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Chapter 470: Can We Make Up?

The moment Su Beibei hung up, Li Ao, who had been hiding behind the door and eavesdropping, hurriedly opened the door. He popped his head out and asked Su Beibei expectantly, “Mother, is Father free tomorrow?”

Su Beibei looked at her son’s sparkling eyes and felt that she had agreed to Li Li’s request correctly. Su Beibei strode to the door of the children’s room, squatted down in front of Li Ao, and said to him, “Neil, Father and Mother will play with you tomorrow. What do you want to play?”

If they were together, Li Ao would definitely say that he wanted to go to the amusement park, the zoo, and all the lively and fun places. But after hearing Su Beibei’s words, Li Ao asked her, “Can I call Father home for dinner?”

Su Beibei was stunned.

Li Ao’s little hands were intertwined as they hung in front of him. He lowered his head and said very softly, “Mother, will Father never be able to go home again after the divorce? Will I never be able to eat with Father at home again?”

Su Beibei’s tears nearly burst out. When the auntie squatting in the dustbin picking vegetables heard Li Ao’s words, her heart ached.

Su Beibei looked at Li Ao’s sad face and couldn’t help reflecting. Was it really a big mistake to decide to get a divorce? Should I continue living with Li Li for the sake of the child? It didn’t matter even if I suffered more in my life?

Su Beibei’s heart wavered for a moment, but she didn’t show it.

“Alright, I’ll get your father to come over for dinner tomorrow.”

Li Ao immediately smiled. “Alright!” He skipped back to his room, picked up the sketchbook on the small desk, hugged it, and said to Su Beibei, “I want to show my drawing to Father. The teacher even praised my drawing!”

Su Beibei looked at the excited Li Ao, but she couldn’t smile.

Su Beibei returned to her room. She was silent for a while, until the sourness in her heart dissipated slightly, before opening Weibo. Once she opened Weibo, Su Beibei saw that Norland Watson had posted a status update half an hour ago. He had posted his fitness dinner photo.

Su Beibei had long returned to following Norland, but she had never chatted with him. Seeing that Norland only had a plate of vegetable salad and a small piece of steak for dinner, she opened her private chat box with Norland.

Colonel Beilei: [Cong Nuo.]

Su Beibei thought that Norland was not online. It was late at night in New York.

Su Beibei was about to log out of Weibo when she saw that there was an additional message on her private message. She opened it curiously and realized that Norland had actually replied.

Nor;and: [Bei’er, long time no see.]

Su Beibei was slightly shocked. She asked Norland: [You’re still awake?]

Norland told her: [I am in Los Angeles these few days.] There was a time difference of 16 hours between Los Angeles and Wangdong City. Su Beibei’s noon was 8 or 9pm at night. Norland was a night owl and would naturally be awake at this time.

Knowing that Norland was in Los Angeles, Su Beibei was slightly surprised. [What are you doing in Los Angeles? Work?]

Norland replied with a smiley face and said: [Let’s chat on WeChat. I don’t really know much about Weibo.]

Su Beibei: [Okay.]

The moment Su Beibei logged out of Weibo, she received a message from Norland on WeChat. Norland directly sent a voice message. He spoke English in an American accent rather quickly, but Su Beibei felt no pressure listening.

Norland told Su Beibei that he was going to sing the theme song for a movie recently. He was working with the composer in Los Angeles and was staying in Los Angeles for a week.

Su Beibei replied: [What a coincidence. I am also going to Los Angeles the day after tomorrow.]

Norland replied even faster: [The day after tomorrow? What are you doing here? How long are you staying? What time will you arrive? I can fetch you.]

Su Beibei heard Norland’s series of replies. She wondered why this child was still as easily affected as when he was young. Su Beibei told him: [I want to study at the USC for a year or two.]

Norland: [That’s great.]

Norland quickly retracted that message and sent a voice message to Su Beibei: [Los Angeles welcomes you, Bei’er. I’ll fetch you.]

Thinking of Norland’s overwhelming popularity, he rejected it. [When I find a place to stay, I will invite you over.]

Norland pushed his luck. [I want to eat braised pork trotters, shredded vegetables, and hotpot!]

Su Beibei said in a low voice, “Foodie!”

At this moment, the auntie knocked on the door and reminded Su Beibei, “Beibei, it’s time to eat.”


Su Beibei told Norland to talk again later, before putting down her cell phone. She went to the children’s room to call Li Ao out for dinner.

In the dining room.

Li Ao sat on his high stool and ate bite by bite. He was slightly picky and didn’t like celery or meat, and he definitely couldn’t accept a little meat skin and fat.

Li Ao bit into a piece of meat with some fat on it. His little face immediately scrunched up. Li Ao looked at Su Beibei’s reaction from the corner of his eye and secretly stuck out his tongue.

Realizing that Su Beibei didn’t notice her movements, Li Li said, “Mother, there’s fatty meat.”

Su Beibei just looked at him quietly. She didn’t scold or hit him.

Li Ao was slightly afraid of his mother’s faint anger. He didn’t dare to spit it out, but he couldn’t swallow it either.

Su Beibei pretended to be calm as she picked up a few celery sticks from her bowl. She said, “Neil, it’s good for you to eat some fatty meat. If you want to grow up and protect your mother as soon as possible, eat that rice in your mouth.”

Li Ao was provoked by Su Beibei and reluctantly retracted his tongue. He frowned and swallowed the fatty meat. The auntie saw that Li Ao was willing to listen to Su Beibei and instantly heaved a sigh of relief. She said, “Neil is just picky, so he’s skinny.”

Li Ao ate his rice in small bites. He said, “I won’t be picky in the future. I want to grow tall and protect my mother when I grow up.”

Hearing this, Su Beibei and the auntie exchanged glances. The auntie sighed. “Neil is sensible.”

“Just obedient now.” But he would still show these old habits during the next meal.

After dinner, Li Ao couldn’t bear to sleep. He told Su Beibei, “I want to go to Auntie Song’s house to play. Mother, let’s go to their house to play.”

Thinking that he couldn’t see Han Miao and Han Jun for a long time, Li Ao felt very reluctant.

Su Beibei agreed. “Alright, your jacket is stained with rice. Take it off yourself. I’ll get you a clean one.”


After changing clothes, the mother and son drove to Imperial Dragon Mountain.

Song Ci received a call from Su Beibei in advance and knew that the mother and son were leaving for Los Angeles the day after tomorrow. She told Han Miao and Han Jun, “Neil will be not be back for very long after he leaves this time. Do you have a present for Neil?”

The two sisters searched the toy room for a while. In the end, Han Jun found a puzzle. The puzzle was a photo that Song Ci had custom-made on a certain treasure. In the photo were Han Miao, Han Jun, and Li Ao.

Han Miao had half a glass cabinet full of authentic Barbie dolls. They were all very expensive and were also her darling. She stood in front of the cupboard and stared at the beautiful dolls inside, very conflicted.

She didn’t want to give any of these toys away.

But thinking that this was a farewell present for Li Ao, Han Miao struggled for a long time. In the end, she took out her favorite humanoid BJD doll that she had always been reluctant to open.

This doll was Sicilio’s Christmas present to Han Miao this year. It was very expensive and cost 60,000 USD.

The doll was very exquisite and beautiful. It had a pair of azure blue eyes, fair skin, and every detail on its body was meticulously and perfectly made. It was a luxurious work of art and was very valuable for collection. The designer had named her the Moon Goddess. There was only one in the world.

Han Miao hugged the doll and stared at it for a long time. In the end, she hardened her heart, closed the toy display cabinet, and carried the doll downstairs.

Song Ci was slightly surprised to see Han Miao take out the Moon Goddess, whom she couldn’t even bear to open the box. “Miaomiao, are you really willing to give the Moon Goddess to Neil?”

Han Miao struggled to nod.

“Alright, can you give it to him personally later?”


It was almost 2pm when Su Beibei and her son arrived at Imperial Dragon Mountain. Su Beibei undid the buckle of the safety seat for Li Ao. He jumped down from the chair and ran into Imperial Dragon Manor with his short legs.

“Sister Miaomiao! Sister Junjun!”

Li Ao stood on the cobblestones beside the pool and shouted at Han Miao and the rest’s dormitory. Hearing Li Ao’s voice, Han Miao and Han Jun shouted, “We are here!”

The sisters arrived downstairs and saw Li Ao standing outside the house in a black down jacket. Han Miao immediately rushed over and hugged him.

Han Miao grabbed Li Ao’s waist and hugged him slightly. Li Ao’s feet left the ground and he exclaimed, “Put me down!”

Han Miao couldn’t hold him steady. The two of them tilted and fell onto the grass together.


Han Miao turned over and pressed Li Ao down. She asked him, “Are you really going to the Rogar Chicken?” She called Los Angeles the Rogar Chicken.

Li Ao corrected Han Miao’s pronunciation. “It’s Los Angeles.”

Han Miao nodded and asked again, “Are you going to Los Angeles?”


“Mother said that it will be a long time before you guys come back.”

Li Ao nodded again.

He pushed Han Miao away with one palm and sat up with both hands on the grass. Li Ao knelt on the grass and stared at Su Beibei, who was talking to Song Ci. He told Han Miao, “I don’t want to go.” He couldn’t bear to part with his father and many people here.

“Then don’t go.” Han Miao said, “If you don’t go, come play with us in the future.”

Li Ao shook his head again. He told Han Miao, “I want to go with Mother. I want to protect Mother.” They said that foreigners were all tall and brave. Li Ao wanted to protect Mother well.

Han Miao said, “You are a child. Your mother protects you.”

Li Ao pursed his pink lips and drooped his eyes. His long lashes covered his innocent and adorable eyes as he said sadly, “My mother doesn’t have a husband anymore. I am the man of the family. I have to protect my mother well.”

Han Miao reached out to touch the wrinkles on Li Ao’s forehead. She said, “Your mother has a husband and your father is her husband.”

“You don’t understand. They are divorced.”

Han Miao really didn’t understand. She retracted her hand and looked at Li Ao innocently. She asked curiously, “What’s a divorce?”

“Divorce means…” Li Ao didn’t know how to express it. He fell silent, his eyes turning red. When he spoke again, his voice sounded like he was about to cry.” Divorce means that Father can’t return to our house anymore. That… that red notebook in the drawer doesn’t have Father’s name anymore. ”

Han Miao didn’t know what the red book was. The moment she heard that her father couldn’t go home after the divorce, it meant that she would never see him again. She was instantly terrified.

Han Miao stomped her feet and said loudly, “I won’t allow my parents to get a divorce.”

Li Ao pouted and muttered, “The adults are not obedient at all. They don’t listen to us.” He didn’t want his parents to get a divorce either, but they still got a divorce.

Han Miao didn’t understand all this. She just felt terrible seeing Li Ao in pain. She pulled Li Ao’s hand and patted the grass on the back of his palm. “Neil, don’t be unhappy. Come, I’ll bring you to play.”

Han Miao pulled Li Ao into the house and brought him to the toy room.

Han Jun walked over with the puzzle. She handed it to Li Ao and said, “Neil, Mother said that you and Auntie are going overseas. This is for you.”

Li Ao took the puzzle and saw that it was a photo of the three of them. He smiled and said, “It’s us.”

“Mmm.” Han Miao saw that Li Ao’s eyes were slightly red and asked him, “Are you crying?”

Li Ao shook his head.

Han Miao tried to make things difficult for Han Jun. “Neil’s parents are divorced. Neil is very unhappy and doesn’t want to go overseas.”

Han Jun had heard of this before. Like Han Miao, she didn’t know much about divorce, but she knew that Li Ao was unhappy. Han Jun held Li Ao’s hand and told him, “We will always be friends. We won’t get a divorce.”

Han Miao said, “Yes! We will never get a divorce!”

Li Ao was so touched that he cried.

He grabbed Han Miao and Han Jun’s hands tightly and swore in a choked voice. “Alright, we will never get a divorce!” Yan Qingxiu carried the car’s mince and strawberries in. When he walked to the main door, he heard the three little guys’ words and nearly stumbled to the ground.

Yan Qingxiu suppressed his laughter and entered the toy room. He placed the fruits on the table and brought the three of them to the public sink to wash their hands. After returning to the house, Yan Qingxiu instructed them. “Eat the fruits first before playing with the toys. You can’t eat with your hands dirty.”


After Yan Qingxiu left, the children started quarreling.

Downstairs, Song Ci brought Su Beibei to her cloakroom. “In order to congratulate you on successfully being accepted by the USC, I’ve decided to give you a present, but I don’t know what you like. Choose one yourself.”

Song Ci turned on the lights in the cloakroom. The crystal lights illuminated the three-story tall cloakroom as bright as day. Su Beibei was shocked by the luxury of Song Ci’s cloakroom. “My goodness, Mr. Han is raising you like a canary!”

This cloakroom was a gorgeous cage with Song Ci’s favorite things locked inside. Song Ci was amused by Su Beibei’s description. She brought Su Beibei to the jewelry section on the second floor and said to her, “Pick whatever you like. I’ll give it to you.”

“Really?” Su Beibei asked her, “Which is the most expensive?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and pointed at a red gemstone necklace in the glass safe. The light hit the necklace and the ruby the size of a pigeon egg was as bewitching as snow and dazzling.

Song Ci told Su Beibei, “That antique necklace is a treasure worn by Queen Ma Fei in Country Y when she got married. It’s the most expensive and can buy half of Wangdong City’s high-end community.” After a pause, Song Ci added, “I can’t give that to you. If I give it to you, I will be beaten to death by Han Zhan.”

Su Beibei smiled again. “You even said you could give it to me no matter what.” Su Beibei walked around Song Ci’s cloakroom and realized that she had a wall shelf. Every small shelf had a special stone.

“What’s the story with these stones?” She could tell that these were just ordinary stones. Compared to the gems in the safe, they looked too worthless.

Song Ci told her, “A long time ago, I made an agreement with Han Zhan. Every time he went on a business trip alone, he would bring me a local stone as a present.”

Hearing this, Su Beibei pressed her hand against her heart and put on a pained expression with exaggerated acting skills. She said, “I’m so full. I’ve been fed by your dog food.”

Song Ci stared at Su Beibei. She couldn’t tell if she was pretending to be sad or really sad.

“Beibei, are you happy?” Song Ci’s question shattered the exaggerated expression on Su Beibei’s face.

Su Beibei couldn’t pretend to be happy anymore.

She exchanged a few calm glances with Song Ci before walking to a sofa and sitting down. She looked down at the furry carpet on the floor and sighed. “I just don’t know if divorce is right or wrong. I’m very frustrated.”

Song Ci asked with concern, “Why do you feel upset? It’s been more than two months since the divorce. Haven’t you recovered from the negative emotions of the divorce?”

Su Beibei shook her head, cut open her own heart, and presented it to Song Ci. “Li Li found out that we would be going to Los Angeles the day after tomorrow and promised to play with Neil on leave tomorrow. After hanging up, I asked Neil where he wanted to go tomorrow. Guess what he said.”

Song Ci couldn’t guess the correct answer, but she knew that Li Ao’s answer must have poked Su Beibei’s sore spot.

Su Beibei looked like she was about to cry. Her tone became slightly choked as she said hoarsely, “Neil doesn’t want to go anywhere. He asked me carefully,” Mother, can you call Father back for dinner tomorrow? “Su Beibei broke the last word.

She held back her tears and clenched her pants so tightly that her thighs hurt.

“Song Song, don’t you think I’m too selfish? Everyone says that a mother loves her child the most in the world, but I chose to divorce in order to live my life happily, but I made Neil unhappy.”

“Song Song, shouldn’t I get a divorce? Should I agree to remarry Li Li for the sake of the child?” Su Beibei had been thinking about this the entire afternoon.

Song Ci could feel Su Beibei’s pain. She walked up to Su Beibei and hugged her head without a word, making her cry bitterly in her arms.

“Beibei, are you happy to remarry Li Li?”

u Beibei thought that one day, she would remarry Li Li and the two of them would lie in the same bed again. Li Li would also ignore her like before and force her to tolerate step by step…

Just thinking about it made Su Beibei feel like she was suffocating.

“No, I don’t want to remarry. I’m tired of being a virtuous and sensible wife!” Su Beibei had been a virtuous wife for two to three years, but the word “virtuous” was a knife that killed without spilling blood! It would gradually force a cheerful woman who was passionate about life to become a monster!

Hearing this, Song Ci patted Su Beibei’s head and told her, “Beibei, just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean you don’t love your child anymore. You’re a smart woman. Haven’t you figured it out? Before you love someone, you have to love yourself first.”

Love yourself first before you love someone.

All of Su Beibei’s struggles and conflicts were instantly enlightened after hearing Song Ci’s words. She released Song Ci, looked up at her, and sighed. “Sister, you can always hit the nail on the head to let me see my own heart. This marriage is filled with more regrets than happiness, but I am very fortunate to be able to befriend you in this terrible marriage.”

Su Beibei hugged Song Ci’s waist and murmured, “Song Song, you must continue to be so happy.”


The mother and son ate dinner at Imperial Dragon Mountain before leaving. When they left, Li Ao was very disappointed to know that he would not be able to see Han Miao and Han Jun for a long time.

He carried the puzzle in his left hand and the doll in his right. He stood at the entrance of the manor and looked at his two children with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t bear to turn around and leave.

Su Beibei sat in the car and honked. “Neil, we should go.”

Li Ao shouted at Han Miao and Han Jun, “I’m leaving. Goodbye!”


Li Ao got into the car without looking back and obediently climbed into the safety seat. The car started and Li Ao stared at the chubby Miaomiao outside the window and the cold Junjun. Tears fell from his eyes onto his thigh.

Su Beibei saw it. As she drove, she asked him, “Neil, you can’t bear to part with them, right?”

Li Ao wiped his tears and said firmly, “It’s okay, we will meet again.”

Su Beibei felt sad for Li Ao’s maturity and sensibility.

He is not even two and a half years old!

Su Beibei said, “Neil, you can’t bear to. If you’re sad, just cry. You don’t have to be too sensible in front of Mother. With Mother, you can be more willful.”

Li Ao burst into tears and said, “Mother, I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave our house and go to Los Angeles!”

Su Beibei’s heart ached as she listened to the child’s sorrowful cries.

For a moment, Su Beibei had the urge to give up on studying and bring her child to live and work happily in Wangdong City. But she knew that going there to further her studies was to have a better future!

“Neil, I promise you that if there’s a holiday, I will send you back to play with Father, Miaomiao, and the rest, alright?”

Hearing this, Neil felt better.

The next day, just as dawn broke, Li Li arrived at Su Beibei’s door. He sent Su Beibei a message and didn’t receive her reply. Guessing that the mother and son were still resting, he didn’t press the doorbell and just stood quietly outside the door.

Not long after, the nanny returned with groceries. She was slightly shocked to see Li Li. “Mr. Li, you’re here so early?”

Li Li found an excuse. “I slept early last night and woke up early in the morning. I couldn’t fall asleep so I came over.”

“Come in quickly.”

The nanny opened the door and welcomed Li Li into the house.

Li Li took off his shoes and the nanny handed him his slippers. Li Li took them off with both hands and saw that the slippers were still the same as before. Su Beibei didn’t throw them away and his heart ached.

He went to Li Ao’s room. Li Ao was sleeping soundly like a little pig and didn’t disturb him. Li Li walked out of the children’s room and happened to meet Su Beibei, who had just woken up.

Su Beibei didn’t expect Li Li to come so early. She was only wearing a silk halter dress. Her exquisite figure was vaguely visible under the thin translucent dress.

“You’re here so early?” Su Beibei asked him.

Li Li controlled his gaze, but his gaze on Su Beibei was still very passionate. He acknowledged and explained, “There was no traffic in the morning, so I came early.”

Su Beibei noticed Li Li’s gaze and said, “Wait a moment.” She returned to her room to change clothes. When she came out, she was wearing a pair of black leggings and a white fur dress.

Knowing that Su Beibei was avoiding gossip, Li Li felt an indescribable bitterness.

Now that they were divorced, she refused to even wear revealing clothes in front of him.

After a while, Li Ao also woke up.

Seeing his father, Li Ao pounced on him excitedly. This day, Li Li played games with Li Ao at home, read picture books with him, and ate together.

During the meal, Li Ao saw that the sea prawn was very big. He picked one up, peeled it, and placed it in Li Ao’s bowl. “This prawn is big. Neil, eat it.”

When he said this, Su Beibei and Li Ao stopped eating at the same time.

Li Ao was puzzled. He asked Su Beibei, “What’s the matter?”

Su Beibei remained silent, but Li Ao picked up the prawn and placed it in Li Li’s bowl. His little face was stiff as he said uncomfortably, “Father, I will get hives if I eat prawns.”

Li Li was stunned.

Only then did Su Beibei explain. “Neil is allergic to prawns. Auntie knows that you like prawns and specially made them for you.”

Li Li was at a loss. He apologized clumsily and guiltily. “I’m sorry, Neil.”

Su Beibei picked up two pieces of steak that had been cut into small cubes in Neil’s bowl. She said, “One time, Neil ate a crab and was covered in red bumps after a while. I applied some ointment on him and thought he would recover. Unexpectedly, half an hour later, he actually went into shock. I carried him to the hospital overnight for an IV drip and only then was he out of danger.”

This was the first time Li Li heard of this. He couldn’t help asking, “When did this happen?”

Su Beibei remained silent.

The auntie said, “It happened last year. On the day you came back from your work trip, Old Madam asked you to go over and accompany her. Madam knew that Old Madam couldn’t stand her and was afraid of making things difficult for you, so she didn’t inform you.”

Li Li’s heart tightened and ached.

He asked again, “Then why didn’t you tell me about Neil’s seafood allergy?”

Su Beibei laughed and told him, “I told you before, Li Li.” She looked up and stared at Li Li. “During the summer vacation, your uncle’s son married a wife. You attended the marriage and brought Neil along. I was worried that there would be seafood at the wedding banquet and mentioned it to you once.”

But you forgot.

Su Beibei didn’t say the last three words because she saw that Li Li looked like he was about to cry.

Su Beibei lowered her head and picked up some food for Li Ao. She urged him. “Neil, eat quickly. Let’s go play after eating.”


The more they ate, the more silent they became. After dinner, Li Li used the excuse of going to the toilet. After entering the toilet, he took cold water to wash his face. After washing his face, he supported himself on the sink with both hands and stared at the handsome man in the mirror who looked like an elite big boss. He scolded softly, “Li Li, you are a beast!”

He stayed in the washroom for a while and waited for his emotions to calm down before walking out. It was a sunny day and Su Beibei was preparing to bring Li Ao to the countryside farmhouse to play and pick strawberries and dragon fruits.

Li Ao very skillfully placed the cup, tissue, and other things into his small bag.

On the way to the farmhouse, Li Ao was very excited. He chattered to Su Beibei and Li Ao. “Lele from the morning class said that his father brought him to pick a dragon fruit the size of a basketball!”

Su Beibei said, “It’s a lie. The dragon fruit isn’t that big.”

Li Ao added. “Then, it’s the size of a football.”

Su Beibei didn’t expose Li Ao’s awesomeness.

Arriving at the farmhouse, Li Ao entered the greenhouse shed accompanied by his parents. The three of them plucked a few baskets of strawberries and seven to eight large red meat dragon fruits.

At night, they had dinner at the farmhouse before returning home. On the way back, Li Ao hugged a dragon fruit and quickly fell asleep.

Arriving at home, Su Beibei parked the car and prepared to hug Li Ao. Seeing Li Li hug Li Ao, she stopped and turned to walk back to her residence.

Li Li carried Li Ao back to his room in one breath. He took off Li Ao’s shoes, clothes, and pants and covered him with a blanket. Just as he was about to get up, he heard Li Ao say in his dreams, “Grandma, don’t hit Mother…”

Li Li froze.

He patted the child’s shoulder gently and told him, “Neil, grandma won’t hit Mommy anymore.”

Li Ao fell into a dream and couldn’t hear Li Li’s words at all. He moved uneasily and muttered again, “Mother, Neil protects you. Neil loves you.”

Li Li couldn’t bear to listen anymore and quickly walked out of the children’s room.

Su Beibei had been packing her luggage these two days. When Li Li came out of the children’s room, she was arranging Li Ao’s most important toys in the living room.

Li Li walked up to Su Beibei and squatted down. He helped her put the toys into the box. Su Beibei paused for a moment before continuing.

After packing up, Su Beibei looked at the time and reminded Li Li, “It’s 9.40pm. Li Li, you should go back.”

Li Li said, “Can you let me stay here tonight? You guys are leaving tomorrow morning. I will send you off.”

Su Beibei pondered for a long while before saying, “Sleep with Neil.”


Su Beibei was going to take a shower.

When she came out of the shower, she realized that the lights in the living room were still on. Thinking that Li Li was sleeping on the sofa, she opened the door and walked out, only to see Li Li sitting on the sofa looking at their family photo.

Su Beibei stood behind the sofa and watched silently. She didn’t disturb him.

Li Li knew that Su Beibei was behind him. He touched a photo taken at their wedding venue and asked carefully, “Beibei, can we reconcile?”

Su Beibei admitted that her heart softened for a moment, but she quickly steeled herself. She said, “It’s getting late. Li Li, rest early.”

Su Beibei returned to her room.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard Li Li knocking on the door.

“Beibei, I know you’re still awake.”

Su Beibei remained silent.

Li Li licked his lips and said, “Beibei, Neil had a good time today and we got along very well. I admit that I was a jerk in the past. I wronged you and neglected you. I am not a qualified husband and father. But I am willing to change. No one will make things difficult for us in the future. I swear that I will never let you two suffer again.”

“Beibei, let’s make up, alright?”

“I love you and have always loved you. I’ve been in a daze at work these few months. After work, I didn’t even dare to go home. I was afraid that if I returned to that cold and unfamiliar house and couldn’t hear my wife and children’s voices, I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

“Beibei, give me another chance, alright?”

Li Li’s apology and strong desire to remarry and treat Su Beibei and her son well were all true.

Hearing Li Li’s words, Su Beibei’s tears wet the pillow.

She held her cell phone and cried for a long while before opening WeChat and sending Li Li a message.

Su Beibei: [Give me some time to consider it carefully.] What moved Su Beibei was not Li Li’s words, but Li Ao’s happy smile today.

Li Li saw her reply and his eyes lit up. “Alright, I’ll give you time!”

They went to the airport the next day on Li Li’s car.

The auntie’s English standard was not high. Sitting in the car, she said, “I’m just worried that my English won’t work. It won’t work in Los Angeles.”

Su Beibei smiled. “It’s okay. I signed you up for an English-speaking class.”

Only then was the auntie relieved.

Arriving at the airport, Li Ao and Li Li hugged and spoke for a long time. Only when he heard the announcement that it was time to board the plane did he let go of Li Ao.

Su Beibei held Li Ao’s hand and walked towards the registration checkpoint. Li Li saw that Su Beibei didn’t look back and shouted, “Beibei, I’ll wait for your answer!”

When the auntie heard this, she couldn’t help laughing.

Su Beibei’s lips curled up. She turned to look at Li Li and waved. “We’re leaving.”

Li Li saw that Su Beibei was finally willing to look back at him and was overjoyed.

She still loves me.

She was willing to turn back for me again!

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