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Chapter 446: It’s Not Easy to End Things Without Divorce

The rumor of Su Beibei angering her mother-in-law was obviously bought over by someone to purposely tarnish her reputation. Li Li had a suspect in his heart, but he didn’t dare to believe it.

After the public relations department head left, Li Li called Su Beibei’s nurse again and asked her what exactly happened this morning.

The nurse told Li Li, “Mr. Li, your third aunt brought your uncles to the hospital and surrounded Madam in the corridor. She accused her of deliberately causing your mother’s death.”

“She even purposely stirred up the emotions of the other patients and their families to let them denounce Madam together. Your third aunt thinks that Madam caused your mother’s death. She purposely revealed Madam’s pen name and let people blow this matter up, causing her reputation to be ruined.”

Li Li frowned as he listened to the nurse’s words. He was angry and frustrated.

This bunch of bastards!

After hanging up, Li Li called his third aunt.

The moment the call went through, Li Li asked his third aunt, “Aunt, were you the one who spread rumors about Beibei online?”

Not only did Third Aunt not know her mistake, she even said aggressively, “So what if I did it! Li Li, your mother was angered to death by her. Do you still want to protect that woman? You watched as your mother was angered to death but remained unmoved. But I won’t let it go so easily! I only have this elder sister. Her life is tough. She suffered a lot for you back then and finally went through thick and thin. Her good days didn’t even last for a few years before she was angered to death by that vicious wife. I can’t take this lying down! I can’t take it lying down if I don’t seek justice for my elder sister! I want to ruin her reputation!”

Previously at the funeral, when she heard people discussing in private that her elder sister had been angered to death by that daughter-in-law, his third aunt swore to ruin Su Beibei’s reputation and seek justice for her poor elder sister!

Hearing his third aunt admit this, Li Li felt troubled. He said, “Third aunt, you don’t know the truth. That was all hearsay! Beibei didn’t anger my mother to death!”

“Stop defending her!” Third Aunt interrupted Li Li angrily. She said to Li Li, “All these years, your mother has complained to us a lot. We all know what kind of person your wife is. She’s a black-hearted person! Now that you’re protecting her everywhere, we feel bitterly disappointed for your mother!”

Li Li couldn’t stand it anymore.

This is too ridiculous!

How did my mother describe Beibei to my relatives all these years?

How did these people see Beibei as a wicked woman?

“Aunt, the person who’s really aggressive and unforgiving is my mother, not Beibei. My mother almost murdered Beibei three to four times. Do you know about this?”

Third Aunt naturally trusted her elder sister’s kind character unconditionally. So when she heard Li Li’s words, Third Aunt still believed that Li Li was protecting Su Beibei and purposely said these words to deceive her.

Her third aunt was so angry that her voice was shrill. She questioned Li Li, “Your mother hurt Beibei? And she even did it three to four times? How can I not know what kind of person your mother is? She is the kindest and most honest person. Amongst the siblings, she is the silliest!”

“That year, after your father, that coward, committed suicide by jumping off a building, we all advised your mother to remarry! Your mother is beautiful and virtuous. It’s easy for her to marry a rich person! But she was afraid that you would be wronged and would rather be a widow for your precious darling! My elder sister is the silliest woman in the world! Even so, you still told me that your mother tried to harm Su Beibei four times? Do you think I believe you?”

Li Li frowned and sighed. “Third Aunt, I admit that what you said is true. My mother has indeed done a lot for me. But no one is perfect. My mother is naturally good to you and to me, but she is also very mean to Beibei.”

“She only told you how bad Beibei treated her, but she definitely didn’t tell you that when Beibei was pregnant with Li Ao, she had two major falls and nearly lost her life. It was all because of her, right?”

“How can that be! That’s impossible! She wouldn’t scheme to hurt others, much less her own grandson!” Although she said that, Third Aunt was suspicious.

Li Li was his elder sister’s biological son. He was a good child. He wouldn’t defame his mother just to protect his wife.

Third Aunt asked skeptically, “What happened? I heard from your mother that Su Beibei fell because she was gluttonous. She got up in the middle of the night to look for food and accidentally fell…”

So this was how my mother explained it to my aunt and the rest.

Li Li said, “No. Because of the feud between Father and Su Beibei’s parents, Mother hated Beibei very much. She hated Beibei and felt that the Su Family had harmed us and our mother for our entire lives. She didn’t like Beibei, and even more so didn’t like her children. She knew that Beibei was easily hungry at night and would get up to look for food, so she purposely mopped the ground until it was wet and let Beibei fall in the middle of the night…”

“The second time Beibei fell was when she was about to give birth. My mother used the excuse of going out to buy groceries and ran out to play cards, letting a pregnant woman like her stay at home. Beibei was hungry and could only cook frozen dumplings herself. In the end, there was oil on the ground and she slipped.”

“Aunt, you’re so smart. You should understand why there’s oil on the ground, right?”

With Li Li’s words, Third Aunt also understood. But she still felt that these things sounded too outrageous and not like what her kind elder sister could do.

Third Aunt murmured, “How is this possible?”

“How is that impossible?” In the past, Li Li had always felt that these things were family scandals and couldn’t be made public, so he never mentioned those things to these relatives. Now that everyone thought Su Beibei was that heinous person, Li Li couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

“Aunt, when my mother was discharged from the hospital, she went to my house for a meal with my aunt. Once she entered the house, she kept picking on Beibei’s fault. At first, Beibei kept holding it in, but later on, she couldn’t stand it anymore and the two of them quarreled. Mother scolded Beibei’s parents that they deserved to be killed. Beibei fought with my mother in a fit of anger. As for my mother falling and being hospitalized again, the culprit was not Beibei, but me.”

After Mother Li’s second craniotomy ended, Third Aunt had called Mother Li. On the phone, Mother Li had clearly told Third Aunt that she had been sent to the hospital by Li Li because she had been knocked over by Su Beibei.

But the truth Li Li said was completely different from the truth Third Aunt heard. Who was right and who was wrong?

She hurriedly asked, “How could it be you? Your mother clearly said that Su Beibei pushed her…”

“At that time, my mother picked up the big soup bowl on the table and wanted to hit Beibei, but I successfully stopped her. She wanted to check on my injuries, and I pushed her in a fit of anger, so she fell and injured her head.”

“Also, on the day she passed away…” Li Li was silent for a moment before saying the truth.” She was angered to death by me. I was the one who told her to stop acting and stop calling me. When she really died, she could call me to settle her funeral…”

Speaking of this, Li Li’s eyes reddened. “Aunt, I was the one who caused my mother’s death. The one who wanted to harm her three to four times was not Beibei, but my mother.”

Knowing the truth of her elder sister’s death, Third Aunt was about to die of anger. “How can you say that to your mother! Even if she is wronged countless times, she is still your mother! How can you say such things!”

Li Li knew that he deserved to die. He remained silent even after being scolded.

After scolding Li Li, Third Aunt quickly calmed down. She was not really stupid. After knowing the truth and knowing that they had wronged Su Beibei, she instantly realized that she was wrong.

“Should I go apologize to her now?”

Li Li thought for a moment before saying, “We’ll talk about your apology later. You got someone to buy the trending topics online, right? Quickly remove the trending topics. Beibei has already called the police. You might be investigated by the police. I’ll go look for Beibei and try my best to persuade her to withdraw the case at the police station.”

Third Aunt hurriedly said, “Okay! Okay! Li Li, I was indeed at fault in this matter, but I also heard your mother’s instigation and thought that Beibei was a vicious person, so I did something foolish.”

“Li Li, explain it to Beibei properly. She’s a good child. Once she knows the truth, she probably won’t hold on to this matter anymore.”


After Li Li hung up, he pinched his brows worriedly.

Beibei’s reputation had been tarnished. She had made up her mind to use legal weapons to defend her rights. What should I do to successfully persuade Beibei to give up going after my third aunt?

In the middle of the night, Su Beibei’s wound hurt a little and she woke up.

She opened her eyes and realized that the moon was rather big tonight. The moonlight shone through the window and illuminated the ward coldly.

Su Beibei slowly shifted her body. When she shifted her gaze, she realized that there was someone lying on the bed in the ward. She was shocked and only saw that person’s face clearly under the moonlight.

It was Li Li.

Under the bright moonlight, his handsome face was covered in a layer of light. His eyes were gently closed and his facial features looked gentle.

Among the Three Swordsmen of Zeus International, Han Zhan was the most manly. His facial features were the most deep, and his gray-blue eyes made him look mysterious and unique. Bei Zhan was the most handsome and was the most good-looking Chinese aesthetic man with sharp brows and starry eyes. Li Li was the kind of man who won at first glance at his temperament and then looked at his intoxicating facial features.

When he laid quietly on the bed to rest, he always made people want to approach him and hug him.

It had been a long time since Su Beibei had admired Li Li’s sleeping face like this. In the past, when she was busy with work, Li Li would only come back after Su Beibei fell asleep. When she woke up, Li Li had already gone to work. Occasionally, Li Li would come back early and spend some time with her before sleeping together.

Su Beibei couldn’t remember the last time she admired Li Li’s sleeping face so carefully.

Su Beibei looked at Li Li. Gradually, she felt that her wound didn’t hurt as much anymore. She closed her eyes and fell asleep uneasily.

The next day, Su Beibei woke up in the morning and realized that Li Li was not around.

Su Beibei thought that Li Li had left for work and didn’t mind. Seeing the nurse return, she asked, “What am I having for breakfast today?”

The nurse said, “Mr. Li went to buy breakfast. Madam, wait a little longer.”

“He didn’t go to work?”


Su Beibei nodded and combed her own hair. The nurse brought over a basin, wrung out a towel, and handed it to her. Su Beibei washed her face, thought for a moment, and said, “Bring my bag over.”


Su Beibei had some cosmetics in her bag that were convenient for touch-up. After a simple skincare, she applied a layer of isolation cream. The isolation cream made Su Beibei’s skin look much clearer and more energetic. She put on some lipstick and drew out the shape of her brows.

With such simple makeup, she looked radiant.

Su Beibei had just put away her makeup when she heard the nurse say from outside the door, “Mr. Li, you’re back?”


Su Beibei hurriedly placed her bag in the drawer. She looked up and saw Li Li carrying a big bag in his left hand and a takeout box in his right.

Su Beibei asked him, “Why didn’t you go to work today?”

Li Li placed the small dining table on Su Beibei’s bed. As he placed the breakfast on the table, he answered Su Beibei’s question. “I’m resting this morning and will be by your side.”

Li Li bought all of Su Beibei’s favorite breakfasts. As she ate her breakfast, she heard Li Li say, “Don’t you like the dresses of the H brand a lot? I got them to customize a dress two months ago and sent it over today.”

The clothes in the H brand were all Gothic-style dark wind. Su Beibei loved to dress up as a Gothic before marriage. After she got married and became a mother, she rarely wore Gothic clothes.

But Gothic clothing was still Su Beibei’s favorite.

Hearing this, Su Beibei’s heart warmed. Li Li saw that Su Beibei’s eyes lit up and he heaved a sigh of relief. He opened the bag and took out an exquisite gift box.

Li Li carefully picked up the dress from the box and showed it to Su Beibei.

“Take a look.”

It was a pure black leather skirt with a wide golden belt around her waist. The skirt was irregularly designed. Wearing it would accentuate Su Beibei’s long legs and her slender waist.

Su Beibei had seen the brand’s autumn and winter press conference this year. Su Beibei liked this dress at first glance. She looked up and smiled at Li Li. It was just a faint smile, but it was so beautiful that it moved people.

“Thank you, I like it very much.”

Li Li folded the dress and put it away. He said, “I’ll put it in your luggage.”


“Help me remove the table. I want to come down for a walk.”

Li Li objected. “Your wound was stitched up again yesterday. It should be very painful today. You should lie down and rest well.”

Su Beibei said, “A moderate amount of exercise is more beneficial for wound healing.”

Su Beibei insisted on getting out of bed, but Li Li couldn’t stop her. He helped Su Beibei out of bed and the two of them slowly strolled around the ward.

Su Beibei was thinking about something.

Now that Li Li’s mother had passed away, there were two roads between them. One, they could spend the rest of their lives together and forget all the unhappiness in the past. Two, they could divorce and part ways.

Su Beibei said, “Ah Li, we won’t di-…”

Li Li said, “Can you revoke the case?”

The two of them spoke together, but the content was completely different.

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