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Chapter 477: Little Mute VS Little Chatterbox

Summer rest time in Wangdong High was rather strict. The students had to get up at 5: 40 am and do morning exercises at 6 am. 6: 15-6: 45 was the morning reading time.

After breakfast, all the students arrived at the classroom for their first lesson at 7: 30am.

Every lesson was 40 minutes and there was a 10-minute break midway. There was a 20-minute break between the second and third lesson.

Li Ao arrived at the classroom at the pre-study time. A few minutes after he arrived, the form teacher who received the letter entered the classroom.

The form teacher was a female English teacher. She was dressed fashionably and her high heels were 8cm tall. She walked around the classroom in high heels everyday and had never sprained her ankle.

“Students, everyone saw it too. There’s a handsome guy in our class today.” The form teacher smiled. Two strands of her wine-red curly hair hung down. She tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled. “When I saw the handsome guy arrive, I knew that our school beau was going to change.”

“Yo!” The boys and girls in the class were all slightly agitated. They all revealed excited expressions and thought to themselves: The school belle is in our class, and the school beau is also in our class. Although our class’s results are not good, our looks make up for the lack of results. We are also satisfied.

After the joke ended, the form teacher said, “Student Li grew up in America. He will be spending his second and third years with everyone. Student Li can’t speak for personal reasons. I hope everyone can understand.”

Li Li communicated with Su Beibei for a while. In the end, they unanimously decided to let the teacher tell the students honestly that Li Li couldn’t speak, so that the students wouldn’t realize that Li Ao couldn’t speak and would look at him in all sorts of ways.

Instead of being secretive, it was better to face his own flaws frankly.

Every eagle had experienced the fall from the injured Zou Ying era. As parents, they couldn’t protect their children forever. Since Su Beibei had decided to let go of Li Ao, she wanted him to integrate himself into this society.

Stepping into school was just his first step into society.

As a result, on the first day Li Ao arrived at the new school, the form teacher directly informed the entire class that Li Ao couldn’t speak.

After knowing that such a handsome young man was actually a mute, everyone’s expressions were slightly strange. There were those who pitied him, those who regretted it, but very few gloated over his misfortune.

In this world, most people were kind.

“Student Li Ao, come on stage to meet everyone.”

Li Ao placed his bag on the table, stood up, and walked to the podium.

Li Ao was 1.7 meters tall. He was not the tallest in the class, but he was not short either. Due to his good figure and taste in clothes, he stood on the podium like a noble little prince.

The young man picked up a white spotless chalk, turned around, and wrote his name on the green teaching blackboard.

Li Ao.

Although Li Ao had grown up overseas, he had practiced Chinese characters beautifully. The two words Li Ao were written neatly.

He turned around and looked at every classmate seriously. Then, he bowed to his classmates. After bowing, he turned around and wrote a line on the blackboard.

Please tolerate me for the remaining two years.

Seeing this scene, the students all had a consensus. Although the young man was mute, he was also a polite mute.

The form teacher asked Li Ao to go back. Seeing that his classmates were still staring at Li Ao, the form teacher splashed cold water on their heads mercilessly. “Stop looking at handsome guys. You can’t get any bonus points from looking at handsome guys in the exams. Why don’t you look at more books?”

With that, the form teacher left in her high heels.

The first lesson was Chinese.

Han Miao thought that Li Ao shouldn’t have any books on his first day of class. She hugged her own books and walked up to Li Ao. She said to him, “Li Ao, you just came and don’t have a textbook, right? I’ll give my books…”

Before she could finish speaking, Han Miao saw Li Ao calmly take out a Chinese book from his black backpack and place it on the table.

Han Miao :”…”

Sorry to disturb you.

Han Miao returned to her seat. As soon as she sat down, the monitor in the front row turned to ask her, “Why, Miaomiao, is your heart moved?”

Han Miao opened her own language textbook and stared at the graffiti on it. “Everyone has the responsibility to care for their classmates.”

“Heh… why don’t I see you caring for other classmates!”

Han Miao’s mind was wandering in class.

A few days ago, she had heard from her parents that Uncle Li’s son was coming back to study. Han Miao had also heard about Uncle Li’s son.

According to her mother, she especially liked Li Ao when she was young, but Li Ao despised her for being fat and never liked to play with her.

From this, it could be seen that Li Ao loved beauties when he was young. When he grew up, he would definitely be a good-looking dog.

Han Miao touched the flesh on her thighs and arms, hating herself for not being able to control her mouth and legs.

Song Ci bought a four-bedroom two-bedroom schoolhouse near the school. Between Monday and Friday, the siblings and the butler, Yan Qingxiu, stayed in the house outside the school.

Yan Qingxiu would go to the aviation research and development department in the day and go home to study with the three children at night. The nanny would come over every night to make dinner for the four of them. The three siblings would deal with the lunch at school.

Han Miao had forgotten to take her meal card this morning. After class, she ran like the wind to the exit on the second floor to wait for Han Jun.

After a while, Han Miao saw Han Jun walking down the stairs.

Han Jun was wearing a long-sleeved denim shirt and black jeans. She had tied up her long, black hair and a pair of black-framed glasses on her face, perfectly covering her beautiful face.

Han Jun was actually not short-sighted. She just didn’t like to be peeped at like a beauty, so she wore an ugly and big pair of glasses.

Han Miao jumped up and waved at Han Jun. “Junjun! Han Jun! I am here!”

Han Jun stared at her elder sister who was shorter than her. She walked up to Han Miao expressionlessly.

Staring at Han Miao’s eyes that were as bright as a pug’s, Han Jun instantly guessed a possibility. Han Jun asked in understanding, “You didn’t bring your meal card? Or did you run out of money?”

“I really forgot to bring it!” Han Miao hugged Han Jun’s arm and said, “Treat me to a meal. After school in the afternoon, I’ll treat you to Haagen-Dazs.”

Han Jun didn’t like anything else but ice cream. When they were young, the two sisters often fought over a mouthful of ice cream.

Han Jun reluctantly agreed.

The junior high class ended early. When the sisters walked to the canteen, Han Zheng was almost done eating. Han Miao and Han Jun carried the plate to Han Zheng’s table. Han Zheng ate the food on the plate in a few bites, hugged the basketball, got up, and said to the two sisters, “I’ll go back after playing for 20 minutes.”

“It’s so hot. Aren’t you afraid of turning into an African?” Han Miao scolded him everyday.

Han Zheng said, “Growing taller by playing basketball!” Some of the boys in the class had already started to grow taller. Han Zheng was only 1.6 meters tall and he was slightly anxious. His father was nearly 1.9 meters tall. If he was too short, he would not have the face to face the ancestors of the Han Family.

“I’ll go first!” Han Zheng ran off with the basketball bag.

Han Miao stared at Han Zheng’s back view and asked Han Jun in a low voice, “Junjun, do you think I can grow a few more centimeters?”

Han Jun reminded Han Miao. “In a few months, you will be 17 years old. It’s basically impossible.”

“Then why are you so tall?”

They were born on the same day. There was no reason for the height difference between the two of them to be so big.

Han Jun put down her chopsticks, took out a heart-shaped tissue, wiped her mouth, drew a piece for Han Miao, and concluded. “Although we are both growing, I grow vertically after I eat. After you eat, you grow horizontally.”

Han Miao’s face darkened. “Han Jun!”

Han Jun ignored Han Miao’s anger and got up to leave.

Han Miao finished her meal in a few bites and hurriedly chased after her. She took her head from behind to hit Han Jun’s waist. As if she had eyes behind her, Han Jun suddenly reached behind her waist with her right hand holding the fountain pen, and the tip of the pen was facing Han Miao.

Han Miao hurriedly stopped her feet to prevent her forehead from being pierced by the fountain pen.

“Han Jun! Are you jealous of my beauty and want to kill your elder sister?!”

Han Jun waved her hand with her back facing Han Miao. She said emotionlessly, “I’ve never been jealous of a retard.”

“Han Jun!”

After Han Miao roared, she chased after him again. The sisters pulled each other towards the school gate. When they were about to reach the school gate, they saw Li Ao.

Han Miao hurriedly grabbed Han Jun’s arm and pointed at Li Ao’s back view. “Is he handsome?”

Han Jun stared at that young man’s back view and said, “Short and skinny. I don’t like it.” Han Jun liked those who were taller and stronger than her. Han Jun couldn’t admire a melancholic young man like Li Ao.

Han Miao rolled her eyes. “You have no taste. That’s Uncle Li’s son, Li Ao.”

Han Jun slowed down slightly.

She sized up Li Ao’s back view. Thinking of what her parents had said about Li Ao, she understood why the young man was so skinny.

“Li Ao!” Han Miao shouted at the young man in front.

When the young man heard Han Miao’s voice, he was a few seconds slower before turning to look at the person behind him, his eyes filled with strong vigilance and coldness.

Seeing Han Jun standing beside Han Miao, Li Ao guessed the identity of the sisters.

His mother and father had mentioned to him that Uncle Han’s three children were also studying here. Uncle Han’s eldest daughter was called Han Miao and his second daughter was called Han Jun. They were twins.

It looked like they were Uncle Han’s daughters.

It was said that they had known each other since they were young. This knowledge made Li Ao less wary of Han Miao and her sister.

He was not used to interacting with strangers and didn’t know how to interact with others. He nodded slightly, indicating that he had heard Han Miao’s call.

Han Miao shook off Han Jun and ran up to Li Ao. She said with a smile, “Your name is Li Ao. Then is your English name Neil?”

Li Ao nodded.

Their parents were close, so it was very normal for Han Miao to know his English name.

Han Miao added. “My name is Han Miao. Do you know my English name?”

Li Ao shook his head slightly.

Han Miao blinked and opened her mouth to call out, “Miao ~” It was a cat’s cry, and it was even a kitten’s cry.

A rare, strange expression appeared on Li Ao’s face.

Han Miao smiled and said, “Your name is Li Ao and your English name is Neil. My name is Han Miao and my English name is Miao. We are a match made in heaven!” Han Miao suddenly patted Li Ao’s arm and said, “Do you know, we are engaged. When you were very young, your mother arranged a betrothal for us.”

Li Ao’s face revealed an impossible expression.

Han Miao continued to fool Li Ao. She said, “It’s true. If I lie, I will be struck by lightning!” Han Miao raised two fingers and looked at the sun above her head. After two seconds, there was no wind, rain, or lightning. She winked at Li Ao and said, “Look, there’s no lightning. It proves that what I said is true.”

Li Ao looked at Han Miao strangely. He felt that there might be something wrong with Uncle Han’s eldest daughter’s head.

She wasted such a cute face.

Han Jun felt embarrassed. She pressed Han Miao’s hand down and said to Li Li, “Li Ao, my sister is not very smart. You can get used to it.”

Li Ao agreed with Han Jun’s words and nodded seriously.

“Are you going home to stay?” Han Jun asked Li Ao.

Li Ao pointed at the car in the distance.

The car that picked him up was parked outside the school.

At this moment, Han Miao suddenly said, “Are you going back for an afternoon nap? I heard from Father that Uncle Li has moved back to the cafe. The cafe is very far from our school and it takes half an hour to drive there. You won’t be able to rest this time.”

Han Miao added. “You are still growing. Look at you. You are even shorter than my elder sister. You must not have slept enough. Why don’t you come to my house to rest at noon? Butler Yan is not at home during the day. You can sleep on his bed.”

Li Ao originally wanted to refuse, but that sentence “even shorter than my elder sister” poked his sensitive heart. Every boy wanted to grow taller, and Li Ao was no exception.

Han Jun saw that Li Ao’s heart was wavering and said, “Let’s go to our house.”

Li Ao finally agreed.

Li Ao nodded at the driver in the distance. The driver understood what Li Ao meant and drove off silently. Li Ao took out his cell phone and sent Li Li a message to inform him that he was going to Han Miao’s house to rest at noon.

Li Li was cutting fruits and planning to freeze them until Li Ao returned home to eat. Li Li was very happy to receive this message.

He thought that Li Ao’s willingness to go to Han Miao’s house for lunch meant that Li Ao didn’t reject being friends with Han Miao and Han Jun.

With friends, Li Ao’s condition might change.

Li Li felt that this was a huge improvement and couldn’t resist texting Su Beibei to share this with her. Su Beibei received the message and was instantly happy. She regretted not bringing Li Ao back to the country earlier.

This was Li Ao’s first time visiting someone his age. After entering the house, he saw Han Miao and Han Jun’s slippers and also took off his sneakers.

Han Miao found a pair of Han Zheng’s slippers and threw them to Li Ao. Li Ao tried them on. They were slightly small and his heels stepped on the wooden floor.

Han Miao saw it and said, “I’ll buy you a new pair of slippers tonight.” She planned to spend every afternoon with Li Ao.

Han Miao looked up and asked Li Ao, “What color do you like?”

Li Ao instinctively picked up his cell phone to type, but Han Miao reached out her hand and said, “Write on my palm.”

Li Ao stared at her fleshy hand for a moment.

Li Ao, who had zero experience interacting with girls, couldn’t accept such a method of communication. In the end, he still typed two words on his cell phone: blue.

Han Miao wiped her hands and muttered, “Silly boy, you don’t even know how to take advantage of me. If you’re so silly, you definitely won’t be able to find a girlfriend in the future. Do you know how many boys in the entire school want to hold my hand? They can queue up all the way to the city center!”

She raised her hand and shook it above her head. She said narcissistically, “They don’t know how to think, my hand is only for touching the piano keys. Are they qualified to touch it?”

Han Jun handed Han Miao a glass of water. “Fairy, drink some water. Beep, beep. Aren’t you thirsty?”

Being despised by her sister, Han Miao felt very embarrassed. She turned back, stuck out her tongue at Li Ao, made a face at Han Jun’s back, and complained to Li Ao. “Oh, she’s not as good-looking as me. She’s jealous of my beauty and purposely said those words to anger me.”

Li Ao lowered his head, typed on his cell phone, and handed it to Han Miao.

Han Miao hurriedly leaned over enthusiastically and saw Li Ao say: [Shouldn’t you be jealous of her intelligence?]

Han Miao glared at Li Ao and said, “You will lose your fiancée like this.”

Li Ao was suspicious of Han Miao being his fiancée.

Li Ao didn’t go to Yan Qingxiu’s room to rest. He felt that it was very rude and took the initiative to sleep on the sofa.

Han Miao didn’t treat him as an outsider and let him sleep on the sofa. There was a central air-conditioning in the house and the temperature in the entire room was very cool. Han Miao returned to the room and took out the air conditioner she had covered. She threw it on Li Ao’s stomach and said, “Cover yourself properly with the blanket. Don’t catch a cold.”

With that, the girl returned to her room.

Li Ao covered himself with the blanket. He could always smell milk shower gel. It was an aura he had never smelled before. It was… funnily fragrant.

Li Ao couldn’t help leaning closer to smell it. He wanted to remember this smell and go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of the same model.

Li Ao realized that something was off. He slowly looked up and saw Han Miao hugging a pillow.

Han Miao was looking at him with a very awkward and shy expression.

Li Ao was speechless.

Han Miao sat down beside Li Ao’s feet. She sighed in bewilderment. “Li Ao, why are you so duplicitous? You clearly like me a lot, but you still secretly sniffed my blanket…” She glanced at Li Ao with a red face and said,” Were you so awkward when you were young? Actually, you also thought I was very cute when you were young, right? You just refused to admit that you liked me, so you kept saying that I was fat…”

The narcissistic Han Miao had already imagined the truth that Li Ao had liked her since he was young and refused to admit that he liked her because of his awkward personality.

Li Ao was a mute and couldn’t explain himself.

Han Miao was sure that Li Ao liked her. She patted the pillow in her hand and pretended to be understanding. “Anyway, we are engaged. In the future, we will also be people who will sleep under the same blanket. Smell it if you like. I won’t think you are a pervert.”

Li Ao’s face was red. He suddenly stood up, crumpled the blanket, and returned it to Han Miao.

Han Miao chuckled.

Li Ao looked at her in confusion.

“Look, you’re being awkward again.” Han Miao revealed an “I understand” expression. She stuffed the pillow and air-conditioner into Li Ao’s arms and smiled. “All for you. Sleep well and try to grow taller.”

She stood up, stood on tiptoe, and gestured at the top of her head. She said, “Try to grow to 1.8 meters tall. I like to tiptoe and kiss my husband. It’s very romantic.”

Hearing this, Li Ao’s tender face blushed like spicy crayfish.

Han Miao couldn’t bear to continue teasing him. “I’m going to sleep.” Han Miao really went back to her room to sleep this time.

Li Ao stood by the sofa for a few minutes before falling asleep.

He covered himself with the blanket and stuffed the pillow under his head. Smelling that faint milky fragrance, he actually felt sleepy.

Li Ao was woken up by the sound of Han Miao talking to someone. After waking up, he instinctively looked at his cell phone and realized that it was already 2: 20pm. He actually slept at Han Miao’s house for an hour and 20 minutes. He felt very incredulous.

Li Ao had slight insomnia. He couldn’t fall asleep at noon and had to listen to Su Beibei’s novel at night to fall asleep. This was the first time he could successfully fall asleep without his mother’s novel, and it was at someone else’s house.

Li Ao snapped out of his trance and sat up. He saw a boy arguing with Han Miao with his back facing him.

Han Zheng said, “Did you secretly eat my ice cream! Ah? Not a single vanilla flavor is left! Han Miao, look at your body of meat. How can you still eat it!”

Han Miao was originally feeling rather guilty for secretly eating her brother’s ice cream. Being mocked by her brother for being fat, Han Miao was instantly enraged. “Han Zheng! I am your elder sister! Your biological elder sister! Who says such things about their elder sister! Everyone says that brothers don’t find their elder sister ugly, but you, after eating one of your ice cream, you shouted and scolded me. You really love me!”

Han Zheng kicked the foot of the dining table and said, “Only one? I bought three vanillflavored ones and I only ate one!”

Han Miao corrected herself weakly. “…Just two.”

“Just two!” Han Zheng scolded angrily. “Eat! Continue eating! Look at how you are wearing a dress on stage this time. Your Qilin arm is about to burst the sleeve of your dress!”

Han Miao felt rather embarrassed. Her face was filled with anger. “Han Zheng! You can insult me as a thief, but you can’t insult me for being fat!”

Han Zheng looked at his elder sister mockingly and sneered. “It’s a fact that you are fat. I didn’t insult you.”

Han Miao was so angry that she raised her hand to pinch Han Zheng’s ear. Han Zheng hurriedly hid towards the sofa, turned around, and bumped into the young man standing behind him.

Han Zheng hurriedly hid behind Li Ao and used him as a shield.

The first time they met, Han Zheng didn’t know that Li Ao didn’t like to touch others. He grabbed Li Ao’s stiff waist tightly and hid behind him. “Brother Li Ao, look at my elder sister. She’s even the school belle. It would be strange if a boy liked her if someone saw her being raised by a tigress!”

Han Miao said, “Bullsh*t! Your Brother Li Ao really likes me. He even secretly smelled the fragrance on my blanket when he was sleeping!”

The world suddenly fell silent.

Li Ao stood between Han Miao and Han Zheng with a red face.

Han Zheng stood out from behind Li Ao and circled between Li Ao and Han Miao. Han Zheng looked up at Li Ao and frowned. He asked him, “Is what my sister said true? Are you wooing my sister? You even stole my sister’s blanket? Brother Li Ao, you can’t mess with my sister!”

Han Zheng, who had just quarreled and fought with Han Miao over two ice creams, started to defend Han Miao again.

Li Ao sighed and secretly warned himself: In the future, if I come to the Han Family for a nap, my name will be read backwards!

At this moment, Han Jun stood at the door of the washroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. She reminded them softly, “Class will start in 12 minutes.”

Hearing this, Han Miao and Han Zheng ran back to their room to get their school bags.

Han Jun glanced at Li Li and asked, “Are you really secretly smelling Han Miao’s body fragrance?”

Li Ao’s eyelids twitched!

I can’t forget this, can I?

After a period of chaos, the four of them finally packed up and ran out of the house.

The four of them walked towards the school together. The sun was hot and Han Jun walked under the scorching sun. She didn’t see a single drop of sweat on her body, as if she didn’t know what hot and cold were.

Han Miao was holding a yellow parasol, a t-shirt, a sunhat, and an exaggerated sunhat on her head. She looked like a farmer fully armed to get honey.

Han Zheng was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. The hostility and fierceness on his face were restrained. His lips were straight and his eyes were calm, giving off the illusion that he was very gentle.

The three siblings of the Han Family had completely different personalities. At home, they were the same, but outside, they were different.

Li Ao sized up the three siblings as he followed behind them towards the school.

After the afternoon class ended, Li Ao was brought home by the driver.

Ah Kun from the coffee shop downstairs gave Li Ao an iced American drink. Li Ao held the coffee and returned to the second floor. He saw Li Li cooking in the kitchen in his POLO shirt.

He carried the coffee into the kitchen and stared at the corn carrots and pork ribs in the pot.

Li Li asked him, “How does your first day of class feel? Are you adapting well?”

Li Ao nodded.

Li Li asked again, “Did you sleep well at Miaomiao’s place in the afternoon?”

Li Ao nodded even faster this time. He did it without thinking.

“I’m relieved. Go take a shower first. We’ll eat after the soup is cooked.”

Li Ao went to take a shower and sat in his room reading a novel for a while. He heard Li Li calling for him to eat. He went to the dining room and sat down. He ate a bowl of rice and drank a bowl of soup.

After Li Li cleaned up the dining table and kitchen, Li Ao approached Li Li and handed his cell phone to him.

The cell phone was Li Ao’s communication tool.

Li Li looked down at his cell phone screen seriously and saw a question: [Father, when I was young, did Mother book a betrothal between Han Miao and me?]

Li Li looked up and gave Li Ao a puzzled look. He asked Li Ao, “Who did you hear this from? From what I know, your mother has never done such a thing. Marriage is a major event in one’s life. She won’t rashly make a decision for you.”

Li Ao knew that this would be the answer.

He shook his head and didn’t tell Li Ao the details of how Han Miao tricked him today.

Li Li watched Han Miao and her sister grow up. Even if Li Ao didn’t say anything, Li Li had already guessed 80-90% of the truth. He said in amusement, “Did Miaomiao fool you?”

Li Ao looked shocked.

Seeing Li Ao’s reaction, Li Li understood.

He told Li Ao, “Miaomiao is a strange girl, just like your Auntie Song Song. Her mouth is the most gullible and she often dupes people. That girl likes good-looking boys because your Uncle Bei Zhan is more handsome than me. When she was young, she only gave your Uncle Bei Zhan candy. I didn’t have a share.”

Like good-looking boys?

So, she didn’t like me. She just liked all handsome boys.

That would be great.

Li Ao didn’t like chatterboxes.

Li Ao asked him, “What do you think of Miaomiao and Junjun? You two were very close when you were young. When your mother brought you to Los Angeles, you couldn’t bear to part with Miaomiao and the rest and even went to their house to play for a day. I heard that Miaomiao gave you her favorite doll.”

Li Ao looked enlightened. So the doll at home was given to me by Han Miao.

“Miaomiao especially likes dolls. She collected a houseful of dolls. I heard from your Uncle Han that she used all her pocket money to buy dolls. She usually lived her life by swindling her sister and brother.”

Li Ao thought of how Han Miao had been discovered eating Han Zheng’s ice cream secretly. He nodded in understanding and thought to himself, So Han Miao likes dolls.

At the same time, Han Miao and her siblings were also talking to Song Ci on the phone.

Song Ci had just finished her performance and was still wearing her performance gown. Under the camera, she was so beautiful that it moved people’s hearts.

The three of them chatted with Song Ci for a few minutes before running off. Han Jun went to read a book. Han Zheng went back to his room to video-call with his godfather, Zhou Baoguo. Only Han Miao was still sitting in front of the computer.

Song Ci asked her, “Miaomiao, do you have something to tell me?”

Han Miao licked her lips and said, “Mother, I met Li Ao. His condition is indeed very serious. Not only does he not know how to speak, he is also very resistant to contacting others. I feel that it is slightly difficult for me to be friends with him.”

“My mouth is already blistering from talking. He might not even give me a look.” Han Miao looked discouraged. She said, “I think you and Auntie Beibei are both wrong. Even I might not be able to be friends with him.”

Han Miao had long been entrusted by Su Beibei to be friends with Li Ao.

Su Beibei felt that Han Miao and Li Ao had a childhood relationship and were the most lively and cheerful of the three siblings. They were most likely to become friends with Li Ao.

Han Miao was like a little sun. If Li Ao could become friends with her and be infected by her lively character, he might be able to walk out of the shadows and speak again.

So Han Miao’s actions today were all trying to attract Li Ao’s attention.

But Li Ao was too guarded against this world.

Song Ci asked Han Miao, “You told me earlier that Li Ao fell asleep at our house in the afternoon? And slept for more than an hour?”

Han Miao nodded.

Song Ci told Han Miao, “Do you know that Li Ao doesn’t take naps in the past? Every night, he has to listen to your Auntie Beibei’s novel to fall asleep successfully. He successfully fell asleep at our house this afternoon. This means that our house, as well as the three of you, have temporarily made him let down his guard.”

“Li Ao is a very obedient child. He was very sensible and adorable when he was young. No one can bear to see him like this. Li Ao can’t speak. Your Auntie Beibei and Uncle Li will always have a scar in their hearts.”

“Miaomiao, Li Ao has a lock in his heart that locks up demons and monsters. It won’t take a day or two to open that lock and chase away those demons and monsters. You are our Little Sun. Among the children of our age, you are the most likely to become friends with him and help him open the heart lock.”

“Miaomiao, please.”

The young man’s guarded eyes flashed across Han Miao’s mind. Her heart softened as she said, “I’ll persevere and see. If he still ignores me after a semester, then I really can’t persevere anymore.”


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