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Chapter 453: Encounter with a Strange Person in the Arena (7)

“Alright, get on the plane.”


Song Ci boarded the plane and sat down at her seat. She fastened her seatbelt and looked up to see Xiong Jian boarding the plane with Song Shiqing.

Xiong Jian stood at the front, holding his hat in his hand. He stared at the people in the cabin and said sternly, “Everyone, welcome to the Zeus 1 plane. This flight is flying to Brussels, Belgium’s capital. I am the pilot, Xiong Jian.”

Xiong Jian paused for a moment. Beside him, Song Shiqing introduced himself. “I am the vice-captain, Song Shiqing.”

The two of them bowed to everyone and said, “Please believe us. We will bring everyone to Brussels safely. Now, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to set off.”

With that, the two of them entered the cockpit together and closed the door.

Soon, the plane started and shot into the sky.

Han Zhan stood at the airport on the ground and watched as the private plane flew away, leaving a mark in the sky. Only when he couldn’t see the shadow of the plane did he turn and leave.

This was Aaron’s first time taking a private plane. After the plane entered the high altitude and stabilized, Aaron unbuckled his seatbelt and walked over to Song Ci.

Aaron placed the coffee cup on the table and sat down beside Song Ci. He said, “This is the first time I’ve taken a private plane in my life. Thanks to you.”

Song Ci found this very funny. She pouted at Aaron’s assistant and suppressed her laughter. “Since when did Guanguan become your assistant?”

Song Ci boarded the plane and saw Nan Guanguan chatting with Aaron. Only then did she know that Nan Guanguan was Aaron’s assistant.

When did this happen?

Aaron looked at his orchid-like fingers and said, “Aiyo, isn’t Guanguan cute? How adorable.”

Song Ci looked at Aaron appraisingly. “I said…”

Aaron immediately sat up straight and asked Song Ci warily, “What are you trying to say?”

Song Ci changed the topic. “Did he offend you? Or did he owe you money?”

Aaron remained silent.

Song Ci added. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll ask him. Be careful that I tell Yanyan about this. You know that Yanyan and I are sisters-in-law now. We are rather close…”

Only then did Aaron answer honestly. “Guanguan is my partner.”

Song Ci was stunned.

What the heck!

Aaron threw down a deep-water bomb, picked up his coffee cup, and left calmly, leaving Song Ci sitting there and continuing to doubt her life.

The organizing committee arranged for a free boarding family for the participants, but Song Ci was pregnant and didn’t go to the residence arranged by the organizing committee. Han Zhan had already gotten someone to rent a big house for Song Ci to stay in. After Song Ci and the rest arrived in Brussels, they went straight to their residence.

The temperature in Brussels and Wangdong City was about the same, and the autumn season was only slightly more than 10 degrees. After alighting from the plane, Song Ci tightened her jacket and boarded a Cayenne under the lead of her bodyguards to her residence.

In the past years, competitions were usually signed up before the new year and held in May after the new year. But this year’s competition changed the time to sign up at the beginning of the year and participate at the end of the year.

It was November 5th today and the competition would end on December 10th, while Song Ci’s expected date was December 26th.

Tomorrow morning, they would start drawing lots to decide the order of the first round of performances in four days. Before that, the participants from all over the world had already registered online for a few rounds of preliminary auditions.

There were a total of 3,000 applicants this time, but only the top 100 could obtain the final participation opportunity.

From November 9th to November 14th, the first round of the selection would be held for six days. This selection would eliminate most of the contestants and only the best 24 contestants would participate in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were the same as the first selection competition. They were also held for six days, starting on November 16 and ending on November 21. After the semi-finals, 12 winners would be chosen to participate in the final finals to compete for the championship.

The grand finals started on November 30th and lasted for six days. It wouldn’t end until December 5th.

The final six contestants would be chosen in the grand finals. The prizes for these six contestants were very generous. The first winner would receive 25,000 Euros, the second 20,000 Euros, and the third 17,000 Euros…

The six contestants who did not win the award would also receive 4,000 euros in cash and a concert. But those who came to participate in the competition did not care about the cash reward. They wanted to be recognized by the world!

After the grand finals, the award ceremony would be held on December 8, and the winner’s concert on December 9.

In short, Song Ci would have a very fulfilling month.

There were also age restrictions for contestants. The contestants had to be between 18 to 30 years old. Song Ci was already 25 years old this year. If she missed this opportunity, she could only wait for four years.

But she had to be famous early. She couldn’t wait anymore.

Arriving at her residence, Song Ci called Han Zhan to inform him that she was safe and went to bed. After adjusting her jet lag, Song Ci woke up early the next morning. After eating her fill, she went to the competition venue to draw lots.

She drew the sequence of performances on the third day.

At the lottery venue, Song Ci met the participants from all over the world. They were all discussing the new competition format this year.

In the past years, be it the first round of the competition, the semi-finals, or the grand finals, the performances of the participants were all selected from the songs set by the organizing committee. But this year, the 12 participants who had successfully entered the grand finals had to play a concert that they had composed.

This meant that the organizing committee had added the topic of creative ability.

But those who could enter the grand finals were all top violinists in the world. Everyone knew how to compose, and it depended on whose composition was better.

This year’s finals was really a fight between gods. Just thinking about it was exciting.

Returning home, Song Ci called Shen Yubei and told him about the new competition format this year. After hearing it, Shen Yubei told Song Ci, “Did I tell you that I am one of the judges for the grand finals?”


Song Ci didn’t know this.

“Teacher, when did you get invited?”

Shen Yubei said, “Three months ago.”

“Then you’ve been hiding it from me…”

Shen Yubei smiled and said to Song Ci, “Song Song, I hope to hear your composition in the grand finals.”


Over the next few days, Song Ci started preparing for the first round.

In the blink of an eye, it was the 11th day.

Song Ci slept until she woke up naturally. When she woke up, she didn’t practice the violin like she did a few days ago. She carried a plate of fruits and strolled in the courtyard, humming a tune as she walked.

Seeing that she was so calm, Aaron leaned over the window and asked her, “Are you very confident in yourself? I didn’t even see you practicing the violin.”

Song Ci looked up at the clear sky in a foreign country and put on an attitude of giving up. She said, “It’s no use to cram at the last minute. Why don’t I relax, eat well, and treat it normally?”

Aaron clapped his hands. “Well said!”

Song Ci was the last to go on stage today. She could eat lunch at home before going to the competition. After lunch, Aaron started styling Song Ci.

Song Ci was now in the late stages of pregnancy and her stomach was so big that it couldn’t be covered anymore. Many slim-fit dresses were no longer suitable for her to wear. Aaron chose more than a dozen gowns for Song Ci this time. He said, “The most beautiful gowns have to be kept until the most exciting moment. Today, we will just be ordinary beauties.”

Song Ci was amused by Ah Lun. “Alright, put on makeup for me.”


Aaron helped Song Ci put on her makeup before bringing the gown over for her to change into.

Aaron chose a golden, deep V-necked, backless dress for Song Ci. Song Ci felt very uncomfortable in that dress. After she got pregnant, her chest was visibly fuller. Her skin was fair and she looked especially sexy and voluptuous in this dress.

Holding her chest, she walked out of the changing room and said to Aaron, “Tomorrow, my Brother Han will definitely scold you when he sees my outfit online.”

Aaron was a dead man already, so it did not matter. “You can be beautiful and he can just scold me.”

“You are quite bold.”

Afraid of catching a cold, Song Ci put on a thin down jacket over her gown, put on her sneakers, and went to the competition venue with Aaron and the bodyguard. Arriving at the competition venue, Song Ci took off her down jacket in the car, changed into a fashionable camel-colored coat, took off her sneakers, and changed into diamond flats. Only then did she carry her dress into the competition venue.

When she arrived, the competition was in full swing.

At this moment, the person playing on stage was a Western beauty. She was playing the Bach solo Sonata No. 1. The woman was wearing a blue fishtail dress. Her left blonde hair was braided and hid behind her ears.

She was wearing a dark blue diamond earring on her ear. Her violin was obviously custom-made and blue. When she played the violin, the earring swayed and complemented the violin. It was both a sound feast and a visual feast.

Aaron saw that Song Ci was sizing up the woman on the stage. He stared at her for a moment before saying uncertainly, “She is Eliza?”

Song Ci nodded. “Mmm, it’s her.”

Eliza Trun, the daughter of the young world violinist and the chief pianist of the Y Nation’s first symphony orchestra, Idris Trun. She was very outstanding. She graduated from the Julia Music Academy and won several international violin competitions.

Song Ci looked at her, her eyes glowing.

She had been praised as a violin genius since she was young. Song Ci’s fighting spirit was aroused when she saw Irisa, who was also praised as a violin genius. “Let’s go. It will be our turn in a while.”


There were not many people in the practice room at the moment. After all, today’s competition was about to end. When Song Ci arrived, there was only a male player practicing the violin.

Song Ci didn’t disturb the male player’s practice. She quietly entered and found a stool to sit down.

She opened the violin case and took out the porcelain treasure. She placed it on her lap and stroked it gently.

At this moment, applause sounded from afar. It looked like Irisa’s performance had ended. Hearing the applause, the male player in the practice room immediately got up, carried his violin, and walked out. It was his turn next.

After she left, there was only Song Ci in the piano room.

Song Ci picked up the bow and sized up the words on it. Thinking that this bow was given to her by Han Zhan, she felt like she was bringing Han Zhan along to participate in the competition. Song Ci couldn’t help smiling. Aaron saw her smile and clicked his tongue. He said, “Your smile is like a cat in spring.”

Song Ci glared at Aaron. “If you don’t know how to speak, don’t open your mouth.”

The two of them were bickering when they heard the sound of high heels approaching. Aaron shut his mouth and looked up at the entrance with Song Ci. A blue figure walked in leisurely. Eliza was wearing high heels and her hair swayed with her steps like a supermodel.

Eliza walked in proudly. When she saw Song Ci in the practice room, her eyes widened in shock.

Song Ci caught Eliza’s reaction and couldn’t help thinking: Does she know me?

Song Ci nodded at her as a form of greeting. Song Ci didn’t expect Eliza to speak to her. She planned to adjust the sound of the violin. Just as she raised the bow, she heard Eliza speak in London English. “What’s your relationship with Jiang Shifeng?”

She spoke in Chinese for the words ‘Jiang Shifeng’.

Song Ci looked up in surprise and looked at Eliza. Without hiding anything, Song Ci replied, “He’s my Uncle.”

Hearing this answer, a hint of disdain appeared in Eliza’s eyes.

Song Ci frowned, not understanding why Eliza was so hostile to her.

Eliza sat down on the stool beside Song Ci. She put the violin in the box and said, “Did you know that your Uncle is a thief?” Her playful voice was laced with laughter.

Song Ci was stunned for a moment before remembering her uncle’s broken hands. What exactly did this Eliza have against my uncle?

Not hearing Song Ci’s reply, Eliza closed the violin case and looked up at Song Ci’s fair and beautiful face. The disdain in her eyes was obvious.

Eliza said to Song Ci, “Do you know? A few days ago, your Uncle said that you are very capable and far more capable than your mother.” Jiang Shiyu was once the chief violinist of Country Y’s number one symphony orchestra. She was very famous.

Jiang Shifeng thinks that you will defeat me and become the most famous violinist. But in my opinion, you are just so-so.” Eliza curled her lips mockingly at Song Ci and asked disdainfully, “Your Uncle is a thief and a scum of the music world. What about you? Are you also a thief?”

Song Ci was instantly enraged.

What kind of thing dares to be impudent in front of me!

Song Ci slowly got up and looked into Eliza’s eyes. Her red lips curled up as she said provocatively and arrogantly, “Eliza, believe me, after this competition, my name will replace you, Eliza, as the youngest violinist in the world!”

Eliza was shocked by Song Ci’s wild attitude. In the entire violin world, there was no such person as her!

Why is she so arrogant?

Eliza calmed down and thought that Song Ci was spouting nonsense. Irisa sneered and said, “Your Uncle stole my father’s work and has ten fingers broken. What can you use to win me?” Staring at Song Ci’s voluptuous breasts, Eliza’s lips curled up in disdain. “With your breasts?”

Being personally attacked, Song Ci kicked Eliza’s thigh and knocked her down.

Eliza fell to the ground and was stunned for a moment before standing up with the help of the stool. “You actually kicked me!” Irisa was so angry that her face was red and her eyes were burning with anger.

Song Ci took out a wet tissue from her bag, wiped the bottom of her flats, and threw the tissue into the dustbin in disdain.

Her actions were so smooth that Irisa gritted her teeth in anger.

Aaron watched from the side and couldn’t help but give Song Ci a thumbs-up in his heart. Look at her big belly. She could kick someone just like that. How many women could compare to her boldness?

Song Ci looked down at Eliza. She said, “Why should I win? Because I kicked you, and you only dare to sit on the ground and stare at me. You don’t even dare to say a word.”

Song Ci smiled proudly and said, “Eliza, when I win the championship, you have to kneel on the ground, kowtow to me, and admit that you are trash!”

Eliza looked at Song Ci in shock. She didn’t believe that Song Ci would win!

I am the most outstanding young violinist!

What the hell is Song Ci!

“Alright! Let’s bet!” Eliza was very confident in her own strength. She threw out even more ruthless words and said, “If I lose, I will kneel down, kowtow, and admit that I am trash. But if I win, you must also admit in front of the entire world that your uncle is the scum of the music world, and you are also trash of the music world!”

Song Ci was next. Song Ci picked up her violin and glanced at Irisa coldly. She replied in a clear voice, “Alright.”

With that, Song Ci straightened her back and strode towards the stage like an elegant and confident swan.

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