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Chapter 452: Han Zhan: Wishing You Best in Battle, Return with Honor! (6)

After dinner, Han Zhan opened his laptop and found a few videos of the finals of the violin competition.

Realizing that the competitors often performed on stage for more than half an hour, he couldn’t help casting a worried look at Song Ci.

Song Ci was eating melon. Seeing him look over, she asked, “What are you looking at?”

Han Zhan said, “Aren’t you tired after performing on stage for so long?”

Song Ci said, “It’s not easy.”

His gaze landed on Song Ci’s big tummy. He said worriedly, “You’re going into labor in about a month. I’m worried.”

“The competition cycle is one month. I am one and a half months away from my due date. Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Some children would be born before their due date, while others would be delayed. Song Ci thought that there was still one and a half months before her due date. The child wouldn’t be out half a month early, right?

But she was still worried. She sighed. “I hope the child can stay in my stomach for a few more days.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci thought the same thing. He pondered for a moment and made a decision. “How about this? I’ll assign you a professional gynecologist team and let them follow you. Only then will I be at ease.”

Song Ci also felt that this was the best solution, but…

“Isn’t it a little too much?” She went to a violin competition, brought bodyguards, and a gynecology team. Even the country’s leaders didn’t act like this when they went overseas. Song Ci was afraid that if this matter got out, she would be scolded.

Han Zhan pinched Song Ci’s cheek and said, “You’re worth it.”

Song Ci felt very sweet hearing this.

Han Zhan turned off his computer and said to Song Ci, “Let’s go to bed. You still have a flight tomorrow.”


A good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Han Zhan sent Song Ci back to the Imperial Dragon Villa to pack her luggage with her.

Song Ci’s gown for this competition had already been sent to Belgium. She only needed to bring her daily casual clothes. But Song Ci loved to look beautiful. The clothes she wore every day were not different. She brought five boxes of clothes.

Han Zhan stared at the luggage and couldn’t help taking a photo to post on his social media.

He was about to send the photo when he thought of something. He turned back to look at Song Ci, who was being smug in the changing room, and asked, “I’m going to send the photo of your luggage to my social media. You don’t need to photoshop this, right?”

Song Ci stopped and turned to blink at him. “Okay.”

Only then did Han Zhan post on his social media.

Han Zhan: My wife is going to Belgium to participate in the violin competition. There aren’t many clothes, just five boxes. Attached photo.jpg.

Han Zhan had two WeChat accounts. One was his work number and the other was his private account. He sent them using his private account. The friends in his private account were all good friends in life.

At this age, most of their friends had already started a family. When they saw Han Zhan’s post, everyone left comments:

Bei Zhan: [Women are so scary. My girl always brings four to five boxes when she goes out and eight to nine boxes when she comes back.]

Dongfang Lin: [My wife doesn’t bring her luggage when she goes out, but every time she comes back, the trunk can’t fit her luggages. Women really can buy things.]

Cheng Yanmo: [Sorry to disturb you. I don’t have a wife.]

Han Zhan’s circle of friends were all big shots who knew each other. Everyone left messages on Han Zhan’s WeChat and everyone else could see them.

Li Li stared at Cheng Yanmo’s message and silently cried bitterly. He and Cheng Yanmo were really brothers in distress. They were both once married and divorced.

Song Ci was changing in the changing room. Even if she was pregnant, she had to dress up beautifully.

Han Zhan entered the changing room and saw Song Ci trying her best to stuff her chubby legs into a pair of white boots.

The white sheep skin boots were very footwear model. These shoes were very skinny. Song Ci was in the late stages of pregnancy and was still slightly fatter.

She couldn’t wear the sheepskin boots that would have looked like leg accessories anymore.

Han Zhan felt aggrieved for that boot. It wrapped the meat that shouldn’t be wrapped.

Han Zhan couldn’t stand it anymore. He said, “Can’t you change to another pair?” He took off a pair of eight-holed Martin boots from the shoe rack and said to Song Ci, “This is looser and it will be more comfortable for you.”

Song Ci realized that she really couldn’t wear sheep skin boots anymore. She clicked her tongue in frustration. “I’ve gained weight.” She looked up at the shoes in Han Zhan’s hand and said, “I am a fashion blogger. Yours doesn’t match my dress.”

Han Zhan couldn’t understand Song Ci’s idol burden.

“You’re not allowed to wear that. Just wear this.” Han Zhan snatched the sheep skin boots in front of Song Ci and threw them in front of her.

Song Ci was angry and said shamelessly, “My stomach is big and I can’t bend it. Wear it for me.”

Han Zhan really squatted down and personally put on the Martin boots for Song Ci. Without his index and middle fingers on his right hand, he used his thumb and ring finger to pinch the laces.

Song Ci looked down at Han Zhan patiently tying her shoelace and suddenly realized that she was being unreasonable. She said awkwardly, “Get up. I’ll do the rest myself.”

Han Zhan said, “Let me put it on for you.”

Song Ci snatched her shoes and said as she put them on, “You’re 1.9 meters tall and look silly squatting on the ground. Get up, don’t squat anymore.”

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was feeling sorry for him, but he didn’t point it out.

Han Zhan sized up Song Ci’s cloakroom and realized that she had many clothes but not many fur coats. He asked her, “Do you not like fur coats?”

Song Ci was tying her shoelace and said without looking up, “I like it.”

“Then why do I rarely see you buy fur?”

Song Ci frowned and said, “I used to like fur, but I was insulted by environmentalists. Mu Qiu was an environmentalist. During the summer vacation in university, Mu Qiu tricked me into going to the fur production site and forced me to see that bloody scene.”

“I was so scared that I didn’t dare to wear fur anymore.” The only few fur coats in Song Ci’s cloakroom were all imitation ones.

Song Ci was dazed at the mention of Mu Qiu’s name again. She looked up and asked Han Zhan, “How is Mu Qiu now?” Song Ci knew that Han Zhan had always sent people to monitor Mu Qiu and prevent her from causing trouble.

Han Zhan told her, “She’s doing well at the Moonlight Nunnery now and can already preside over small-scale legal matters.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked. “She’s really devoted to Buddha?”

Han Zhan said, “It looks real.”

Speaking of Mu Qiu, Song Ci couldn’t help thinking of Cheng Yanmo. “Then CEO Cheng really didn’t contact her after that?”

“No.” Han Zhan thought of something and asked Song Ci, “Do you know about Cheng Yanmo’s relationship?”

“Cheng Yanmo is in a relationship?” Song Ci didn’t know about this. “Who?”

“His assistant, Fei Wen.”

Song Ci had some impression of Fei Wen. Last year, Cheng Yanmo brought Fei Wen to their house for a meal. “He’s finally in a relationship. I’m just worried that he can’t let go of Mu Qiu and intend to be single forever.”


Han Miao and Han Jun knew that their mother was leaving this time to participate in the violin competition, so they didn’t clamor for Song Ci to bring them along.

After lunch, the sisters brought Song Ci to their room.

Han Miao and Han Jun were sleeping on the same bed. Han Miao said to Song Ci, “Mother, can you leave after we fall asleep?”

How could Song Ci bear to reject Little Cutie’s suggestion?


“Then can you play Twinkle Twinkle for us?”


Hearing Song Ci play the violin, Han Miao and Han Jun rolled around in bed for a while before falling asleep. Song Ci put away the violin, kissed the children’s cheeks, and left their room quietly.

Han Zhan was waiting for her in the living room downstairs. Seeing her come down, he took the initiative to reach out and take her violin case. “Let’s go. The things are all packed in the car. It’s time to go to the airport.”


Originally, Song Ci only planned to bring two bodyguards, a Chinese chef, her stylist friend Aaron, and Aaron’s assistant to compete.

Due to Han Zhan’s improvisation, there was another gynecologist team. There were three people in the team, an obstetrician, and two assistants.

The original group of six became a group of nine.

Han Zhan had already gotten Long Yu to apply for a flight route to Belgium. This way, Song Ci could directly take her family’s private plane to Belgium.

When Song Ci arrived at the airport, she realized that Song Fei, Shen Yubei, and the rest had already arrived. Seeing that everyone was there, she, who originally didn’t feel pressured, instantly felt immense pressure.

Song Ci tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled. “All of you are here to send me off. If I don’t win the championship, I won’t be able to come back to see you.”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Song Fei immediately said, “I’ll leave now.” She really wanted to leave and relieve Song Ci’s stress.

Song Ci hurriedly grabbed Song Fei’s hand. “Don’t go, Song Fei!”

Song Fei stopped and looked at her without saying anything. Song Ci squeezed Song Fei’s hand and said, “You must come for the champion’s night.”

A faint smile appeared on Song Fei’s cold face. “Mmm, I will definitely come.”

Song Ci looked at Shen Yubei. “Teacher, wait for my good news.”

Shen Yubei saw that Song Ci was under a lot of pressure and said earnestly, “Song Ci, people who truly love music never care about winning or losing. Regardless of whether this world acknowledges her ability or her status, as long as she loves music and doesn’t give up music, she will be the king of music.”

Shen Yubei hugged Song Ci and said proudly, “It doesn’t matter whether you win or not. In my heart, from the moment you knelt in front of my house three years ago, you were the champion.”

From the moment she defeated her inner demon, Song Ci was the uncrowned king.

“…Teacher.” Hearing this, Song Ci nearly cried. “I understand what you mean.” The teacher was afraid that her expectations for this competition were too high, afraid that she would not be able to recover in the end.

But she would never be defeated.

There was never a winner or loser in music. There was only love and no love. To make music with the heart of a winner, one would never be able to make real successful music.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I will do my best. I don’t care if I win or lose.”

Hearing her answer, Shen Yubei knew that Song Ci had really understood his intentions. “Alright, good child!” Knowing that Han Zhan and Song Ci still had something to say, Shen Yubei sensibly left first.

After Shen Yubei left, Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s shoulder and said, “Teacher Shen hugged you just now. If it were another man, I would have beaten him to death.”

Song Ci smiled beautifully.

Song Ci opened her arms and asked Han Zhan, “Then do you want to hug me?”

Han Zhan shook his head and said, “No, when you win the championship, I will give you the championship hug.”

“Are you that confident in me?”

Han Zhan had always been confident in her.

Han Zhan gave Song Ci a meaningful look, took off the violin case on his back, took a step back, handed it over with both hands, and said to Song Ci, “Han Zhan is here. I wish you all the best in the competition and may you return in honor!”

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in shock. At this moment, time traveled back to the Luo Dynasty more than 600 years ago.

That year in the maple forest, the young crown prince held the Sun Chasing Arrow in his hand and carefully hid his deep feelings without regret. He said with a loud and proud voice, “Little General Nangong, I hope that this Sun Chasing Arrow will follow you into battle to kill the enemy and gallop across the battlefield! I wish you all the best in the capital city, and that you will still be a young lad when you return!”

The images of her previous life and current life overlapped. Song Ci’s eyes couldn’t help turning hazy. She took the violin case with both hands and looked at Han Zhan. She had a million things to say in her heart, but she didn’t know where to start.

The afterglow of the setting sun elongated the two figures and pulled them apart. They were like two parallel but not colliding lines, just like six hundred years ago.

But this time, Song Ci took the initiative to step forward, tiptoe, and kiss Han Zhan’s forehead.

Those two lines that shouldn’t have crossed finally met.

She said, “I love you.”

I love you. I loved you 600 years ago and still love you 600 years later.

Han Zhan looked up at the woman in front of him. His hands were clenched into fists as he said hoarsely, “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time…” He still vividly remembered how hopeless he felt six hundred years ago when he personally handed the Sun Chasing Arrow to Nangong Xian.

At that time, he thought that if there was a next life…

If there was a next life, I would never let her shoulder the prosperity of the country again!

I wanted her to lead a luxurious life, be rich, play the piano, compose poems, and enjoy wealth!

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