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Chapter 486: Bootlicker

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Han Jun’s body stiffened. She stared at the handsome face close to her without blinking. Her lips, which were brushed by Xu Qian’s fingers, were burning as if she had eaten peppers.

Xu Qian sensed Han Jun’s nervousness and also realized that this action was too desirable. He hurriedly removed his hand and sat down beside Han Jun with a seemingly natural expression.

Han Jun secretly bit her burning lips and felt that there was a need to say something.

She turned to stare at Xu Qian and said sternly, “Don’t treat me like this in the future. I will think that you are seducing me.” Feeling that her words were not intimidating, she added, “You seduced a minor. If I leave evidence, I can sue you and send you to jail anytime.”

Xu Qian is so afraid of going to jail ~

Xu Qian raised his hands in apology. “Sorry, I was rude just now.” But he quickly added, “But you have to learn to accept and adapt. After all, I will do more to you in the future.”

Han Jun’s ears turned even redder.

After sitting quietly for a moment, the heat on Han Jun’s face finally subsided.

Having dinner with Han Zhan at night meant that Xu Qian couldn’t be on duty tonight.

Xu Qian took out her cell phone and called his colleague to change shifts.

After hanging up, he stared at the screen photo on his cell phone and suddenly said, “Let’s take a photo.”

Xu Qian lived in the school dormitory when he was studying. When the brothers in the dormitory fell in love, they would be threatened by their girlfriends to take a photo as their cell phone screen.

Xu Qian had never been in a relationship, but he had observed the details of others in a relationship.

He felt that using a couple photo as a screen saver was a necessary part of a relationship.

“Alright.” Han Jun was especially happy, but there was still no smile on her face. She looked cold and peerless.

Xu Qian wrapped his long arm around Han Jun’s shoulder and hugged her with one hand. The two of them took a very serious photo. He opened the photo album and stared at the photo for a moment. He turned to Han Jun and said, “You didn’t even smile when taking the photo.”

The corners of Han Jun’s lips twitched, revealing her eight white teeth. She was completely forced to open for business.

Xu Qian stared at Han Jun’s fake smile and shook her head with a smile again. “Alright, stop smiling. You’ll scare children to tears.”

Han Jun was not a person who liked to smile. She seemed to be born without a smile.

Han Jun kept her fake smile and looked noble and cold again. “Let’s go. The concert is about to start.” Since both parties had revealed their cards, there was no need for Xu Qian to avoid Han Zhan.

Xu Qian nodded. “Let’s go.”

The two of them got up and left together. Walking to the front of the entryway cabinet, Xu Qian stopped and took out her car keys from the stomach of a decorative puppy.

He saw Han Jun standing quietly beside him. His fingers moved slightly as he reached over and grabbed Han Jun’s wrist.

Han Jun was wearing a long-sleeved sweater and her wrist was blocked by the sweater. Xu Qian was pulling on her sleeve.

Han Jun told her, “You can hold my hand.”

A smile flashed across Xu Qian’s eyes. He looked at Han Jun mischievously and suddenly asked, “Little kid, will I be sent to jail for holding an underage’s hand?”

Han Jun glared at him angrily, shook off Xu Qian’s hand, opened the door, and walked out.

Xu Qian hurried after her and grabbed Han Jun’s hand from behind, interlocking their fingers.

Han Jun had been holding a pen and a gun all year round, so it was inevitable that there were calluses on her fingers. Xu Qian had been practicing swordsmanship since he was young, and his palms actually had calluses. When the two hands were held together, the touch was slightly rough. The warmth from their bodies was transmitted to each other through their fingers, ambiguous and warm.

]It took an hour to drive from Xu Qian’s house to the concert hall.

Han Jun sat in the passenger seat. Her head swayed along with the car’s bump and she gradually dozed off.

The warm winter afternoon sun shone through the car window and landed on Han Jun’s face. She was not wearing glasses. The sunlight pulled her long eyelashes into a thick fan shape and projected it on her fair and beautiful face.

It was as if she was in a dream. Her lashes were fluttering gently and the shadows on her face were swaying.

Han Jun was indeed dreaming.

In her dream, she was kneeling on the ground alone, gnawing on a crow that was still flapping its wings. The crow’s bones creaked from her sharp teeth.

The thick fog covered the sky and hid Han Jun in the darkness. It was very difficult to attract attention.

A series of footsteps sounded. Stepping on rotten bones and dead leaves, they got closer and closer. Finally, they disturbed Han Jun, who was eating.

Han Jun turned around in shock and saw a man in a long white robe standing behind her. Han Jun lived in a gray place without any gorgeous colors. That was the first time she saw white.

The man was tall and slender. One could vaguely see that he was carrying a long sword.

The man stood on the dark desert. A thick fog enveloped his appearance. She couldn’t see his nose or eyes clearly. She only heard his voice. “Where did this little monster come from?” The man’s voice was cold and emotionless.

Han Jun looked at that person warily. She growled at him, turned back, hugged the crow in her hand, and continued biting.

The crow reeked of blood. Her mouth was filled with blood, but she didn’t mind. She chewed very quickly, afraid that the intruder behind her would snatch the crow from her hand.

Suddenly, a fair hand reached in front of her. That person had a light brown pancake between his slender index and middle fingers.

Han Jun stared at the pancake for a moment and chewed slower and slower.

She swallowed the meat in her mouth and looked up. Staring at the gorgeous figure of the man behind the thick fog, she let out a wary growl.

That voice was like a wild beast.

She didn’t know how to speak. From the day she was born, she had never met a living human. She even learned to growl from wild beasts who had accidentally barged into the land of extreme evil.

The man suddenly bent down, his clothes landing on the grayish-black soil, incompatible with this world.

He placed the pancake in front of Han Jun’s mouth and said, “Eat.”

Han Jun continued to growl. She bared her teeth at the man and tried to attack him. But the man’s hand remained in front of her. He didn’t shake or retract it. He was not afraid of her at all.

Not sensing any killing intent or danger from the man, Han Jun’s hunched back gradually relaxed.

She threw away the crow that was half-eaten and opened her bleeding lips, slowly approaching the man’s hand.

To be precise, it was the bread in the man’s hand.

This was the first time she came into contact with someone. She didn’t control her strength well and her sharp teeth cut the other party’s fingers, causing some blood to flow.

Having grown up in the Land of the Evil Spirits, she was born with a beastly nature. Compared to pancakes, Han Jun preferred blood.

She liked to eat raw meat and drink hot blood. The man’s blood in front of her was very attractive to her.

Smelling the alluring smell of the man’s blood, Han Jun couldn’t control her desire to drink his blood.

She stared at the blood and swallowed quietly.

Noticing Han Jun’s actions, the man let out an ambiguous laugh. It sounded like disdain and pity.

Han Jun boldly stuck out her red tongue and licked the blood off the man’s finger.

The man moved his fingers but didn’t retract them.

Han Jun boldly hugged the man’s hand and took a sip of warm blood. The bestial side in her body suddenly woke up. Her eyes turned ferocious as she instinctively opened her mouth to bite off his finger.

At this moment, the man’s fingers suddenly transformed into a little golden snake that was as thick as a chopstick. The little golden snake opened its mouth and two sharp little fangs instantly bit the tip of Han Jun’s tongue.

“Roar!” Han Jun let out a terrified cry. She hurriedly released her mouth and retreated in panic.

That small snake became a man’s finger again.

The man stood up and stared at Han Jun’s figure through the thick fog for a moment. He suddenly sighed. “A little monster like you shouldn’t be born.”

With that, he suddenly drew the sword on his back.

The moment the black sword appeared, the entire wasteland was suddenly filled with violent winds. The evil spirits floating in the air let out sharp cries of despair. When Han Jun heard those screams, she suddenly covered her ears and revealed an uncomfortable expression.

The longsword slashed down from the sky, splitting the thick fog.

The land of extreme evil was the darkest place in the Aosheng Continent. This land had not seen sunlight for tens of thousands of years and was always hidden by thick fog. That black sword cut off the thick fog and a ray of sunlight entered the sky.

This was the first time Han Jun saw light since she was born.

The blinding light agitated Han Jun’s eyes and she hurriedly closed them.

Han Jun thought that she would be cut to death by the man’s sword, but the expected pain did not come.

Han Jun blinked and slowly opened her eyes.

She didn’t dare to look straight at the light and used her hand to cover her eyes to block the blinding light. Only then did she see that there was a black sword pressed against her forehead.

The person holding the sword was wearing white clothes. There were some lines on his chest and wide sleeves that he couldn’t understand.

That person’s face was facing the sun and Han Jun couldn’t see his face clearly.

She stared at the tip of the sword that was so close to her and instinctively felt fear and submission.

The little monster was completely exposed to the sunlight. Only then did the man seriously size up the little monster in front of him.

The little monster was naked. She was born in this land of extreme evil. No one had taught her what was shame and what was good and evil.

The little monster was gray and dirty. Its hair was draped over its head. It was dirty and probably filled with small bugs.

But the little monster had a pair of very clear blue eyes. They were blue and watery, like sapphires washed in snow water.

The man was stunned.

Han Jun was as alert as a beast. She acutely sensed that the man’s killing intent towards her had decreased. She carefully knelt up, avoided the tip of the sword, and crawled on the ground to pick up the crow meat that had fallen to the ground.

Han Jun raised the crow with both hands and handed it to the man. Her eyes were filled with the desire to live and please. “Roar!” I’ll let you eat it! 

The man stared at the crow in Han Jun’s hand and fell silent.

That was the little monster’s only food… 

The man retracted his sword and twirled it in the air. Instantly, all the evil spirits within a five-kilometer radius stopped roaring and returned to silence.

The entire world fell silent. The warm sun shone on Han Jun and she heard the man say, “Forget it, just follow me from now on. You look so dark, just call yourself Ah Qiu.”

Han Jun didn’t understand what he said. She still held the crow and stared at the man ingratiatingly, waiting for him to take it away.

The man used his sword to pick the crow meat off the ground and moved it closer to his sword. He knocked Ah Qiu’s head and told her, “My name is Qu Jingtian. It’s the Return to One Sword. Ah Qiu, come with me.” With that, the man inserted the Return to One Sword into his scabbard.

Instantly, this land of extreme evil returned to darkness as the sunlight disappeared.

But it had appeared before. Han Jun had seen and felt it before. She could never forget the warmth of the sun.

Qu Jingtian walked further and further away, gradually leaving only Han Jun’s blurry back view.

Han Jun knelt on the ground in a daze for a moment. She silently picked up the crow and the pancake on the ground, stood up, ran barefoot into the fog, and chased after that tall figure.

Xu Qian heard Han Jun say something. He turned to look at her and saw her frown slightly. Her red lips moved as if she was saying something.

Xu Qian slowed down the car and leaned her head towards Han Jun. As she got closer, she heard Han Jun shout softly, “Qu Jingtian…” Her voice was filled with pain and longing.

Xu Qian frowned slightly.

Qu Jingtian?

It sounded like a man’s name.

Along the way, Han Jun was trapped in a dream and couldn’t wake up.

Xu Qian parked the car in the open-air parking lot outside the concert hall.

It was very quiet in the car. Xu Qian heard the young lady beside her say the name of another stranger. It was a man.

Xu Qian’s expression was unfathomable. No one knew what he was thinking.

At this moment, Han Jun’s cell phone rang.

The piercing ringtone disturbed Han Jun’s dream. Han Jun suddenly opened her eyes and panted heavily. She realized that she was dreaming and instinctively heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, it was just a dream.

Han Jun answered the call with lingering fear. She heard Han Zhan ask, “Junjun, are you guys here?”

Han Jun looked out of the window and saw the music building. She replied to Han Zhan, “Father, we are in the parking lot. Come over immediately.”


After hanging up, Han Jun asked Xu Qian, “Did I fall asleep? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Xu Qian said, “Were you dreaming just now? I heard you talking in your sleep.”

Han Jun put down her cell phone and turned to look at Xu Qian. She was even more stunned than Xu Qian. “Did I say something in my sleep? What did I say?”

Xu Qian said, “Why are you asking me about your dream? I still want to know what you dreamed of.”

Han Jun recalled that dream carefully, but the scene in the dream became blurry. She only remembered that there was a man in the dream, dressed in white as usual, carrying a long sword on his back.

In the dream, the man used a sword and Xu Qian also used a sword. They were both black swords.

How is Xu Qian related to the man in my dream?

Han Jun tilted her head to size up Xu Qian and reached out to touch his eyes.

Xu Qian was stunned for a moment before quickly acknowledging Han Jun’s impudence.

Han Jun looked into Xu Qian’s eyes. The more she looked, the more dazed she became. In the end, even her eyes became confused. She murmured in a daze, “Have we met somewhere before?”

Xu Qian suddenly looked up at her.

Realizing that Han Jun’s soul condition was off, Xu Qian made a seal with his right hand, placed his index finger between Han Jun’s brows, and pushed hard.

Han Jun’s mind instantly became much clearer. Her eyes gradually regained their luster.

Seeing Xu Qian’s hand on her forehead, Han Jun instinctively stepped back and covered her forehead with her hand. She said to Xu Qian, “Don’t flick my forehead!”

At this moment, Han Jun regained her youthful composure, as if what she had just experienced was just an illusion.

Xu Qian retracted his hand and said, “I won’t flick you.” He was very curious about Han Jun’s dream and asked again, “Little kid, what did you dream of just now?”

Han Jun frowned. “I can’t remember. I think I dreamed of something in my previous life.”

Xu Qian raised her brows. “Is that so?”

Han Jun unbuckled her seatbelt and alighted. She lowered her head and said, “I guess Meng Po forgot to give me Meng Po soup [1. Meng Po is the grandmother that is supposed to give mortals the soup to forget all their memories in their current lives in Chinese legends]. I suspect I still have the memories of her previous life.”

Xu Qian smiled and asked deliberately, “Then am I your lover in your previous life?”

Han Jun was about to answer when Xu Qian reminded her. “Think about it before answering. If you answer wrongly, you will be kissed.”

Han Jun shut her mouth and remained silent.

Xu Qian still wanted to tease Han Jun when she saw a tall male figure walking over from the Music Building. After recognizing that person, Xu Qian hurriedly stood up and instinctively tidied his jacket.

When Han Zhan approached, Xu Qian hurriedly nodded at him and greeted respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Han.”

Han Jun turned and saw her father standing behind her. She felt slightly guilty and quietly stood behind Han Zhan.

Xu Qian noticed Han Jun’s avoidance and scolded her in her heart for being an ostrich.

Han Zhan stared at Xu Qian and sized up this young master of the Xu Family.

He was tall and had a passable appearance. At 23 years old, he was already the associate director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at the affiliated hospital of the Imperial Capital University. He could be considered to be very successful.

Everything was good, but he shouldn’t have fallen for his baby and even wanted to seduce her.

“Young Master Xu.” Han Zhan looked down at the little girl beside him and reminded Xu Qian earnestly, “My daughter is still a minor. Young Master Xu, please think twice before you do anything.”

Before Xu Qian could defend himself, Han Jun quickly defended him. “Father, we didn’t do anything we shouldn’t have.”

Han Zhan was shocked.

“I didn’t ask you to speak!”

As his daughter was siding with someone else, Han Zhan, who could originally suppress Xu Qian with his aura, couldn’t act arrogant anymore.

Xu Qian gave Han Jun an appreciative look, and his expression turned serious. He promised Han Zhan, “Don’t worry, Mr. Han. I will respect and love Han Jun.”

“Hmph!” Is it your turn to respect and love? 

Han Zhan lifted Han Jun’s arm and said, “Let’s go. Your mother is still waiting for us.”

Han Jun was pulled by Han Zhan towards the concert hall. She hid her hand behind her back and waved at Xu Qian, indicating for him to follow quickly.

Xu Qian quietly followed behind Han Zhan and his daughter. His posture was humble and didn’t have the domineering aura of the Xu Family’s young master.

Today was Han Miao’s first collaboration with the first symphony orchestra. It was also her first show on the biggest stage in the country. It meant a lot to Han Miao.

Song Ci valued today’s performance very much. She was dressed rather formally in a dark blue U-necked, long-sleeved dress with a white artificial fur coat over her shoulders.

Although it was artificial skin, the texture was not inferior to real skin. The furry fur made Song Ci look beautiful and noble.

Song Ci didn’t have as much hostility towards Xu Qian as Han Zhan did. She knew that if Han Jun had a good impression of Xu Qian, then Xu Qian would most likely be the second son-in-law of the Han Family.

Mother-in-laws were always kind to their son-in-laws. She just hoped that when her daughter and son-in-law got married in the future, the son-in-law would respect and love her daughter.

Song Ci loved Han Jun and would also dote on Xu Qian.

When Xu Qian saw Song Ci, his attitude was even more polite and respectful than when he saw Han Zhan. This was because he knew very well that Mr. Han treasured his wife the most.

It was better to please his mother-in-law than his father-in-law. Xu Qian was well-versed in this, so the moment he met her, he adjusted himself to a ‘honey pot’ state.

Xu Qian bowed respectfully to Song Ci and praised her. “Mrs. Han, long time no see. You look exactly the same as you did when I was young. You look like a fairy.”

Song Ci smiled beautifully at Xu Qian’s praise. “You child, you loved candy when you were young. Your mouth is so sweet now. Looks like there are benefits to eating more candy.”

Han Zhan looked coldly at Song Ci’s smiling eyes and couldn’t help feeling amused.

He glanced at Xu Qian meaningfully and said in a sarcastic manner, “I’ve long heard that Young Master Xu is very capable and the most outstanding Taoist master in the Xu Family in the past hundred years. I didn’t expect Young Master Xu to be so eloquent.”

He suspected that Xu Qian didn’t rely on his skills to catch ghosts, but his honey-like sweet mouth. As the saying goes, when you see someone, you speak human language. When you see a ghost, you speak ghost. That was all.

Xu Qian was not stupid enough to argue with his father-in-law.

He pretended to be deaf and mute, replying to Han Zhan’s provocation with silence.

Seeing that Xu Qian could remain calm, Han Zhan was both angry and impressed.

It was better to be patient than an impetuous young man.

The four of them were holding VIP tickets and were connected to each other in the second row.

According to the seating order, Song Ci should sit on the far left. Han Zhan was second from the left, Han Jun was third, and Xu Qian was fourth.

Xu Qian and Han Jun were about to sit down when Han Zhan suddenly pulled Han Jun’s arm and said, “Junjun, sit beside your mother.”

Han Jun pouted and was about to sit down when her father pulled her up. She didn’t dare to say anything and obediently went to the first seat on the left to sit down.

As a result, the original seat was broken up by Han Zhan. Han Jun sat first on the left, Song Ci second, Han Zhan third, and Xu Qian fourth.

After the appraisal, Mr. Han was the stick that killed the mandarin duck!

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