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Chapter 474: Missing

The scandal between Norland and her was exposed this morning, and the photo of her meeting with Norland in Los Angeles was released this afternoon.

A few hours had passed. It was obvious that after Li Li saw the news in the morning, he was certain that she had gotten together with Norland. In his anger, he maliciously slandered Norland and released a fake scandal to ruin his reputation!


He’s f*cking crazy!

Li Li was like his mother, a lunatic!

Su Beibei suddenly stood up and left the hotel late at night for the airport.

As a superstar, it didn’t matter if they were in a relationship or if they were in a relationship with a single mother. But it was a moral issue to be entangled with a married woman and cause her marriage to break down.

Norland instantly became an artist with a tainted character.

At that moment, Norland was being criticized by all the anti-fans in the world. He also couldn’t stand his peers slandering him in troubled waters and released even more false rumors.

Norland abuses dogs!

Norland took drugs in high school!

Norland had once called an AV female star to his door late at night…

Everyone kicked a man who is down. This was Norland’s current situation.

He knew very well that someone was messing with him and also knew who the person was. But now, the entire world’s netizens were denouncing him. No matter what he said, no one would listen.

Compared to herself, Norland was more worried about Su Beibei.

The netizens were very capable. Sometimes, they were even better than the FBI. They could find the person in the photo alone with just one photo. Norland was worried that the netizens would find out Su Beibei’s identity and harass her and her son.

Norland had a group of extremely crazy fans. This group of fans could be said to be deranged. They treated Norland as a god and could not tolerate anyone slandering Norland.

After today’s incident, Norland was worried that those crazy fans would do something irrational.

Norland called Su Beibei, but her phone was switched off. He wanted to go out to meet Su Beibei, but his house was surrounded by reporters. As long as he opened the door, he would be surrounded by those reporters.

Norland could only sit at home and worry.

Before dawn, Su Beibei arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. She waved for a taxi and went straight to Li Li’s residence.

Han Zhan had his own property in Beverly Hills. While Li Li was in Los Angeles, he lived in Han Zhan’s house.

When Su Beibei arrived at the top of the mountain, the sun had already pierced through the thick clouds and illuminated the mountaintop. She alighted from the car and walked straight to Li Li’s residence.

Walking to the main entrance, Su Beibei was stopped by a tall black guard. This was the first time Su Beibei had come to Li Li’s residence. The guard didn’t know Su Beibei. “Madam, this is a private residence. You are not allowed to barge in without permission.”

Su Beibei said, “I am Su Beibei, Neil’s mother. I want to see Li Li.”

Hearing this, the guard looked at Su Beibei warily. After a moment, he picked up the walkie-talkie and informed the guard inside.

Li Li got up at dawn. When Su Beibei arrived, he was swimming. Hearing the guard’s report, Li Li surfaced and said to the guard, “Let her in.”

Su Beibei didn’t bring any luggage. She was only holding a bag that contained her identification documents and wallet. She quickly entered and followed the guard to the open-air pool.

Li Li had already come out of the water. He was only wearing a pair of dark black swimming trunks and a towel draped over his shoulders. Hearing the sound of high heels clicking on the ground, Li Li picked up the water and took a sip.

The footsteps stopped behind him, but Su Beibei didn’t intend to speak.

Li Li put down his cup and turned around. Before he could steady himself, he was slapped on his left cheek!


This slap used all of Su Beibei’s strength!

Su Beibei’s palm hung in front of her, her palm numb.

Li Li’s head was slanted.

The guard standing beside her immediately raised his gun and aimed it at Su Beibei. He scolded sternly, “Madam! Please watch your actions!”

Su Beibei glared at Li Li with bloodshot eyes. She asked, “Are you crazy!”

Li Li stared at the red mark on Su Beibei’s neck that had yet to completely disappear. His throat rolled a few times before he said, “Get out.” This was said to the guard.

The guard kept his gun and left silently.

After the guard left, Li Li raised his hand and touched his cheek. Half of his face was burning. Needless to say, there must be five finger marks on it.

The tip of his tongue touched his chin and Li Li smiled mockingly. He said in a self-deprecating manner, “It’s been two years. For two years, this is the first time you took the initiative to see me… for that guy.”

Su Beibei sneered. “Don’t you know why I came to see you? Li Li, I always thought you were just selfish. I didn’t expect you to be so shameless!”

“I am shameless? Yes, I am shameless.” Li Li raised his left hand and pressed his thumb against the red mark on Su Beibei’s neck. He rubbed it hard and realized that he couldn’t wipe it off.

Li Li was suddenly enraged!

Why can’t I rub it off?

Li Li’s eyes turned malicious. He dug the nail of his thumb into Su Beibei’s skin and wanted to tear that skin off!

Su Beibei frowned in pain. She raised her right leg to kick Li Li, but Li Li grabbed it with his right hand.

“Do you still want to kick me?” Li Li’s eyes were filled with a storm. He stared at Su Beibei with bloodshot eyes and roared softly, “You were having so much fun in the room with him last night. You ran over and wanted to kick me! Su Beibei, where’s your heart!”

Li Li grabbed Su Beibei’s neck and pinched her so hard that her face turned green and she found it difficult to breathe. Li Li looked down and questioned Su Beibei, “Is he very powerful! Ah? Can he satisfy you? Does he know your sensitive spots? Is he doing whatever he wants to you like I did to you!”

“Su Beibei, why are you so cheap!”

Li Li grabbed Su Beibei’s throat and threw her into the pool.

Su Beibei struggled in the water. Her throat was especially uncomfortable from suffocation. The water in the pool poured into her throat and she was in so much pain that she couldn’t swim out of the water. The skin on her neck was also bleeding. The blood mixed with the water in the pool looked strange.

There was a splash behind her. Li Li had jumped into the pool.

Li Li pulled the struggling Su Beibei out of the water. Su Beibei had just spat outside and had yet to take a deep breath when Li Li pressed her shoulder and knocked her against the wall of the pool.

Without a word, he lowered his head and bit Su Beibei’s lips. At the same time, his right hand lifted Su Beibei’s skirt, ignoring her resistance to possess it.

Su Beibei frowned in pain. She bit Li Li’s tongue until his mouth was covered in blood.

Li Li’s tongue hurt so much that it felt like it was going to break, but he still refused to let go of Su Beibei.

Su Beibei struggled, resisted, and punched and kicked him, but Li Li acted like he didn’t know pain and only cared about bullying her.

At this moment…


Li Li paused. Something cold fell from his head and rolled into the pool.

Then, a few drops of blood slid down Li Li’s forehead and wetted his eyelashes. Li Li’s eyes turned red when he looked at something.

Li Li looked up in shock and saw Li Ao standing on the pool, his small body trembling in fear.

Li Ao smashed Li Li with a glass!

Li Ao bit his lips and trembled. He clenched his fists and scolded Li Li. “You, you bullied my mother. You are a bad guy! You bullied my mother!”

Li Li felt slightly dizzy.

He wiped his face with one hand and looked down at Su Beibei. Her face was covered in tears and she was crying in pain.

Li Li’s gaze froze when he saw the marks on Su Beibei’s neck.

What did I do!

“I…” Li Li hurriedly moved away in shock. He put down the dress on Su Beibei’s waist and apologized like a child who had done something wrong. He kept saying,” Beibei, I’m sorry. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to…”

“I don’t want to hurt you like this. I just…”

Su Beibei raised her hand and slapped Li Li again! She scolded him. “You are a beast!”

Su Beibei supported herself up the stairs to the pool. She endured her physical discomfort and waved at Li Ao. “Neil, go with Mother.” Li Ao glanced at Li Li in the pool and said to him, “I hate you, Father!”

Li Ao ran over to hold Su Beibei’s hand and left with her.

Su Beibei took a few steps away and stopped. She didn’t turn back and just told Li Li, “Regardless of whether you believe me or not, nothing happened between us last night. Li Li, you shouldn’t have hurt my family!”

Cong Nuo was Grandma’s biological grandson and the child she had protected since she was young. She treated Cong Nuo as her biological brother. Li Li should never have ruined Cong Nuo’s reputation and career!

“Li Li, you are a lunatic!” Su Beibei pulled Li Li away.

Li Li soaked in the water for a while before coming ashore.

He nearly strangled Su Beibei to death!

Li Li suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself a few times!

That was Su Beibei!

How could he hurt Su Beibei!

Li Li covered his face with his hand and blamed himself very much. Actually, the moment he touched Su Beibei just now, he knew that Su Beibei had no relationship with Cong Nuo. Her physical reaction would not lie. She was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face.

The first time they met, she had never felt so much pain.

After leaving Li Li’s house, Su Beibei felt very aggrieved. She had no parents or friends. She could only confide in Song Ci.

When Song Ci found out that Li Li had destroyed Norland’s reputation because of jealousy and even raped Su Beibei, she was so angry that she threw a tantrum at Han Zhan. When Han Zhan heard about this, he hurriedly calmed Song Ci down. After Song Ci calmed down, Han Zhan went to the study to call Li Li.

When he received the call, Li Li was having lunch. But facing the exquisite and delicious food in front of him, Li Li couldn’t have any appetite.

The phone rang for seven to eight seconds before Li Li picked it up slowly as if he had just heard the ringtone.

“Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan scolded Li Li over the phone. “Li Li, what’s the matter with you! You weren’t like this in the past. You were clearly a very sensible person. Why did you become so muddle-headed when you encountered Su Beibei!”

“You two are already divorced. Putting aside whether she is really with that male celebrity or not, even if she is, it has nothing to do with you! What you did to her today is a crime! If she calls the police, you will go to jail!”

According to the company’s rules, what Li Li did was enough to kick him out!

Li Li waited for Han Zhan to finish scolding before asking, “Is she… alright?”

Han Zhan was silent.

Li Li supported his forehead with one hand and said regretfully, “I didn’t want to do that. I really didn’t want to. But I couldn’t control my temper… When I saw the traces of another man on her, I really nearly lost control and killed her. I even hoped that she would die, so she would not be disobedient.”

“Mr. Han, what exactly happened to me?”

Han Zhan was shocked by Li Li’s words.

He spat out the toffee in his mouth and said to Li Li very seriously, “Li Li, listen to me. Go and see the psychologist. Your condition is already abnormal.” It was even more serious than Auntie Li’s condition back then.

Li Li instinctively said, “What doctor? I’m not sick.”

“You will know if you are sick or not after seeing the doctor.” Han Zhan hung up.

After hanging up, Han Zhan made the decision on his own and arranged to meet a top specialist in mental illness for Li Li. That night, the doctor personally came to counsel Li Li.

Li Li originally didn’t want to see the doctor, but he also realized that his actions today were slightly out of line. In the end, he still met the doctor.

The doctor was very professional. He had already heard from Han Zhan over the phone what Li Li had done to Su Beibei today. He waited for Li Li to relax before asking him, “Mr. Li, how have you been recently? You must trust me, so please don’t lie.”

Li Li came to see the doctor with a perfunctory attitude. After hearing the doctor’s words, he decided to be more honest. Li Li told the doctor, “In fact, I’ve frequently suffered from insomnia these two years and can’t fall asleep. After falling asleep, I keep dreaming of my wife divorcing me and marrying someone else.”

“I love my wife very much. I—”

The doctor interrupted Li Li and said, “Mr. Li, Madam Su is your ex-wife, not your wife.”

Hearing this, Li Li frowned suddenly and looked at the doctor with a ruthless and displeased expression.

The doctor hurriedly said, “Don’t be nervous. I just want to know your condition.”

Li Li’s tense body gradually relaxed.

The doctor wrote something on the diagnosis notebook and asked him, “Then, Mr. Li, are you full of doubts about your ex-wife?”

“No, I love my wife very much. I believe her and I never doubted her.” Li Li was still unwilling to admit that Su Beibei was his ex-wife or that he had suspected her.

The doctor nodded and looked like he believed Li Li’s words, but he didn’t stop writing. Li Li looked at the pen in the doctor’s hand unhappily and said, “What are you writing?”

Sensing Li Li’s conflicted feelings, the doctor closed the pen and stuffed it into his suit pocket. He said to Li Li, “I’ll just write whatever I want. Alright, let’s have a casual chat next.”


The two of them chatted calmly for a long time. Li Li was gradually getting impatient. He asked, “What else do you need to ask?”

This was chasing him out.

The doctor’s brain was not working well. As if he didn’t understand Li Li’s hint, he asked Li Li, “Mr. Li, may I know if there is a history of mental illness in your family history?

Li Li seemed to have heard something ridiculous.

He instinctively shook his head and said, “No. Why, do you suspect that I have a mental illness?” His tone was very sharp and his gaze at the doctor was filled with aggression.

The doctor ignored the threat in his eyes and told Li Li, “Mr. Li, I think your condition is a little bad now. You stubbornly refuse to accept the fact that you and Ms. Su have already divorced. You insist that she is still your wife. You delusionally think that she still loves you like before. You suspect that she is unclear with another man. You even violated her in a fit of anger…”

After saying so much, the doctor just wanted to tell Li Li his conclusion. The doctor took off his glasses and told Li Li, “According to my career experience, it’s very likely that you have a paranoid mental illness. People with such a disease are prone to irritable, extreme, delusional, and suspicious behavior.”

Li Li’s pupils dilated slightly. “Wh-what?” Li Li suspected that he had heard wrongly.

The doctor said, “Paranoid mental illness.”

Paranoid mental illness?


Li Li felt that this old man was joking with him. “I have a mental illness? How many mental illness patients have you seen as normal as me? Do you know who I am? I am Zeus Corporation’s vice-president. My brothers and I personally created a business legend! You actually said that I am a mental illness!”

Li Li suspected that this old man was a fake doctor.

The doctor knew that it was difficult for Li Li to accept this fact at that moment. He was calm and told Li Li, “Mr. Li, it’s not a coincidence to have such a disease. According to the patients I’ve interacted with for many years, people with this disease look like normal people in their daily lives. But when they receive uninterrupted stimulation, it will stimulate their paranoia and make them show signs of illness.”

“Mr. Li, has your life been very torturous these few years? Has anyone often tortured you, made you tense, and made you unable to sleep well?”

Li Li was speechless.

“Yes…” Li Li murmured softly.” My mother was very extreme. She passed away two years ago. Before she passed away, she kept saying bad things about my wife and asking me to divorce her. I was very angry, but I couldn’t hurt her heart… Those few years were very painful for me. ”

Hearing this, the doctor concluded. “That’s it. Your mother’s irrationality during that period was a form of mental torture for you. She triggered the paranoid mental illness hidden in your body. Typically, such mental illnesses are more or less related to genetics.”

Li Li couldn’t accept this fact.

After the doctor left, Li Li sat alone in the guest room for a long time.

Later on, he picked up the phone and called his third aunt, who was far away in the country.


His third aunt acknowledged and asked about his well-being. After the pleasantries were over, Li Li asked his third aunt, “Aunt, are there any mental patients in my mother and grandfather’s family?”

Third Aunt asked nervously, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Li Li said, “I feel that my mother is rather irrational in her later years. It’s like she has become a different person. I remember now, so I wanted to ask you.”

Third Aunt said, “No, your mother just went into a dead end. Our family doesn’t have any mental illness, but your father…” At the mention of Li Li’s father, Third Aunt’s voice lowered.

Li Li’s eyes widened slightly as he hurriedly asked, “Is my father mentally ill?”

“It can’t be considered a mental illness. You might not know, but your grandmother was a mental patient beggar who begged in your grandfather’s village and was taken in by your grandfather. Perhaps your father was affected by your grandmother and his mental state was slightly abnormal.”

This was something Li Li had never heard of. His grandparents had left early and he had not seen his grandfather since he was three years old.

“My father is mentally unstable. How does he usually act?”

Third Aunt sighed for a long while before saying, “That year, when your mother gave birth to you, she had a difficult delivery and nearly died. Your father was worried about your mother and suspected that the midwife was not capable enough, so he pressed the midwife to the ground and beat her up. After taking medicine for a period of time, your father’s condition stabilized.”

“Also, your father jumped off a building after he crashed into a car back then. Actually, it was also related to his illness. After he realized that he had bumped into someone, he was shocked and suffered a shock. His illness acted up. After returning home, he quarreled with your mother and jumped off a building in a fit of anger.”

Li Li listened in a daze, his heart turning cold.

My father is actually mentally ill!

I am too!

I am actually a mental patient!

Li Li refused to admit it, but when he thought of how he wanted to use his hand to remove the red marks on Su Beibei’s neck this morning and nearly strangled her to death, he had to admit that he was crazy.

Han Zhan asked about Li Li’s condition from the doctor. Knowing that Li Li had a mental illness, he didn’t find it strange. Instead, he felt that it was indeed the case.

Han Zhan directly gave Li Li a year off and asked him to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. He also clearly said that before his condition improved, he would not allow Li Li to return to the company to work.

Li Li had no objections to Han Zhan’s arrangement.

In fact, he also felt that he should receive treatment.

Su Beibei heard from Song Ci that Li Li had a mental illness. She was in a daze for a moment before saying coldly, “Oh, so he’s sick.”

Song Ci felt that Su Beibei had calmly turned her head and asked her, “Beibei, aren’t you surprised?”

Su Beibei said, “I am surprised, but not much. Yesterday, he nearly strangled me to death. At that time, I felt that his mental state was not normal.” Su Beibei was worried about something else. She said, “If Li Li is mentally ill, then will my Neil also be mentally ill?”

Song Ci knew that Su Beibei would be worried about this. She comforted Su Beibei. “Beibei, listen to me. Don’t let your imagination run wild. Li Li was also very normal in the past. He was tortured by his mother for two years and agitated by your request for a divorce. That triggered his illness. Neil has you and Li Li to love him. He will grow up healthy and happy.”

After hearing Song Ci’s comforting words, Su Beibei felt more at ease. The two of them chatted for a while before hanging up. Su Beibei walked into the kitchen and saw that the ingredients in the fridge were all eaten. She called the auntie and asked how long she would be back.

The auntie went out to the supermarket to buy groceries. Li Ao wanted to buy yogurt and followed the auntie.

The auntie said, “Yes, very soon.”

“Let me fetch you.”

After hanging up, Su Beibei drove to fetch Auntie and Li Ao. She parked the car at the entrance of the supermarket and was walking towards the entrance when she saw Auntie running out in a panic. She shouted as she ran, “Neil, Neil, where are you!”

u Beibei grabbed the auntie. “What’s the matter!”

The auntie’s face was pale. She patted her leg and said to Su Beibei, “Beibei! Neil is gone! He’s gone. He was still standing beside my leg when we queued up to pay the bill. I paid and turned around to see that Neil was gone!”

Su Beibei hurriedly went to the supermarket to look for the staff to help look for the child.

The staff turned on the radio and reported several times in English. Then, Su Beibei called Li Ao’s name in Chinese. After searching for more than 10 minutes, she still couldn’t find Li Ao. Su Beibei realized that Li Ao had been kidnapped. She didn’t dare to hesitate and hurriedly called the police with trembling hands.

After calling the police, Su Beibei thought of something and hurriedly called Li Li.

Soon, the police arrived. After asking about what happened, they immediately set up a case and started looking for someone. Li Li went to the doctor for a checkup today and even took some medicine. When he was about to leave the clinic, he received a call from Su Beibei.

Hearing that Li Ao had disappeared, Li Li’s hands trembled and he couldn’t even grip the steering wheel properly. By the time he took a taxi to the supermarket, it had been two hours since Li Ao went missing.

The police had already checked the surveillance cameras of the supermarket and saw that Li Ao had been distracted by something and ran out of the supermarket. The surveillance cameras outside the supermarket could only capture the main entrance and the parking lot, but Li Ao ran to the side of the road in one breath and was not within the surveillance cameras at all.

Li Li was Zeus Corporation’s second boss. As Zeus Corporation’s little prince, Li Ao’s disappearance was no small matter. Li Ao’s disappearance was reported in the newspapers, on television, INS, and all the major browsers.

The police publicly said that as long as someone could provide real information about the missing person, they would receive between US $50,000 and US $1 million. But even so, no one provided a clue related to Li Ao’s disappearance.

Li Ao seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Li Li’s disappearance agitated Li Li. Li Li’s mental state was very unstable. There were several times when Su Beibei discovered that he had locked himself in Li Ao’s room to lose his temper and cry bitterly.

Norland saw the news of Li Ao’s disappearance on the news. He was anxious and hurriedly called Su Beibei. Su Beibei answered the call and cried bitterly to Norland over the phone. She confessed her mistake and was worried about Li Ao’s safety.

Norland heard Su Beibei’s cries and was very anxious. After hanging up, he sent Li Ao’s photo to INS and called his fans to help find Li Ao’s whereabouts.

Although Norland’s reputation had been damaged, he still had a large number of fans. After seeing Norland’s missing person notice, the fans also helped to find the children.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed and Li Ao was still nowhere to be found. Su Beibei and Li Ao had lost a lot of weight and Su Beibei didn’t have much meat on her face. Li Li also became dispirited. He had a stubble and his originally stylish figure had also become thinner. His suit was loosely worn.

They all knew that if they continued to search, there would only be three scenarios. One, they would successfully find Li Ao. Two, they would successfully find Li Ao’s corpse. Three, they would never find Li Ao.

But no matter what, Su Beibei and Li Li didn’t give up on searching for Li Ao.

A few days later, just as Su Beibei and Li Ao were about to go blind, they received another call from Norland.

This time, Norland provided a message. He told Su Beibei, “Bei’er, I saw something unusual on my personal website. I think you should take a look. I’ll send it to your WeChat now.”

Su Beibei turned on the speaker and maintained the call. She opened WeChat and opened Cong Nuo’s chat page. Li Li also leaned over curiously.

Norland sent Su Beibei a few screenshots. The screenshot was a private message from an unfamiliar fan to Nolante.

May 2, 2025—

Blingbling: [Norland, I swear I will make the person who hurt you look good! I love you, I will seek justice for you!]

May 5, 2025—

Blingbling: [Norland, I will make that bad guy pay! How can he hurt our Norland!]

May 6, 2025—

Blingbling: [Norland, I succeeded! That person must be very anxious now. Hahaha, he destroyed our beloved you. I also want to destroy his baby!]

May 7, 2025—

Blingbling: [Norland, why are you so kind! He hurt you, but you still help him find his child! He deserves to die from pain! Norland, you are too kind. Kindness can be bullied!]

May 21, 2025—

Blingbling: [Norland, I love you so much. You will be very touched to know what I have done to you, right? Norland, that child is going to die. After he dies, I will send his corpse to his father! I want that bad guy to be devastated!]

After reading the screenshot, Su Beibei was so scared that her legs went limp and she sat down.

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