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Chapter 475: Successful Rescue

Li Li’s reaction was not much better than Su Beibei’s. He leaned against the cupboard behind him and slid down, sitting beside Su Beibei.

The atmosphere was solemn and silent.

After a while, Norland’s voice sounded on the speaker again. “I have a group of crazy cult fans. They treat me as a god and won’t allow me to be slandered by anyone. I despise them for being annoying and never look at private messages. The person who sent me private messages is very likely an extreme fan. I suspect that Neil was taken away by her…”

In the few days that Li Ao had been missing, Norland was also very worried. In the end, he realized that the culprit behind Li Ao’s disappearance was his extreme fan and felt very ashamed.

“Bei’er, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect them to do such a heartless thing.” How ruthless must one’s heart be to kill a lively and adorable child?

Su Beibei pressed her knees together and buried her head between her legs. Her lips quivered as she said, “Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong.” Those fans were defending Norland and taking revenge on Li Li for hurting him!

In the end, it was all Li Li’s fault.

Li Li also understood this entanglement. He murmured. “It’s all my fault. If I didn’t purposely release those scandals to slander Norland, I wouldn’t have angered those fans and Li Ao wouldn’t have been taken away by them…”

Li Li grabbed his hair in pain and knocked his head against the cabinet behind him. As he knocked, he confessed. “It’s my fault! I harmed Neil! It’s me, it’s all me! I deserve to die! I deserve to die!”

Su Beibei heard the thumping sounds and lifted her head from her lap. Staring at Li Li’s actions, Su Beibei knew that he had been agitated and his condition was acting up.

Su Beibei forced herself to calm down as soon as possible. Li Li was crazy. She couldn’t go crazy!

Su Beibei picked up the cell phone on the ground again and said to Norland, “Cong Nuo, the last time your fan sent you a message was this morning. She said that Neil is about to die, which means that Neil is still alive.”

Norland thought along with Su Beibei’s words and understood that she was right. “Yes, Belle, what should we do next?”

“I will call the police, but I also need your help.” Su Beibei was so calm that she didn’t look like a mother who had lost her child. She was more like a wise and calm murderer in her work, teaching Norland what to do next with a clear mind.

“Cong Nuo, that fan treats you as a god. I need you to help me lure the snake out of its hole and find her location. Only by capturing the rope, can we follow the vine to find the melon!”

Norland instantly understood what Su Beibei meant. “Okay, Bei’er, I understand what you mean. Wait for my news.”


Norlandwas about to hang up when Su Beibei shouted anxiously, “Cong Nuo!”

Norland said, “I’m here, Bei’er.”

Su Beibei told him, “Be careful.”

Norland said, “Don’t worry.”

After hanging up, Su Beibei got up and walked to the study. When she came out, she had a hemp rope in her hand. Su Beibei tied Li Li’s arms and body together. She pulled Li Li to an empty spot and stopped him from continuing his self-mutilation of hitting his head against the cupboard.

Li Li was tied up and didn’t struggle. He repeated his crimes like a fool.

Su Beibei wiped the tears off her face, walked over, and slapped Li Li. “Now is not the time for your illness to act up. Li Li, calm down if you are a man!”

Li Li finally calmed down after being slapped by Su Beibei. He looked up and stared at Su Beibei with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing Su Beibei’s face covered in tears, Li Li’s heart ached.

He instantly snapped out of his trance and said to Su Beibei, “Beibei, I was wrong. My rashness caused Neil to suffer.”

Su Beibei wiped the tears off her face haphazardly. She told Li Li, “Li Li, go and find Neil for me. If Neil dies… If anything happens to him, you will also die with him!”

Li Li hurriedly nodded and promised. “Don’t worry, I will definitely find Neil!”

Su Beibei rushed into the washroom and splashed her face with cold water. Stimulated by the cold water, her muddled mind instantly cleared up.

Norland stared at the private message for a long while before calmly communicating with that fan.

Norland: [Dear, I’m sorry. My life has been in a mess recently and I didn’t check your messages in time. After reading your messages, I want to praise you. You are a brave and smart girl. You are my angel!]

That fan seemed to be staring at her cell phone all the time. Once Norland’s message was sent, that fan replied to him.

Blingbling: [Oh my god, Norland, you’re finally willing to acknowledge me! Great! Great, I knew you wouldn’t ignore me!]

Norland frowned instinctively at the other party’s reply.

He typed a few more lines and sent them.

Norland: [Dear, is that child with you? To be honest, I hate that family very much. They ruined my reputation! I can’t wait to see how pitiful that child is. I really look forward to seeing that child’s father crying bitterly at the child’s corpse!]

After thinking for a moment, Norland quickly withdrew the message and edited the content to erase the word “corpse.”

The other party was his extremely retarded fan. He was afraid that if he saw the word “corpse”, he would do extreme things.

Only when he felt that there was no problem with the content did Norland send it again.

Blingbling: [My poor Norland, don’t be sad. I will seek justice for you!]

Norland: [Dear, can we meet? I want to meet that child. I want to see how miserable he is with my own eyes. I can’t wait to take some photos and threaten that child’s father to make him pay!]

Blingbling didn’t reply in time this time.

Norland got up to get a glass of water and finished it slowly. He turned on his cell phone and saw a new reply from Blingbling.

Blingbling: [Meet me at the dock in Manhattan, Los Angeles. I will wear a black hoodie, jeans, black sneakers, and a Donald Duck balloon.]

Blingbling added specially: [I only see you alone.]

Norland: [Okay.]

Norland boarded a plane from New York to Los Angeles. He was even photographed by a reporter when he arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. The reporter asked him many questions, but Norland refused to answer them.

Blingbling saw the news online that Norland had arrived in Los Angeles. Her heart raced and her entire face turned red.

Norland had really come to see me!

Norland’s car met the police officer waiting at the fork in the road on the way to the dock in Manhattan. The police had clearly hidden a locator and listening device in Norland’s belt and shirt buttons.

“Norland, be careful. Remember, once the situation changes, you must prioritize your own safety.”

“I understand.”

The main road to the Manhattan Beach Pier was a downward slope. Norland parked his car in the driveway of the ramp.

He alighted, put on his hat and sunglasses, and approached the dock on foot.

Standing on the road, he could take in the view of the Pacific Ocean ahead. There were many people at the harbor and it was very noisy. Norland searched the crowd before seeing his target under a palm tree.

The target was wearing the same outfit as her message. She put on a hoodie to cover her hair and a baseball cap.

She leaned against the palm tree, holding a rope in her hand. The Donald Duck hydrogen balloon above the rope was swaying in the wind.

Norland walked toward the hydrogen balloon and arrived before his target.

The target had been looking down at the rope in her hand when she saw a pair of black leather shoes in front of her. She looked up in surprise.

Unexpectedly, the girl was very beautiful. She had a pair of exquisitely drawn brows and light blue eyes that were clear like two blue jewels. Her snow-white face made her look very pure. She didn’t look like an extreme fanatic at all, but more like a little fairy.

Seeing Norland who had appeared in her dreams countless times, the girl covered her mouth in excitement, her eyes filled with tears. “Oh my God, Norland, I really saw you!”

The girl released the balloon in her hand and looked up at the balloon that had flown away. She asked Norland nervously, “Norland, can I hug you?”

Norland gave a faint smile on his left side. This smile made him look even more devilish than his performance in the MV. “Of course you can, my good girl.”

He reached out his hand to the girl and said, “As your reward for being obedient and smart, I am willing to give you a hug.”

The girl cried with joy and hugged Norland tightly. Norland couldn’t breathe.

“Norland, am I dreaming? I really saw you!”

Norland gently touched the hat on the girl’s head. He said, “Of course it’s real.” He released the girl in his arms, lowered his head, and gazed lovingly into her eyes.

The girl blushed at Norland’s affectionate gaze.

She heard Norland ask, “Good girl, what’s your name?”

The girl licked her red lips and told Norland, “My name is Judy.”

“Judy, the weather is very hungry. I’ll treat you to ice cream. Then, take me to see that little kid.”


In order to completely gain the girl’s trust, Norland accompanied her to buy ice cream. They also bought matching couple glasses. The two of them finished an ice cream together and the girl followed Norland into the car.

After getting into the car, the girl kissed Norland.

A kiss dazed the girl. She heard Norland ask, “Where is that child? Let’s go and take a look.”

The girl opened her eyes and asked him, “The police won’t notice, right?”

Alarm bells rang in Norland’s heart.

This girl was suspecting me.

Norland took out a condom from his pocket. He placed the condom in the girl’s palm and said, “Let’s go to the hotel tonight. Let me see what happens to that bad guy’s son in advance. I will be happier.”

The girl tightened her grip on the condom and said to Norland, “I hid him in the basement of an abandoned hunter’s house in the forest.”

Norland narrowed his eyes and cursed the bitch in his heart. But he looked satisfied and praised the girl. “You did it very carefully. Very well.”

The girl was very happy to receive Norland’s praise.

“I’ll bring you to see him.”



The girl clearly remembered the route. Under her command, Norland drove into a forest. “There’s no road ahead. We can only walk in.”

Norland hesitated slightly before alighting.

The girl stood at the front of the car and looked at Norland thoughtfully. She asked him, “Norland, what are you thinking?”

Afraid that the girl would see through his thoughts, Norland walked over and patted the girl’s head. He said, “This is a good place to hide people. No one will notice us.”

Hearing this, the vigilance in the girl’s eyes faded slightly.

The two of them walked inside for more than half an hour before reaching a dilapidated hunter’s house. The girl said to Norland, “I hid him inside.”

Norland asked her, “How are we going down?”

The girl said, “Watch me.”

The girl entered the hunter’s room. She moved a small table and removed the wooden board under the table. A rope ladder was tied to the thick wood of the basement beam.

The girl said to Norland, “You can go down from here.”

Norland leaned over the entrance of the basement and looked inside.

It was dark down below and Norland couldn’t see anything. He turned back to the girl. “Judy, I can go down…” Norland was shocked to see the wooden stick in the girl’s hand.


The girl raised the stick and struck Norland’s head. Norland’s eyes glowed in pain. The girl kicked him in the back and Norland fell into the secret room.

He was lying on the damp ground, one leg so painful that he couldn’t move. Judy slid down the rope ladder. She picked up the worktable in the corner, tied Norland’s hands behind his waist, and gagged him again with glue.

The girl picked up Norland from the ground and laboriously moved him to a low wooden bed.

Norland’s head ached as the girl placed him on the bed. He heard the girl say, “Norland, can you spend the rest of your life with me here?”

Norland was speechless.

What kind of lunatic is this?

Norland smelled the stench of feces and urine and heard a slight movement. He turned to look in the direction of the movement.

Before Norland could see what was in the corner, he heard Judy shout in that direction. “Don’t move. If you move again, you’re not allowed to drink water for three days!”

There was another ring in the corner and then silence.

Norland adapted to the dark light and narrowed his eyes at that corner. Only then did he see a small body curled up in that dark, damp corner.

After being missing for 20 days, Li Ao was as skinny as a little monkey. He hid in a corner in panic and hugged his knees with both hands. His head kept trembling from hunger.

Norland’s heart ached!


Judy saw Norland’s concern for the little boy. She was angry and slapped him directly. She scolded angrily. “Norland, you are so perfect. How can you degrade yourself! What right does a divorced woman have to be loved by you!”

God was high and mighty, and God was flawless. Judy couldn’t accept that the Nolante he respected and loved had actually fallen in love with a single mother!

Judy said, “Norland, stay here with me. We will live and die together!”

Perhaps Li Ao was feeling unwell in the corner, he moved slightly again. Judy heard Li Ao’s movements and picked up a rope by the wall before walking towards him.

“I told you to be disobedient!”

Judy whipped Li Ao’s back with the rope. Li Ao hugged his legs and didn’t dare to cry or make a fuss. Norland only saw Li Ao’s body tremble and he quickly regained his composure.

Norland’s heart ached as he witnessed this scene.


Stop it!


Don’t hit him again!

But Norland’s mouth was gagged and he couldn’t speak at all.

Judy kept hitting Li Ao like a maniac. Li Ao hid in a corner, but he had already hidden himself under the wall and had nowhere to hide.

“Wu! Wu!”

Norland kept struggling and fell from the bed to the ground.

At this moment, the police’s voice sounded from the narrow entrance of the secret room. “Everyone inside, listen up. You are already surrounded!”

Judy paused.

She looked up and saw a police officer. She realized something and looked back at Norland in disbelief.

“Norland, you betrayed me!” Judy felt betrayed and looked at Norland angrily.

Norland barked at the people above.

The police officer held a gun and said to Judy, “Judy, hug your head and squat on the ground!”

Judy refused. She raised the whip in her hand and hit Li Ao again. As she hit him, she scolded. “I’ll kill you, little bastard! Little bastard doesn’t deserve to live in this world. Your parents hurt my Norland. You deserve to die!”

At this moment, a black shadow descended from the sky.

Following that…


With a gunshot, Judy’s hand froze in the air.

Judy slowly turned and saw a man in a black shirt standing behind her.

Recognizing that this man was the one who had slandered Norland’s reputation, Judy grinned at the man and grimaced. “Your son is dying. Does your heart hurt?”

Li Li’s gaze landed on the skinny little monkey-like Li Ao in the corner. His eyes were red with heartache as he shot the woman’s shoulder again.

Judy knelt on the ground and said crazily, “You hurt my beloved Norland. Now that your son is also dying, you are suffering!”

“Retribution is here!”

Li Li fired three to four consecutive shots expressionlessly, each one hitting the woman in the mouth!

The woman’s face was smashed.

She fell to the ground!

Li Ao had been curled up in the corner without looking up. It was unknown if he was scared silly by the gunshots or if he had already been tortured silly by this crazy woman, Judy.

The police jumped into the secret room, untied Norland, and tore the tape from his mouth. Su Beibei was a distance behind the police. By the time she arrived at the cabin, Li Li had already killed Judy.

Su Beibei slid down the rope ladder. She stood beside Li Li and saw Li Ao’s face in the corner. Her pupils constricted!


Su Beibei suddenly covered her mouth and carefully called out, “Neil?” Her voice was so soft that it sounded like she was afraid of disturbing the feathers that were fluttering in front of her.

Li Ao heard a familiar woman’s voice and slowly looked up.

In the dark, Li Ao’s face was so thin that one could see the original shape of his cheekbones, nose, and eye sockets. He looked at Su Beibei in a daze, and gradually, tears welled up in his eyes.

Li Ao opened his mouth to say something, but his voice was monotonous and painful. “Ah!”

Su Beibei knelt on the ground. Her knees rubbed against the wet ground as she approached Li Ao in a panic.

Realizing that Li Ao couldn’t speak anymore, Su Beibei hugged him, opened his mouth, and reached out to touch his tongue.


His tongue was still there!

His tongue was not cut off!


Li Ao gritted his teeth and nearly crushed Su Beibei’s fingers.

Su Beibei endured it silently. She hugged Li Ao tightly and cried to him. “Neil, Mother found you. Mother brought you home. Mother came late!”

Li Ao bit Su Beibei so hard that his body was trembling.

Li Li knelt on the ground and watched this scene in a daze. When he saw how skinny his son was in Su Beibei’s arms, Li Li’s heart felt like it was being stabbed by a dagger!

“Neil!” Li Ao wanted to get close to Su Beibei and Li Ao. Su Beibei suddenly raised her left hand and slapped Li Li hard, before punching and kicking Li Li. “Get lost! Li Li, get lost! I don’t want to see you again in this life!”

Li Li was kicked to the ground by Su Beibei. His face was covered in tears.

The police hurriedly pulled Li Li away and helped Norland up.

Everyone looked at the mother and son duo in silence. Only when Norland saw the blood by Li Ao’s mouth did he remind Su Beibei, “Bei’er, you were bitten by Neil until you bled!”

Li Ao hugged Su Beibei’s hand and kept sucking her blood.

I am so thirsty!

So thirsty!

Su Beibei gently stroked Li Ao’s head. She said, “Neil, drink slowly. Don’t choke.” Li Ao took three to four sips and felt his head being gently stroked. His sucking was getting softer and softer.

After a while, he slowly let go.

Li Ao spat out the hand in his hand. He looked up stiffly and looked at Su Beibei with an unfamiliar and aggrieved expression.

He suddenly pushed Su Beibei away and laid on the ground, wanting to vomit the blood in his stomach!

That was my mother!

It’s the mother I want to protect!

I actually drank my mother’s blood!

Li Ao couldn’t vomit anything and fainted instead.


Li Ao was sent to the hospital urgently.

Before he went missing, Li Ao weighed 37 pounds. But 21 days after he went missing, Li Ao was only 17 pounds!

In just 21 days, he had lost 20 pounds of meat!

There was no flesh on Li Ao’s body. Only bones were visible. When Su Beibei peeled off Li Ao’s clothes to clean him up and saw his bony body, she nearly fainted from crying.

When Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived in Los Angeles that night, Li Ao was undergoing surgery.

Seeing Song Ci, Su Beibei immediately stood up and hugged her tightly.

Song Ci couldn’t help crying.

The two of them hugged and cried for a while. Only then did Song Ci wipe her tears and say to Su Beibei, “It’s good that you found him. As long as he’s still alive, there are endless possibilities. Beibei, Neil is still alive!”

Su Beibei nodded and pulled Song Ci’s hand to sit down on the stool.

She cried so hard that her throat was hoarse. When she spoke, her voice was so hoarse that one couldn’t hear her original tone. She told Song Ci, “That crazy woman didn’t give Neil anything to eat. Occasionally, she would give him some junk food. The doctor said that Neil drank cola and his small intestines were ruined.”

“They want to cut off Neil’s necrotic small intestine.”

Su Beibei thought of something else and tears rolled out of her swollen eyes again. “Song Song, Neil’s entire body is covered in scars from being whipped. The last scar hasn’t even scabbed over when he was beaten brutally again. His back is badly mangled and infected. He’s even bleeding. The doctor said to scrape off the layer of necrotic flesh…”

Su Beibei cried until she gasped.

“He has lost 20 pounds. Apart from his bones, there is no flesh on his body. With this scrape, you can see his bones…”

Su Beibei punched her chest in pain and shouted, “Song Song, I’d rather be the one getting beaten and starved! The child is clearly innocent. Why did she bully my child!”

“Song Song, Song Song, I am so sad. I don’t even know how to breathe. I…” Su Beibei couldn’t breathe and fainted.

Li Li sat by Su Beibei’s bed and saw her pale face. He kept slapping himself.

Han Zhan saw it and didn’t stop him.

The sound of the slap rang seven to eight times before Han Zhan spoke up to stop it. “Alright, it has already happened. Who are you trying to trick again!”

Li Li lowered his head. His tears fell on his thighs. He said, “Mr. Han, I should have listened to your advice and let go of everything. I was stubborn. There was something wrong with my brain. I harmed both of them!”

Han Zhan snorted. “You deserve to die.”

Li Li remained silent as tears streamed down his face.

Han Zhan suddenly mentioned something else. “I asked Song Fei to check that Judy’s bank records. Guess what.”

Li Li raised his red eyes and asked him, “Is there a problem?”

Han Zhan said, “Someone has continuously transferred 500,000 USD to Judy’s account over the past 20 days. You know that person too.”

Li Li’s face was covered in a layer of frost. “Who!”

Li Li said, “The CEO of Cammon Production Company, Donald Dyson.” Cammon Production Company was an established production company in Los Angeles. As they were unable to repay their debts, they had not produced any good works for many years and were already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Li Li arrived in Los Angeles two years ago and poached the director of Cammon Productions at a high price. He lost his capable director and accelerated the decline of Cammon.

Three months ago, the Union Card Company declared bankruptcy and publicly sought a buyer’s acquisition, but no one was willing to take over. Cammon’s boss, Donaldson, shamelessly begged Li Li to acquire his company, but Li Li refused.

Li Li felt that Cammon’s company had no value at all. He was a businessman and refused to spend money to buy a lousy company that he couldn’t afford.

After the company went bankrupt, Donald was chased by debtors every day and lived in hiding.

Donald hated Li Li to death. He felt that if Li Li hadn’t poached his capable director, the company wouldn’t have declared bankruptcy so quickly. And Li Li’s refusal to acquire Cammon Company had kicked him into the mud.

Donald had been looking forward to Li Li’s miserable death day and night!

So after discovering the feud between Li Li and Norland, Donald quickly found Norland’s extreme fan, Judy, and revealed the news that Li Li had a cute and smart son.

Otherwise, with Judy’s status as an ordinary university student, there was no way she could find out about Li Ao’s existence.

“Li Li, Neil was indeed affected by you this time.”

Knowing the truth, Li Li was completely stunned and speechless.

Han Zhan stared at Li Li’s much thinner body and sighed in his heart. He said, “When Neil’s surgery is successful, find a beautiful place to recuperate for a period of time.”

“When you recover, you can repair your father-son relationship with Neil. As for Beibei…” Han Zhan didn’t continue.

It was impossible between Su Beibei and Li Li.

Hearing this, Li Li’s spirits rose. He instinctively stood up, clenched his fists, and rushed towards Han Zhan. He grabbed Han Zhan’s collar and growled at him. “You’re asking me to leave them! You want me to leave my wife and child at this time!”

When he was angry, the veins on his neck were exposed and he was very sober.

Han Zhan only used one hand to pinch Li Li’s arm until his bones ached. He kicked Li Li away and kicked him to the bed.

Han Zhan quickly walked over and kicked Li Li. He roared, “Li Li! Are you still going to be stubborn! If you’re sick, go and f*cking treat your illness! Don’t make a scene with me! If you continue like this, you’ll lose your mind sooner or later! If you treat me like a brother, listen to me and find a place to recuperate for a period of time!”

Li Li was kicked by Han Zhan. The pain in his stomach made him slightly more rational. He stared at Han Zhan in a daze for a long while before covering his face and crying bitterly.

After confirming that Neil’s surgery was successful, he just needed to take good care of him to recover. Only then did Li Li carry his few luggage to Switzerland.

Su Beibei knew that Li Li was leaving. She thought for a moment and chased after him.

Before Li Li got into the car, Su Beibei called out to him.

“Li Li!”

Li Li turned around in surprise and joy. He wanted to smile when he saw Su Beibei walking towards him, but his lips curled up and tears streamed down his face.

“Beibei, Neil just came out of the surgery. You should be with him. Why did you come out?”

Li Li was too embarrassed to face Su Beibei. As he spoke, his eyes were darting around. He didn’t dare to look at her. He was afraid that if he looked at her a little longer, he wouldn’t be able to bear to leave.

Su Beibei handed him a photo the size of a wallet. “Take this.”

Li Li recognized this photo. It was a photo taken by their family of three on a spring trip in 2023.

Li Li took the photo and gently touched the woman and child on it with his fingers. He looked at the happy smile of the family of three and his heart cracked inch by inch. It was so painful that he couldn’t straighten his back.

Scenes of blissful memories flashed across Li Li’s mind.

“Li Li, what I said in the basement was just a moment of anger. I do blame you in my heart, but you are the child’s most beloved father. This is a fact that cannot be changed. When you go to Switzerland and are in a calm mood, remember to call Neil and talk to him more.”

Su Beibei pointed at that photo and said, “The original photo is with me. I’ll go back and print it again. Take this.”

Su Beibei didn’t know what to say anymore. In the end, she said dryly, “I wish you a speedy recovery.”

Su Beibei turned and left.

Li Li looked at her back view and shouted impulsively, “Beibei!”

Su Beibei turned around.

Li Li had a lot to say.

He wanted to say, Beibei, is your cafe still short of a male boss?

He wanted to ask, Beibei, do you really not love me anymore?

He wanted to ask, Beibei, do you hate me?

But he didn’t dare to ask a single question.

Not qualified, neither brave.

He forced a smile and waved at Su Beibei. “Goodbye.”

Su Beibei nodded and turned to leave.

Li Li got into the car and stuffed the photo into his wallet. There was originally a photo of him and Su Beibei together in his wallet. He hid the photo further inside.

He knew that this time, he had to let go of Su Beibei.

These two photos were the only evidence of their love.

Su Beibei returned to the hospital and saw Norland with a cast on his calf outside Li Ao’s ward.

Norland’s injury was left to save Li Ao. Su Beibei stopped and asked him, “How long will your ankle heal? Can you continue dancing in the future?”

Norland said, “It’s not serious. Moreover, I rely on singing to survive.”

Norland’s reputation had been damaged and he had been condemned some time ago. However, Li Li had taken the initiative to make a statement last night and clarified that he had smeared Nolante’s reputation.

At this moment, everyone on the Internet was apologizing to Norland. Presumably, after Norland recovered and returned, his popularity would only increase.

Norland licked his lips, his face filled with self-reproach and guilt.


Norland turned to look at the skinny child on the bed. He said to Su Beibei, “I’m sorry.”

“It has nothing to do with you, Cong Nuo. I don’t blame you.” Su Beibei looked at the child on the bed and said, “As long as my child is alive, I will be at ease.”

Norland knew that once this happened, he had no chance of being with Su Beibei. He pretended to be relieved and smiled at Su Beibei. “In the future, let me be Neil’s godfather!”

Su Beibei was slightly surprised, but she also felt that this was the best outcome. “Okay.”

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