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Chapter 476: Han Miao: Good Name, Young Man!

Li Ao’s surgery was very successful, but the psychological trauma he suffered was very difficult to heal.

After waking up, he instinctively curled up under the blanket and stared at the ward uneasily.

Upon discovering that Li Ao was awake, Su Beibei, who was dozing off on the bed, hurriedly sat up. She made a lot of noise and scared Li Ao. Li Ao trembled all over and instinctively hid deeper under the blanket.

He had already hidden himself at the edge of the bed. If he moved a little more, he would fall. Su Beibei saw Li Ao instinctively avoid him and her heart ached.

Su Beibei sat on the bed and didn’t dare to act rashly, afraid that she would scare Li Ao.

Li Ao hid his head under the blanket. After a while, he realized that there was no movement around him. Only then did Li Ao gently pull down the corner of the blanket. A pair of skinny brows were exposed outside the blanket and he was looking at Su Beibei with his trembling eyes.

Su Beibei didn’t dare to speak. She endured her heartache and looked at her child gently.

Li Ao and Su Beibei looked at each other for a long time. It was as if he finally recognized the person in front of him. Tears gradually welled up in his trembling eyes.

Li Ao shivered under the blanket. He bit the blanket and started crying.

Hearing her son’s cries, Su Beibei nearly broke down and cried out loud. She called out carefully, “Neil?”

Li Ao’s sobbing body paused for a moment before trembling slightly.

Su Beibei gently slid off the bed and slowly approached Li Ao’s bed.

Standing by the bed, Su Beibei asked Li Ao in a low voice, “Neil, can I hug you?”

Li Ao was silent for a long time before rubbing his head against the white pillow.

It was a slight nod.

Su Beibei laid sideways on Li Ao’s bed. She comforted him softly. “Neil, you are already safe. You are now with Mother. You will be fine.”

Li Ao just continued sobbing and remained silent, as if he didn’t hear Su Beibei’s words.

Su Beibei gently patted Li Ao’s shoulder through the blanket and sang a gentle tune beside his ear. Li Ao’s twitching body gradually calmed down.

After a long while, Li Ao pulled down the blanket on his head. He looked at Su Beibei with tears streaming down his face. After confirming that this person wouldn’t hit him, Li Ao carefully leaned towards Su Beibei and leaned his head against her waist.

Su Beibei hugged the child. Afraid of hurting the wound on Li Ao’s back, she didn’t dare to use any strength.

Smelling his mother’s scent and hearing her singing, Li Ao gradually calmed down.

A small part of Li Ao’s body had been cut off. Luckily, the small intestine that was cut off was only about 10cm and was not enough to destroy his digestive system. He would recuperate well and after his body recovered, the small intestine would be normal.

But he was really too skinny and his stomach was very small. He could only start nourishing from the liquid food that was the easiest to digest and absorb. The doctor suggested that Li Ao drink milk first before slowly transitioning to porridge. He had to do it step by step.

It would take at least two years for him to recover.

The wound on Li Ao’s back was already infected. The doctor was going to treat him with anti-infection rehabilitation.

Su Beibei paused all her work. Luckily, she had finished writing all the manuscripts for the first season of the drama and no longer participated in the production of the second.

Su Beibei had already dismissed that auntie from before. After closing work, she stayed in the hospital to personally take care of Li Ao.

They stayed in the hospital for more than a month before returning home.

Li Ao had suffered a huge blow this time and suffered a huge blow to his heart. He had become timid and afraid of things. When he saw things like hemp rope, he would tremble in fear.

He didn’t even dare to speak.

Because subconsciously, someone was telling Li Ao that he would be beaten up if he spoke!

Li Li and Han Zhan found the contact details of the most famous American psychologist, Yalman Evans.

Yalman’s time was very precious. He only treated seven patients with mental disorders every month. He would only treat new patients after these seven patients recovered.

Li Li spent a lot of money to convince Yalman.

Under Su Beibei’s careful companionship and Yalman’s psychological counseling, after five years, Li Ao slowly walked out of the shadows and his body also became healthy.

Although he still didn’t know how to speak, he finally dared to look straight at someone and run and make a big commotion.

As for Li Ao being unable to speak about this matter, Yalman also felt helpless.

Heart disease was not so easy to treat.

On the winter of Li Ao’s 10th year, after Su Beibei cleaned the house, she put on her jacket and went out to throw rubbish.

On the way home, she stepped on frozen ice and fell. Her butt hit the cold and hard snow, causing half her body to go numb.

Adults were not like children. A child could get up and jump around after falling, but not adults.

Su Beibei sat on the ground and let the heavy snow fall on her.

Snowflakes landed on her eyelids, melted into water, and rolled down the corners of her eyes into her sweater.

She wiped her eyes and knelt on the snow. She supported herself with her hands and tried to get up slowly.

The snowflakes that kept falling seemed to have stopped.

The snow has stopped?

Su Beibei looked up in surprise and saw a wide black umbrella above her head.

Li Ao, who was holding the umbrella, had grown a lot taller, but his figure was still thin.

The knuckles of his right hand holding the umbrella were slender and fair, revealing an unhealthy color.

The young man stood tall in the snow.

No matter how the wind and snow ravaged him, he would never bend.

The young man raised his left hand and gently wiped Su Beibei’s tears with his thumb. He opened his mouth, probably wanting to say something, but his mouth quivered for a long time before he finally closed it.

Su Beibei felt despair.

She hugged the young man’s skinny body tightly and cried out loud. “Neil, Mommy begs you to speak, alright?”

The young man’s shoulder was grabbed by Su Beibei and shook. He felt dizzy but didn’t show it. In the end, Li Ao just patted Su Beibei’s shoulder.

The mother-son duo returned to their residence. Su Beibei saw the creepy-looking coffin on the drawing board. She couldn’t bear to look at it anymore. She turned and walked towards the kitchen. She said to the youth, “Do you want to eat glutinous rice wine and boiled eggs?”

The glutinous rice wine was sent to Su Beibei by the auntie. That year, after the auntie lost Li Ao, Su Beibei dismissed the auntie. The auntie felt guilty and had been constantly sending things to Su Beibei and her son all these years.

Li Ao tore off the painting and didn’t hear any sound. Realizing that Su Beibei was waiting for his reply, he turned and nodded at her.

After drinking a bowl of hot glutinous rice wine, the young man was about to go to bed. He laid in bed and listened to Su Beibei read for him with his eyes wide open.

Just like when he was young, Li Ao liked to hear Su Beibei tell her stories.

Three years ago, Su Beibei started her writing career again. She became a screenwriter behind the scenes and participated in two very famous movies. One of the movies won the Golden Globe Award for Best Film, the female lead won the Best Female Lead Award, and her script won the Best Original Screenplay Award.

Su Beibei was now a famous screenwriter.

Her career had developed very well, but her love life was still blank. She didn’t seem to be interested in love or romance. In this world, there were only two things that Su Beibei loved deeply. One was her son and the other was a script creation.

Su Beibei read the story for more than 20 minutes and realized that Li Ao had closed his eyes. Su Beibei closed the script, lowered her head, kissed Li Ao’s forehead, and left the room.

After a long while, Li Ao opened his eyes and stared at the silent night in a daze.

When he was 16 years old, Li Ao signed up for the world’s most prestigious art award—the Alexander Lucci painting competition.

He sent his original work, Wrestling.

That “Wrestling” painting was of a woman falling into the snow. But strangely, the woman was wearing a down jacket, but under the down jacket was a skeleton.

“Wrestling” had a strange style that made one’s hair stand on end and feel despair and loneliness.

But no one could deny how outstanding the painter’s creativity and imagination were. The reason why Li Ao only won a silver award and not a gold award was because the main judge felt that his painting revealed societal ruthlessness and shouldn’t be chosen as a gold award.

Some denied it, while others approved it. After winning the Alexander Lucci painting silver award, “Wrestling” was bought by a Japanese collector for $1.5 million.

The 16-year-old Chinese youth, Li Ao, instantly became famous and became the world’s youngest genius painter.

Many well-known media outlets called Su Beibei to interview Li Ao, but she rejected them all. After hanging up, Su Beibei stared at the young man sitting in front of the easel. She walked up to him and sat down.

Seeing that the young man was staring at the drawing board in a daze and not drawing for a long time, Su Beibei asked, “Why is Wrestling a Skeleton?”

Su Beibei knew that she was the inspiration for “Wrestling”, but she didn’t understand why Li Ao would see her as a skeleton!

Li Ao turned to look at his mother. He pondered for a moment before picking up a pencil and writing on the easel: [Mother, I can’t forget the way you looked at me that night.]

Su Beibei asked in shock, “What kind of look did I have?”

Li Ao looked at Su Beibei.

The look in Su Beibei’s eyes that night had never appeared again in all these years, but Li Ao couldn’t forget it.

He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. It was an uneasy expression.

Su Beibei was slightly nervous. She told Li Ao, “Neil, can you tell Mother? If you don’t, Mother will be very anxious.”

Li Ao held his pen again and wrote on the easel: [The way you look at me is filled with despair. It makes me feel that no one in this world is still looking forward to me. Even my mother is despaired of me.]

After writing this line, Li Ao lowered his head and his right hand was trembling slightly.

Su Beibei was shocked!

That night, she fell and her body hurt terribly. Li Ao came out to fetch her with an umbrella. She really hoped that Li Ao would say something caring to her, even if it was just a simple—

Does it hurt?

But Li Ao didn’t say anything.

At that moment, Su Beibei felt despair.

But she didn’t expect Li Ao to capture her despair within a few seconds.

“Neil.” Su Beibei stroked Li Ao’s slightly long black hair, feeling very guilty. She said, “Neil, Mother admits that I really lost all hope in you that night.”

Li Ao looked up at his mother, his eyes filled with fear.

Did my mother lose all hope in me?

Then will Mother not want me anymore?

Su Beibei saw the emotions and content in Li Ao’s eyes and felt her heart ache.

She leaned her head against Li Ao’s forehead and said, “But Neil, you are also my pride. I don’t want you to succeed. Whether you are a genius painter or an ordinary child, you will always be my pride.”

“Neil, I was just too greedy. When you were skinny, I hoped that you could gain some weight. When you were short, I hoped that you could be taller. When you finally dared to look at someone in the eye, I hoped that you could make a few more friends. So when you got better and better and gradually escaped the shadow of your childhood, I greedily hoped that you could speak again.”

“Neil, you’ve always been very good and wonderful. It’s just that Mother is too greedy.”

Li Ao heard Su Beibei’s thoughts and his tense body finally relaxed.

He wrote on the easel: [That night, Mother sat on the ground crying like a dying person. So in my eyes, you are ghastly white bones.]

He turned his head again and looked at Su Beibei with a gentle expression. He wrote: [But the current mother is the sun.]

Li Ao drew a simple sun on a piece of paper and a small person under the sun. The small person looked up at the sun and made a hugging posture. Li Ao wrote beside the child: [Neil desires to be loved and is afraid of being abandoned.]

Su Beibei stared at the last line, her eyes filled with tears. “Neil, Mother will never abandon you. I will always love you.” After a pause, she added, “And your father and your godfather.”

Li Ao nodded.

The mother and son chatted for a while before untying the knot in each other’s heart.

In the morning, Su Beibei opened the door and led Li Ao’s tutor into the house.

Li Ao and the teacher were studying in the study. Su Beibei was squeezing juice from the kitchen. As she busied herself, she was constructing a new story in her heart.

Suddenly, the cell phone on the dining table rang.

Su Beibei placed the dragon fruit juice on the dining table and picked up her cell phone. She was slightly shocked to see Li Li’s name.

All these years, Li Li seldom spoke to her. Most of the time, he contacted Li Ao directly. These few years, there were not many opportunities for father and son to meet, but they would video call each other every week.

Su Beibei answered the call and went to the backyard. She sat on the rattan chair and asked Li Li, “Li Li, are you looking for Neil?”

Li Li shook his head. “Looking for you.”

Su Beibei was silent for a moment before saying, “Oh, we haven’t spoken in a long time. I don’t know what to say to you.”

Li Li told her, “Dr. Nona came back from a work trip. I’ve decided to undergo surgery. It’s very dangerous. Beibei, I…”

The person on the other end was silent for a long time before saying, “I want to meet you before the surgery… to meet the child and you.”

Su Beibei heard him subconsciously say “you”. She knew that Li Li had never let go of her. She had once realized that she was being followed on the streets. She took out her makeup mirror and saw that it was Li Li hiding behind her.

Over the past few years, Li Li’s condition had not lessened but worsened. In a year, he would have to go to Switzerland to recuperate for two to three months. When his condition was serious, he was crazy and sometimes even wanted to self-harm.

Perhaps Li Li had had enough of the pain and decided to undergo surgery.

Dr. Nona was Li Li’s doctor. After researching his mental illness for more than 10 years, she discovered an abnormality in Li Li’s nervous system and used two years to tailor a surgical plan for him.

If the surgery was successful, Li Li would return to normal.

If the surgery failed, Li Li would suffer from amnesia at best and coma at worst.

Li Li wanted to see his child and wife before the surgery.

After so many years, he had never admitted that Su Beibei was his ex-wife.

Some illnesses could not be treated.

Like stubborn love.

Li Ao sent the tutor off and was about to go to the drawing room to draw when Su Beibei called out to him. “Neil, get ready. We are going to Switzerland tomorrow.”

Li Ao stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her in confusion.

“It’s very risky for your father to undergo a craniotomy. He wants to meet us.”

Li Ao knew about that surgery.

His father had been hesitating all these years. Now that he had finally made up his mind to do it, he must be feeling uneasy.

Li Ao nodded.

The next day, the mother and son set off for Zurich and met Li Li at Dr. Nona’s research institute. Twelve years had passed and Li Li had also crossed the threshold of being 14 years old.

There were traces of age on his face and a few strands of white hair at his temples. Due to the torture of his illness, he looked very thin.

Li Li didn’t smile when he saw Li Ao and his mother, but his eyes were clearly glowing. Li Ao still didn’t speak. After so many years, he had already forgotten how to speak.

On the day of the surgery, Han Zhan and Bei Zhan both flew over. Seeing that Su Beibei and her son were both there, the two brothers were slightly surprised. But after feeling surprised, they felt relieved.

Regardless of whether Li Li’s surgery was a success or a failure, he should have no regrets now that he saw his family before the surgery.

Li Ao had not seen Han Zhan and Bei Zhan for many years and felt unfamiliar. He had been sitting beside his mother, Su Beibei, with his head lowered, immersed in his own world.

Han Zhan saw that Li Ao had grown a lot and was now 1.7 meters tall. He smiled and said to Su Beibei, “Baby Ci measured the height of our three children last month. The eldest is 1.66 meters, the second is 1.73 meters, and the last is 1.62 meters.”

It had been a long time since Su Beibei had seen Han Miao and Han Jun in person. She did meet Song Ci once a year.

She had always heard Song Ci mention Han Miao and Han Jun, so when she heard this, Su Beibei instinctively asked, “Miaomiao must be angry?”

As an elder sister, Miaomiao was actually seven centimeters shorter than her younger sister, Han Jun. How could she be convinced?

“Yes, Miaomiao is clearly better at eating than Junjun. When she was young, she was also stronger than Junjun. Who would have thought that in the end, she was actually a few centimeters shorter than her younger sister?”

Bei Zhan looked at the silent youth beside him and smiled. “Beibei, I remember that when I was young, Miaomiao liked your Neil very much and wanted to be his bride.”

Su Beibei said, “Yes, but my Neil always despised Miaomiao for being fat. When I video-called Song Song last year, I saw Miaomiao. She has lost a lot of weight now.”

With that, the three of them stared at Li Ao.

Seeing that Li Ao had no reaction to their discussion, the three adults stopped smiling.

This child…

Li Li’s surgery lasted for six hours. Luckily, the surgery was successfully completed, but he suffered greatly.

Li Li rested in Switzerland for three months before returning to China.

After returning to the country, he felt very lonely. Han Zhan, Bei Zhan, and the rest were all together. The children at home were also lively and adorable. He was alone and inevitably felt lonely.

Li Li shamelessly called Su Beibei again, wanting Li Ao to return to China to accompany him for a period of time. Su Beibei originally refused. Li Li was the one who caused Li Ao’s accident when he was young.

Su Beibei was worried that the child would return to Li Li’s side and get into an accident again.

But after Li Ao’s psychologist, Yalman, learned of this, he said to Su Beibei, “Bei’er, I think changing Neil’s living environment might be a bold new attempt.”

Su Beibei was shocked to hear Yalman’s suggestion. “Yalman? You also think it’s better to let Neil return?”

Yalman said, “You and I have been by his side for so many years, but he has never overcome the biggest problem. Perhaps when he returns to China, he will encounter a new opportunity?”

Yalman was a psychologist, so he knew better than anyone that a psychologist was not omnipotent. Those who could truly treat mental illnesses were never psychologists, but the people around them.

Su Beibei couldn’t let Li Ao completely walk out of his shadow, which meant that she wasn’t someone who could completely redeem Li Ao.

Changing to a new environment might bring about unexpected benefits.

Su Beibei was moved by Yalman and agreed to let Li Ao return to the country.

Li Ao didn’t have much of a reaction to returning to the country until he heard Su Beibei say, “Your father found a school for you and your Uncle Han’s sisters in the same school. You two have been friends since you were young. After this reunion, you will definitely be able to play together.”

Su Beibei said this to comfort herself.

In his entire life, Li Ao had never been serious about making friends. He was guarded and solitary. He was not the type to make friends easily.

Hearing this, Li Ao finally looked down. He picked up his cell phone and sent Su Beibei a message: [Mother, I don’t want to go to school.]

Su Beibei said, “You are a big child, Neil. All the knowledge you can learn from books is dead. And socializing with people is a profound knowledge. You must learn it. Moreover, people must integrate into society to grow.”

“Letting you study at school is the decision between me and Yalman.”

Knowing that this was Yalman’s idea, Li Ao had to agree no matter how unwilling he was.

Li Ao also wished that he could speak. He wished that he could get better than anyone else, but speaking was harder than ascending to the heavens for him.

He didn’t know why he couldn’t speak. He didn’t even remember what happened in the basement when he was young.

But he was terrified of talking.

For Li Ao’s sake, Li Li and Su Beibei chatted for a while before finally obtaining Su Beibei’s permission to move their luggage into their former home.

The cafe was still open and Ah Kun was promoted from staff to manager.

On the day Li Li moved back to the cafe, Ah Kun was especially emotional. He sat at the corner between the cafe and the second floor to smoke. Li Li sat beside him. Knowing that Li Li couldn’t smoke after the surgery, Ah Kun hurriedly extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

He sighed. “Thinking of the scene of you three entering and exiting together at that time, I feel very emotional. I didn’t expect Mr. Li to actually return here one day.”

Ah Kun’s tone was sarcastic.

Regarding Su Beibei and Li Li’s divorce, Li Li and his mother were in the wrong. Ah Kun naturally defended Su Beibei.

Li Li was not angry. He said, “So what if she’s back? I’m back. The child is back. She won’t come back either.”

Ah Kun stopped talking.

After dark and almost closing, Li Ao dragged his luggage and appeared at the entrance of the cafe. The young man had grown up in America, but he didn’t have the flamboyant and passionate aura of an American youth. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants as he pulled his luggage and stood at the entrance of the cafe.

As the cars drove behind him, he stood still. At such a young age, he already had a restrained and lonely aura.

The moment Ah Kun saw the young man’s face, he recognized him.

Li Ao’s appearance combined the good points of Li Li and Su Beibei. His peach blossom eyes were like his mother’s. His sharp and handsome nose bridge seemed to have been plucked from Li Li’s face and pressed onto his.

He was only 16 years old and was already a handsome man. When he grew up, he would be even more amazing.

Ah Kun pushed the door open and said to the youth, “Welcome home, Neil.”

Li Ao stared at Ah Kun and looked at the cafe behind him. He tried to search his memory for images related to this cafe.

But he couldn’t remember anything.

Li Ao nodded at Ah Kun before entering the cafe with his back facing the light.

Li Li was waiting upstairs. The nanny had already prepared dinner.

The food was light. Li Li couldn’t eat spicy food when he was recuperating, but Li Ao didn’t like spicy food.

After dinner, the father and son sat together playing with blocks. The atmosphere was very silent.

Li Li looked at his handsome son and thought of how Li Ao had been talking to himself when he was young. Now that he was silent, he couldn’t help feeling his eyes ache.

“Sleep early. You are going to school tomorrow. I will accompany you.”

Li Ao pointed at Li Li’s head.

Li Li smiled and said, “It’s okay. It’s been three months since the surgery. I just need to rest. It’s not that I can’t drive.”

Only then was Li Ao relieved.

The school that Han Zhan chose for the three children was not a noble school, but the Wangdong High School that Song Ci used to study at.

The construction of the school district was slightly old and the walls were filled with creepers, but the teachers were the strongest in Wangdong City.

Han Zhan didn’t intend to send the children overseas for further studies. He sent them to Wangdong High School because he wanted them to take the college entrance examination and experience the hardships of the world.

The three children had their own detailed plans for the future.

Han Miao had a special fondness for piano. When she was three and a half years old, she had followed her uncle, Jiang Shifeng, to learn the piano. Now, she had already performed many times on a large stage. She was prepared to apply to Hanover Music Academy after graduating from high school.

Han Jun didn’t like music. She was more like an unruly wolf who liked excitement and challenges. Han Jun was a young Taekwondo champion, an international sniper champion, and also the champion of the league horse racing competition!

But Han Jun didn’t intend to join the military or be a professional athlete. Her goal was to be Han Zhan’s proudest successor and personally create a new business miracle!

The youngest, Han Zheng, didn’t have Big Sister’s musical talent, nor Second Sister’s sports and business talent, but he was especially sharp in the political field. When Han Zheng was five years old, he became the adoptive father of Mr. President Zhou Baoguo. He was going to pursue an official career in the future.

The three of them had different personalities. The eldest, Han Miao, was used to behaving atrociously and was lively and jumpy. The second, Han Jun, was as cold as ice and would dislocate someone’s arms and legs at the drop of a hat. She was a violent person. The youngest was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a scheming person.

All these years, the three of them had pinched each other and worked together to face the outside world. They had also grown up in conflict.

Early October.

After the National Day holiday ended, a group of students who had gone crazy returned to the campus. They were like a group of sparrows who had been flying in the air when their wings were suddenly injured by slingshots and locked up in cages. All of them were listless.

After National Day, she started counting New Year’s Day with her fingers.

Han Miao went to France on the National Day. Coleman was old and had held his final piano concert in Paris a few days ago. As an invited guest, Han Miao went to Coleman’s concert to perform and even went to the international news agency.

In the morning, the three siblings of the Han Family arrived at school in a car. The youngest one went to the junior department, while the eldest brother and the second brother walked straight to the Year Two building. Han Jun was the god of studies and entered Class 205 directly. Han Miao was a bad student and entered Class 222.

Wangdong City’s Arts and Science Department was no longer divided into classes, but it was still divided into the top and ordinary students. Class 05 was the experimental class for the top students, and Class 22 was a group of middle-class students.

Han Jun’s classroom was on the top floor, while Han Miao’s classroom was on the first floor.

Han Miao was multi-talented, beautiful, had a rich family, and didn’t have any airs. A few days ago, the photo of her performance in Paris was published in the international newspaper. The moment the famous person arrived at the classroom, she instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

But Han Miao was already used to being the center of attention. She walked to the second last row and sat down. She put down her bag, took out chocolate from her bag, and handed it to her favorite female monitor. “Here, sweet treasure, chocolate. I brought it back from Paris.”

The class monitor, Lin Yutian, was a small and cute girl. She was about 1.6 meters tall and Han Miao loved to be friends with cute girls. Walking together made her look the tallest.

She hated playing with Han Jun the most.

Lin Yutian took the chocolate and said to Han Miao, “Miaomiao, there will be a transfer student in our class today. I heard that he is from America.”

Han Miao played with the class monitor’s braid and stared at the black mole on the back of his neck. She said, “Don’t panic. Unless the king comes, you will always be my favorite.” Just as she finished speaking, Han Miao noticed that the rioting classroom suddenly became silent.


Han Miao heard the class monitor gasp. “So handsome!”

Han Miao looked up and looked past the class monitor’s black head towards the classroom door.

At the door of the classroom, a thin young man was standing there.

He was wearing a very simple black shirt with the hem of the shirt tucked into casual black pants. He was still developing at 1.7 meters tall, but his legs were heaven-defying. Amazing. If this person were to grow for another two years, all the top male models in the magazine would have to call him elder brother.

The young man was very thin. His black shirt was buttoned all the way to the top. His collarbone couldn’t be seen and his protruding Adam’s apple could be seen.

His chin was round and not the most fashionable sharp chin. His thin and narrow nose was very high. If his nose appeared on someone else’s face, you would think that he had used a knife, but if it grew on his face, you would think that using a knife was an insult to him.

Not only was his nose beautiful, even his eyes looked like they were drawn with a brush. His peach blossom eyes were like clouds and mist, and the corners of his slender eyes were naturally upturned. If he looked at someone seriously, that person was willing to take the initiative to undress him. If he glanced at someone coldly, that person would also feel a chill down his spine.

Han Miao stared at that person for a long while before finally exclaiming softly, “My father, I saw a male immortal!”

Han Miao had never seen such a good-looking person among her peers.

In an instant, Han Miao felt like she had just experienced the first awakening of love. She was in love and could start thinking of names for her future children.

The young man stood at the door of the classroom and looked around the room. He saw the only empty table and walked straight over.

The table was temporarily placed in the last row by the back door. He put down his bag and sat up straight, not knowing what to do next.

A hand reached out from in front of Lin Yutian. By the time she snapped out of her trance, the chocolate on the table had already been taken away by Han Miao.

Lin Yutian said, “Hey Miaomiao, didn’t you give me the chocolate!”

Han Miao didn’t seem to hear him and went to the young man with the chocolate.

Li Ao saw a slightly plump but beautiful girl walking towards him. He instinctively reached out and grabbed the strap of his bag nervously.

Is she going out the back door?


“Student, I see that your face is pale. Is it hypoglycemia? Come, I have chocolate from Paris. Eat it and you will die.” Han Miao was like an old driver as she threw the chocolate on Li Ao’s table.

Li Ao stared at the chocolate and remained silent.

Han Miao bent down and stared at the young man’s curly eyelashes. She asked curiously, “I don’t recognize you, what’s your surname?”

Li Ao didn’t have any experience interacting with people his age. He thought that the girl in front of him was the class monitor and was here to get information from him.

He took out a pen from his bag and wrote on a piece of paper: [Li Ao.]

Han Miao was slightly surprised. He is Neil?

Beautiful young man. He doesn’t speak to me.

Han Miao wiped that word off and dabbed some black ink on her thumb. She smiled and patted Li Li’s shoulder. “Li of the dawn, Ao for pride. What a good name for a young man.”

Li Ao remained silent.

Is it a good name?

My parents were still very in love when they named me.

Han Miao returned to her seat and met the disdainful gaze of class monitor Lin Yutian. “Miaomiao, didn’t we agree that unless the king comes, I will always be your favorite?”

Han Miao glanced at that youth and said in a low voice, “The Heavenly King is here.”

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