was utterly frantic. He suddenly said, “We must head to the hospital now. I must bring you in for a check-up!”

Du Tingting finally responded.

She said weakly, “It’s nothing important. I just…” Du Tingting stared at the cake box. “I have little appetite and am feeling tired. Are those coconut balls?”

“Yes, I specially went to queue up for them.” Mu Mian quickly handed those coconut balls to Du Tingting.

Du Tingting took one and tasted it. “Too sweet.”

Mu Mian also tasted one. “It tastes the same as before.”

“But I feel it’s too sweet,” Du Tingting complained. “It’s the same whenever I eat something nowadays. I just feel things are too sweet, salty, or oily.”

Hearing Du Tingting’s complaints, Mu Mian suddenly thought of something. He grabbed her hands.

“Tingting!” Mu Mian sounded very anxious. His eyes widened incredulously.

Du Tingting gazed at him in confusion. “What’s the matter?”

Mu Mian asked in a trembling voice, “Are you… pregnant?”

Du Tingting’s expression also froze at his words.

She sat up.

Du Tingting stroked her abdomen, her face turning even paler. “No… not possible…” Du Tingting was already 43 years old. She had gotten an IUD some years ago and had not gotten pregnant in years. As a result, she never thought of the possibility that she might be pregnant.

Mu Mian saw that Du Tingting was shaken. He said, “It’s been about 13 years since you got that IUD? You also didn’t go for a check-up over the past two years. Perhaps the IUD doesn’t work anymore.”

“No way.” Du Tingting’s face darkened. She stood up and said, “Let’s go to the pharmacy now to buy a pregnancy test.”

On the way to the pharmacy, Mu Mian’s hands were sweating profusely.

Having another child…

Mu Mian felt very agitated. He wanted another baby. Especially since Mu Qiu might leave them at any time now.

No one knew what Du Tingting was thinking the entire journey there since she didn’t speak at all.

Arriving at the pharmacy, Mu Mian went to get a few pregnancy test kits. He then brought Du Tingting home, and she headed straight for the washroom. After about five to six minutes, she came out bearing three pregnancy sticks.

Mu Mian was sitting by the bed. He glanced up when he heard footsteps and stared at the sticks in Du Tingting’s hands with glittering eyes.

Du Tingting’s face was grim. Her lips were quivering and Mu Mian’s heart thumped along with the movement of her lips. He reached out a hand. “Let me look.”

Du Tingting placed the pregnancy sticks in Mu Mian’s palm.

Mu Mian looked down and all three sticks showed two purplish-red lines. Mu Mian breathed out and stood up to hug Du Tingting. “We are going to have a baby.”

Du Tingting leaned limply against his chest. After a long while, she finally spoke, “Hubby, I don’t intend to have it.”

It shocked Mu Mian.

He cradled Du Tingting’s face. “Why?”

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