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Chapter 441: Song Ci Flares Up and Scolds Li Li

The patient was pregnant but was bleeding profusely. This meant that the fetus in the patient’s stomach was very likely to be lost.

The nurse’s expression changed slightly. She hurriedly said to another nurse, “Is the patient’s cell phone here? Quickly contact her family!”

The nurse was using a tissue to wipe Su Beibei’s fingers. She said, “The cell phone is here, but there’s blood on the patient’s fingers and I can’t unlock it. I’m trying to unlock the cell phone.”

Before the blood could be wiped clean, her cell phone rang.

The nurse picked up her cell phone and saw that the caller ID was “Song Song.” She felt that this caller ID was very intimate and guessed that the caller was the patient’s good friend, so she quickly answered the call.

After the barbeque, Song Ci didn’t want to go home yet, so she went shopping with Han Zhan at the nearby mall. But she was always distracted and kept thinking about Su Beibei’s divorce.

After choosing two ties for Han Zhan, Song Ci sat on a lounge chair in the mall and called Su Beibei to ask about her situation.

But after the call was connected, it was not the voice of an old friend, but an unfamiliar female voice. “Hello, I am a nurse at the Third People’s Hospital. The owner of this cell phone was in a car accident and we are trying to save her. Please contact the patient’s family and rush to the Third People’s Hospital as soon as possible…”

Song Ci’s face turned pale at the nurse’s words. “What did you say?!”

“The patient was in a car accident. Do you know the patient’s family? If you do, please call the patient’s family to inform the hospital as soon as possible…”

“I know her family! I’ll call her family now. Nurse, how is my friend now?”

“Come to the hospital first. I can’t explain it over the phone.”

“Good, good!”

After hanging up, Song Ci held her racing heart and hurriedly stood up to run towards the toilet. As she ran, she shouted, “Han Zhan! Han Zhan!”

Han Zhan was washing his hands when he suddenly heard Song Ci’s shout. He hurriedly shook off the water droplets on his hands and strode out of the toilet.

“What’s this?” Seeing that Song Ci was running towards him, Han Zhan was shocked and hurried over to support her.

“Don’t run! What if you fall! Pay attention to your stomach!” Han Zhan supported Song Ci. Seeing that Song Ci’s face was pale and her eyes were anxious, he frowned and asked, “What happened? Don’t be anxious, tell me slowly.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm tightly and said unsteadily, “Beibei got into an accident. Han Zhan, quickly call Li Li. Beibei got into an accident!” Song Ci’s heart was in turmoil and she had no idea what to say.

“Don’t be anxious. Take a deep breath first and calm down before telling me where she is.” Only after Han Zhan comforted her did Song Ci regain her composure and rationality.

She said, “Beibei got into an accident and was pulled away by the ambulance from the Third People’s Hospital. The hospital hasn’t contacted Li Li yet. Quickly call Li Li and inform him to go to the Third People’s Hospital. We will go to the hospital now.”


Han Zhan called Li Li before going to the Third People’s Hospital with Song Ci.

The Third People’s Hospital was not far from Song Ci and the rest. They could reach it in 20 minutes by car. Along the way, Song Ci kept praying that Su Beibei would be safe.

When the two of them found Su Beibei’s operating theater, Song Ci saw that the waiting area was filled with family members, but no one was Su Beibei’s family. Her heart instantly turned cold.

There were many people in the family area and there were originally no seats. A young man wearing earphones and dressed like a hip-hop fan saw that Song Ci was pregnant and hurriedly stood up. He said to Song Ci, “Sister, sit with me.”

Song Ci thanked the young man and sat down on the chair with her stomach in her hands.

She stared at the tightly shut door of the operating theater, her hands trembling. Han Zhan squatted in front of her, patted the back of her hand gently, and told her, “Your hands are trembling.”

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan helplessly. “Han Zhan, I am very flustered.”

Han Zhan stood up and said, “Let me hug you.”

Song Ci didn’t refuse and hugged Han Zhan tightly.

Han Zhan could feel her body trembling. He knew that Song Ci and Su Beibei were on good terms and understood her current feelings. He could only patiently comfort her. “Don’t worry. I’ll go ask the staff in the emergency room and see what’s going on.”


Han Zhan went to the Emergency Medical Center downstairs. He found the medical staff who had accompanied the car to save someone and asked about Su Beibei.

Song Ci was very anxious when she didn’t see Han Zhan return or Li Li rush over.

After a few more minutes, Song Ci saw Han Zhan walk out of the lift and walk straight towards her.

Song Ci slowly stood up, walked up to Han Zhan, and hurriedly asked, “How is it, Brother Han? What did the nurses say?”

Han Zhan pursed his lips tightly, his expression grave as if he couldn’t speak.

Song Ci felt even more uneasy and couldn’t help urging him. “Are you trying to make me anxious? Tell me quickly. No matter what the situation is, I can endure it. Really.”

Seeing that Han Zhan didn’t speak for a long time, she thought that Su Beibei was badly injured and might have lost her limbs.

Song Ci’s pretty face lost all color. She grabbed Han Zhan’s hand and asked in a trembling voice, “Could… Could it be that Beibei is…” Guessing a possibility, Song Ci suddenly covered her mouth and cried on the spot. She roared in pain,” Han Zhan, is Beibei dying soon? Is Beibei dying soon? ”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was overthinking and hurriedly shook his head. “It’s not as serious as you think. Her injuries are not serious, mainly…”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s stomach. He couldn’t bear it, but he had no choice but to tell the truth cruelly. “The nurse said that Beibei is pregnant and has lost a lot of blood. That child is most likely going to die.”

Hearing this, Song Ci frowned at first, but then heaved a sigh of relief. She comforted herself. “It’s okay, as long as she’s alive. It’s okay, it’s okay…”

How could it not be?

That was a life!

The last time Beibei was pregnant, she nearly lost Li Ao several times. This time, the child was gone before it even took shape…

Song Ci felt sad for Su Beibei.

At this moment, the lift door opened again and hurried footsteps approached.

Song Ci heard running footsteps. She looked up at the lift and saw Li Li running over.

Li Li must have run all the way from the main entrance of the hospital. Not only was his hairstyle messy, the gauze on his forehead was also loose.

Seeing Song Ci and Han Zhan, Li Li hurriedly stopped in his tracks and turned Han Zhan around to face him.

Li Li panted heavily and asked Han Zhan a bunch of questions. “Brother, what’s Beibei’s condition now? Is she seriously injured? How long has she been in there?”

Li Li seldom called Han Zhan Brother. It looked like he was really scared out of his wits.

Hearing this, Han Zhan felt even more upset. He pulled Li Li’s arm and said, “I don’t know the details, but the child in Beibei’s stomach should be gone.”

Li Li was stunned. “Child?” His eyes widened in shock.

Seeing his reaction, Han Zhan was also slightly shocked. “You still don’t know that Beibei is already pregnant?”

Li Li shook his head like a fool. “I don’t know…”

Li Li wanted to have another child. In the past two months, he had not taken any contraceptive measures when he slept with Su Beibei. Last month, he had mentioned to Su Beibei that he was pregnant with a second child, but she had disagreed.

So when he heard that Su Beibei was actually pregnant, Li Li was very shocked.

Self-blame and guilt swept towards Li Li. Li Li staggered on the spot and couldn’t even stand steadily.

Han Zhan supported him. “Calm down, you can’t panic.”

Li Li nodded and retreated to the wall. He leaned against it and squatted down.

Li Li reached out to grab his hair. His fingers touched the gauze before he remembered that the back of his head was injured. He buried his face in his hands and hid it between his legs.

He was too ashamed to face anyone, much less Su Beibei.

Han Zhan couldn’t stand it anymore. He squatted down and personally helped Li Li bandage his head again. Han Zhan comforted Li Li with a stiff voice. “The accident was just an accident. Don’t be too sad.”

“It wasn’t an accident…” Li Li sounded like he was about to cry. He said,” When Beibei left the hospital, she was clearly mentally unstable. I should have sent her home. I shouldn’t have let her drive. ”

This was Li Li’s fault.

Hearing this, Song Ci, who was sitting diagonally behind, was instantly enraged. Her expression turned cold as she asked Li Li in disbelief, “Your mother scolded her again?”

Li Li felt very guilty.

Han Zhan stared at the bandage on Li Li’s head and suddenly sighed. “In your current situation, instead of torturing each other, it’s really better to…” Before Han Zhan finished speaking, Li Li looked up and asked him expressionlessly,” Worse than what? ”

Han Zhan was speechless.

“Pretend I didn’t say anything.” Han Zhan stood up and walked towards Song Ci’s seat.

Li Li knew what Han Zhan wanted to say. He wanted to say that it was better to get a divorce.



Li Li felt suffocated at the thought of the word “divorce”.

He would never get a divorce!

Song Ci saw that Li Li’s expression instantly turned ferocious when he heard Han Zhan mention divorce. She actually felt slightly afraid.

Obviously, Li Li was unwilling to let go of Beibei.

Could Beibei still successfully get a divorce?

Song Ci was worried.

At this moment, Li Li’s cell phone rang. He rubbed his face and cleared his mind before reaching into his pocket to take out his cell phone. Taking out his cell phone, he saw that the caller was his auntie at home. Li Li instantly didn’t dare to answer the call.

He knew that the person holding the auntie’s cell phone was Li Ao. But how should he tell Li Ao about this?

Li Li was timid.

Han Zhan returned to Li Li’s side. He snatched Li Li’s cell phone and answered it. Li Li also stood up and stood beside Han Zhan to listen to Han Zhan and Li Ao’s conversation.

“Neil?” Han Zhan asked.

Li Ao heard an unfamiliar male voice. He was silent for a moment before asking uncertainly, “Is it Uncle Han?”

Han Zhan acknowledged. “Neil, it’s Uncle.”

Li Ao asked again, “Uncle, where’s my father?”

Han Zhan didn’t know how to answer Neil’s question, so he heard a car honking in the background.

And very close.

Han Zhan frowned slightly and asked Li Ao, “Neil, where are you?”

Li Ao said, “I’m at the entrance of the Third People’s Hospital.” Su Beibei had gotten into a car accident. Li Ao was crying anxiously at home. The auntie couldn’t stand it anymore and called Su Beibei.

The call was answered by a nurse from the Third People’s Hospital. The nurse said that they had brought Su Beibei to the Third People’s Hospital. After knowing this, the auntie brought Li Ao to the hospital.

At this moment, the auntie and Li Ao were standing at the entrance of the hospital.

As she didn’t know Su Beibei’s exact location, the auntie called Li Li.

Han Zhan instinctively asked Li Ao, “Why are you at the hospital?”

Hearing that Li Ao was at the hospital, Li Li’s scalp went numb. He snatched the cell phone away from Han Zhan and heard Li Ao say, “I called Mother. The nurse answered.”

Li Li shouted, “Neil.”


Li Ao followed the auntie into the hospital. As they walked, he said, “Father, where is Mother? I want to visit Mother.”

Li Ao said, “Give the cell phone to Auntie.”

Li Ao obediently handed the cell phone to the auntie.

Li Li told the auntie the detailed address before the auntie carried Li Li into the lift.

Soon, Li Ao and the auntie came out of the lift.

Li Li and Han Zhan stood outside the lift and waited for them.

When Li Ao saw Li Li, he hurriedly ran over and hugged Li Li’s waist. “Father!” Seeing his father, Li Ao finally couldn’t take it anymore and cried out in fear.

The auntie blamed herself very much. She told Han Zhan and Li Li, “When Madam met with an accident, she told me not to bring Neil to the hospital. But Neil kept making a fuss at home and crying. I thought that the child was also worried about Madam, so I brought him here.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s not your fault.”

Only then did the auntie feel relieved.

Li Ao was still hugging his father’s head. He looked up and his fair face was covered in tears.

Li Ao asked Li Li, “Father, will my mother, my mother die?” After asking, Li Ao cried loudly again and said, “Will she die like Sister Shu’s mother? Will I never see her again?”

Li Ao’s cries and words nearly made Song Ci cry too.

Sister Shu was a child in Li Ao’s early class. Her mother passed away from cancer. This incident scared Li Ao. Li Ao kept following Su Beibei those few days, afraid that if he blinked, his mother would also disappear like Sister Shu’s mother.

Hearing his son’s question, Li Li once again experienced the pain of being dismembered.

Li Li hurriedly hugged his son and said, “No, Mother is our baby. If we can’t bear to part with her, she won’t leave.”


Li Ao hugged Li Li’s neck and said softly, “Father, when Mother comes home, in the future…” Li Ao’s voice was even softer than a mosquito.” Can you not let Grandma come over to play? ”

The world of children was very simple. In Li Ao’s world, Grandma was a big bad wolf. Once she came, her mother would be injured and would cry secretly.

Li Ao hated Grandma from the bottom of his heart.

Li Li was shocked. He didn’t expect his son to hate his grandmother so much. “Why?” Li Li’s mouth was filled with bitterness.

Li Ao said, “Grandma is a bad person. Grandma is a big bad wolf. Grandma bullies Mom.”

Li Li remained silent.

Seeing that his father was silent, Li Ao cried even harder. “Father, you are bad. You are also a big bad wolf. You are in cahoots with Grandma! You are the one who brought Grandma home!”

Li Li pressed his face against his son’s. He said, “Alright, Daddy promises you that I will never bring Grandma home again.”

Only then did Li Ao become obedient.

Song Ci watched from afar as Li Ao wailed. She thought of what Su Beibei had said this morning and suddenly felt that Su Beibei’s decision to divorce Li Ao was the right one.

The group waited outside the emergency room for a few more minutes before seeing the nurse walk out. She left in a hurry and returned shortly after.

When she returned, she was holding three bags of blood.

Song Ci’s head buzzed at the sight of the blood. She was about to get up and ask the nurse who the blood was for when Li Li put down Li Ao and eagerly walked up to the nurse.

The nurse was busy trying to save Su Beibei and was running. Li Li followed her and asked, “Nurse, how is Su Beibei now?”

The nurse didn’t even look at Li Li. She asked, “Who is Su Beibei? There are three people in the emergency room. One woman and two men.”

“A woman! The pregnant woman!”

The nurse stopped in front of the emergency room.

She tilted her head and glanced at Li Li before saying, “The patient had a miscarriage and is bleeding badly. The doctor is performing laparotomy on the patient.”

When Li Li heard this, he was so scared that his face turned pale. The nurse opened the door and entered, leaving Li Li, Song Ci, and the rest outside anxiously.

They waited for a long time. Luckily, the nurse didn’t come out after that.

If the nurse didn’t come out, it meant that Su Beibei’s bleeding was not worse. This was good news.

During this period, a worker who had fallen off a building at the construction site was sent to the hospital. He was temporarily out of danger after undergoing surgery and was pushed out of the emergency room.

A group of family members hurriedly ran over and surrounded the patient as they walked towards the ward.

When Li Li saw that it was a man who was sent out, the glow in his eyes dimmed. After the family left, a row of empty seats appeared behind Song Ci.

Li Li and Han Zhan both sat down in the empty seats. Li Ao hurriedly burrowed into Li Li’s arms, hugged his father’s neck, and stared at the emergency room door with his father.

Song Ci watched as the family members left happily. She suddenly turned to look at Li Li behind her. “That patient looks like she’s 40 years old.”

Li Li was only concerned about whether the patient was a man or a woman just now. How could he care about other people’s age and appearance?

Li Li missed Su Beibei and remained silent.

Han Zhan sat behind Song Ci. He knew that Song Ci wouldn’t say anything unnecessary. She suddenly mentioned that patient with ulterior motives.

Song Ci saw that Li Li remained silent and sneered.

Li Li caught the cynical smile on Song Ci’s lips. He felt that Song Ci’s attitude was not good.

As expected, his intuition was right. Song Ci, who was always polite and never easily offended others, displayed an aggressive side to him for the first time. She said, “If Beibei’s parents were still alive, we wouldn’t be the only ones sitting here wiping tears.”

Li Li was stunned.

“You…” Li Li wanted to ask Song Ci what she meant, but he lost the courage to ask.

He was afraid of hearing an embarrassing answer.

Song Ci said, “In this entire matter, the most innocent and pitiful person is Beibei. If not for your father, Beibei’s parents would still be alive. She wouldn’t be lying alone in the operating theater, wouldn’t have been bullied by her mother-in-law one after another, but didn’t even have anyone to back her up!”

“Li Li, are you feeling very pained now that you are sandwiched between Beibei and Auntie Li? While you are in pain, have you also complained in your heart about Beibei, about why she couldn’t be more considerate to you? About why she couldn’t be more tolerant of your mother?”

Li Li instinctively said, “I didn’t…”

Song Ci flew into a rage and growled. “You do!” Her shout shocked Li Li and Li Ao in his arms.

Han Zhan instinctively reminded Song Ci, “Song Ci, be careful with your words.”

Song Ci turned and glared at Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, shut up. You and Li Li are brothers. Of course you will side with him!”

Han Zhan was rarely scolded by Song Ci and was also shocked. “…Alright, I’ll shut up.”

Seeing that the situation was not right, the auntie hurriedly said to Li Ao, “Neil, are you thirsty? Auntie will bring you to buy water. Come, Auntie will carry you.”

Li Li handed Li Ao to the auntie. Li Ao also obediently let the auntie hug him without crying or making a fuss.

After Li Ao left, Li Li looked straight at Song Ci and said, “I am not as despicable as you think.”

Song Ci sneered. When her slender and charming eyes looked at Li Li, it was as if she could see through his soul.

Under her omniscient gaze, Li Li actually felt guilty.

Song Ci saw that Li Li’s gaze was wandering and knew that she had guessed his intentions.

“If you are really open and honest and stand in Beibei’s shoes to think for her, then today, when you clearly know that Beibei’s mood is off, you should escort Beibei home! Not let her understand your difficulties again and let her go home alone.”

Song Ci pointed out sharply. “Li Li, you’re indulging your mother by making Beibei compromise!”

Li Li was shocked.

Song Ci’s words enlightened Li Li. He murmured in a daze, “Am I the one who has been indulging my mother?”

“What do you think?”

Song Ci touched her abdomen and said, “Long ago, when Auntie Li was heartless enough to kill Beibei and the child in her womb, you should have shown your courage as a father and husband! You were the one who had always been indecisive and wishy-washy. You couldn’t bear to let your mother’s heart break, but you couldn’t bear to give up on Beibei. You wanted to be a filial son and a model husband. In the end, you were nothing!”

Li Li stood up suddenly and strode towards the toilet. He couldn’t listen anymore. The more he listened, the more he realized how detestable he was.

After they left, Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “Actually, he’s not as despicable as you think. Baby Ci, you hate Li Li because you saw Beibei injured.”

Song Ci said, “None of your business!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Li Li returned after a long while and looked much calmer when he returned. Song Ci didn’t look at him anymore. She looked up at the sky outside the window and realized that it was already dark. She looked down at her watch and realized that it was already 7.40pm.

It was 4: 20pm when Song Ci arrived at the hospital. More than three hours had passed.

Beibei, you must hang in there!

Perhaps God had heard Song Ci’s prayer, the door to the emergency room was opened again. A doctor walked out wearily and stood at the door shouting, “Where is Su Beibei’s family?”

After Su Beibei was out of danger, the nurse opened Su Beibei’s bag and found her identification card. The doctor already knew Su Beibei’s name.

Li Li, Song Ci, and the rest stood up. “Doctor, I am Su Beibei’s husband!” Li Li grabbed the doctor’s arm and asked in concern, “Doctor, how is my lover?”

The doctor told Li Li, “When the airbag was ejected, it hit your lover’s chest. Luckily, the bones weren’t broken, but the muscle damage was slightly serious and he had to recuperate in bed. In addition, his forehead was broken and she had three stitches. It might leave a scar in the future.”

“It’s a pity that the patient is pregnant. Due to the car accident, she suffered a miscarriage and major hemorrhage. I’ve performed laparotomy for her and the major bleeding has stopped.”

“There’s no big problem. The main problem is that major bleeding is more troublesome and I nearly couldn’t control it.” The doctor patted Li Li’s arm and said, “Your lover’s uterus is rather thin. I don’t recommend her to get pregnant again in the next few years. Otherwise, if there’s any mistake, it will be very dangerous.”

Li Li memorized the doctor’s words. He thanked the doctor and went to look for Li Ao to tell him the good news that Su Beibei was no longer in danger.

Li Ao knew that his mother was still alive and wouldn’t die like Sister Shu’s mother. Only then was he relieved. He hugged Li Li and said, “Father, I’m hungry!”

Previously, because he was worried about his mother, Li Ao didn’t feel hungry. But now, he was very hungry.

The auntie decided to bring Li Ao to eat first. Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “Baby Ci, Neil is hungry. You should be hungry too. accompany him downstairs to eat something.”


Song Ci accompanied Li Ao downstairs to eat. Han Zhan sat with Li Li and said, “I’m sorry, your sister-in-law is in a bad mood today and spoke a little rashly. Don’t take her words to heart.”

Li Li smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Everything she said is true, isn’t it?”

Han Zhan didn’t deny or admit it.

Li Li looked up and stared at the door of the emergency room. He said, “Madam is really sharp-eyed. I’ve been very conflicted recently. Mother is always aggressive and unforgiving. I hate her and blame her. At the same time, Beibei also threw a tantrum and even asked me for a divorce. I thought she didn’t understand me enough and wasn’t considerate enough.”

“The day before yesterday, I helped her stop the soup bowl that my mother threw over. I was injured and even felt self-satisfied. I felt that I was not a foolish and filial mother. I thought that I had become a man and successfully protected my woman.”

“So today, after my mother said something that made Beibei even more embarrassed and heartbroken, I still didn’t take Beibei’s emotions seriously. I let her go back herself because I was injured for her. Subconsciously, I thought that she should understand me, consider me, and be an understanding wife…”

The more Li Li spoke, the more he felt that he deserved to die.

“Mr. Han, Madam is right. It’s my fault for being so wishy-washy. I’ve always indulged my mother and caused Beibei to get injured one after another. Actually, I should have settled things with my mother when Li Ao was born.”

If not for Song Ci’s words today, Li Li would still not be able to see through everything.

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