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Chapter 485: I Do Have ulterior motives, I Want The Rest of Her Life

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Xu Qian was going to make boiled fish slices this afternoon. The fish slices were beautifully cut and each slice was thin and thick. It was pleasing to the eye.

Han Jun had appeared behind him at some point. She stared at the beautiful fish slices on the plate and sighed. “The meat slices you cut are so beautiful.”

Xu Qian didn’t look up. He just felt that Han Jun was standing slightly closer to him. She was standing behind him. As she spoke, Xu Qian could feel Han Jun’s breath on the back of his neck and shoulders. Through that thin layer of shirt material, it made his skin break out in goosebumps.

Xu Qian looked at the thin piece of meat in his hand and said in a low voice, “Little kid, can you stay away from me?” This distance was too sinful.

Han Jun asked him, “Are you preparing to cook? Are you afraid of the oil splashing on me?” Han Jun, whose mind was filled with yellow waste previously, now revealed the innocence of a young girl.

Xu Qian nodded in a speechless manner and said, “Mmm. Be good and stand further away.”

Han Jun stood further away and realized that the man was bending over and hiding his body’s reaction very well. Han Jun stared at Xu Qian’s body and said coldly, “Xu Qian, you have a reaction to me.”

As her voice landed, Xu Qian cut his index finger.

That knife was sharp. A piece of flesh was cut off from his index finger and blood instantly oozed out. But Xu Qian didn’t dare to move, didn’t dare to take medicine to treat his wound, afraid that his physical reaction would scare Han Jun.

Han Jun didn’t expect her words to cause such a big reaction from Xu Qian. She asked very calmly, “Where’s the medicine box?”

Xu Qian said, “The second compartment of the television cabinet in the living room.” His voice was unusually flustered.

Han Jun went to get the medicine box. Xu Qian looked down at his own body and cursed inwardly. He stared at the two pieces of flesh stained with blood on the fish tail and finally threw them into the dustbin.

Han Jun walked over with the medicine box and asked Xu Qian to go to the dining room to bandage her hand.

Xu Qian hesitated for a moment before standing up and walking towards the dining room.

Han Jun saw what she shouldn’t have seen. Her expression remained unchanged and she looked very calm, but her unusually hot and red ears had already betrayed her true thoughts.

Xu Qian sat on the dining chair and obediently reached out his left hand for Han Jun to bandage it.

Han Jun sprayed some hemostatic medicine on his wound. The medicine was quickly soaked in the blood. Han Jun used a cotton bud to scrape off the layer of powder and sprayed the hemostatic medicine again. Only then did she put on a band-aid for Xu Qian.

Throughout the entire process, Xu Qian didn’t dare to look up and meet Han Jun’s eyes.

The ingredients were all cut and Xu Qian only needed to stir-fry the vegetables.

Hearing Han Jun say, “Alright.” Only then did Xu Qian stand up and walk towards the kitchen. After two steps, he turned back and said to Han Jun, “Sorry to scare you.”

Han Jun thought about it seriously before saying, “No need to apologize. I like it very much.”

Xu Qian nearly staggered and fell to the ground.

She liked it a lot. What did she like?

The question was out of line and couldn’t be investigated. If he asked, it would pollute the flowers of his country.

Xu Qian made a dish of Spicy Boiled Fish and a soup with golden mushroom and egg tofu. She also made a serving of sliced chicken. It was enough for the two of them.

The fragrance spread everywhere. Han Jun sat on the sofa in the living room watching television. She could even smell the fragrance coming from the dining room. She got up and walked towards the dining room. She saw Xu Qian pick up the frying pan and splash hot oil on the boiled meat slices. The layer of dried chili at the top of the bowl instantly sizzled.

The fragrance became stronger.

Han Jun stared at the man’s smooth movements and looked forward to growing up faster. She wanted to grow up faster. She wanted to eat Xu Qian’s dishes and Xu Qian herself.

“Are you hungry? The last dish is ready.”

Xu Qian put down the pot and got Han Jun to bring the dishes to the dining table. He still had to wash the pot and wipe the table.

Xu Qian was a very clean person. This was also a common problem for most doctors.

He first rinsed the chopping board with water, then carefully wiped the two sides of the chopping board with a cloth and placed them in the shade for ventilation. Just as Xu Qian was about to wipe the cupboard, he noticed that the little kid behind him was looking at him eagerly, waiting for him to go over for lunch.

Xu Qian hesitated for a moment before putting down the rag and walking to the dining room. “Let’s eat first.” Han Jun was hungry. He had to accompany her to eat before cleaning the cupboard.

Han Jun waited for him to pick up his chopsticks before reaching out to eat.

Xu Qian noticed Han Jun’s etiquette at the dining table and thought to himself: She’s a polite little kid. 

Han Jun tasted all the dishes and realized that the boiled fish slice and the sweet and sour soup were the best, so she only ate those two dishes. Xu Qian silently observed her actions and thought to herself, She’s a picky little kid. 

Xu Qian picked up a piece of chicken and placed it in Han Jun’s bowl. “You can’t be picky when eating.”

Han Jun felt like she was being controlled by her parents. She put down her chopsticks and asked Xu Qian, “Do you really like to control others?”

Xu Qian lowered his head to eat and said without looking up, “Change the ‘others’ to Han Jun.” He didn’t have the energy to control others. He only controlled his own little friend.

Han Jun was someone who didn’t like to be controlled, but hearing Xu Qian’s words, she was slightly happy.

She lowered her head and continued eating, stuffing that piece of chicken into her mouth.

Xu Qian asked her, “Why don’t you like chicken?”

Han Jun actually said, “I’ve read an anatomy book in the past. There’s a page that states how various types of meat look like after being cooked. I think the color of the chicken is very similar…” She didn’t say what it looked like, but Xu Qian knew.

Xu Qian said, “Don’t look at things you shouldn’t.”

Han Jun asked him again, “You often perform surgeries. When you cut open someone’s body with a blood condensing electric knife and smell the burning smell of meat, do you still dare to eat barbeque?”

Xu Qian was speechless.

Xu Qian suddenly said, “Little kid, come over.”

Han Jun put down her chopsticks and walked over in confusion. Xu Qian sat on the seat right above her. Han Jun walked to the seat on Xu Qian’s left and sat down.

Just as she sat down, Xu Qian suddenly stood up, leaned over, lowered his head, and kissed Han Jun’s lips.

Han Jun still had some grease on her lips, but he didn’t mind.

After being kissed, Han Jun instantly became obedient and quiet.

Xu Qian left her and stared at her slightly red ears. “If you say these words again in the future, I will kiss you.”

Han Jun lowered her head, and the heat on her face rapidly rose. Soon, there were two balls of red. Qian knew again that the little kid was a girl who looked cold but actually blushed at one touch.

Xu Qian placed Han Jun’s bowl in front of her and said, “Sit beside me.”

“… Okay.”

After that, Han Jun didn’t dare to speak anymore, afraid that she would be punished if she said anything wrong.

Just as they were about to finish eating, Han Jun’s cell phone rang.

Her intuition told her that it was her parents.

Han Jun took out her cell phone and saw that the caller ID said “Mother”. She stole a look at Xu Qian. Xu Qian was eating elegantly, as if he didn’t hear her cell phone ring.

Han Jun reminded Xu Qian. “It’s my mother. Don’t make a sound.”

Xu Qian had the illusion that he was an ugly freak and couldn’t be discovered by his mother-in-law.

Han Jun answered the call and called out very obediently and calmly, “Mother.”

Song Ci and Han Zhan were standing at Han Jun’s door in the hotel. They had pressed the doorbell just now but didn’t see Han Jun open the door. They reasonably suspected that Han Jun wasn’t in the room.

Song Ci asked her, “Where are you? Your father and I are at the hotel you are staying at.”

Han Jun secretly glanced at the young man sitting beside her. She was very guilty and spoke very softly. “I… am outside.”

Song Ci asked again, “You’re not with Miaomiao?”

“No, I’m eating with a friend outside.”

Han Zhan asked, “Which friend?”

Han Jun felt that Han Zhan and Song Ci might have already guessed the truth. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Mother, Father, I am eating with Xu Qian.”

Xu Qian finally looked up at Han Jun.

Song Ci was slightly stunned. On the other hand, Han Zhan’s reaction was as expected.

Han Zhan took Song Ci’s cell phone and placed it by his ear. He said to Han Jun, “You saw Xu Qian? I haven’t seen that child for many years. Father also wants to see him.” He hadn’t appeared for many years and was eating with my daughter the moment he appeared. Why was this kid so annoying?

Before Han Jun could speak, Xu Qian took the cell phone away. Xu Qian called out respectfully to the person on the other end of the phone, “Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan was somewhat surprised. He didn’t expect Xu Qian to be so direct and not reserved at all.

“Young Master Xu.” Han Zhan’s voice was cold.

Xu Qian was not afraid at all.

Xu Qian told Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, Han Jun is having lunch at my place. I will send her to the concert hall later. Don’t worry, Mr. Han.”

“Don’t worry?” Han Zhan’s voice suddenly turned cold. He mocked Xu Qian meaningfully. “You’re having a meal with my daughter alone. How can I not worry? Young Master Xu, you really do big things in secret.”

Han Zhan knew very well what Xu Qian was thinking of Han Jun. Whoever Han Jun was with was more reassuring than Xu Qian.

Xu Qian didn’t retort Han Zhan’s words. After all, he did have other motives for Han Jun.

He wanted the rest of her life.

Xu Qian didn’t seem to understand Han Zhan’s sarcasm. He said calmly, “Mr. Han, let’s have dinner tonight. I’ll be the host.”

Han Zhan said, “Alright, it’s been many years since we last met. Let’s have a good chat.”


Han Jun saw that Xu Qian had hung up and frowned. She said worriedly, “My father will break your legs.”

Xu Qian’s expression was also very serious. He said, “What do you think I should wear to meet your parents?”

The two of them said their own things.

Han Jun gave up and grabbed Xu Qian’s beautiful and slender hand to comfort him. “Don’t be afraid. If he really wants to attack you, I will pull you and run.” Han Jun ran especially fast. Even her father couldn’t catch up.


Xu Qian stared at Han Jun’s left hand and smiled again. “Okay.”

After dinner, Xu Qian washed the dishes and was about to return to his room to change clothes to prepare for tonight’s meeting. He valued tonight’s meeting very much and felt that he should dress more handsomely to leave a good impression on his future parents-in-law.

He didn’t have many clothes and the styles were basically the same. Xu Qian stood in front of the wardrobe and started to worry. He shouted towards the living room, “Han Jun, come here for a while.”

Han Jun walked in.

The master bedroom was also decorated in the same style as the guest dining room. The two-meter wide tatami bed occupied one-third of the room. There was a circle of warm yellow light under the bed. It was pure white and must be very comfortable lying on it.

Noticing that Han Jun was looking at that bed, Xu Qian smiled and said, “No hurry. When you turn 20, that bed will be yours.”

Han Jun pretended not to understand Xu Qian’s hint.

“Help me choose a set of clothes.”

In the end, Han Jun chose a black turtleneck sweater and a peacock-blue thermal jacket for Xu Qian. “Wear this. It’s too formal to wear a suit.”

Hearing Han Jun’s suggestion, Xu Qian entered the cloakroom to change clothes.

Xu Qian’s skin was very fair and clean. His facial features were exquisite and heroic. His peacock-blue jacket made him look even better. That pair of naturally cherry-red lips made one want to lean over and take a bite.

Han Jun didn’t dare to look further.

Xu Qian stood at the door of the cloakroom with his head lowered, while wearing a watch on his wrist. Han Jun leaned against the bedside table, took out her cell phone, and secretly took a photo of Xu Qian’s side profile.


Hearing the sound of photos being taken, Xu Qian and Han Jun fell silent at the same time.

Xu Qian turned and said to the slightly embarrassed Han Jun, “Little kid, just tell me if you want to take a photo of me. There’s no need to take it secretly.”

Han Jun seldom took photos and forgot that her cell phone didn’t turn off the sound of taking photos. Having been discovered, Han Jun was somewhat shy. She hurriedly put away her cell phone and pretended like nothing had happened as she hurried out of the master bedroom.

When Xu Qian came out of the master bedroom, Han Jun was still drinking her baby’s milk. There was a little white foam at the corner of her lips, but she didn’t know it. Xu Qian walked over, raised a leg, placed it by Han Jun’s leg, bent over, and seriously and gently wiped the milk away with her fingers.

Han Jun didn’t dare to move.

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